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Found 2 results

  1. ...Whom I bet you don't know about because the corrupt Democrats that are falling to corporate fascism don't like progressives, as we've seen. They ride on their coattails and then trash-talk them until there's no tomorrow because endorsing their beliefs would harm Wall Street... Oh poor Wall Street... How many wall street bankers have you seen in homeless shelters? Pretty sure the answer is zero. On Main Street? It's at least in the hundreds of thousands. Anyways. This man is a German immigrant that spent his childhood in Lancaster, Ohio. He is a veteran of the US Air Force. The average citizen other than the fact he's running to be the chair of the DNC. This helps my image of him, as he isn't like Hillary Clinton or Cory Booker (Barack Obama 2.0), who weren't humble to start with even. Just average Mc-Liberals (also known as Neo-Con Lite) who wouldn't know the people's interests if they heard the people yelling them in their ears to the point that they would go deaf. Or at least they've acted like it. If they know what REAL PEOPLE are interested in, it'd make me like them even less than I do... So yes, by appearance alone, he seems a man that is representative of the people. His platform is progressive, and all about the middle class. He's for Single Payer healthcare (as over half of the US is according to surveys conducted by Gallup), Regulating Wall Street (including POLITICAL powers that they have), Ending tax dodging, and opposing any (real, Hillary...) bigotry. As well, he's all for making the minimum wage actually tolerable (If you didn't know, it's $7.25 an hour. I must say, that's pretty freaking meager if you expect to be able to afford even a small apartment with the fact most have price tags around the range of $700 or so a month WITHOUT utilities...) which I can absolutely stand behind. Oh and he will STAUNCHLY OPPOSE TRUMP, instead of LETTING HIM DO WHATEVER HE WANTS, even voting FOR his nominees... Though he did at one time support a flat tax rate, but he's said too many times to count that he isn't for that anymore. We all develop politically over time, after all. Fun fact: I supported Mitt Romney in 2012 semi-vocally because I used to be conservative until I realized that conservatism is absolutely backwards soon after I said that. He also takes NO CORPORATE DONATIONS (if he did, I'd slam him as a hypocrite... What he'd be...). He only takes money from the people, the ones who SHOULD have the right to vote and decide elections. No donations by Goldman-Sachs (Steve Mnuchin would absolutely hate the platform anyways...). No funded speeches to assure Wall Street crooks that they're still above the law. Not today. As I said, he fights for the people. So, what do I think overall? Time will tell if he's an Elizabeth Warren (a little iffy, not really fighting too much. Though part of that is that she got censored by ) or a Bernie Sanders (An old man who's tired of the trashiness of our country and absolutely rips on Neo-Cons and Fake Liberals when he gets the chance). Though he seems the latter, I can't be sure yet. I don't know of him as well as I do those two, so...
  2. Source: United States: President Obama.