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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everypony, maybe you like audiobooks, dramatic readings and audio dramas of MLP fanfics just like me. There are many people on youtube, who create such things but after you listen to readings posted on the most famous channels it can get quite hard do find more content. So, I thought, I could put together a list of youtubers I ‘ve discovered so far, share it and save others the trouble of searching the endless space of youtube. The other reason I post this is I would like to ask you, if you could share any dramatic reader channels I missed. · Scribbler Production · TheLostNarrator · Magpiepony · Thornquill Audiofics · Astro-brony · Chaotic · Crafty Reads · Creepypastasalad · DRWolf001 · Emogak · Forest Rain · Goomba Guy Videos · GutiuSerenade · Jonty Jig · Keyframe Production · Luvlessi · Nimbus Production · Solar Pony · ShadowofCygnus · Silver Pony Players · The Brony Chronicler · Visualpony thenarrator · Deftfunk · Neighrator Pony · Iliya Leonov AKA Morgan Freepony · BogyleBronies
  2. Tell me if I did well and give me advice on how I can improve.
  3. I did a thing, it was a dramatic thing....of a story
  4. I've been considering doing this for a few months now, and I finally decided to pull the trigger and jump start this! The fanfiction I have set for a Dramatic Reading? Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. I know this is a rather large task to undertaker, but what's life without a few risks? If you are interested click the link below to go to the google doc page with more info. I can say there is a fair mix of female to male characters. I encourage anyone interested in trying out to do so, because with a character roster this big, chances are you might get a role. Click here! Best of luck to all who decide to try out!
  5. I don't know whether to post this in video or in here, so I'm going to post it in both. I'm interested in offering people/ponies a chance to get their writing/fanfic/poetry out there, so I am offering dramatic readings to anyone who would be interested. If you'd like that, send me a pm and a link to the story/fanfic/etc. and I'll take a look. Thanks!!
  6. Hey everyy'all! I just posted my first MLP fan fiction dramatic reading on my YouTube channel. I hope to keep a fairly regular channel going. Let me know what you think of it!
  7. Hello, some of you might be know that I do Dramatic Readings on the Joehighlord YouTube channel (though I have a consistent viewer base of about 4, so, probably not) I'm always trying to improve my content, but due to the lack of viewers to yell at me to make changes... I came here with a simple question for you all. What do you like in a Dramatic Reading! So, do you value High quality and consistent voice acting? Background music? Lots of Sound Effects? Tell me what you would have in your perfect Dramatic Reading and I will do my best to improve all of my readings in future.... Of course, we need Examples and I feel like plunging my channel... Good example Bad example
  8. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Hello Everypony! I felt, we all spent far to much time discussion who is best Pony... That's why I took it on myself to find the one true answer, everybody can agree on. So I spent the last couple of weeks doing my research and what do you know?! - I ACTUALLY FOUND THE ONE TRUE ANSWER...!! Oo Don't believe me?!- See for your self: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hello out there - this is TheAnYPony! I have been a Youtuber for a while now and Brony for about a year. Quite recently I mangaged to combine this two passions by creating a new channel and becoming a Brony-Youtuber So far I am focusing on reviewing the new episodes. But after season 3 ends my plans are dramatic reading, reviews of fimfictions and the old episodes, as well as some general pony-related "just speaking my mind about stuff"-episodes. ---------------------------------------------------------- Behold! My review of "Magical Mytsery Cure" is finally here! And it is a big one! Enjoy Episode Reviews: The Chrystal Empire - Too Many Pinkie Pies - One Bad Apple - Magic Duel - Sleepless in Ponyville - Wonderbold Academy - Apple Family Reunion - Spike at Your Service - Keep Calm and Flutter On - Just for Sidekicks - Games Ponies Play Other videos: - PMV: "Running in Equestria" inspired by and featuring art by Remenbrand - "Mythoughs on Shipping" Let me know, what you think about it
  9. There are a few good dramatic readings of FIM fanfics on YT, but many of them are just plain bad (e.g., that one kid burping his way through Rainbow Factory). In a couple days I will start a studio-quality recording of Gfreeman's haunting story "The Shades of Time." If there is enough interest, I will keep going with whatever other stories seem interesting. Anything goes: grimdark, sad, gore, even long as it's well-written. Recommendations are welcome. Update: I haven't forgotten about this. The prelude and first chapter is done. I hope to post the complete work in the next couple weeks.
  10. Ok I am starting up a new dramatic reading. It has some explicit material. Before I record im going to read it to a few people on skype. add me on skype thats ripblade2 is my skype name if you would like to participate in this audiance
  11. Video: Fan-fiction I talked about in the video: Seriously, I just got distracted... my friend called me a pervert WHICH I AM- A LITTLE BIT OKAY? PFFF Have a good day folks, I hope you talk about this till your hearts content.