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Found 8 results

  1. How would you describe yourself? Just use adjectives or other descriptor type words and/or phrases to describe yourself, your situation, anything you. I'll start. Young, on my own...kinda messy...trying to save enough to go to college but broke...looking for yeah. Bachelor. How would you describe yourself?
  2. This thread is just to see how many of you can describe yourself with a song. There doesn't need to be a explanation of why it does unless you want to. This song in the pmv is what I would use to describe me in a way. I try to be as pleasant as possible, but I do have that darkness I hide from as much ponies as I can. (I am a happy pony mind you though!) It can be about the past, present, feelings, thoughts, or whatever you want.
  3. This was an entry I made due to a request from ChikoritaBrony. This entry is subject to change due to the fact that I have not had a final verdict on Like vs. Dislike from ChikoritaBrony. CB The Shipping Ponymon: This Ponymon is a species that is somewhat unique because it has somehow attained an instinctive and nearly complete grasp of understanding and speaking the Human language. This Ponymon is fairly laid-back and enjoys creating different Ships between random Ponymon, and in the case of those caught they enjoy making Ships between their Trainer and anyone else that catches their eye at any point. Trainers who catch this Ponymon will often find it to be a good conversationalist, which is great for trainers traveling with only their Ponymon. However due to their free range of speech and slightly mischievous and creative nature, this communication can be used to embarrass the trainer or others. This Ponymon is often kept more for their conversation abilities, but that does not mean that they are weak. In fact, this Ponymon is fairly well rounded in physical traits, and does well for thinking on their hooves in battle. This Ponymon will use any free time to explore, plan new Ships, and attempt to catch up on the latest Ships created by other CBs. Occasionally a CB will deviate from this pattern, but this seems to be what it is seen doing most often. Some believe this to have been the Ponymon to discover and distribute the technique Ponymon use to hold things with their hooves. It is also believed that their motivation behind this was to read magazines. Twilight is believed to be a Ponymon that they collaborated with to create this technique, the motivation for the Twilight race was to read books.
  4. I have found this in the MLP Gameloft game, in her description. I really want to know on why is Pinkie such a noisy chatterbug.
  5. Sometimes I imagine the Ponies as if they are creatures whose main goal is to ponify as many people (and horses) as possible. If they did ponify you, how is the ponification process like? It is enjoyment? Comfortable? A "burning sensation", as fur takes place of clothes, hair, and skin? A horrific mutation that really hurts?
  6. Scrumpy

    OC Scrumpy

    For lack of an artsite account I'll use this blog post as a go to reference for my OC Scrumpy. I don't get too much time to draw so I edited a draft image, the one that was a practice run for doing my avatar. Yes she is a unicorn, but she just wants to fit in with the earthponies as she doesn't use her magic for anything too powerful or ambitious, infact she gets the most pleasure out of helping stack hay bales and other simple or otherwise mundane things, she would rather a cold drink on a hot day to being a princess or the head of a company. Her work ethic is odd, she is not lazy, but she is lax and work for the sake of work is not at the top of her priority list; when roused she prefers to do a job quickly but get it right first time so she can hurry back to sun bathing or otherwise looking "lazy". She works hard and fast, but won't work if she doesn't have to, she'd much rather be catching local chit chat or swiming in a lake and having fun. She likes to read, but leaves it untill it is dark or raining outside. Her fave hobby is landscape painting. Her parents are treesurgeons. Also if you believe Pegasi are capable of having Unicorn or earthpony children and vice versa (see baby cakes episode) then Scrumpy's alternate form is an Aci-corn / Incidental Alicorn (NOT a PRINCESS).
  7. I read that anything with text goes into this category. I hope poetry counts as Fan Fiction. "The Sun" Sweet coat of honey, with warm amber bristle; Figure divine, angel's hammer and chisel. Spoiled eyes and envy, cast swift harsh dismissal; Venomous words cause their beauty to fizzle. Some call you simple, outlandish or uncouth; Can one be so blind, to not see honest truth? Faithful and strong, such an admirable youth; An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Three scarlet apples, ripe and ready to reap; Mountains and valleys, some gentle some steep. Picked fruit of the tree, nourishment fills holes deep; Soft sweeping melody, will send me to sleep. Emerald lens, glistens softly in the light; Mirror of beauty, what a glorious sight. Its impossible, yet this moment feels right; How can the sun shine, through the thick dark of night? Thread of bright soft gold, soaking wet in the rain; Your pure burning soul, will warm me once again. The scent of straw, pervades from your tail and mane; Being one with nature, in bone, blood and vein. Pure stark white marks, upon your golden visage; Gazing upon you, inspires great courage. Six bright jewels, such a beauteous assemblage; Beacons alight, guide lost ships to their berthage. You the sun shining, keep the darkness hiding; Bearing good tidings, with five ponies riding. In me confiding, secrets speaking or writing; Memory abiding, beauty residing.
  8. I am in the process of watching an episode on Treehouse TV (in Canada!) Apparently there is a narrator describing what is going on. Even though I am not blind or anything, its sorta useful for the blind bronies. Because the narrator called Derpy, "Derpy", I am now proud that it is somewhat canon! Who else freaked out about that? (For anyone who watched it yet with descriptive audio?)