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Found 483 results

  1. Welcome to my commission shop! Hey everyone, I'm MidnightFire1222, but most people just call me Midnight. I'm here today to offer my services to you as a digital artist, for a reasonable fee. I got into drawing when I was a teenager, but I've never seriously thought about selling it until maybe last year. Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to here about silly old me. What you want to hear about is what I can do. Prices With Examples A Few Guidelines to Remember I have a right to refuse a commission (I never have so far, so you probably don't ever need to worry about this). I have a job in the afternoon until night with hours that can potentially vary depending on the schedule, so I may not get your commission done right away, but I will always get it done. If you choose to commission me (and I must thank you if you do) I'll need either a description and/or a reference image. Reference picture(s) must be clear enough to give me an idea of what the character looks like If you can't find reference pictures then I need descriptive details (though I'm able to work with vague descriptions if given some artistic liberty) If the character is a pony, I'll need to see clearly what their cutie mark looks like (if they have one) IMPORTANT NOTE: Reference pictures and/or detailed descriptions are not required. I can work with vague descriptions. Refs/details are just helpful. These will always be posted on my deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr mod blog, Twitter and possibly Instagram. If you what like to remain anonymous when I add credits, you'll have to tell me so. Please be kind to one another. I don't think I have to spell it out more than that. What You'll Need to Include Character name Clear reference image (can be more than one, especially if there's more than one character) Cutie mark if applicable What kind of background you want if you choose to have a background What you'd like your character(s) to be doing (unless you want to leave it up to me) More examples of my art can be found on my deviantart If you have any questions regarding commissions, please read this by clicking here, or contact PathfinderCS. If you have any suggestions on what I could do to improve the way this post looks, feel free to tell me.
  2. Hello everyone I made this thread to showcase my art. All oc's belong to their respective creators and the art is done by me.
  3. Some sprite edits(1st&4th), commissions, and stuff I did for myself that I like. P sure this is where this sort of thing belongs? Rendering teeth is stupid satisfying. The stuff at the end is from the haunted house I work at. Yes I do have permission from them to put up the pic. Its 3d. Its awesome. If you live in upstate NY you should check it out. Pls dont yell at me, I cant remember how to make stuff into spoilers. Critique is chill.
  4. So I have been making pony art and have posted them as status updates but I just decided to have an actual topic for myself for these things similar to my cutie mark topic. Here we are first down the runway is the first piece I did once I got my computer back Happy Script Chime! Speedpaint for this one here Next is a dark side for Script here named Elusive Shadow well one rendition of her anyway Next up is a demon edgelord who is the boyfriend of a roleplay character give it up for Shaded Fang Alright I'm done with the "fashion show" gimmick anyway next are to characters who love each other dearly this is Delightful Sweets and Cunning Claws! Moving on is the darkest yet supposedly happiest moment of my life. The day I earned my cutie mark Next is kind of sad. Its two characters once enamored with each other getting the punishment for that love. For something on a lighter note here is something based off a person at my job. She has this aura of just cuteness and the constant inability to hate her on her side so I drew this out to show how I felt Speedpaint for this is here And finally the most recent work Flank Sinatrot singing. Yes that's a pun and no I don't feel ashamed. I love the music he sang and I had wanted to make the piece for a long time and I finally got the time to so here we go The speedpaint for this is here Hope you like this!
  5. Decided it'd be better to post it all here rather than make tons of posts when I've made something new! also, shameless DeviantART link I suppose Starting off with the stuff I've already posted Admittedly since posting those pieces, I haven't had any time for brony art (thanks, college) but I've managed to rack up a messy little thing this morning for practice I also have a full-body commission piece December, which I dont feel right reposting here personally! but the link is here!
  6. please delete, I do not wish my art to be posted anymore
  7. been wanting to experiment with a more painted/lineless style to my current one and id say thjs turned out pretty well!! :DD
  8. After this im taking a break for my hand sjhsksjms Was super fun to paint but ive been working on it ALOT these past two days. For my future commission sheet/examples. I want to say this would be around $30 but i cant say for sure..... putting a value on art is hard. TT-TT
  9. In the halloween mood naturally and had some time so i decided to do a bust of my oc, Ai, as a pretty subtle bat pony (aka i just changed her eye colour, big teeth and extra fluffy ears.) This was super fun to make and i'm pleased with how it came out! qwq I don't actually mind critique but for whatever reason, i can't remove the no critique thing after posting..
  10. Saw Sounds of Silence, also saw some artwork by a one Doodle Mark on Deviant Art shipping AJ and Autumn Blaze, so I made their kid. They don't have a name. XD
  11. Was gonna just point out that the PG in my name doesn't stand for Parental Just thought I'd dump some of my more recent work here (since, y'know, that's what everyone else does) The Pest Pony, because pest control is an awesome job in Equestria. Apple Bloom and And a different cutie mark. My new favorite one-shot character eating a little something sweet. I welcome any critiques you might have. I am still a learning artist and would like to know how to get better! EDIT: And, d'oh, I just forgot to add the "Tim Hortons" on the side of the box.
  12. Heya! I guess Octavia's Hall will be frequented. This will be my art dumb lol! Here are some artworks I have done! The first two are of my ponysona, Rosebud. The rest are prizes from a giveaway I did on my pony ask blog. Comments would be most appreciated! Will post more later.
  13. Hey there! I'm new but I figured I'd make a thread to post my artwork since I draw a lot <3 I'll update this/post replies when I draw more! Expect to see mixed media but mainly digital, and although I mostly draw OCs, there will likely be official characters here eventually as well! --- +New!+ A little fanart of Apple Split, one of my fave ponies! He's super cute, I adore his colors <3 First up we have my most recent piece, just a sketchy little headshot of my vampire pony, Nightlore, as I experiment with styles. I'm actually liking this style but we'll see. Next we have my ponysona, Merry Anvil! She's blacksmith-themed since I'm a blacksmith. And finally, taking a step back to two years ago (ouch) we have this older piece of Nightlore. It's painful to look at but it's the only fullbody ref I have of him until I can manage a redraw!
  14. I thought I should make a little thread where I can post sketches and finished doodles of my MLP fanart that I wouldn't normally post else where! I'll start this with one of my favourite minor characters, Trouble Shoes! I am open to critique! So feel free to leave some constructive criticism. Other Pieces
  15. EDIT 5/14/18 - I'm going to be uploading all my works to this thread unless it's OC Specific! I wanted to try out posting my art too a forum because I feel like I'm not getting the attention on it that I'm looking for, especially sense most of the people who watch me on deviantart or follow me on tumblr aren't super into MLP, so Here I am in a MLP forum. I was thinking of making holographic prints with this but it all depends on how interested people would be! let me know what you think!
  16. Hello! I was wondering if anyone could do some good show style refs of my ponysona, preferably without a base: (click image for toyhouse page) I'm not looking for anything super fancy! I'm offering a fullbody drawing like this in return: I was also wanting to see if anyone would be brave enough to give my nextgen oc a shot in the show style: (click image for toyhouse page) Please only respond if you can do the show style! Id be willing to haggle with what i draw for you but please be fair!
  17. This Thread is for all my non-MLP art work! Mostly furry art, personal work, fanart, and commissions! I won't upload EVERYTHING but I'll update this on occasion! you can view my full Gallery here: (commission for Bugscrap) ( Commission for infernalpume )
  18. I had been discussing the topic of mutated ponies with Jekyll-in-Hydeing and one of the concepts was, a unicorn, but instead of being born with a horn, she was born with a third eye. Her name is Magic eye. She’s totally blind in her other two eyes, and her special talent is essentially having permanent True Sight. So Changelings, shapeshifters, and illusionists would hate her probably. She can also see behind her so sneaking up on her is, difficult as she has VERY small blind spots. She practices actual magic too, like spell casting, and charms. She’s mostly a hermit though because she doesn’t want to be mocked. her Color Scheme was inspired by the Arcanist from Flight Rising. Her Cutiemark was designed by Moonrose95! I was considering doing some mutant pony adopts, like maybe another third eye unicorn, and a four winged pegasus, and two headed ponies, and six legged ponies, binicorns, etc. but im not sure yet, id love to know if anyone would be interested. ___________ Character and Art © StrawberryOverlord This work is not to be redistributed or reposted anywhere in any way shape or form. Please do not trace/edit my work in any way.
  19. I don't wanna flood ya'll with like, 20 new posts right off the bat so I'm going to make a couple posts that are compiled art works and when I make new works I'll post them individually! but for now here's a bunch of my favorite trades and commissions that I've done commission for purple-blep Contest prize for Moonrose95 commission for lavilovi12 Pixel icon commission for xnoodledragon my half of an art trade with Idoartz Commission for RummyBunny of a pony version of her Fursona my half of a trade with LolaDitz
  20. Just thought I'd drop all my art of my ponysona/me as a pony (named Lucky Bolt) here for yall to look at. I draw both digitally and tradtionally so expect a mix of different art styles. You can follow my DA here: To start off, here's a vector of typical fangirl me:
  21. Hi, I drew again and guess what, it's new character again. I messed up the hands and forgot to draw scales and whiskers -_- But otherwise I'm satisfied with the end result, and if it isn't clear, head = cat, Body and hands = dragon, Hooves = pony, wings = bat, and tail = lion. I did this in about 6 hours, so it was rushed drawing, mostly because I didn't want to leave it unfinished for a week. I'm not really sure if it's he or she
  22. This was based on a sketch that I drew back in 2015 a month before The Cutie Remark Premiered. The sketch depicted what I imagined what would happen in Season 5 Finale, with Starlight wielding a power greater than Twilight and just kicking her flank in the first half. After the Premiere happened, I never uploaded this and it just collected dust on my hard drive. Well, as I was ridding my laptop of programs and games that I no longer used over the weekend, I stumbled upon it again and out of boredom gave it a little TLC and fixed the anatomy, added shading and a vignette, and gave the crystal on Starlight's staff a glowing effect.
  23. In celebration of Valentines Day, I give you Filly Cadence and Colt Shining Armor in love.
  24. Here's the thought: is traditional art - drawing, and painting, mostly - facing extinction or, at most, being a very, very niche hobby in favour of digitally produced art? Do a Google search on anything that can be drawn, anything really. Aside from clubbing baby seals maybe... So you get images, hopefully not photos but something made by a person. I bet it's moslty, if not all, digital art. Promo materials? Digital art. Posters? Digital art. Your favourite webcomic? You guessed it, digital! Anf, frankly, there are good reasons for it: - only "material costs", after purchasing the drawing tablet and software, is electricity. Once you pay off the equipment, making art costs as much a browsing cat memes, - it's convenient, meaning that you can warm up your hand and doodle for half an hour, close the program and do whatever else you have planned - no cleaning required. - if at first you don't succeed, click undo. Arguably the biggest advantage of digital, you can try out lots of ideas and if they don't work, you don't have to start over, just undo what you don't like and try something else. Same with correcting mistakes, you can drag and drop whle sections of your drawing, realign it on a different angle, resize even. No need to start over, - you get the right shade every tme. In color works, you don't need to play an alchemist, mixing colors for the right shade and pray to whatever higher power you chose it works. Save the color code and use it every time you need it, even a single drop. - less of a learning curve. Due to the above, and the layers provided by programs, you have many tools that make it much asier to produce the desired outcome, and the whole creative process looks different than that of a traditional artist. It's more... incremental. Making slight changes to see how it looks, trying different things on the go until you're safisfied. Whereas traditional, in comparison, sems to posess a number of inherent disadvantages: - you need to buy everything, frompencils to markers, brushes, paints, erasers, everything. And find space to store it too, - it's art time and you have that awesome idea! Just... gotta set up the supplies, where did I putthat marker I need so badly? Oh, it went dry, gotta go to the shop for a new one... Aaaaand I gotta clean up my working space and tools, lest I'll spend half of my salary on new ones. Traditional art has setup and cleanup time requirements, as well as material costs which aren't exactly trivial. - you are limited by your tools, the minimal and maximal line width they can produce, as well as the color palette of your markers/paints/crayons. If you need to mix colors, it's a bit of a roulette till you learn to ace the proportions. - if at first you don't succeed... We've all been there, the drawing is coming along nicely and then, you have an ink splatter and there's nothing to do about it. Another crumpled sheet of paper in the bin as you ready yourself to start over from the beginning. - it matters what you draw on. Not only does paper and canvas cost, and said costs rises with every wasted piece, but also, each has unique propoerties you need to keep in mind. Some papers have a tooth, some are smooth. Others can't take in too much moisture or they start to buckle. At some point, you may need several brands for different applications. - Digitizing. So, you've made your masterpiece and you're ready to show them, show them all mwa ha ha! Eeeexcept it's on a sheet of paper, and everything happens on the Internet. Ooops. So, you buy a scanner, and get some art program to fix whatever the scanner messed up, so your work looks just as good on the screen as it does in your hand. More costs, and another skill to learn, yaay, - and finally, the steep learning curve. Due to material costs, time requirements of your chosen medium, different art making process than digital (less trial and error and thinking on the page), and finally, the sheer amount of sub-skills required, it takes much more time and effort to produce art hat looks equally good compared to digital. Oh, and if you go to YT and look for art courses.... yep, most are made by digital artists and mostly useful for other digital artists. Now, it's not a hate thread, keep in mind. More like, a preamble to a discussion, whether traditional art is still "viable" after you graduate from primary school. I myself try to learn to work traditinally, so, I may be biased but, it seems that digital mediums, due to their cost effectiveness and skill effectiveness, are taking over the hobby and professional scenes, aside from art galleries and museums (a matter of time, probably) And, if that's true, then, does traditional have any future? Aside from niche audiences who like the old ways? Is there any point in going traditional, as a person who is about to make the big decision and start their art journey?