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Found 173 results

  1. Starlightglimmerfan19

    Movies/TV Your favorite Disney movie

    So I’m curious to see what is everyponys favorite Disney movie mine would probably be Zootopia because it has such a good story and the movie is great in everyway also the songs are amazing my favorite one would probably be Try everything.
  2. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on EQTV, including our iconic Friday movie night, where we watch movies voted by you guys, our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest MLP episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Movie Night starts at 5:00 PM CDT / 6:00 PM EDT Inspector Gadget 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET A Goofy Movie 7:20 PM EST 12:20 AM CET MLP Season 8 Episodes 17: Friendship University EQTV's CMC Clubhouse! User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <---
  3. Simply put, tell me which Disney (main, Pixar, and yes even Marvel and Star Wars) or Nintendo character does the user above you remind you of. Either by their avatar picture or the poster himself/herself. Also, if the user has an obviously official Disney/Nintendo character in their picture, you could pick from the other medium. I did it this way to avoid making the answer be too obvious, like members with actual Pokemon Avatars playing the "Which Pokemon is the User Above You" game. Of course, it's your acceptable choice to go with the obvious if you want, as long as it doesn't break Global Rules. Go on, have fun!
  4. Most of us at some part admitted to liking MLP. But are there shows that are intended for children/toddlers that you enjoy to this day. I'm not talking about ones from Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. I'm talking more about ones from PBS Kids, Nick Jr., Playhouse Disney/Disney Jr., etc. If you would like, post why you like/dislike the shows you mention. Here are mine: Like: - Sesame Street: The most educational TV show in my opinion. - Bill Nye the Science Guy: Good science show. - Reading Rainbow: Good show that encourages kids to read. Also, the host is cool since he used to be in Star Trek: the Next Generation. - Arthur (90's to early-2000's): Good animation and voice acting. Pretty good show based off a children's book. - ZOOM - Pablo the Little Red Fox: I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of the accents. They're too cute. Here's the theme song: - Oswald: Remember that octopus character show from Nick Jr. Even though I make fun of it, I enjoy this show. - Blues Clues (Steve Burns era): Seriously, this show can fit in Tru TV's Worlds Dumbest. - The Busy World of Richard Scarry - Out of the Box - PB&J Otter - Mister Rogers Neighborhood Dislike: - Barney and Friends - Teletubbies - Yo Gabba Gabba - Caillou - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Walt Disney's rolling in his grave. - Bob the Builder - Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Horrible animation. - Higglytown Heroes - Handy Manny - Lazytown - Bear in the Big Blue House There's also the Tweenies, which I saw when I went to Scotland in 2001 to visit my grandma and other relatives. I don't have a strong opinion on it, though.
  5. 9th Doctor Whooves

    Movies/TV Duck Tales Reboot

    When I first heard about the Duck Tales reboot I was a little skeptical, I mean most reboots aren't (to put it nicely) very good or anything like the original. But today I found out something that makes me want to check it out :David Tennant has been cast as Scrooge McDuck! I know, this doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be good or like the original, but anything with the Tenth Doctor is worth checking out! I know I'm going to check it out, but what are your thoughts? Here's the link to the original article:
  6. (If this topic is too risky, feel free to put it in the debate pit) It is certainly no surprise that everyone is very hyped for the newest Marvel superhero movie Black Panther and i have no problem if anybody else has, because i also like to watch these movies, because they are mostly a great time and are great popcorn flicks. However, over the last few weeks, i saw a very strange trend going on in the mainstream media and several news outlets telling us what a big milestone is supposed to be and how it will inspire millions of minorities, for finally having their own superhero. It goes even so far, that whenever somebody is coming out in public, saying that this movie is far from perfect, is being labeled a racist and is part of Trumps America. We gotta make something clear here...This is a superhero movie and not the color purple (which came out 3 decades ago and also had all black cast) saying that this movie is revolutionary is delusional. Also, black panther dosen't belong to anybody, neither do other superheroes like Spider Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, or whoever. I know of black children playing pretend some of these super heroes and nobody was thinking of race or any sort of that kind. I fear that this will, no matter if this movie is good or not, hurt the sales of the movie. Whenever it's people being totally tired of the media pandering to it, or worse, radical black groups trying to stop non black movie goers to watch it because "this movie dosen't belong to you." Also, got a short vid that summarizes the whole situation (WARNING: Heavy language) What is your thought on the current situation?
  7. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Movies/TV How Do You Feel About the "Disney Reboot Revolution"?

    So in the past two years I've noticed Disney seems to be on a roll with a modern revolution. Instead of coming up with new fascinating, original ideas, they have decided to revive old iconic classics and remake them in live-action format, with voice casts featuring new and old members (given how some older ones have died and child voice actors are now adults with deeper voices). Some will stick stitch-by-stitch to the original movie's storyline, while others will be spinoffs or reboots centered around one character. Honestly I'm not sure how to feel about this. Given the incredible new technologies that have come into the world of filmmaking, the idea of all those simple hand-drawn 2D cartoon characters being reimagined in realistic 3D seemed very exciting for both Disney and their fans - well, some of them. Others are more on the lines of "Why bother with stories of old? Yeah they were amazing then, why try to make them more amazing now? Like, what's the point? People still watch 80s and 90s movies in 2018 and will continue to do so!" What do you guys think? Is this Reboot Revolution the right way to go for Disney? (The teaser trailer for Dumbo was briefly #2 Trending on YouTube earlier this week) Here are some of the movies that will be revived in live-action: Dumbo (following the original storyline, with some possible twists) A sequel to the 2016 The Jungle Book movie A sequel to the 2014 Maleficent movie Peter Pan (following the original storyline) Tinkerbell (her backstory) The Lion King (following the original storyline) Aladdin (following the original storyline) Cruella (villain backstory/childhood) The Little Mermaid (info is very loose - i.e. voice actors saying that they'd like to play certain characters)
  8. You may have noticed this bracket has been dividing the internet over the past few days. What do y'all think? The hilarious thing is how everyone who fills it out says they have the definitive bracket. That said, mine is clearly the definitive bracket
  9. So who else is excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? Will the plot get any more insanely complicated? The answer is most definitely yes. How many times will the word darkness be uttered? What worlds are you most excited for? Personally I'm really excited for the Tangled, Monster's Inc, and Toy Story worlds. Trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 are spoiler tagged.
  10. I would like to know what you guy's favorite character from Disney is? My personal favorite is the Genie from Aladdin. He is hilarious. Please Post your answers below.
  11. As I recently re-watched Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 for the millionth time, I was wondering what scenes/songs are everybody's favorites? In each option I've included the name of the song, the composer, and a brief summary of the scene. I remember the last post I saw about a Disney-related topic was pretty well received...Please vote!!
  12. If you're like me, you also enjoy great and charismatic villains and Disney imo has some of the best, not just in animated movies but movies in general. But something is bothering about Disneys current movies. Whatever you like their movies that they have created this decade or not (Still like Moana more then Zootopia BTW ) There is one thing that i always don't like about the current Disney Movies. The villains just flatout suck. Mother Gothel from Tangled was the last great disney villain in my opinion and that was way back in 2010. All the other villains where forgettable at best, with Te Ka from Moana and Bellwether from Zootopia being one of the worst i have seen since Alameda Slim from Home on the Range. Do you also think Disney has lost his touch with their villains?
  13. #Hellfire from #Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame on the #Organ Enjoy.
  14. I'm surprised no one asked this yet! Whoo hoo I guess I can do it then! So, what is your favorite Disney/Disney Pixar movie and favorite Dreamworks movie? Why?
  15. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on EQTV, including our iconic Friday movie night, where we watch movies voted by you guys, our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest MLP episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movie Night Movie Night starts at 5:00 PM CST / 6:00 PM EST The Jungle Book (1967) 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET The Jungle Book (2016) 8:00 PM EST 1:00 AM CET SEASON 7 Episode 20: A Health of Information 11:30 AM EST EQTV's CMC Clubhouse! User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <--- FAQ
  16. AliceHumanSacrifice

    Movies/TV Disney

    everyone must have grown up with a few disney movies, my faves are Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, the Aristocats and Tangled they are the few films that I will go back and watch again, I tend to like the more headstrong characters and I always love the animal side kicks.
  17. @DisneyPixar @BradBirdA113 @DisneyD23 @BlackNerd @AniMat505 @ChannelAwesome #TheIncredibles2 #Elastigirl #D23Expo My Thoughts on it. What are Yours?
  18. So, if you do ship Disney what are some of your favorite couples? One of my favorites is Milo and Kida from Atlantis the Lost Empire. Meg and Hercules from Hercules, and Pocohantas and Joh Smith. I also love Lady and Tramp
  19. As you might remember, i once opened a thread talking about the best disney animated villains. So i thought, why not ask about the heros and protagonists as well? Same rules, you can choose for multiple characters and you can comment why you picked, or you don't. In some movies, i put in 2 or more protagonists, if i feel it was important, so take this poll with a grain of salt, it's just for fun.
  20. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on eqtv, including our iconic friday movienight, where we watch movies voted by you guys. Unscripted saturday events, where we often do random livestreams, these can range from gaming events to comic readings. Our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest mlp episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Movienight starts in about 3 hours 20 minutes. All in the CMC_Clubhouse Moana 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET Big Hero 6 8:00 PM EST 1:00 PM CET User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <--- FAQ (Non-user events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse)
  21. Over the last century, Disney has released animated movies with some of the most memorable Villians in history. Sometimes, the villains are the best part of those movies, because Disney delivers alot of times with their Villains, something which most other movie studios have failed at. So who is your favorite, or what are some of your favorite Disney Villains out there? I love villains like Scar, Hades, Frollo and Shere Khan. I think they are some of my favorites,
  22. Hey there. I need a little advice: Frozen is the only post-The Princess and the Frog (the Movie with which Disney started to be great again) that I haven't seen yet. In past I wanted to watch but I never found the time to do it..... then one day a very close friend of me told me that that movie made him.... "going diarrea like no other Movies ever did in past" (yeah he literally said that) and as he was my friend I was always scared of watching that Movie because it could have compromised our friendship.... sadly afterward we had a terrible disagreement because I realized he was a fu****g hypocrite, and we broken up. So, here I am. At the starting point, with no idea of what to do. I don't care about the hype it got in past, I just want to know it's worthy a simple watch or should just leave it skipped. What should I do guys?
  23. This is incredibly impressive. Theantilove from Deviantart has plotted out the locations of each location of every disney and pixar movie. Of course, the map is missing some movies that came out in the last few years, but it's amazing nonethenless. NORTH AMERICA Little Mermaid: Caribbean Although the author and original story are Danish, the wildlife is clearly tropical. There is simply no way to have that type of flora and fauna anywhere near Denmark. It is very reasonable that The Little Mermaid movie could take place on the Danish colony, now known as the US Virgin Islands.(thanks so /u/theflyingbarney) Another big clue is the fact that in the beginning of the movie the storm is referred to as a "Hurricane." Something Europeans knew very little about. (thanks to /u/Cheesecakejedi) Brother Bear: Northern Canada, Alaska. The people in the movie are cast as Inuits, who inhabit both northern Canada and Alaska. Meet the Robinsons: US/Canada. Lewis mentions being from Canada but the tone of the family seems like they are American. Bambi: Northern US/Canada. Though originally a German story, the collection of animals clearly indicates North American wildlife. [from the bambi wiki] ""Disney took the liberty of changing Bambi's species into a white-tailed deer from his original species of roe deer, since roe deer do not inhabit the United States, and the white-tailed deer is more familiar to Americans."" Fox and the Hound: Northern US/Canada Although the feel of the movie definitely seems Appalachian, there are simply no Grizzly Bears in Appalachia, which would put the movie more north. Chicken Little: US Generally Midwestern American feel (corn fields are present) but no specifics given Home on the Range: Western US The movie takes place on a cattle ranch with several noticeable arch formations shown throughout. Lady and the Tramp: North Eastern US Small town America feel. Shown celebrating Fourth of July. A song sung in the beginning of the squeal puts the movie in New England. A Bug's Life: Texas/Mexico Border Due to the rainy season present in the movie and flight the grasshoppers take to summer in Mexico puts the movie close to the New Mexico/Texas southern border. Icabod Crane: Sleepy Hollow Explicitly stated Oliver and Company: New York City, US Explicitly stated Pocahontas: Virginia, US Explicitly stated Incredibles: Midwest/Chicago, US My logic for The Incredibles is based mainly on the design of the city. The city definitely does not have a West Coast or Midwestern feel, and my top two choices where either Chicago or NYC. I went with Chicago based on the following comparisons: The elevated trains: The Incredibles vs Chicago Where it is true that NYC has elevated trains, Chicago is much more well known for them and the style of the ones in The Incredibles reflects the Chicago style. The streets: The Incredibles vs Chicago Again, a definite Chicago feel, Chicago has a much more industrial feel to the city streets. City Profile/Water Front: The Incredibles vs Chicago I think this one speaks for itself. Parks/Foliage: The Incredibles vs Chicago . In response to the Emeryville idea. The city is referenced twice: 1. The street names are real Emeryville street names 2. When Hellen activates the GPS in Bob's suit the GPS zooms in on the San Fran area. So it's impossible for it to be both his home town and where Syndrome's secret hideout it. Especially given the long plane ride they must take to get there. Toy Story: Small Ohio town The idea here was to place the Toy Story movies near Chagrin Fall, Ohio which is the popular theory for where they are located. It is based on the idea that it is the home town of Lee Unkrich(co-director of several Toy Story movies), and there is a Go Tigers sticker in Andy's room. (The mascot for Unkrich's high school.) The weather is also consistent with Ohio in that they get a heavy blanket of snow at/around Christmas. Bolt: Hollywood Explicitly stated Cars: Arizona, US Radiator Springs is found on Route 66, significantly East of Los Angeles, which would put it somewhere in Arizona. Lilo and Stitch: Hawaii, US Explicitly stated Princess and the Frog: New Orleans, US Explicitly stated The Rescuers: New Orleans/ Bayou, US Explicitly stated Dumbo: Florida, US Where he is "born" and a bulk of the movie takes place SOUTH AMERICA Emperor's New Groove: Peru Explicitly stated Up: Venezuela Explicitly stated Three Caballeros: Mexico, Brazil and Argentina Explicitly stated EUROPE Robin Hood: England Explicitly stated The Great Mouse Detective: London, England Explicitly stated Sword and the Stone: England Explicitly stated Winnie the Pooh: England Although the real life bear that Winnie the Pooh is based on is from Canada, the books are actually set in Ashdown Forest, Sussex, England. Alice in Wonderland: England Although never explicitly stated in the movie, the writer was Englishman Lewis Carroll. The Adventures of Mr. Toad: England Explicitly stated Black Cauldron: Mythological Wales The author, Lloyd Alexander, was inspired by Welsh mythology. 101 Dalmatians: London, England Explicitly stated Peter Pan: London, England Explicitly stated Cars 2: England The last and big part of the movie is set in England. Brave: Scotland Explicitly stated Snow White: Germany The movie is not explicit enough to definitively decide its location, so the original work of the Brothers Grimm puts it in Germany. Sleeping Beauty: France This movie is based on the Charles Perrault version of this story, there is an abundance of fleur de lis, and the French national anthem is played to announce the arrival of Princess Aruroa. (thanks to /u/DrRegularAffection) Pinocchio: Italy An Italian story and they are near mountains by the sea. Tangled: Germany The movie is not explicit enough to definitively decide its location, so the original work of the Brothers Grimm puts it in Germany. Cinderella: France When they revamped It's A Small World, Cinderella was placed in France (next to the Cancan dancers and Eiffel Tower) with Jacques and Gus. Video Relevant @ 2:35. Also, one of the new Mickey shorts takes place in France and at one point we see Cinderella. (thanks to /u/rustylime) Hunchback of Notre Dame: Paris Explicitly stated Beauty and the Beast: France Explicitly stated Aristocats: France Explicitly stated Ratatouille: Paris, France Explicitly stated Hercules: Greece Explicitly stated Atlantis: Mediterranean The movie never explicitly states where the Atlantis they are heading for is. The best approximation would be the more historically proposed location which would be in the Mediterranean Sea. A common misconception with this location is that it should be Iceland; however Iceland is the location of the Shepard's Journal, not Atlantis itself. Frozen: Norway The presence of Norwegian architecture, art and landscapes (namely mountains and fjords) put in the movie in Norway. AFRICA Tarzan: Nigeria/Gabon Although never explicitly stated, due to the wildlife and the proximity to the coast, the movie would have to take place in either Nigeria or Gabon. Lion King: Kenya/Tanzania The location of Mt Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti are located here. ASIA Jungle Book: India Explicitly stated Mulan: China Explicitly stated Aladdin: Saudi Arabia/Iran Explicitly stated AUSTRALIA Rescuers Down Under: Australia Explicitly stated Finding Nemo: Great Barrier Reef Explicitly stated OTHER Dinosaur: Pangea Treasure Planet: Alternate Universe Wreck-It Ralph: Cyberspace Although the arcade has a location in the real world, the characters live in cyberspace, which is an alternate universe to ours. Monsters Inc.: Alternate Universe Wall-E: Future Earth/Space