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Found 36 results

  1. ID software. Most known for making such classics as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, you'd have to have lived under a rock for the last 25 years or so to not know of this developer's accomplishments. They were pioneers in game development, creating the legendary id tech proprietary game engine, which many engines today are based off of. Wolfenstein 3D was a simple maze shooter, but it was still something. Then Doom came along and really pushed the fps genre into mainstream attention. The game was also a technical marvel, as limitations of computer hardware at the time made game development harder. But iD worked with the limitations given to them and made a game that was ahead of it's time. The game used various techniques to work with the limitations and the result is a game that is still played and modded to this day. I won't go into the various techniques the game used but look into them, it's really interesting stuff. Really showed how Doom worked with the limitations. Quake. Ah yes, Quake. What Doom did for the FPS genre, as well as PC gaming, oh yeah, iD also pushed the PC as a legitimate gaming platform as well, but what Doom did for FPS and PC gaming, Quake did for multiplayer. More on that in a bit. Quake was also a technical marvel at the time, both graphically and, well technically, it was incredible. 3D environments, models, multiple floors, mouse look, fast paced gameplay, it was an incredible experience. It's engine is still influenced today, most engines used today are based off of Quake 2's engine. Now, multiplayer. This game was revolutionary for online multiplayer. It's fast paced gameplay made for fun deathmatch. And then when Quake 3 came out, it was a standard. It started the esports craze which continues today. Were it not for Quake 3, Cod multiplayer wouldn't be a thing, most FPS wouldn't have taken off, and all the multiplayer focused games wouldn't be a thing. The gaming industry owes a lot to iD Software, and that is why they're the most influential developer. They created an amazing engine, which is still improved and modified, kicked off the online multiplayer craze, and popularized the FPS genre. Their legacy will be remembered for years.
  2. Welcome to the Doom Thread! Recommended reading: The most misunderstood game of all time The Masters of Doom Where can I get it? On Steam of course! But you only really need DOOM.WAD and DOOM2.WAD, because you will be using source ports to play. Source ports? What are those? Doom was released in 1993 and it was made open source in 1997. Since then many people created new versions based on that code - we call these versions source ports. There are many of them because they all try to achieve something different. Here are some of the more commonly used ones: Chocolate Doom - This port tries to keep it as close to the original (vanilla) DOOM.EXE as possible. If you are looking for a retro feel, give it a shot. PrBoom+ - This port Increases the resolution, removes many limitations that the original had in terms of map size and adds new features for mapmakers. Many map packs require it for playing. GZDoom - This port adds even more features for mapmakers, more scripting options and 3D lighting effects. If you are unsure which one to get, go with PrBoom+; it has the classic Doom feel while making it possible to play newer and bigger mappacks. So how do these mappacks work? Doom was one of the first if not the first game which was designed with modding in mind. All game data is in WAD files (WAD stands for "Where's All the Data?"). The game requires a so called IWAD file to run, which are the official WAD files, and after that it's possible to add user made PWAD files which can change levels, textures and other stuff. There are a huge amount of WAD files out there for Doom, but I collected a list of great megawads for your convenience. (Megawads are wads which replace all 32 levels in the game) Scythe Smaller, shorter levels. Scythe 2 Alien Vendetta Deus Vult 2 Epic 2 Egyptian themed, huge levels. Speed of Doom Huge levels, fast paced action with tons of enemies. Going Down Clear out an office building floor by floor. Many interesting gimmicks. Sunder A really nice looking and really difficult wad. How to get it working:Extract your source port of choice into a folder somewhere. Install Doom1-2 on Steam, find its folder and copy DOOM.WAD and/or DOOM2.WAD into your source port folder. If you start your source port it will find all the wad files and will let you choose which one you'd like to play. If you want to play a megawad, just extract it anywhere, and drag the wad file onto the exe of your source port. If asked, select DOOM2.WAD as the IWAD to use, all the megawads listed above are based on Doom 2. If you are familiar with the console, you can also start the game like this: yourport.exe -iwad DOOM2.WAD -file path/to/your.wad If you want to play megawads but don't have Doom, you can use Freedoom. It serves as a free software alternative to the commercial Doom files. It replaces all textures and sprites. The replacements aren't nearly as nice as the original ones, but it is free. Just use it in place of DOOM2.WAD. Can I make my own maps? Sure! Take a look at Doom Builder 2, a very easy to use level editor for Doom. Doom didn't allow rooms to be placed over rooms, which simplifies mapping a whole lot. You can literally draw the layout of your level. See the tutorials page on how to get started. I'm interested in programming and I'm curious about the inner workings of Doom. You should read Fabien Sanglard's great article about how the Doom engine works! He also has articles about most other games by id, Duke Nukem 3D and other classic games. The Doom Wiki also has a wealth of information. So Doom has an active community? Very much so! There are still mapping competitions, collabs, etc. going on, and great megawads come out every year. Doomworld and its forums are a great place to read about classic Doom. Also some tumbler pages about Doom: And check out alice88, who drew all the cute Doom pics I've posted everywhere in the OP.
  3. What opinions would the Mane 6 and Starlight Glimmer have on the Doom games?
  4. Poll images: Since the day Doom was released, did multiplayer so many was not fond of improved over time? I heard that Id are doing something to fix it.
  5. The upcoming release of Doom 2016 could lead to inspire developers to make more FPS in the classic style (classic arcade shooter) like: - Big ass bosses and tons of different enemies. - Lots of weapons without being constrained by the "only 2" gameplay. - More non-linear levels. - getting bonus, health and ammunition for killing enemies or finding secrets. - straightforward action. Anyone else excited? Do you want more classic FPS style games?
  6. Tomorrow's Halloween, so I might as well review something to fit the kind of atmosphere of Halloween. And I think Doom's a pretty good contender for that! Doom was first released in 1993 for PC by ID Software, and is often hailed as one of the innovators in FPS games, for setting new standards and establishing a good design template. But has it lasted the test of time over the years? Let's find out. This review comes from the opinions of the poster himself. This does not reflect the opinions of the rest of the gaming community. Plot: After a demonic invasion, you are the last marine alive, therefore you must go through the game to defeat and stop demonic invasion. As I was saying, this game was pretty innovative and revolutionary, and helped start off the FPS industry. While Wolfenstein 3D came first and helped establish a basic formula, Doom practically perfected it. The graphics were really good for the time, considering they looked more colorful and had better lighting, plus they implemented multiplayer into the genre, and gave it a new kind of design, by introducing features such as the "mouse and keyboard" control scheme, items and gave it a bit of atmosphere by using the aesthetics to it's advantage. And I really must say, the game has aged really well considering it's release in 1993. The gameplay in the game is quite good. Again, while Wolfenstein helped practically start the FPS genre - using guns to kill enemies, Doom really helped improve the formula in quite a few ways. The gameplay feels really fast and fun, while still giving a bit of challenge. It has a variety weapons to use and find through the levels, some more powerful than other's. You start out with a fist and a pistol, but as the game progresses you find more weapons that the enemies often drop, which are usually stronger and have a better range, such as the shotgun, chaingun and the infamous Big F**king Gun, which is apparently this game's equivalent of the Tanooki suit in Super Mario Bros 3, since it doesn't have as much splash damage and is the strongest of the weapons in the games. The weapons in general do have a good amount of balance, depending on what you're using and you're skill level on the game. Plus, there's also certain powerups other than guns/weapons you can find throughout the game that usually help Doomguy get through the levels and for that matter find secrets. Health packs, as expected, restore your health, as well as Berserk Packs which increases Doomguy's melee skills, and the radiation shielding suit which let's you walk on damaging floors such as nukage pools. With that said, one thing I like about this game is that there's a share of skill and exploring involved in the games in many of the levels. There's usually more thought with your actions, paths to take and some levels require you to find different colored cards to get through certain doors, which means doing a bit of exploration for the levels. I feel all this Doom a good share of challenge plus helped it with setting standards and design choices for future FPS games, yet it along with the overall atmosphere and graphical art style still give it a unique feel, so I really feel this is definitely one game that has stood the test of time over the years. I should also mention something I feel makes it memorable to this day is the level design. There's 8 levels per episode, and 3 episodes (4 if you're like me and playing Ultimate Doom), as well as a ninth level in each episode if you manage to find the secret exit in each episode, which for it's time makes the game pretty long on it's own, but in the levels themselves, there's a lot of paths to take, therefore again - lots of exploration, and good enemy placement. The multiple paths and secrets of the game give it quite a bit of replay value, making the levels fun to go back and play. To add to the replay value, there's actually tons of mods (or WADs) that can be applied to this game, most notably extra levels and weapons, which makes the game feel even longer and the replay value practically endless, which is nice to see a community behind it still developing the game in a way, over 20 years after it's original release. Oh, and the music is really good. It's just that adrenaline pumping metal action that really makes this soundtrack memorable and match the overall tone and atmosphere of the game itself. As for the flaws I have with the game, there.. really aren't that many aside I have from really minor nitpicks. I feel the biggest problem I have with this game is mainly more of an optimization issue than an issue with the game itself, and it can easily be fixed. See, if you install the Steam port at least on Windows 8+ (or maybe Windows 7+, but I haven't tested it), it doesn't run well due to the creators using an outdated version of the DOSBox software bundled with the game. However, it can be fixed by using a program called Zandronum to patch the game, which is worth it, since it polishes the game by handling the mouse/keyboard control scheme, and makes the game run around 500 FPS on my PC alone, so I personally don't mind it. Overall Opinions: I feel it's easy to say Doom is one of, if not the best FPS games of all time. There is that tiny issue with optimization on newer operating systems, but otherwise, the amount of replay value, great level design, good music and overall the fun I had with this makes the game really good, and hands down one of my favorites. If you're going to get this game, I do recommend the PC version, especially with the Zandronum patch, especially since most console ports of the game tend to be pretty hit-and-miss, especially with the retro console ports. Rating: 10/10 Anyway, with all this said.. Happy Halloween everyone! I'm aware I'm a day early, but I probably won't be writing any blog posts/reviews tomorrow, so meh.
  7. The long wait for many of us has ended, specially the ones who didn't attended last year Quakecon, but we'll finally se a peek of what will be the next release of the classic FPS, AND IT LOOKS SWEET :SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: Gameplay trailer 8 minute gameplay
  8. MAP01 is finished.
  9. Any of you still play that game? I love that game to pieces and just about play it everyday. Right as I speak I'm downloading Doom 3 BFG edition.
  10. PC and PSX Doom even though they are the same games, they do have their differences to each other here is an example of classic PC Doom now here is the same level redone on PSX (sorry, best quality i could find :\) now, which of these do you prefer. I myself grew up with the PSX version and only finding out that they were different only several years ago
  11. Doom wads are back in action with the follow up of a new DooM WAD project I am currently making. I am proud to announce LulaDooM. A DooM WAD where you play as Trixie fragging angry Mages and Wizards who for some reason want to frag her. More news will come in the future discussing my progression, and hopefully I don't give up and abandon it. In fact I won't give up, I'm gonna beat this project even if it kills me. Anyway, I could do with some more pixel artist for the sprites (I currently have two including myself). If you want to help then PM me and we'll get straight to work. P.S. Moderators, you know what to do if I've stuck this in the wrong place AGAIN. Cover art (made by me):
  12. Ignore please. This was a bad idea from the start.
  13. Forget Witcher 3 and Crysis... Doom is WAY moar hardcore than either of those! especially brutal doom Happy clacking!
  14. Watch out guys! Evil overpowered pastel horses are coming to destroy us all! Our doom is at hand! Unless we can give Nicolas Cage the finest of chocolate cake to stop The Conversion Bureau. Anyway, anyone here find the doom of Humanity by pastel Ponies a little ridiculous?
  15. One of the original FPS games... is 20 years old! I remember my father playing it when I was a wee lad, and I've been playing to this day! my 20th isn't too far behind either!
  16. Earth will be become uninhabitable in 3 days and you are the only person who knows how and when, you have a chance to stop it but, if you try WILL die no matter if you succeed or fail. What will you do?
  17. (I tried to keep this as non-technical in vocabulary as possible so that non-programmers also have the ability to read it, after all, there are enough "In depth" discussions of this code, plus my only experience with C is C#, not C++ which is what Doom 3's code consists of) So, as some of you are aware, id released id Tech 4's (Also commonly referred to as the Doom 3 Engine) source code a while back. I've been hearing from everybody about how amazingly beautiful it is for source code, easy to parse, sparing use of comments, and all that, so I did finally take a look at it. id Tech 4 is really useful, and has been used in many other newer games, the engine is so versatile you probably can't tell they're based on such an old engine. And I must say, the rumors are true, Doom 3's Source code is perhaps the most beautiful code I've ever seen. For a game about demons, this code seems heaven sent. Seriously, even expert programmers have things to learn from Doom 3's code, it's that great. It's so neat and easy to read for coders and easy to parse that it makes Unreal Engine cry itself to sleep. Let's go in more detail, even though many people have already done so before me. One of the first thing many will notice is that Doom 3 never skips the brace brackets, even when they could. This is a very good thing because if you do skip Brace brackets where possible your code looks ugly, to be frank. It's much easier to read if you use the brackets, trust me. Another great thing many have pointed out is it's unique/uncommon use of horizontal space. This is good because it allows more chunks of code to fit onto the same screen than if they used the most common method of spacing. But I kid you, I mean, it doesn't really matter if you use the conventional method and thus people can't read your code. Comments are used rarely, which is good because coders usually use a whole ton of them where unnecessary, what angers me most is perhaps the common method where coders put a comment even when the name of the line of code tells you what you need to know. If you can't tell what code does by it's name, then you've named in incorrectly. This is especially troublesome when you have a programmer working on a project who incorrectly names lines and then quits before the project is finished, this exponentially increases the amount of time it will take for any replacement coder to decipher what the hell each line of code is supposed to do. Another good thing is that in Doom 3, each function does just that, a single function, this makes it much easier to go back and change things. Companies who don't do this sometimes end up releasing games/ports of games that are broken beyond repair. Like, say, making the game so that it freezes instantly if it tries to use more than a set amount of RAM and making it so common and horrible that the community had to fix it, which is quite frankly the developers' job, and building this nifty little feature into the game engine itself, even if your previous great games didn't have such a bug. Games on id Tech 4 don't have this issue because all files are the same type, and all the functions perform only one action. This in combination means that parsing is easy and adjusting the code if a problem arises is an easy task. Something that isn't possible if the functions all perform complicated tasks with different types of files, if they are so clustered, it makes it almost impossible to correct any errors without creating new ones. Doom 3's Engine does not have this problem. I love it, it has so much to teach about how to format code professionally and easily. It is incredibly easy to build upon this engine and get a game licensed with it and it's well worth it because the engine has features that can compete with today's games. The only reason Unreal Engine 2 really took the glory away from id Tech 4 is that id did not want to release the engine's source code before they released Doom 3 itself. And that's when Unreal 2 Engine stole the spotlight, directly before Doom 3's release. An engine like this is built with great code and can be used to create greatly games. Even for those who don't work with programming games (Such as myself) it taught me a lot about easier methods to code. If you want to see this glorious code for yourself, as it does have a lot to teach about proper programming formatting, and once more, it's the most beautiful code that has ever existed, plus it's free, then Click Here to download it in it's entirety. It's well worth it whether you're a beginner in programming, just curious about code and not looking to program, or an expert programmer.
  18. Hello there beautiful people. I just made this mod for Zdoom and though you people could give me feedback about it, since i'm unsure if it's good enough to be published in the Zdoom forums. My new and first mod is called Rainbow Factory, Inspired by the fanfic. The mod's idea is to create an alternate ending to the story. Ahoy!, Spoilers ahead! Story. After Scootaloo escaping from Rainbow Dash, she simply starts ripping the factory's wires in search of Scootaloo. As Scootaloo escapes trough the air vent she is caught by some guards and taken to the machine. After Scootaloo's "last words" are being said, Rainbow Dash turns the machine on, However, because of her stupidness ripping the wires, the machine dies, leaving Scootaloo alive. As a form of showing rage, Rainbow dash takes Scootaloo to the Factory's prison to be mutilated later ... However Scootaloo manages to escape, and she won't escape unarmed.... Then the mod begins c: Avast!, Images with guns ahead, Big guns! Screenies (Screenshots). Hehehe, I love shotguns... Conclusion As for the boring text.... Well, as i said before, i need feedback of this mod, It only has 3 levels. Welp, My hands are hurting for typing this long, So let's jump up for the credits Le Creditos Woodentoaster - Mewsik KingSpartax37 - More Mewsik Ultraboy94fsr - Scootaloo's ms painted hooves Gabe Newell - For being himself Croteam - Inspiration Happy :3 - For helping on the map design Me. - For having the sake to continue this horrendous thing i call a mod Luigi's Biggest Fan - For not spamming me on Steam for over a week WafflePony - Beta testing. You. - For having the sake or honor to read :3 Vectoring Alexstrazse ZutheSkunk Ambassad0r MisterAibo You can find all those artists on Deviantart. Thank you all, and have a nice day.
  19. Hello, It's me Lorentio. You may remember me from the Rainbow Factory project (A mod for Doom). Unfortunately the mod is cancelled. But wait! You still can save the mod! The mod is cancelled because of lack of ideas. Lately, the guy who designed the maps for the mod (Nathan, AKA Happy :3) was assaulted inside his own house. The thieves robbed his PC and money, so he is passing a very tense part of his life. Without Happy the mod is dead, since i only do the programming and misc. (Enemies music etc.) But as i said, you can still save it! You wanna know how? PM me with a map design for the mod! You can create the map the way you want with one exception. You gotta follow the map themes. Example: The first level is the Entrance of the factory, so dark and tech theme. The third is a mountain, so pillars, rocks and happier theme. As for the other five you have to follow these themes: MAP 04: A happy farm. MAP 05: A cave. MAP 06 You decide! MAP 07 Ponyville MAP 08 - Already decided. The maps needs to be in a open space (A lot of space because you will kill waves of enemies) You can either send me a drawing of the map or just write the idea. Please, lets this mod live, a lot of work was put into it. You will be credited by your map if it is used.
  20. Would the Ponies take us in as refugees? Say in the event Earth is under attacked by an Alien race, which preys on weak non galactic civilizations, that enslaves entire species, turning them into mindless drones for war and has committed genocide on millions of sapient species across the galaxy for billions of years. Meanwhile Celestia safe in another universe watches (using magic) in horror as the Alien forces us to fight in a desperate war of survival, using our own former Humans (now mindless enslaved drones) against us. Would Celestia take us in as refugees through a portal to the safety of Equestria? And once she's gathered enough Humans close the portal. And not fight the Alien in the near future, (She knows she can't win these Aliens in a war) but at least do something to save a species from extinction. Even though these Aliens don't have the ability to open transdimensional portals unlike she can. Or leave us to our fate? Thinking it's too dangerous to help.
  21. a cover i did today of E1M1 (At Doom's Gate) from Doom in Famitracker, after seeing a guy on another forum making the beginning of one himself. melody-wise, it's pretty accurate, but the percussion is lacking... if anyone is good with Famitracker and percussion, i would like some advice, please. at any rate, here's the cover:
  22. It is 8:37 PM. The sun is setting. You find yourself lying in an amusement tent of sorts, unarmed. You don't know how you got here, or why you'd be here. There is a joke hidden somewhere, and it's anything but a practical one. As you stand up, you feel the wind blowing... or perhaps someone's breath? Welcome, to the Jester's Tent.
  23. Hey Hey every pony. Anyone else a fan of old school deathmatch and I'm talking proper old school: DOOM? I think it'd be cool to form a brony group on zdaemon (a program that allows people to deathmatch on the original DOOM games) if your interested you'll need a copy of doom and doom 2. (legit ie bought through steam or just downloaded/torrented the game doesn't matter to me Then you'll need zdaemon which you can get here If you're interested add me to you 'buddy list' on zdaemon and leave a reply with your player name on Zdaemon and I'll add you on my buddy list also. My username is: comiccon Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Check out the below video I explain what zdeamon is and show what the typical game looks like. Hope to be bro-hoofing some of you with a super shotgun sometime soon
  24. Well, Since i've created Rainbow Dash Hud for Doom, and i think i'm free enough to create another HUD but, i'm confused which pony would fit, so i created this poll. . . . Some of you will ask (Why some ponies aren't included in this poll?) and the answer is: Because Rarity, Sweetiebelle and DJ-Pon3 won't fit in HUD since they are white and their mouths won't appear properly in old game like doom. Fluttershy isn't included because she is basically "TOO SOFT FOR THAT!" so, choose from the poll only please. These ponies will be 100% fit on HUD. So, choose please, and the one will get most votes will win and i shall create.