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Found 39 results

  1. Are there any birds that fly north for the winter? Fluttershy said in Better Together season 2 "Street Chic" that they where starting head north for the winter, but that would only make sense if they lived south of the equator, but that would contradict what Rainbowshine said in "Winter Wrap Up" that Ditzy Doo went north to get the southern birds, also during the song "Winter Wrap Up" both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy bringing home/welcome back the southern birds, and in "Tanks for the Memories" during the song "I'll Fly", Rainbow Dash turns the geese around leading them north when they were heading south, which would put Equestria north of the equator not south where it seem the EQG world is according to Fluttershy.
  2. Hello. I have decided to try my hand at fanfiction again. It's been awhile. I thought it would be fun to do a MST3K fic again. Presenting Doctor and Ditzy’s Science Theater! Staring...The Doctor and Ditzy Doo! You can find it here. Today's story is The Moon's Wrath by Dolphy Blue Drake Synopsis: Small Dragons, Big Hearts: Unity is Power: S1E01—In a world where every pony is a dragon, every dragon is a pony, and all genders are reversed, even the most well-known stories of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can turn out far differently. Join Nightfall Sheen and Wishful Legend—the counterparts to Twilight Sparkle and Spike—to find out just how much of a difference swapping genders and race really makes, even in the story that started it all. Chapter 32 is done. Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 If you have a fanfic recommendation, comments, or criticisms please leave a comment or PM. Please NO clop or fanfiction with extreme violence. I am not going to do those at all. I doing a more family friendly series and it is going to be relatively clean. Besides everyone else does them. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. I'm expecting my house to be burnt, a curse placed on my soul, and multiple hits to be issued on me for saying these things. So I've been thinking. Derpy is REEEEALY popular, like woah. I read up on Derpygate, and from what I read, it was like North Korea threatened to launch missiles... Wait. Maybe it was a side effect of coming into the fandom late, but I never really got into Derpy. I don't hate her, I rarely HATE anything on this show. I just dont like her. I'm fairly indifferent on most things Ditzy, or Muffins. I'll just get right into it: 1) Mainstream. This one is pretty subjective, but I have never been a man to follow the current most turtles follow. I always choose to save the guy no one else chooses in The Walking Dead. I don't like being just another sheep in a herd. I like having the other side in arguments, disagreements, or debates. It makes it interesting and for lack of a better word, more fun. 2)Last in the Gate. I joined the Fandom between Seasons 4 and 5 (but still know way more than some of the bronies I've talked to). I completely missed the graze on Derpy Fields. So I feel I don't have the same "she shaped the fandom" mentality that some veteran bronies may have. 3)The Last Round-up. That f**k took the spotlight from best pony. One of the greatest Applejack episodes was completely overshadowed by some 30 second cameo of Derpy wrecking the joint. The episode was so damn good. One of my favorite episodes to date (dat I Love Lucy reference *squee*) was pretty much forgotten by everyone else. Everytime you look up anything about that episode, at least 75% of the page is filled with "Derpy voice change", "Derpygate", "Derpy Scandal". I. Don't. Care. My apathy towards Derpy might not be so high if not for this one point. So how much do you like Derpy? Do you maybe share similar feelings to her as I do? Have your thoughts be forever memorialized by leaving them below.
  4. Saw this on reddit. Really hope like hell it isn't true. If it is, there are spoilers in it for season 3 so keep that in mind if you intend to read further:
  5. Here's a doodle I just finished of Derpy and Dinky! C: I didn't know how to make the background look nice so I just put in a random square and put a bunch of blobs on it. Thoughts? Critiques? Would this make a nice print? Should I change anything? Tell me eeeeeverythingggg c:
  6. I call her derpy why because that what the fandom called her when she was just a glitched out background pony, but what do you call her and why?
  7. Just made one more vector from My Little Pony 100th episode (: .More vectors are coming soon (: . -- Deviantart link - . -- Subscribe for more vectors, if you want (: .
  8. I decided to make this...thing. Is there something wrong with me? I mean, that I don't know about?
  9. Zero

    Ditzy Doo

    i decided to do a quick pic of ditzy because i got bored also scarves because theyre the best
  10. It's only been a few hours and already I have seen people complain that Derpy is an offensive stereotype of mentally challenged people. Um. How? Because she's clumsy? Because her voice is loopy? Because that's pretty much all that happened. Seems to me like if you found something offensive about canon Derpy, you were desperate to see it.
  11. Just a quick little drawing I did, what do you guys think? ^.^
  12. Hello there everyone! My name is Ellysia Banearrow and my friends and I are putting together a radio play for YouTube based on the adventures of Doctor Whooves and Ditzy Doo. I wear many hats in this project going from voice acting Ditzy herself to writing the script and even managing this project as a whole! My husband plays The Doctor, but he also will be the editor and he draws concepts for our artist(s) to base their drawings off of. A friend of mine does the artwork for this project right now, but more in that in a minute. We also have a music mixer, composer, and another voice actor so this project is well on it's way to making it to YouTube... but we have a problem. You see our artist, Xenith just had his tablet break making him unable to do the art until it is fixed/replaced. Our music composer, and Elcaro is our only long-standing mixer for background music, but could use a little help. Jonah writes and plays music in several instruments, but we are just waiting for him to get a proper recording quality mic. Another voice actor, Anna will be playing Celestia in this first and future episodes, as well as Rarity in this one. We now have Jenny the Peggasister playing for voice of Pinkie Pie. We also have permission to use a song from Black Gryphon in this very project! Now that you know all of the crew and where we stand, bet your wondering how you can help? Well, we currently need at least one other artist, another music mixer/ editor's aide would also help... Yea, we could use your help a lot! If you want to help out, reply to this post with a sample of your work in either art, voice acting, or music and I will personally get back in touch with you as to ways to help with this project. For the art, a link to your tumblr or deviantart pages would work, as well as a link to any art you have done for this forum! For voice acting, background ponies can always be used and if your good at another pony, great! We might be able to use your talents in a later episode.This is only the first episode, so we'll need more ponies in the coming months! If you want to help by making background music, include a link to your chosen sharing site for music or soundcloud links and I'll be sure to listen to them! If you chose to help with this project all credit will be given in a chosen form of either being listed in the credits of every episode you help in and/or in the description with a link to one of your chosen sites (tumblr, YouTube, Deviantart, Sound Cloud, etc). I would really like this first episode in a series of at least 3 seasons to be done and up on YouTube by the end of nest month, so please help this project take off and not let all our hard work fall apart. Edit: Anna has agreed to play Rarity in this episode and we got a Pinkie Pie from the VA guild. Thanks guys! As this point, I have a single line to Rainbow Dash that I am trying to do myself, but will take practice. What we really need now is artists.
  13. It was a beautiful night in Canterlot. Everypony but Princess Luna was sound asleep. But there was one other that was awake. It was Celestia, and she is working hard on something. It was something incredible. A new pony, with a maneas red as love, and a coat black as night. "Now all you need is a name....." Celestia thought for a moment. And remembered something from 1000 years ago, when humans used to reside with ponies. She remembered something a young girl named Megan had told her. She said her grandmother died and became an Angel. "That's it, from this day forth you are Angel." The black pony opened his blue eyes slowly and looked up at Princess Celestia. "Hi mom." Angel wasn't a colt he was a full grown stallion. Celestia laughed at Angel. "Hello Angel, welcome to Equestria."
  14. This probably has been discussed before (or maybe not) Is the name of the pony in my avatar Derpy Hooves or Ditzy Doo? I've always thought it was Derpy Hooves, and I thought that everypony elses thought the same, but recently I've seen her being called Ditzy Doo many times. I thought her official name was Derpy, and everypony knew it, but now im confused. So whats her real name?
  15. Okay, we all raged about the censoring of our lovable cross-eyed Pegasus in "The Last Roundup". Her voice and eyes were changed completely. What I wanna know is, which name do YOU prefer? Derpy Hooves, Ditzy Doo, or Buttercup (Another name for people who think the first two are offensive)?I personally like Derpy Hooves. It's different from the other ponies, not just a cutesy name. Ditzy Doo I'll allow. But I can't stand Buttercup. Seems like too much.
  16. I need everyone to hear me out about something I've been thinking about that would be kind of a big deal. *AHEM* What if they (and we) "Derpy" a new official name? Here's the thing: that word actually started out as a derogative term aimed at dumb people and dumb actions, based on the word "duhr" and "duh", used to denote someone saying or doing something dumb in a less than kind manner. "Oh how derpy of us!" *Someone says something obvious* "Derp!" "Well, that was derpy" "He's derped again" I can't blame the Hub/DHX/Hasbro for taking that out of "The Last Roundup". I actually find it annoying that Bronies stick up for that name when they should know full it's origin. They may as well call her "Stupid Hooves", "Idiot Hooves", "Moron Hooves" or even "Retarded Hooves" Heck, I prefer the name "Ditzy Doo" myself (she could be related to Daring!), but "ditzy" is also a cheap shot at someone's intelligence ("What a ditz!") aimed at females no less! Though it has become a little less insulting and maybe even a tad more affectionate/cuter than it was first invented... Even her toys/merchandise go out of their way to leave her nameless. I have even seen her vinyl figure with "I <3 :muffins:" where a name was supposed to be and a playset that had picture of a muffin where a name should be. So I for one suggest calling her a new name. I kind of like the idea of calling her "Bubbles", not only for her cutie mark, but to suggest she has a "bubbly" personality and might be "bubble headed", which still works. Also...if she talks again, Tara Strong could use the same voice she did for a certain Powerpuff Girl C'mon people. Many of you are always talking about being more open minded when it comes to her, so think it over for a few minutes. If ya'll want her to show up more/get a bigger role, her having a name that DIDN'T start it's existence as an insult would be a great start... There. I said my piece. In fact, anyone know how I can contact DHX or Hasbro???
  17. Not sure how this came about. It was late at night, and in my hazy state, I thought up this whole scenario. I will have to elaborate on this and/or vector this. I can't do curly hair. Have some DeviantArt.
  18. Everything comes to a head in this knock-down drag-out brawl between our heroine, Rarity, and her opponent/rival Ditzy! Could this really be the match to end the feud?
  19. The ongoing feud between Ravishing Rarity and Dangerous Ditzy-Doo starts really building heat in this huge one on one match!
  20. *Here's hoping I did the poll right... Anyway, I've had this thought for a few days now and I can't really decide. I liked seeing Derpy as a character. I thought for being as clumsy as she was, she was still a sweet pony. She's always been like Pinkie for me. She might be a little out there from time to time but her heart is in the right place. So my question to you. Would you rather have Ditzy up front with a speaking roll and all the corrections to her model as canon? OR would you rather have Depy in the background, ever smiling and silent with her derp eyes and forever fanon fodder? Do not belittle or berate anyone for their opinions on this. Because an opinion can be shared and judged but never changed. And really, it's a cartoon, it's not worth arguing about.
  21. hello everypony I'm Ditzy doo ask me anything i will try my best to answer honestly
  22. Ditzy-Doo vs. Octavia vs. Briar Rose. Octavia looking to step up to the Main Event, Ditzy looking for another shot at the title Briar Rose just spoiling for a fight. Who will come out on top? Remember to like/share/subscribe if you like these series, thank you!
  23. sketch i did while listen to my favorite doctor whooves audio drama on youtube. i really am happy how it came out. please let me know what you think.
  24. I just finished up the youtube video on Derpy I said I was going to make, so without further ado here it is.
  25. Despite my displeasure with Derpy being censored and my issues with her haters though I am trying as best as I can to say what I feel needs to be said but without making this video a total hate fest. Some of the things I am going to say are going to sound a bit harsh but I want to see if anyone has any suggestions so I get my point across with minimum misinterpretations and misunderstandings. I don't usually talk to much about my own hobbies in youtube videos but I feel that the Derpy situation deals with issues that go well above and beyond the show and Derpy. As an individual with Autism I know exactly what it is like to singled out and misunderstood for being different and it is that reason why I identify so strong with Derpy as a character and why it makes me so angry how so many of the Derpy haters claimed to speak for the disabled by complaining yet completely ignored the multitude of people many of whom are disabled who identify with Derpy because they know what is like to seen as different. Because this is so personal and close to home for me I want to do this as much justice as I can, we have come a long way in how we treat the disabled but we still have a long way to go.