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Found 7 results

  1. The user above you is about to die. Will you save him/her? How are you going to save him/her? Ex.: Pony 1 Pony 2: (YES/NO), I will save (name of poster) from dying by ______________. Here is a complimentary Bill Cipher comic for looking at this topic!
  2. Roll a die on Google and post your result! Now before I go on, I have to ask that you show some integrity in making your roll. Please only post your first roll. You do not get a re-roll. Of course, who's gonna stop you? The dice police? Just do this for me, please... You can also use a physical die if you want. Or any six-sided die so long as the result is random! So here's the story: You get to go throught portal to Equestria! Of course, you can't go there in your human form because the ponies don't know what humans are, with the exception of Twilight. So to keep everyone from freaking out over this new creature, you have been turned into a pony! Of course, you can't just be any pony. So that's what you roll the die for! All results total 7 1 or 6 means you are an Earth Pony 2 or 5 means you are a Pegasus 3 or 4 means you are a Unicorn So what did you get? Do you like your results? :tAjTk7v: There's a poll so we can keep track of how many of each there are. I'll go first. I've already posted this in Count to a Million (it's where I came up with the idea for this game) and my result there was 6 so I'm an Earth Pony I, for one, am actually not too upset about this. Earth Ponies are awesome too
  3. Part 1 Rainbow Dash, tears in her eyes, looked up at the graveyard gates. They loomed high, intimidating. Rainbow Dash looked away in despair, and continued to go through the garden of remembrance. It was sunset, and the last day of Fall. Rainbow Dash looked around, and saw names on graves of so many ponies she knew, grew up with, ponies she loved. Thunderlane, Cloudchaser, Derpy Hooves, Amethyst Star.... She closed her eyes tight and, with reluctance, continued. Right in the centre of the cemetery were five shiny, marble graves. Rainbow Dash choked back a cry, and sat down in the middle of the ring. Each grave had the ponies element on top. 'So many memories...' Rainbow Dash whispered. 'Pinkie... No... No,' Applejack murmured, the grey flicker of despondency in her eyes. The monitors constant beep became more and more urgent. Doctors were everywhere, masks and tubes were flying, shouts and screams, but Rainbow Dash knew there was no point. It was over. She embraced the rest of her friends in a hug, and the warm feeling of fresh tears touched her skin. 'Twilight...' Rainbow Dash smiled, 'You know Pinkie wouldn't want us to despair. She would want us to celebrate her life and how awesome she was!'. Dashie tried to sound convincing, but her voice ended with a squeak. Everypony tried to smile, but they all new that these were forced smiles borne of nothing but respect of Pinkies life. Rarity screamed. The scream echoed around the silent town, and nothing but the sigh of a breeze replied. The clouds blocked out the sun, and it was raining. Rarity continued to wail, and the others bowed their heads and wept. Fluttershy lay on the brick path, her body mangled like an old forgotten rag doll, tossed and mistreated over the years. 'How did this happen?' Rarity said quietly. 'Fluttershy - well, she was taking her morning fly, and I warned her not to go. A storm was brewing,' Twilight whispered, 'but she said she needed to stay fit if she wanted to-' She could say no more. 'And she got struck by lightning.' Rainbow Dash ended shortly, and sniffled. 'If I was there...' Rarity shouted, 'I could have cushioned her fall... I could have warned her... I could have saved her!'. The sound of thunder echoed around Ponyville, and it seemed for a moment as if the world shivered. 'Buckin' apples, a'll have y'all know...' Applebloom, now a young mare, wailed, 'buckin' apples and she somehow hurt her neck. She was in the deepest depths of the orchard, where the apples were ripe and a' juicy and ready for buckin'. For hours we didn't find her, and by the time we got there she was beyond help.' Applebloom began to cry. 'Like a mother to me she was, even though she was my sister...' 'Eeyup...' Big Mac murmured. 'No...' Dashie cried, 'why?! Why is this happening?!' She yelled, and crying, ran out of the door. Into the orchards she ran, until something got caught in her hooves. Applejacks hat. I hope you enjoyed Part 1! Give me some feedback, tell me if you want Part 2!
  4. In any fictional anything. I don't care what it is, movie, TV, books, comics, video games. But we've all had characters that we didn't want to die. But they did anyway. So I ask you this: Who's your favoritte character in fiction that has died? How did they die? How did YOU feel when they died? Here's mine: Video Games: Resident Evil: Piers Nivans. He sacrificed himself to save Chris (even though he could've just gotten the cure from Jake but whatevs.) I literally said, "Dammit Piers!" when he died. Brothers In Arms: Allen & Garnett. They were killed under Pvt. Legget's lead due to arguing. I just felt so sad, because A&G were my favorites due to their humorous personalities. Mortal Kombat: Too many to count. ;-; Anime: Naruto: Also a lot, but mainly Deidara. He was so cool and unique. Nobody else in that series uses explosive jutsus (at least to MY knowledge). He would always keep calm under pressure, until he fought Sasuke and committed suicide. I almost cried, because Deidara died doing what he did best: Explosions. Movies: X-Men: Cyclops. He was f8cking killed by Jean. That was one of (if not the most) f8cked up deaths I've ever seen. Especially considering Jean loved Cyclops.
  5. DigiBrony as you know is one of the lead analyists of the Brony Fandom. He is (was) highly revered as the best we had to offer in terms of pure analysis. Although, as he stated in his latest video, that he wanted to die out of the fandom completly and to not have a hand in anything. In his post on his Tumblr said ( "I’ve unfollowed a significant number of pony channels and blogs, and I’ve ceased to hold responsibilities within the fandom. I don’t want to write for any pony sites or be a part of any more large-scale pony projects anymore. I’ll still be finishing the Brony Quiz shows and the Elements of Brony series, but I won’t be getting more involved in the fandom." Of course he is entitled to his own opinion, but he is completly depriving the fandom of one of the best Analyists to boredom. Also: "I’ve grown to hate the way my videos are interacted with and perceived in the fandom." Wha... Dude, that is YouTube, and more importantly, part of a Fandom. You will get flak, but you most definetly get love too! Please post what you feel on the situation, I'm really sad about this, care to help?
  6. Here's my ponification of "Ready to Die" by Andrew WK This is your time to shine, This is your day divine, I’m glad you came this far And now it’s time to raise the bar. You shoot for excellence, ‘Cause that is who you are, You just reach for the star, And take that sweet sweet victory! You better get ready to fly, You better get ready to soar, You better get ready to win, Cause it’s your chance, You better get ready to fly! This is your destiny To be the great elite, Now you will surely soon Become 20% cooler! It’s time to take that step, That fated giant leap Go forth young Pegasus, And Rainbow Dash to victory! You better get ready to fly, You better get ready to soar, You better get ready to win, Cause it’s your chance, You better get ready to fly Cause it’s your chance You better get ready to fly!
  7. Ezynell

    Ask Ice

    Anyway, everypony seemed to be doing it and it sounded like fun, so feel free to ask me anything! And FYI, I love pictures, so I will answer pretty much every question with one