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Found 3 results

  1. It's true - following the success of the past couple of revival movies, Dragon Ball is getting a new TV series to follow up from post-Buu arc. The new series will premier in July of this year. It looks like it kind of retcons the love-or-hate series GT, and is more based off of plots from Toriyama. Either way, there's just something about DBZ that I love, and even if there are much completely random without any leading up to transformations thrown in I'll probably still be all over it. xD
  2. Anypony looking forward to this releasing next week? I've managed to get some time in on the open beta and I've got to say I'm really impressed! Being a big fan of Dragonball, I've been waiting for this game since it's announcement last summer, so hyped!!
  3. With the release of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ manga chapter nine, more information has been revealed about the Universe 6 vs. Universe 7 tournament. Assuming that you are already aware of the events that transpired in the most recent chapter, I will be discussing my predictions for the tournament itself, and how it could possibly lead into future story arcs of Dragon Ball Super. Before we begin, I do believe that Goku transformed into a SSGSS against Frost. I know that this is a highly debated topic in the Dragon Ball community at the moment, but even without the proper shading, I do not see a feasible way that Goku could once again access his regular SSJ form. SSGSS is literally the same transformation as SSJ, the only difference being that the SSGSS utilizes God Ki (which is an integral part of Goku’s and Vegeta’s bodies now). That is simply my thoughts, though I could be wrong. I wouldn’t put it past Toei to whip another plot hole out of their ass. I mention this above because it could cause the battle between Goku and Frost to go two different ways depending on the situation. If in the case that Goku is a regular SSJ, I predict that the fight will be a bit of a homage to the original Goku vs. Frieza battle, in which case Goku gains the upper hand over Frost in his “final” form. Frost, realizing that he will need to ascend to a higher level, will obtain an “ultimate evolution”, similar to Golden Frieza. This will force Goku to transform into a SSGSS, and battle evenly with Frost. With three years of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (or the RoSaT for you purists), Goku will be able to match Frost evenly in this form. Frost, who to me seems like an intelligent fighter, will most likely outsmart Goku, causing him to ring out and lose the match. If Goku is a SSGSS from the beginning, it’s still a possibility that Frost may have to tap into this ultimate evolution. It’s more unlikely, as it would make more sense for Frost to go to this form once he senses the power of SSGSS Goku. That being said, Goku will still lose to Frost. The next fight brings us to Piccolo vs. Frost. A lot of people have been wondering how Piccolo will even be able to stand a chance against Frost, but there are several ways that this could become possible. First, I’m hoping that they’ll give Piccolo a significant power upgrade. It was implied that they would train before the start of the tournament, possibly allowing him to gain a bit of power. At this point he’s been shown to be weaker than base form Gohan (who, keep in mind, is still a lot stronger than Goku and Vegeta in their base forms (before God Ki)). He’s definitely going to need to reach levels that are higher than Majin Buu to stand a good chance in this tournament. There are several scenarios that could occur in this match. The first being that Frost, the polite guy he is, may revert into one of his lower forms to give Piccolo a much more fair fight. Either way, I still think that Frost will outclass Piccolo, forcing Piccolo to rely on his strategy rather than his own power. By the episode title, we know that Piccolo is going to betting it all on the Makankōsappō (Special Beam Cannon). What exactly he will do with it, we can only guess. In one scenario, I picture that the power gap between Piccolo and Frost will be so great that the SBC will not be powerful enough to pierce Frost’s. Rather, it will knock him out of thing, leading to Piccolo winning the match. The other route is that the SBC does pierce Frost and leaves him too injured to continue to fight. Killing is against that rules, but if Frieza can survive with his body cut in half, than Frost can survive a hole in the chest. I honestly think that Piccolo will win either way. I believe the next round will be Piccolo vs. Maggeta. We really don’t know what to expect out of this robotic alien, but I believe he has a few tricks up his sleeves that will put Piccolo at a severe disadvantage. Initially, I believe that Piccolo will already be worn down from using the SBC, while Maggeta is starting fresh into the match. Some abilities that come to mind are energy absorption, heavy endurance, and possibly the ability to release toxic gases (taken from the fact that he appeared to be filled with some type of fluid). In any case, I don’t think Piccolo will make it past this round, and the fight will be handed over to Vegeta. Already aware of Magetta’s special abilities, Vegeta will waste no time in making quick work of him; most likely not even needing to use SSGSS. Next, we have Vegeta vs. Cabba. From the chapter nine, Cabba hints that he is able to transform. But what will this transformation be? Will it be a regular SSJ or SSGSS? I’m going to put my bets towards SSGSS, but it Goku was SSGSS in his fight with Frost, Vados’s statement would imply that SSGSS is not the typical Saiyan transformation in Universe 6. Either way, it probably won’t resemble any of the SSJ transformations that we’ve seen before. I secretly hoping that it looks similar to SSJ4 (best transformation), but that’s unlikely. Either way, Vegeta and Cabba will most likely begin by fighting in their base forms, and ascending into their super forms later into the fight. I fill like this will be a long and brutal battle, but the Prince of Saiyans will come out on top. Vegeta will go on to face Hit, the mysterious purple guy who’s giving off some bad vibes. I see Hit being a no nonsense type of character, and taking Vegeta out with ease. I feel that even as an SSGSS, Vegeta will not be able to match up to Hit’s level of power. This leads into our final round, which is Monaca vs. Hit. There could be three potential outcomes of this battle. The first one is a tournament interruption. A rule of thumb in Dragon Ball is that a tournament never ends the way it’s supposed to, usually introducing the next major villain. I will talk more about this in the next installment. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toriyama pulled a complete 360 and had the tournament end with a definitive winner. I believe that Monaca will most likely pull out some type of ability (probably involving his nipples) or pull off a powerful transformation (also probably involving his nipples), giving Hit a hard fight. Monaca will either win, or lose due to Hit committing some type of foul play. Really, it could go either way. Well, that’s how I think the tournament will play out. Tell me what you think in the comments. If you liked this blog, then I’ve got some more coming in the future.