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Found 3 results

  1. background info this is a game that i started production back in the summer of 2012 i wanted to make a parody of the fight between bronies and the a.b.b. got a whole overhauled in 2014 where the story would be more relateable by may 2015 i had made a working demo ready to be released but during a storm the power when out and my computer busted losing the first beta there was a second beta but it was so rushed and not very fun i pulled it from the web but luckily things are looking good as i might be able to get a actual good beta this year hopefully the story (I copyed and pasted this from my old blog) In 2010, a race of aliens know as Equestrians made contact with Earth. These horse-like creatures had powers beyond anyone's comprehension. Some humans wanted to be friends with these aliens. The equestrians called them the Bronies. The other half hated the aliens and wanted to kill them for their powers in order to take over the world and torment the Bronies. They called themselves the A.B.B. Thus, the war of the Promised Lands began. After 5 years, the bronies have finally encountered someone who can help them... YOU. download coming soon... the original concept originally this was going to be called mlp:doom and setted in equestria where you choose between earth,unicorn and Pegasus the art style was going to be that of the show the story was going be that humans (this was a year or so before equestria girl's aired) discovered equestria and wanted to take over the land and their magic and you would fight them I changed the story to make it more relateable to other bronies and since my hard drive crashing i no longer have a working version i have an old archived version that somewhat works I'd have to check but if you guys would like to see it i might stream it one day and put it up for download. if you would like to see more projects i'm working on nonmlp or mlp related my website facebook tumblr youtube
  2. Forget Witcher 3 and Crysis... Doom is WAY moar hardcore than either of those! especially brutal doom Happy clacking!
  3. One of the original FPS games... is 20 years old! I remember my father playing it when I was a wee lad, and I've been playing to this day! my 20th isn't too far behind either!