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Found 7 results

  1. Has there been a fantasy that you always wished to experience in the land of dreams that just hasn't come to be, well talk about them here.
  2. I've been mentioning this for quite sometime. But I think that the shows creative staff seem to have forgotten about something from an episode that is the perfect starting base for a new story arc. Of course I'm talking about Big Mac's speech at the end of "Brotherhooves Social" in which he tells Apple Bloom about his envy of Applejack's heroic status. Ever since that episode, I've been hoping for the writers to capitalize on that moment and begin making a complete story arc out of it. It's a fresh story arc that has full potential to provide great development for Big Mac's character. After all, each of the Mane 6 have more than likely come full circle. The Cutie Mark Crusaders have already reached their goal. So how about having Big Macintosh work more towards the goal of being a hero in his own right? Keep in mind this thread is only focusing on ONE aspect of the character development: The "dreams of heroism" aspect. The problem is that the writers haven't done anything to work Big Mac towards that goal. (Unless Dungeons and Discords counts, but that was more of a fantasy roleplaying than anything else) They seem to be stuck in a routine with episodes STILL focusing on the likes of the Mane 6, Spike, Starlight Glimmer, and the CMC. Maybe it IS planned but they're just saving it for the 7th season. Maybe they just need some help with ideas on how to make it happen. Do you think it's time for the writers to capitalize on Big Mac's wishes to be a hero and start working towards that big hero moment? What sort of heroic deeds can you think of in which Big Mac can do to achieve that goal?
  3. This makes me notice transhumanism in a new light. What happens when otherkin and such want to be other species when we have the tech for it in a couple hundred years? You could ask alot of the same questions then. But there is certainly a line where surgery is the next step to become more feminine. Also truth has power, if you presume you are more feminine than you really look you may end up disappointed even if you stave off sadness momentarily. And why that's relevant and realistic is because they have reassurance in the form of what they already have going for them to make them look more feminine and they were certainly less feminine before, it'd be overestimation of their looks and lowering their own standards. In the future there will always be more to do, and part of that habit is actually the issue why plastic surgery can go so wrong, people don't know their limits. I think those more educated can figure out and heed advice better, and int he future safer and more diverse techniques will be available. Also its related to goals and dreams and wishes that are unattainable presently. Alot have them. And just because its not plausible now doesn't mean it will be impossible in the future, and it'd be a shame to not develop such further just to prevent risks. Also coping is a strategy, alot may turn to drugs or get depression, especially since they aren't as accepted as others. But I think what causes that depression, is something that Buddhists would prolly know, which is wanting it in the first place. It causes a feeling of urgency underlying daily activity, always in the back of the mind wanting to be attained, accepting defeat would be simpler. Like the pressures of an anarchist in a dictatorial society story (think final fantasy 7), it would certainly be emotionally easier to not face the world and challenge it. It'd also be safer, but for idealism people will anyways. What do you think of those transgenders living in tribes without electricity, or in third world countries. They just accept they are different, and don't even realize it might be possible to change, maybe dress up or imagine dressing up in secret. What I mean is, society has functioned before and can function before, the more society is capable the more people's desires will be realized, which causes more pain from inability to attain. Humans won't be satisfied, but I think that's a good thing. It helps us strive for more. Source: Is a person still a transgender even if he/she does not have treatments?
  4. You know, for us bronies and pegasisters, we might had an urge within us, that acts as though we cannot live without "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Whenever we are taken away from our beloved ponies; such as this half-a-year-long hiatus (we could instead reinvent) we would go nuts, daydream of the ponies as if they have consumed our minds. We would even demand and cry out for more poni: wailing in our minds our inner brony cannot restrain itself. I am sorry that I am writing this article like a frivolous poem, but I will fly like a firework when you tell me whether: do you have a "brony urge"? Thank you.
  5. You have one wish. You can get anything you want with little to no effort. What would the wish be? Maybe for you to live forever? Maybe you want to meet the man or girl of your dreams? Maybe you want that one dream ? Maybe you wish to be president. You have no limit to your wish. You may not go god mode more than living forever. You may not wish for more wishes.
  6. This is my favorite poem of all I don't remember who wrote this but I shall give credit to him / her for writing this awesome poem..So let me here what you think of this poem which I deeply love.. Moonlit nightmares scar my soul devoured with demonic sighs chained insanity calls unto me acidic teardrops dwell in my eyes. Blood in my veins run backwards As the life inside flows out, My turmoil at its precipice As is my silent shouts. Pulsating echos scream violently from my catacomb heart beat, leather collar suffocates slowly, I am the beast needing to retreat. The cracks in my reality Open as gaping wounds As the walls of insanity grow larger Into an abhorrent and vulgar room. Scribbling distress signals upon a maggot filled tomb rotten tears consume my breath, held captive within a hell hounds womb. Dry stench of carcass occupy the void Dank toxic vapour fills my lungs a frantic scramble to exsist To the drone of the reapers
  7. Ponies, im going to share with you the one thing i would love to do in my life, but i really don't think its possible. Iv'e been thinking a little lately about the future and what i wish to do. As my thought process progressed it veered off in a different direction like it usually does. I somehow got onto the subject of older professions like weaving or butchering (Which we actually still have) or.........Blacksmithing. Thats it. Thats what i want. I want to be a Blacksmith. Working over a hot forge, pounding metal into the desired outcome. Working long days, working hard. I don't know why, but everything a blacksmith has to offer appeals to me. And i realize that being a blacksmith, the most common thing i would make would be horseshoes, not like swords and shields and stuff (But that may happen if this was possible ) One of the weirdest things i think about my want to be a blacksmith is the fact i like thinking and figuring stuff out and this takes nearly none. But obviously this profession doesn't exist in a practical way anymore, so alas, i will never live my dream Whatever, dreaming is dreaming.