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Found 101 results

  1. Let me know what do you think?
  2. Trilby owns a hat/clothes shop and this is it's design: I don't know what tiles I would use but This is just the general idea. I felt like if I added the changing rooms on the first floor, it would be too clustered. Here are all Streets Named SO FAR: I am thinking of adding streets named after the pillars and the founders of Equestria. Also there will be one called Full Moon, Eclipsed, Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight. There are some roads that used to be one but over time of deteriorating becomes separate. When I asked about any lakes/ponds Samurai Equine (who from this point on will be noted as SEq) also said and quote So those will be added soon.
  3. Here was the description I got from Samurai Equine: And Windy Breeze pointed out how Sundea Delight had her own Polar as well. This was my response in paper: I made many main streets and side streets. I didn't start naming them until recent but as I was drawing the streets, I was having the urge grow. I also made the ratio 1:6 here. I tried skipping to making the Town Center. It is a magic thing that changes to what ever the town needs but it was a failure because while I can think in 3D I can not draw what I had wanted. This was what I made: I sorta based it on the Crystal Heart due to it's magical nature but my failure to make it clear in my 2D drawing made me put it aside for now. At this point I had to make it clear, there are far more buildings and such that have yet to be marked. There are both small and big buildings unnoted. I began designing some of the houses/buildings we do have noted like the Icecream Parlor and Trilby's house. The Ratio here is 1:1 Soon Samurai wanted me to move the house and I realized the problem with paper. While it is good for planing, any adjustments would need another sheet and instead of redrawing everything for just one edit, I began making digital ones: I said this with these images: So this is everything so far. I will still make paper updates before transferring them to digital to make them easier for myself. I plan to plot this out as best I can before starting to build it. There is a lot to this but I am excited. I hope to update soon.
  4. I was randomly noticing someone's avatar here at the forum, where the pony's nose was just a little bit extra curved, which I thought looked cute! Then I realized, it was more than just the nose being curved, but also the nose being small. Oh and the eyes were large too... Not every design work even if following the rules of small nose and big eyes (like seen in most Anime characters). So what is it then? What part of the pony design makes a pony cute? Can you specify what it is? Your opinion actually counts since it helps understanding why we are all here!
  5. Some sprite edits(1st&4th), commissions, and stuff I did for myself that I like. P sure this is where this sort of thing belongs? Rendering teeth is stupid satisfying. The stuff at the end is from the haunted house I work at. Yes I do have permission from them to put up the pic. Its 3d. Its awesome. If you live in upstate NY you should check it out. Pls dont yell at me, I cant remember how to make stuff into spoilers. Critique is chill.
  6. I want to show you my drawings! I just started a shop in this forum. I want you to see what I have to offer. And that I love drawing and making interesting orders very much. Please, rate them and give me some tips or advice. I want to be the best commissioner. Purchase here! This is the OC of my friend. This OC is very familiar in our fandom. Despite the sweet face, she is very arrogant and honest.
  7. @Everypony I have slaved over my Original character's look for days just to have it looking like this. Is there any way to make him look nicer? I also want to give him one of those sweet pilot hats. They look cool.
  8. After watching a retrospective on the designs of HTC phones, it struck me that over the past decade, and especially over the last few years, smart phones have varied little in their design. The materials used and color may change. But overall the format is the same across all brands. One giant rectangular screen. I get that we're moving more towards function over form. That an all screen phone sounds idyllic to most. But it's still a shame to see the diversity gone. To have a phone that was not only useful, but reflected taste and personality. A phone that you can say "Hey, that looks cool!" Bricks, flip phones, chocolate bars, razors, PDAs, landscape QWERTYs, clam shells, even the damn taco phone. So much variety and so many choices to find a phone that best fit you. Maybe it's my inner craving stand out designs in an age where smart phones are starting to share fewer differences between them than Coke and Pepsi. But despite the leaps in technology and functionality, I miss the older phones. What about you? Do you think mobile devices today look too similar and samey? Will things improve or get worse? What do you see the next big change being in smart phone design?
  9. Hey there! It's Bulldozerman again! Now, I'll be the first to admit it: I'm no real expert on RPG's or anything, although I have beaten a ton of them, from Final Fantasy to Golden Sun, and even Lunar. But I did want to come around here and give you guys a few helpful tips for how to stay alive in Maradice Isle: Dawn of Shadows, for you newbies. This is for those of you who haven't played a lot of RPG's. If your interested in RPG's and are looking for a good MLP-themed game that'll keep you busy for a while, or if you just want to cruise through the game and see the story, but not suffer through it, then this is where you need to be. THIS AIN'T YOUR GRANDDADDY'S FINAL FANTASY! Now, this isn't your standard RPG like the original Final Fantasy on NES. This is a series of mysteries you have to unlock. From the true reason why Strange Tidings went evil, to learning how Melody's parents met their untimely fate, and eventually, discover a way to save Strange Tidings from the evil that's holding him, something you have to do to secure the best ending. All of this takes time. You gotta explore the towns, you gotta talk to everypony around you, you've gotta read journals and the like, use magic to solve puzzles, and pick up clues along the way that'll help you get to the next part, and ultimately ( hopefully ) save the island from eternal evil. BE COMMITTED! You gotta be committed to play this game. This isn't some game of Pac-Man where your done in half an hour. This is saving Maradice Isle, and possibly the world, from eternal evil. And the Mane Six can only do so much to help you out ( if your interacting with them at all ). It takes time. There's levels to be grinded for, there's puzzles to solve, shrines to conquer, and monsters to destroy. So be ready for it. LEARN TO INSULT! From the very earliest of the games development, it was evident that one of the biggest skills you would learn is the ability to hurl insults at the screen. This game lends itself to the player screaming profanities and the like at the top of their lungs. I know, I know, cursing out the enemy isn't good sportsmanship, but believe me, when your walking through, say, a forest, and you get jumped by some monster from out of nowhere, and you know you can't run away from it, and your low on health, your going to want to let fly with a "Son of a Bugbear!!" Also, there's something really satisfying about killing the boss monster that's been keeping you from the next section of the game after about a couple hours, and ripping out a good ol' fashioned "TAKE THAT, YOU SCRUB!!" You feel really good about it. Some royal guard is keeping you from progressing, there's nothing wrong with letting loose with a "Hah! Royal guard? More like a royal pain in my flank!" That's alright! DON'T DROP YOUR GUARD! There is NEVER any downtime in this game, even in the towns. One of the very earliest bosses is going to take place in the dead center of Ponyville, so you can't afford to lower your guard and risk getting destroyed by something your not prepared for. Also, if you happen to come across any baddies that are lying around randomly as you explore the world map, don't take any chances. Walk up to them, and use one of your spells to take them out while they're snoozing. Those monsters are going to get up eventually, and you might be in trouble when they do. STAY HEALTHY! One important thing you need to learn is what spells your party has, and how you can effectively use them to dispatch the opposition. Like, for example, you don't want to use a spell that hits all the enemies for fighting a single powerful boss, but those kinds of spells are VERY effective for clearing out crowds of foes ( something that your sure to run into A LOT as you near the Changling Hive ). You gotta stay healthy, warrior! You don't want to be going into a battle, and start clicking on commands, and then realize "Oh, whoops! Now I gotta heal!" That's not good! If there's a brief pause in the action between battles, take the time to use healing items and spells to replenish your dwindling HP and MP reserves. Because believe me, NOTHING is worse then getting caught off-guard by something you didn't see coming. If you get into a fight like in the image here: Look at that. Your going to be trying to heal yourself on the fly in the middle of a battle, and that's a bad, BAD thing. If you got plenty of healing items in reserve, you can use those to quickly heal up your team, and be ready to fight off whatever comes your way next. Unless you got a Nature Pony. They're pretty much able to keep the party healthy on their own. SAVE OFTEN! Your going to be wanting to save the game constantly, or you'll have to go back to the beginning. Good times to save? You just got to a new town and got full health. Don't be saving when your party's only got, like, %10 health left and no healing items left. That does you no good unless your in a town, because your going to end up dying over and over, and then your stuck. You just got some new key item? You just reached a new town or settlement? You just met one of the games main characters? All of these little milestones, your going to want to constantly save. You make it out of a dungeon, save. It'll also give you a chance to rest your fingers, because BELIEVE ME, you will get a cramp! BE CREATIVE! Many items are hidden throughout the game environment. Your going to want to search every nook and cranny to see what items you can discover, because not all of the loot in a dungeon is going to be in super-obvious treasure chests, like most other RPG's. Also, if you just got whooped by some boss in the later parts of the game, you may want to consider changing up your strategy. With seven character classes to pick from at the start of the game for your four party members, you should be able to form a solid, consistent strategy for dealing with enemies. Like one example, a party with a Frost Pony, Ember Pony, Thunder Pony, and Nature Pony. Use the Frost Pony to buff your teammates defenses, use your Ember Pony and Thunder Pony to quickly take down the bosses health, and the Nature Pony can keep the party healthy turn after turn. If somepony runs low on MP, have your Frost Pony use an MP restoring item on them while the fighters continue to hit the boss. JOURNAL = GOLD! The journals are very important. These are something your going to want to watch out for constantly as you go through the game. A lot of times they're found in dungeons, and sometimes they're found close to boss chambers. The journals can give you tips and insight for how to tackle some of the games tougher enemies. Some of them even feature special dialog that can help you piece together some of the games more puzzling questions about the characters backstories. While your main goal is to, of course, stop Strange Tidings, remember that your also playing detective and trying to solve all these baffling puzzles that constantly loom over your entire quest, so your going to want to collect all the clues that you can. DON'T FOOL AROUND! If your engaged in a battle, don't just stand there and spam the "Fight" command over and over like an idiot! Your a deer in the headlights; They're just going to take you out. You can defend if your low on health. You can use "Super" attacks when your SP meter is full enough. You can use items. You can use the summons you find later on in your adventure. You have multiple options at your disposal for how to defeat the enemy and continue on with your adventure. Don't think that your Ember Pony is useless at magic just because his "ATTACK" stat is higher then his "POWER" stat. Many of the Ember Ponies spells revolve around using both magic and their own physical prowess to damage their foes. Also, I can't stress this enough: Pay attention to the descriptions of each of the seven classes at the start of the game! One of the keys to success in Dawn of Shadows is going to be recognizing each classes advantages, disadvantages, and how well they work with the other classes. Remember, you only have room for 4 characters in this game, so barring any duplicates of the same class, you can only take 4 of these 7 classes with you per playthrough, so you need to learn and understand what each class can do and form a solid, unique party that can overcome the games later challenges. The Frost, Ember, Thunder, and Nature Ponies are a good choice for beginners, as it's the most flexible and offers up the most options for offense, defense, and support. HAVE FUN! So, there's your little intro into what to expect from Maradice Isle: Dawn of Shadows. But listen: The only way to really learn how to play the game is to go and play it, assuming it's out yet ( which, as of the time I'm writing this, it's nowhere NEAR ready to come out yet ). And if it isn't, well, go play some other RPG's to help you get into the swing of how they're played and handled, and help you prepare for this game. Just remember to keep your eyes and ears open, and use your head, because your going to need strategy as well as skill if your going to make it back to Maradice Isle alive! So for now, goodbye, good luck, and try not to get yourself killed, will you?
  10. Hello Everypony, This is Cast Executive Director of Equestrian Tales, we'd like to start bringing to you a small series of behind the scenes visual articles, to help the fans learn how this stuff is done, or simply for anyone thats had an interest to see the process. We have hosted several panels since 2014 on the animation process in hopes of educating others, and sharing a little bit of the fun that goes into our stories For today's example I'd like to use a setting many original generation fans should recognize. Paradise Estate, she was the home of the original cast of ponies fro the generation 1 tv series, and will be returning to the MLP universe within our story. Our pilot and main story begins in the old Ponyland found in the original generation, if your interested in seeing more plans are to post another article tomorrow about the re-imagination of Dream Castle another original location also playing a part in this new series. Hope you enjoy, if you have questions please ask. Lets get into it! First up, for those who have never heard of Paradise Estate, this is the original design and how it looked in generation 1- (sorry for the small image) Firstly our crew wanted to try to preserve the original design and feel of the structure, as well as pay respects to the generation that started all of this. As a team we researched the entire series to find as many shots and angles as we could of this structure, including the toy that gave us a great 3D perspective on the entire building, and its layout. From these our settings designer Ruffu began to draw a few ideas that would start the process of its re imagination. These are the first drawings to come from this process- As you can see the structure is nearly the same as the original design from the TV show, however adapted with the over grown forest and broken elements as our story takes place many years in the future of the generation 1 time line, so we took into account the passage of time, how it would effect a mostly stone structure left unattended or cared for over many many years. In this next image, we decided for the scene in the pilot this structure will first appear in we needed only one of these angles as the rest of the scenes containing this build take place inside it, we picked a zoomed out shot, then added the needed extra elements to it for the scene to play out as we intend it to. Here is an example of the changes to the image, from its original concept drawing- As you can see the image was shaded to bring the depth of growth and how far the forest has invaded the structure, we also added the river in front of the building that will also play a part in part 2 of the pilot episode. This was the final image to be approved before going to coloring, where all the details are added. Here is the fully colored setting- At first we wanted to maintain a direct link to the original show, keeping to the pink colors and blue accents of the structure in the original design, but making aged and broken. This was a once happy home loved and cared for by the ponies, ponies now long gone, we wanted to preserve memories, also have that reflect in the design. This estate is broken, left to time as are the contents inside, a forgotten memory longing for the day ponies return to fill its halls with laughter once again. As much as we loved this design we realized we needed to update it to serve the story being told later in the series, so Paradise Estate went through one final over hall, and redesign. Much of the elements of the original were carried over however we wanted to give it the sense of majesty and beauty that we wanted to represent the characters, creators and fans of the original show. Here is the final design that will appear in the pilot- This is the final design as stated before, combining the elements of the original design, bringing in the river element, the over grown forest, as well as other elements we needed for the animation of this scene. With the intended new animation and design style of the series we needed to up the scale of the design and the colors to reflect as a tribute to the original show. When put with one of the characters the blend and effect convey everything we hoped it would, and will show a small example of what the animation style of this new series will look like once the traditional backgrounds are put with the character rigs. We will not vector these backgrounds, we want to maintain a level of fantasy and an older time, so we wanted to bring in as many traditionally drawn and designed elements as we could to help farther the story we are wanting to tell. Final Design with character Ink Heart as a test subject- This has been a small look at the behind the scenes of creating a setting for an animated production, for each and every setting thats added into the world we spend a great deal of time researching everything from basic architecture to make sure things are looking and operating correctly in animation, to spending hours watching MLP to get everything right, and understand what made it special to the show, and the fans it created. If not for Gen 1 we wouldn't have FiM, mlpforums, and lets face it many of our lives would be pretty different right now, so this is our way of honoring and paying respects to those that came before us, and making sure they are never forgotten. That concludes today's article. If you like the art you have seen here please pop over to our crews site at he has a lot more art then just pony, and we are truly blessed to have him with us for this production. If you have any questions about this process or any others about animation or story production please leave a comment, or fill free to PM me. Tomorrow I'd like to bring to you another article on the development of Dream Castle and the kingdom of Old Canterlot, also based in the original generation. Thank you for your time and hope this helped in some way, these articles will get better as we keep writing them. Keep it Pony everyone.
  11. Halloween is tomorrow (as of the time of posting) and I'm curious to know what your Jack-O-Lanterns look like. Pictures or descriptions are acceptable. I carved Venom into a pumpkin, as shown in my profile picture!
  12. So, based on this image it looks like the mane seven might be getting visual updates for the youtube series (or at least the Original 5 prior to Sci-twi and sunset might); What's everyone's thoughts on that if so, and what's your thoughts on pinkie's design here? Going to be honest, not really a big fan of the new look here: the skirt's multiple frills just looks like a ballet outfit more than an actual outfit to me.
  13. Is it a whorl (like the pony equivalent of a human scalp)? Diagrams and visual imagery allowed, neigh, encouraged. Asking for a, uh, friend.
  14. this is my work just showing you guys some of the process I did hope you guys like it
  15. Ever notice how Twilight Velvet looks as old as her daughter, but Stormy Flare looks her age? Let's hear your thoughts!
  16. sooo i drew this just last night and i need your advice i think its the shading that needs working but other than the design is flat out great! or is it not?
  17. Yo people! I forgot to post this one, but yh. I've decided to redraw a old oc of mine called Sugar Pencil, and yes, she's supposed to be Sweet Pen's young sister. I changed some stuff, but she's the same on personality. Before 2013 After 2016
  18. My main OC is going to be a pegasus. Big deal, right? NO. But right now for my main OC, I'm using an alicorn named Princess Navi, as you can tell by my name and profile pic. So, I don't understand why all the hate goes into having an alicorn oc. Okay, so what if most suck? No need to be rude! So my question is: what should I do to fix my OC? My pegasus OC has some design hiccups that need fixing. Here is what I consider to be THE OC GUIDELINES! 1. Don't make it have an amazing special power or be the BFF of all the mane six 2. Evil/sad/emo backstories are a NO-NO 3. Handicaps. Bad. Use in strict moderation. 4. Rainbows are used too much= NO. 5. Recolors are unoriganal. 6. Throwing on a cloak, glasses, 20 hats, and some butterfly wings is just SAD. 7. Be consistent with your color scheme. 8. Have a name that matches your cutie mark and colors. 9. Be VERY careful and tread lightly with alicorn OCs 10. Hrybrids are hard to do. Don't do them if it doesn 't make sense. 11. Make sure your cutie mark makes sense. 12. Sons and daughters of princesses, villains, or the Mane 6 are bad. Okay, that's about it. But one last rule: 13: PONY CREATOR IS ONLY USED TO GET AN IDEA OF THE DESIGN. GOT IT? This really angers me, because artists lose skill (and sometimes money) to this EVIL THING. The PONY CREATOR is the only thing I hate about the Living Tombstone: PONY CREATOR OCS! You are bad and you should feel bad if you have a pony creator OC. DRAW IT, JEEZ. Or at least ask someone to draw it for you. You guys post good/bad OCs below!
  19. Source: Help designing a cutie mark for new OC? Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone could help me with making a cutie mark for my latest OC? I'll provide credit always.
  20. I recently finished Guilty Crown and started thinking about this. Hands down, I have to go with Inori Yuzuriha. The character design in Guilty Crown is top notch, and she looks the best out of all of the characters to me. One of her sets of clothing is borderline (google "inori" if you want to see it. It isn't too bad, I just don't want to get in any trouble.) so I won't be posting a picture of it but here's two pictures of her in regular clothes.
  21. I'd figure I'd start showcasing some non pony artwork that I've made over the years from going to an art school. first i'll start off with a Cinema 4d still image of a classic steel cage around a wrestling ring. It was relatively easy to make. What do you think?
  22. Hello, I don't know if I'm posting this in the wrong discussion area but how do YOU, create your OC or fan art. I don't RP or even tried (Only in-game ex. Garry's Mod) But I'd love to make fan art if I had a drawing tablet and proper editing tools. Anyways I wanted to know how you created your art. Or what program, tools, tablet or maybe even a scanner from paper. Do you think using the Pony creator is "cheating"? I created my profile picture with a reference photo and made it from Paint.NET, anyways I just wanted to know if that's okay :3
  23. So I thought of making a role play for MLP and stuff and the idea was finding the forgotten or lost spirits that a group of ponies has to find to bring back order and peace to the lands and etc in a epic quest of sorts. I went on to design the ocs/npcs and thought maybe some feedback on HOW they look would be welcome if I need to rework and stuff. These are all "first drafts" if anything so feed back is a welcome and wanted! Soul of the Storms: A little lost on what to do with her mane and tail in color and such, she is super rough if anything and still in in the works just I keep getting a block on what to do with her in the layouts. Main part is she is the keeper of storms/lighting/thunder etc. Keeper of the Stars: She is the guide in the stars and the spirit who gives them the power to shrine and even grant wishes to ponies who wish hard a enough. Soul of Dreaming: Mostly this pony helps to give ponies their dreams and creativity , mostly like a Greek muse would work
  24. I wish to make a Oc based of Tea blends White Tea- Camellia Chai Yellow Tea- Green Tea- Oolong Tea- Black Tea- Dark Blend (already Made and designed) His Personilty is like black tea strong with a bitter sweet side to it. ( he has a back story but I don't wish to type it one sense I don't need to them to link together) Ok So I Have made a lot of designs for these ponies but I just.. can't stick with one so maybe some pony out there has a good idea for these Ocs. There actions will base around the favor of the tea. So the idea of them will also base around that. Sounds Easy Pesy But I can't stick with a design. White Tea Lost Human Black Tea (Dark Blend) with Human White tea ( Camellia)
  25. So I made these two ocs based loosely off Gusty and Fizzy from the Gen one cartoon kinda of like their descendants to the Gen Four. Also I need a small help in naming the one from Fizzy a bit. Tempestas: I took from Gusty her green and red mane/tail but shaded it a bit different in making it brighter just a tad off. No bows, just Tempe keeps her mane in a loose pony tail on her side in a very lady like manner. Colors, no pure whit e in just darkening her a bit in a gray like tone in the mix to off set her a little. Adding in her eyes are a bright cheerful green tends to wrap her out a bit in some sunny like yellow. The cutie mark is simple in green to make it stand out in a whirl to show her talent with wind types of magic. I just feel more could be added or something in coloring if you have any input. Name wise: Her name comes from a wind goddess of Greece/Greeks. [imgur]( Profile: Nameless/Zest: Not to sure on her name all around in still working her out, just she is high energy and out going like Fizzy, just more grounded in using her mind and thinking and a show-boat in her magic/talent of making fire work and things like them with her magic. I lighten her colors the green to more of Lyra's in a tone off and kept in hues of pinks in the mane and tail. The colors seem to mix well in also the cutie mark a pink to stand out. Put in a star on her ear and a necklace also in golds to stand out. The eyes are a color like Fizzy's are in a boost of purple mixed in just a bit. Very on sure on her name: Zest: lively excitement : a feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm : a lively quality that increases enjoyment, excitement, or energy Some other insights is a welcome!