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Found 11 results

  1. This has SPOILERS from S08E11, just in case someone doesn't read or mind the tags and prefix, you've been warned. So, after watching 'Molt Down' I was really glad that Spike has finally grown wings, and after thinking about the whole molt thing I wondered: What caused Spike to be summoned by the Dragon Lord in 'Gauntlet of Fire'? - Spike hadn't gone through his molt yet. - No other wingless dragon was summoned. - Smolder was not there when she's clearly older than Spike. A hypothesis I've come up with is that the dragon migration from 'Dragon Quest' is a thing for winged dragons only, but since Spike never knew what being a dragon really was, his wonderings and curiosity led him to travel by foot and ended up with him being a part of the migration. That migration might be one of the dragon rituals that make any dragon "worthy" of the Dragon Lord's summoning and so, even though Spike didn't even have the body to really compete for the bloodstone scepter, he had been already proved worthy of the Dragon Lord's calling. So... What do you think about this? Do you have any other hypothesis about it? Why do you think Smolder was not summoned? (In universe explanation). What do you think about molts and their meaning in dragon society? I'll be glad to read your thoughts on this matter. Cheers.
  2. Giving my theory on why this ship is teased by the show, and why IMO , they will go with it in the future. Comments are Welcomed
  3. A few days ago, I watched one of Mr. Enter's older videos: a countdown of his ten worst FIM episodes of the series (only the first three seasons counted). At the time, Dragon Quest was his second-worst, only behind Putting Your Hoof Down. The one thing that caught my attention when summarizing DQ's issues is how he called an episode from G1 better than this. After a quick Wiki search, I found Spike's Search, a 1987 episode from MLP & Friends, containing the following summary: Hmm…similar to DQ, ain't it? For those who are curious, here's a link to the episode: Let's quickly get a few of Search's flaws out of the way. At the time, all animation was hand-drawn, so you'll see shortcuts. A chunk of this animation is more dated than a classic Scooby Doo episode. The lip-syncing is horrible. Many times, the characters were saying one thing, yet their lips say something else. The B-Plot — Weston the Eagle looking for his parents — was dropped until the resolution. The song…not good, either. Both lyrically and vocally. The dragons are stereotypical bullies. Fortunately, this story isn't a dud, and plenty of the faults come from the standards at the time. The background is really good, and Spike is very sympathetic with a noble goal. If I tell you more, I won't be able to explain why Spike's Search is better than DQ. How better? Well, let's get crackin'! The trigger. Every story has to set the conflict somehow, and this is no exception. Two adjectives apply to DQ: sexism, xenophobia. The entire episode is prevalent in this nature, including the opening act. Spike's desire to know about his origins and family comes from their infamous conversation within the ditch: Dash laughs at (and insults) Spike for his pink apron (along with his so-called "feminine" action of baking cookies), and this: This is just one part, but it ruins the story as a whole. Spike's friends declaring how not acting like other dragons makes him better than the rest of the population. In story context, let's put it this way: Not convinced? Apply it to real life: Not funny now, is it? The xenophobia comes from the ponies mocking dragons as a whole for their supposedly brutish, tough, ugly-looking, and aggressive nature while not understanding at all who dragons as a race truly are physically, emotionally, and psychologically. For all the audience knows, they're knocking them through perception, not fact. The one thing all six are aware of about them is their migration patterns. In Spike's Search, that conversation doesn't exist. As the group played volleyball, Spike sneezes, accidentally shooting fire in the process and frightening all the ponies. Spike repeatedly apologizes, and both Megan and brother Danny continually reassure him that it wasn't his fault. Though, the fact that he nearly hurt ponies triggered his guilt, and sneezing fire multiple times afterwards doesn't help. While Spike's friends from DQ peer-pressured him into joining the dragon migration, Spike from G1 pressured himself to find his family. His quest to find his parents stems from the belief that they'll better raise him, control his accidental fire-breathing, understand manners, and so forth. In short, he feels like he belongs better with other dragons. The stereotypical bully. Both Dragon Quest and Spike's Search use the stereotypical bully. It's a big flaw in both episodes. But if you ask me which stereotypical bully is better, it's from Search. Why? DQ attaches both age-old teenage boy and teenage bully stereotypes along with the bully archetype itself. All of their mannerisms are simplified human beliefs of masculinity: overly aggressive, greedy, vocal, the "traditional" teenage boy voice, a lust for intimidation, macho, and selfish. Design-wise, each dragon is supposed to represent what a dragon looks like in their teenage phase. With each scene, the episode shames Spike for being a dragon (and to parallel it, a boy IRL for traits completely unlike a "normal" boy). Spike's Search doesn't do that. He's originally happy to take part in the group of adult dragons, but is taken aback by their rudeness, greed, and selfishness. When two dragons insulted him for his size, the older king dragon dissented and crafted colorful language to try to make him prove to the group that he belongs in their gang. Rather than initially trying to physically bully him into joining or else, the king dragon emotionally lures him via mind games. Most importantly, the metaphors of dragons = boys and ponies = girls don't exist. Not only aren't the labels of masculinity and femininity visually depicted, but the dragons don't attempt to classify ponies as female-oriented, either. Instead, the dragons use Spike's naiveté to bring them into Dream Valley to further manipulate him. The climax. Search's climax is infinitely better. DQ: Dash, Twilight, and Rarity challenge the dragons to a fight, and Spike disassociates himself from his race, literal fighting words to the dragons. So, what do they do? Run away. *sigh* Talk about a major anticlimax. Spike's Search: Spike's friends assemble a party to lure them into a trap. Their weapon of choice: rushing water that temporarily douses their fire-breathing. If they're going to bully people throughout the town and their close friend, there'll be consequences. Since they use fire, words, and size as weapons, Spike's friends using their strengths against them creates a satisfying comeuppance. The moral. This is what seals it. So, what makes this very different from DQ? How it's set up. To reiterate, Spike wants to be a grown-up dragon and initiated his quest on an accident. Dragon life isn't automatically declared to be inherently inferior to pony life at any point. Hell, the group supported him throughout, and both he and Danny walked together to find some. Additionally, it emphasizes that this is only a cluster of dragons, not an actual representation of dragons as a whole. It doesn't metaphorically differentiate boys from girls. With it absent, the sexism implications don't exist. When Spike begins to believe that the dragon life is about bullying other people, Danny quickly interrupts him and reminds him that those dragons aren't the only ones out there. There are different kinds of ponies and dragons. Rather than affirm a generalization to both him and us, he tells Spike he only ran into some bad luck. This type of moral applies as much today and can be done really well if you know what you're doing and tell a decent story in the process. Conclusion: Friendship Is Magic is a great show, but it screws up royally here and there. Dragon Quest stands as season 2's worst due to sexist stereotyping, racism implications, and botching the moral of how no one group is a monolith by generalizing a select few as the whole. Is FIM better than G1? Yes. But sometimes it can take a lesson or two from its predecessors. Albeit with worse animation, Spike's Search does DQ's same plot nearly twenty-five years prior better.
  4. It's G1 vs G4 in this reaction to Spike's Search, the G1 counterpart to Dragon Quest. Will it be any better?
  5. Oh...God. ... Oh, GOD. ... OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!!! I can't believe it! I'm OUT OF COOKIE DOUGH!!! Motherfucker! That was my favorite MLP-watching snack, and now I have to get through this episode without it! Maybe if I down enough booze I'll make it through. Shit...I'm not old enough to drink booze. And booze tastes awful any goddamned way. *Spots the Dark Quivit Army* Oh, you guys are here? I thought y'all were done comin' 'round these parts after I shit all over "Bridle Gossip". ... .... Not the talkative type y'all are? You can watch, I don't care either way. This a spoilers review, so if you haven't seen this episode, you're likely not the Dark Qiviut army. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode opens up with Applejack and Pinkie Pie digging a huge hole in a place somewhere while Twilight and Rainbow Dash try to get Fluttershy outside to enjoy the beautiful dragon migration. However, she doesn't want to watch this because she's scared of big dragons. I'm with Fluttershy on this one, not that I'm scared of dragons, but I've got better shit to do than to fuck around with watching some boring-ass migration. I've got civilizations to destroy and human babies to turn into Chicken McNuggets, screw the migration. So what does Fluttershy do? She gats Dash in the back like a real thug and tails the hell out of there. Twilight would approve of your purple pony ways. 360noscope. After the title sequence shatters my liver and turns my mucus into pudding soup and pours itself through my naval cavities, we see that the gang is a little early to the migration. However, this is a good thing because it won't attract attention to the ponies, 'cause you know what happens when dragons get distracted by ponies. Bloodshed. Bloodshed amass. Of course, Rarity shows up attracting PLENTY of attention indeed. The bitch showed up NAKED..............I guess that slut joke doesn't work when everyone's naked. Well, she shows up in FLASHY CLOTHES. That's better.?. No sooner than you can say "puke covered crapcakes smeared on the wall of a mental hospital", the migration begins. Pinkie Pie mentions that dragons are scary AF, which pumps Spike's ego ten fold. That's when everyone does the in-character, mature thing. They laugh at him. GG, cuntfucks. Way to ruin this episode for me already. Yes, eat those cupcakes Spike baked for you while you mock him. I'm sure he didn't poison your asses. Also, Rainbow Dash is laughing at Spike for being girly. Have you seen yourself, Rainbow Dash? Half the fucking fans thought you had a dick before someone referred to you as "she". Why isn't anyone laughing at your dyke-ass? Oh, because everyone should be tolerated? Well then the FUCK are you laughing at Spike for, ya double-standardized bastard! So Spike waddles off in anger and, later that night, begins to wonder where exactly he came from. We get some cool shots of Spike having inner-turmoil before, the next morning, having him and Twilight tear through books on dragons to see where he came from. However, dragons are far too rare to have ever been studied. I sense bullshit, but screw it, we're moving swiftly forward to the point where Spike decides he must go out on his own and figure himself out. Well, he's not coming back. Time to advertise for a new slave. Of course, Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash decide to follow him. Egh, their inclusion is going to be a drag. I just know it. So we go through this travel montage and finally arrive at...the...Dragon Volcano? I guess? Spike spots the teenage dragons and decides to go mingle with them, because that's what all infant dragons do. We also see the Three Stooges, Twirly, Rarry, and Doe, in a dragon costume. See? Their inclusion is dragging this shit down already. We're gonna get some stupid-ass disguise jokes within the next five minutes. Right after some stupid-ass masculinity jokes from some poorly-drawn animation models disguising themselves as dragons. Disguises and bad character models? Holy shit! This is the 1980's Transformers cartoon! Run for the hills, the shittiness of that show will consume you all!!! Meanwhile, Spike must prove his worth to the dragons by completing a series of tasks. First, a belching contest, then a tail-wrestling thing, followed by king of the hill, and finally a lava-diving contest. After he passes/fails these tests, he is dubbed rookie dragon. Can you do that? Like, can I be dubbed rookie human? ...........Actually, I'm a bad example..... Now, Bumblebee, you are ready to lead. Spike mentions that he could hang with these hoes forever, which worries our three interruptions pony pals. However, things might change when the dragons decide Spike should help them snag some phoenix eggs. Spike is already troubled by taking part in this, but goes along anyway. Lucky Spike, he gets to lure the parents away from the nest. I remember when I lured my parents away from the nest. Seeing them get run over by a military tank in mid-training exercise was quite the hoot-and-a-half. It gave me all the freedom to mince my brother into a chili and serve him to that teacher I hated, and sold my sister to that pimp down on west avenue. I was a devilish little 6-year-old. Spike, on the other hand, has a conscience, and decides this is bullshit. The peer pressure might just get to him, but the phoenix kicks their ass. His dragon pals tempt him to destroy the last egg, but not before his pony pals show up nothing. SEE? I TOLD YOU THEY WERE A WASTE OF TIME! THEY FUCKING RUN AWAY! WHAT. WAS THE POINT. OF THEIR INCLUSION!??!??!?!?!?!? AFTER THE RETARDS RUN AWAY, THEY HAVE A NICE STUPID HUGGING SESSION, SPIKE LEARNS HIS SHIT LESSON ABOUT PEER PRESSURE AND STEREOTYPES OR SOME SHIT, AND THAT PHOENIX HATCHES AND THEY KEEP HIM AS A PET FOR THE EPILOGUE UNTIL HE'S NEVER SEEN AGAIN AND THEY COMPLETELY WRITE IT OUT OF THE SHOW IN SEASON THREE!!!!!!!!!! AND THAT WAS "DRAGON QUEST"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------!!!!--------------------------------------------- WHAT THE FUthis episode was mediocre. Look. The dragon character models are hideous. This much is true. The stereotypes are cringe-worthy and it doesn't get its morals across in the best way. This much is also true. However, the absolute worst thing in this episode are the ponies. Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash are thoroughly and utterly useless in this episode, just sitting by and watching only to do nothing. It would've been much better if Spike had just gone out on his own and the ponies were scarcely involved. Even their mocking at the beginning could've been cut and nothing would've been lost. Just one character to pursue his existential crisis and then off on his own to learn his own lessons. Then he comes back home completely on his own terms. Then this episode would've at least been decent. There's still the shitty models and stereotypes to clean up, but it still would have been decent. The ponies tired, flanderized, and pointless inclusions, however, make "Dragon Quest" a distasteful experience. It doesn't piss me off as much as "Secret of My Excess", the real shit Spike episode from season two, but it's still not good. I'm inclined to give "Dragon Quest" a 5/10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Episode 21 was not very good, was it? Especially after the streak of great episodes that preceded it, save for "It's About Time".... ... *Peaks outside for Dark Qiviut Army* ... They left? I didn't even offer them any cake. Well, their loss. ... WAIT! HOLY SHIT! WE'RE ON EPISODE 21! There's only four more episodes until the finale of season two!!!! We're almost done with this season! Holy Christ did this fly by. It feels like just yesterday I was praising Discord in that kickass premiere, but here we are. Join me, pony people, as I review these last few episodes of the second season in... ...the season two wrap-up of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Yes, I'm doing this for every season.....except maybe the fifth, 'cause fuck that piece of shit.
  6. What exactly is going on with dragons in the FIM universe? First, how do dragons age and grow? Are their aging and growing even concurrent with each other? As we saw in Secret of My Excess, dragons can grow significantly in size simply by amassing hoards of stuff, so growth doesn't seem to necessarily have anything to do with age. Dragons do seem to live for a long time, though, as the dragon from Dragonshy was about to take a hundred-year nap. I suppose it would make some sense if dragons grow exclusively by hoarding. Spike grew so quickly because he's surrounded only by ponies, who can't do a whole lot to stop him, but in the Dragon Lands, it would be much, much harder for dragons to amass sizable hoards, what with all the other dragons stealing from them to grow their own hoards. But does that mean that dragons don't grow in size due to age whatsoever? Do they even age at all? Second, where the balls were all the dragons during Gauntlet of Fire???? There appeared to be dozens, if not hundreds, of full-grown, enormous dragons taking part in the dragon migration, but the only dragons who answered the Dragon Lord's summons were "teenage" dragons, and not even all that many of them. So what happened to all the dragons? Do they live somewhere other than Equestria? After all, the Dragon Lord did address the "dragons of Equestria," not all dragons necessarily. Does the Dragon Lord only have authority over Equestrian dragons? Was there some catastrophic event that wiped out most of the dragons? Did Tirek, perhaps, destroy them in the brief time he held all the magical power? Are the full-grown dragons simply too lazy to answer the summons? Were they napping? Did they just not want to leave their hoards? What's going on??
  7. Dragon Quest video game series creator Yuji Hori just let is slip that there are plans to for the 3DS re releases of Dragon Quest 7 and 8 to make it west.
  8. Im re watching all the episodes and I remembered how immature the teenage dragons were potrayed calling spike "peewee" and "shrimp" (insults are toned down to remind you that this is a kids show). But what really changes everything here is how the dragons end up putting down ponies (including princess celestia) What gets to me is, whats with the hate? In addition to this, they also thought they had the right to take the life of an egg. I mean theyre teenagers, they should have known better than that. What do you think? Whats with their discriminatory beliefs? Do you think this will be elaborated on more in the show?
  9. Well I'm not sure if it's been done yet, nor if it's really that okay for me to make a topic like this. But this one had to be done. As usual this is not a topic to discuss your hatred of this episode, just discuss flaws you had with it. Personally, I'd say either the dragons, the mane sixs attitude and the moral. If I had to pick one I'd say the moral. It tied in with my other choices in a sense I say that's the flaw. What about you guys?
  10. Hey everyone! This is my 4TH PMV! It is a Spike Tribute. The song is Kickapoo, by Tenacious D on the Movie Pick Of Destiny (Epic Movie). If you like it, please leave a like or subscribe! Thanks!!! http-~~-//
  11. Hey guys, this is my very first time doing something like this. Yes, this is a sorta Lets Play, no it will not feature recordings of my in-game exploits. Anyways, the game is Dragon Quest 9, and as I said, this is my first time doing something like this, so if there is anything you could tell me to do to help with making it neat and tidy, by all means, let me know. Anyways, the prologue will actually be in two parts as opposed to one whole part. So without further ado, here's the first half of the prologue! *********************************** PROLOGUE, PART 1 Author's Notes: The first paragraph is speaking in a third-person perspective. This is basically the intro to the story, and after said intro, it shifts into first-person where I will narrate as the main character Electrobolt. Considering that this is a story-themed Let's Play, I will just stick with the normal names already given to the NPCs, save for Apus Major, whom I will rename as Celestia for the sake of ponification. I am able, however, to name the characters I can control. And even though I will use most of the dialogue from the game, I'll edit them and add in some additional lines of my own to the mix. And considering it will be pony-themed, I WILL throw in ponified speech. Although this game features quests and the like, they are optional and I won't include them. Well, maybe I'll throw in the vocation-unlocking quests. AAAAAAANYWAYS, enough bantering... Let's get cracking!!! Oh yes, before I forget, Celestrians have wings and a halo, so think of them as angels of a sort. Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's go!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Greetings, curious ponies. If you are reading this, you have most likely heard of the celestial beings that watch over your realm from above: beings known as Celestrians. This story is a tale of one Celestrian whom, after a series of events, had fallen from his realm and landed in yours, as a simple Earth Pony. This is the tale of Electrobolt, Guardian of Angel Falls. It all started the day before the events happened... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It all began that day as we hovered over the waterfall that poured water into Angel Falls, keeping a watchful eye on the ponies that resided in this small village. As the guardian of this town, it was my responsibility to make sure the residents were safe. However, I am not fully ready to take care of my duties on my own quite yet, so Aquila is with me, to watch over my progress. While we observed in silence, Aquila finally broke the silence, saying, "You have come far, Electrobolt. I must confess to having had my doubts when you became Guardian of the village in my stead. But its inhabitants' continued peace and safety is proof of your devotion." I didn't know he had any doubts, yet he still took me on as his apprentice and trained me. He continued, "When Celestia bade me, 'Aquila, take Electrobolt as your apprentice', I never imagined I would see you bloom so. You are worthy of your title indeed, Electrobolt, Guardian of Angel Falls." It was at that moment when Aquila noticed something wrong. As he looked out to the field past the village gates, he could see two Earth Ponies trotting towards Angel Falls. One was a young mare, while the other was an old stallion, slowly moving. The senior pony stopped for the moment as he began to catch his breath. "Hahh...hahh... Don't ever get old, my dear Erinn. You don't ever want to get old." Turning around to face her grandfather, Erinn responded, "Oh, Grandpa. It's not much further now. I'm sure you'll make it." At that very moment, a small group of monsters popped out: two small slimes and a cucumber-like creature. When they saw the girl and her grandfather slowly walking along the road, they hid behind the bush they popped out of as they waited for their chance to ambush the two. "These wicked creatures must not be allowed to ambush innocent members of your flock, Electrobolt," Aquila spoke out, having seen all of this. "Come, Guardian of Angel Falls, it is time to fulfill our duty as Celestrians!" With that, the two of us soared down to take out these creatures. It didn't take too long before they had fallen, leaving me to grab two Medicinal Herbs. After the battle, both Aquila and I saw Erinn and her grandfather trot up to the gates of Angel Falls. Erinn turned around and said, "See Grandpa! There's Angel Falls up ahead." Looking ahead at the gates, Erinn's grandfather responded, "Aaah... I honestly believed I'd never set my tired old eyes on this place again. But here we are at last. Home." At this, Erinn retaliated, "Oh, don't be so melodramatic, Grandpa! The village Guardian will have been watching over us all the way. Nothing bad could ever have happened to us." After saying that, she sat on her hind legs and put her forehooves together, closing her eyes as she said, "Benevolent Electrobolt, thank you for protecting us on our journey." After she got back on all fours, Erinn began to shine a faint light as a crystal formed from the light. Even though the two Earth Ponies did not see the light, much like how they are unable to see us, Aquila and I were able to see it as I grabbed hold of this crystal. Once I held onto this crystal tight, feeling it's warmth, Aquila spoke up, "Behold, Electrobolt. Benevolessence. The crystallisation of the mortals' gratitude towards we who watch over them. As Celestrians, our cardinal duty is the offering up of this sacred substance unto mighty Yggdrasil, the Great World Tree. Come, Electrobolt. Let us return to the Observatory, that you may make your offering." And with that, the two of us soared into the sky as we returned to our realm upon which we Celestrians reside on: The Observatory. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Upon returning to the Observatory, Aquila looked at me and told me, "The first task a Guardian must perform upon returning from the Protectorate is to report to Celestia. As unchanging as the North Star, you shall find her in the Great Hall. I have other matters to attend to. You must excuse me." And with that, Aquila left to let me take care of my duties. After I looked around the first floor of the Observatory to recall where everything was again, I then moved to the second floor and met up with Celestia, in the Great Hall as Aquila had told me. After giving my greetings to Celestia, she spoke, "Welcome back, Electrobolt. I trust your absence has not been so lengthy that you forget your old master, Celestia. Let me congratulate you on successfully completing your first task as a Guardian! Although it was under Aquila's watchful gaze, you have performed your duties well. But the time has come for you to spread your own wings. What do you say? Are you ready to undertake your duties on your own?" After hearing these words, I couldn't help but kneel down to Celestia and graciously accept her offer. "It would be my honor," I replied to her question, still kneeling. With a smile on her face, Celestia responded, "You may rise now, Electrobolt." As I rose, she continued, "I have faith that you will perform your duties well, young one. Now, if I am correct, you have recently acquired a crystal of Benevolessence?" At this question, I nod, replying, "Yes, I have acquired some Benevolessence." With the smile not leaving her face, Celestia resumed, "Then your next task is to go to the Great World Tree, Yggdrasil, and offer the Benevolessence unto it. It will soon bear fruit at long last. Now go, Electrobolt, and do as you have been instructed." Nodding, I then left to pay my respects to the mighty Yggdrasil. ********************************* Ok, this is only part one, and the chapter part itself, not including the author's note, surpassed 6000 characters, which I surprised myself with o.o And although I ponified it, I wasn't 100% sure if it would belong in Pony Art or Non-Pony Art, so going with my gut (and the fact this is based off a video game) I am sticking this in Non-Pony Art. Now, if it DOES belong in Pony Art, I would appreciate it if a mod moved the topic over to the appropriate sub-forum. But anyways, I shall continue the game and work on part 2 tomorrow.