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Found 13 results

  1. So sometimes we all tend to have bad days and just feel bad in general whether it's something that did, something someone did to you, or something that happened in general that made us feel this way. We all have our different coping mechanisms but I'd like to know how you try to cheer yourself up when you feel this way. Personally, I always find myself ending up back at this video from my favorite cartoon (OMG it's not MLP) Steven Universe in which Steven put's in his fathers CD of his old song "Let me drive my van into your heart" which most of you may know from that one fluffle puff animation. I honestly can't feel bad listening to it. For some reason it makes me feel at home when I don't even have a place that I call home besides maybe the forums. It's a nice feeling. Oh and here's the fluffle puff version if you haven't seen it yet.
  2. This is something I have thought about for ages, what with my dissatisfaction with the way things are. I came to plenty of conclusions (I am setting literally no rules on how you answer) involving other universes and being some kind of supernatural creature, and I think now I've finally come to an answer I never thought I'd come to: THIS life... except with all the most regrettable parts taken out. I mean, if we're setting no boundaries since this is purely hypothetical, you'd think I'd take full advantage of it by making it that I'm some kind of ultimate sorcerer or a celebrity. But this life is what I realize I truly want, it's just all the blemishes that ruin it for me. So if some ultimate power allowed me to restart life with all the knowledge I have now, that would be swell. So, if you could choose literally ANY life you could think of, what would it be?
  3. After a girls night out with the mane 6, Rainbow is drunk from too many ciders. Twilight insisted that Rainbow sleeps at her library for the night, but Rainow dash, too stuborn to take advice from an egghead, attempts to fly back to her cloud home. She swirlved left and right before crashing into a house and leaving a big hole. The owner called the police who upon trying to arrest rainbow dash were puked on by the drunken mare before she passed out. Hours later, Dashie woke up in jail cell on a cot. As she regained concious, she noticed that she was shackled in chains and was clad in an orange jumpsuit. Still hung over, she freaked out and cried for help. She was later informed that she had been charged with flying under the influence, drunk in public, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest. She was sentenced to two years at Canterlot Royal Prison.
  4. I guess I was feeling a little dark, so I decided to make Rainbow Dash depressed leaning over Tank's grave. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I added the shadows, the fog, and a lot else.
  5. This is mostly in general. I tend to feel alone a lot. I think this may have something to do with having a huge family. I have six siblings I grew up with. I have my parents and when I was little we would go visit my grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. In school, I always had someone to talk to and find someone who I loved to talk to... but now I'm an adult. Out of school. Out of a job. I still live with my parents, but they are still so busy. My siblings are almost all gone, but the ones that are here are introverted. I'm not. I am very not introverted. I don't get energized by being on my own. Boy, I learned that I do not. (I am not making much sense, I'm sorry.) I like to be around people. I like to see that they are having fun. I like to watch them be active even if I'm not active myself. But that sometimes is lonely. If all I'm doing is watching, then I get bored. I feel invisible. ~~~~~~~~ Okay, so I took a small break to fill out applications for Nanny positions. I'm trying to just find work, but it is really hard. It's hard for someone like me who does not really have the same... I guess "work quality" that other people have. I like to take care of people. I love to take care of children. I guess that is what is bothering me the most at the moment. I don't feel needed or wanted. Mostly not wanted. I don't feel important. I have trouble seeing my skills and worth because a lot of the time, it isn't something tangible. It's not something people really think about or care about. At times I don't feel inspired or motivated to do anything. I can't write. I can't draw. I can't finish a planned project. I get frustrated at myself and feel even worse when I can't figure things out, or I think things are too hard to deal with. I guess I'm just having a problem just finding a purpose for myself. I suppose one of the hardest things is that I KNOW I have a purpose, I just don't know what it is. If I knew what it was, it may be easier, but my map is missing a marked destination. I guess a problem is I am having a problem trying to figure out what destination I want to go to. Sorry if I'm going a bit metaphoric on everyone. I do that.
  6. Am I the only one that wishes a smaller intellect? I'm not tooting my own horn, but there come a time when thinking can be over the top. Especially when it come to 'Over Thinking'. A lot of you bronies can agree with me that although thoroughly asserting a situation can be helpful, it can be painful when it gets too much. Recently, and I will just come right out and say this, I discovered my house is now a wonderful home to bed bugs (spoiler alert for sarvasm)! Isn't that great!.. Anyway, it's been a week now since I've seen my mother and my other beloved friends because we are both too paranoid and think I will give them all bed bugs. While this is not completely ludicrous, I can't stand the thought of an insect invading my space! Not to mention the very place to where I live! It's been about a week since I've connected with them, and I made a realization. My happiness depends on being around others. Yes, I do have a chemical imbalance that gives me depression but it's not like I'm depressed 24/7. I also notice my daily hygiene got worse once I knew I would be at the house and not see my family. I know it's gross, but hygiene is something I'm just not all that focused on. Frankly I personally think girls like myself are misnamed for being a 'tomboy', or whatnot. It's not that, it's just there are more things in life that I personally find more important than how I look (sadly my depression just makes it harder for an 'upkeep'). I love my father dearly, but he is as broken and still as I am. Sometimes I just need to get out of the house to interact with people like Pinkie Pie, although no doubt she would drive me crazy in less than 10 minutes.. Anyway, what I'm attempting to explain is that I so desperately want to be able to be happy without depending on an outside force to do so. I am a Christian, but sometimes faith can only get you so far. I can't tell you how many times I've over thought the presence of a deity, just to make some logical sense in my life. I'm not sure if this is something that I can change on my own. Or if I do see some improvement, am I fooling myself to be happy just to be happy? Or will I genuinely be joyful?
  7. Hiya Ponies! i make this test to discover how depressed are you! RULES: sum all the points you have while making this test and see the results From 21 to 30 you dont have any depression! you are a very happy pony that smile at life and is positive, always trying to help others and suport her/his friends and loved one, you have high self-steem and feels like there's a solution with a smile and good attitude, you love yourself very much and you love your friends and family! From 11 to 20 you feel you are okay but thats it, you tend to let youself down sometimes but you try to cheer up so you wont affect your love ones, you are a happy pony yes but you feel like something is kinda missing in your life, you are able to conquer your fears after a big process with your mind. From 0 to 10 you really need professional help or take the suport of your friends and family, you feel that everything in this universe is aganist you, that a strage force is trying to hurt you, dont worry, things get better if you try to fight your inner demons. Dont forget to share your results in the comments if you wanna share your experiences, views or simply add something here, it will be welcome! remember to be respectful with your fellow bronies!
  8. Tech Reel

    Why Now?

    Why is everything hitting me so hard all of a sudden? Why is it that, since Valentines Day, I've been feeling depressed again? There's just no rhyme or reason for it. I'm suddenly remembering my depressing past and feeling sad about my present. Nothing specifically sad is going on for me right now. No sad events, no memory-triggering people, no anything. I'm just feeling like crap out of nowhere and I don't understand why. Then again, while nothing sad has happened recently, not much good has happened either. The extent of my day is waking up, going online, watching tv, and going to sleep, with the addition of work on some days. Maybe I'm just lonely, I don't really have many friends. And, I have just lost the last of my friends(that I talk to daily) about a month or so ago, leaving me with only one true And I haven't spoken to a friend with my actual voice in months... You know, the whole depression thing is starting to make more and more sense...
  9. What is the difference between being lonely and being left? The way I see it, one is massively depressing...the other is a living hell. Being lonely is not having friends and having difficulty gaining them. It's having next to no one to talk to. Being left is an entirely different field. When people leave you, you're left with the thoughts of why they would want to leave you, as well as what you could've done to change their mind or even if you could have at all. Before I continue, when I say "being left" I'm not referring to people who have lost one or two friends in their life. I'm talking about people who are repeatedly left by so many loved ones. People who have had most or all of their friends leave me. When you're left by people, it hurts much more than just feeling lonely. You know the saying "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"? I strongly disagree. I downright despise that saying. I've loved and lost, I've lost so many people throughout my life, and it only keeps getting worse. The more I lose the less I trust. Sure, I've met some great people, but I've continuously had to watch them leave my life. Every single day I can't help but remember my past friends, my past companions, everyone I've lost. Honestly, if I had the option I think I'd choose to forget everyone of them. Maybe then I wouldn't face everyday with depression about my past. Loneliness is merciful, being left is a curse...
  10. I'm making this topic because seeing people upset on here makes me sad Anyways, I am TheCountryArtist. Next time you see your friend, heck, anybody on here, post a status update saying their lonely or depressed, or with any problem, don't just say "Don't worry dude, we got your back!" And just leave them, actually HELP them! Talk to them, be kind to them, try your best to cheer them up! Suggest them to go to therapy if they don't. Also saying "Just talk to us, don't be shy :)" honestly, won't really help. When someone is depressed/lonely/both, they usually become less social and make poor choices. Actually talk to them, make them feel wanted instead of unwanted. I have a friend who is on skype and had really bad depression problems, and I'm trying my best to make her go to therapy. So, next time you see a person on here, heck, just anywhere, give them a hug and actually help them .
  11. ok fillies and colts, heres another sketch from yours truly, this time its a very depressed and saddened Rarity. it seems like she dosent get much spot light so here she is for all to enjoy! sorry im a bit loop at the moment from being up all night so this opening is sure to be a bit left of center. anywho! WOOHOO RARITY! *passes out from exhaustion* as always this was done from reference hour 1 hour 1.5 hour 2 hour 3 i know it looks the same but i had to finalize the shading and clean up a few smuged lines and what not also this is a full page view, drawing is a bit bigger than my hand
  12. Hello Everypony, I hope you all are doing well. I've been feeling pretty crappy about my life with some certain things going on and finding this fandom and series just recently has helped a lot, so thanks a ton for that. Anyways, as you can probably tell from the title I'm looking for some happy songs that you listen to to cheer yourself up. They don't have to be pony related though any pony music is indeed welcome. As for genres I like just about every type of music except for just about any music they play on modern hits radio so just about any feel-good song will work. Thanks for everyponies help!
  13. Oh no.. my friends don't like my parties and they don't wanna be my friends anymore...