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Found 15 results

  1. What does everypony prefer? Tea or Coffee? If you don't like either then just put down your favourite hot drink? ...and if you don't like hot drinks then just tell me best pony?
  2. Seeing as there is a thread about foods you dislike that everyone else likes - lets make one about drinks. So as the title asks, what drinks do you dislike that everyone else likes? ______________ - Dr. Pepper I don't know how you Americans can like this stuff. Blegh. - Orange Fanta - Sunkist - Flavoured Water really popular in my school and I have no clue why - Aloe Vera also really popular in my school - Pepsi Max - Mountain Dew - White Wine I'll drink red wine anyday but white? NO. And that's it. From what I can think of. You guys?
  3. Mine is a Dark 'N' Stormy. What is yours?
  4. Hello, everypony! I wish to know your favorite suicide combinations! For those of you who are uneducated or in case I was taught the wrong name, a suicide is when you mix drinks together to create something unholy and beautiful at the same time. I don't care how many drinks it takes to get to your favorite suicide, I. Want. To. KNOW.
  5. Hey. You know what REALLY grinds my gears? These new digital Coca-Cola machines in restaurants. I'm talking about these f*cking garbage heaps: These things are sh*t. They are so bad. They suck so bad I don't even know where to begin. The old fashioned, hands-free, regular self-serve drink machines are far superior. One of the biggest problems with these new ones is that everything coming out of one tap causes massive contamination. Your drink will always get mixed with a little splash of whatever was last used, unless you hold the button down and just let it run for a second or two. These machines are disgustingly wasteful. But there's so many problems that I think this would be best done in a pro/con bullet point format. Old Machines Pro Hands-free, more sanitary. Can serve 2-3 customers simultaneously, depending on the size. Extremely fast and convenient. Just dink the cup against the lever. Done. No contamination. Soda is pure. Easy to use. Separate ice dispenser makes it even faster to use. Reliable, simple technology. Levers are responsive and stop immediately when released. Easy to get a small amount. Con Not as many combinations and drinks available. Oh, so you can't get Mondo Coolers mixed with Capri Sun and Diet Dr. Berry Sprite Zero? Boo-f*cking-hoo. How many varieties of crappy fruit punch do you need? New Machines Pro Lots of varieties, unlimited combos. Now you can have some piss in your fruit punch. Con Extremely difficult to use. Takes a long time to navigate the touch screen. Who needs this sh*t? I just want some soda. I DON'T WANT TO UPDATE F*CKIN' WINDOWS!!! Only one tap means only one customer at a time. One tap coupled with the length of time required to use means that lines form. You never had to wait in lines like this for the old machines. Total bulls*t. Unsanitary touch screens smeared with grease. Soda contamination. Single tap contaminates all drinks with previous selections. Ice from the same tap which means even more touch screen navigation. Unreliable. Digital interface freezes, becomes unresponsive. Touch buttons are sluggish and unresponsive in general. Digital interface means bugs, more breakdown potential. Taps have a tendency to keep running after released, causing spills and messes. Very difficult to get a small amount. Wasteful Is that enough?! Obviously, my review wasn't entirely unbiased, but it's still clear that the digital machines are horrible. These machines are so bad they suck. They're so f*cking suck they f*ck. They're garbage. I hate 'em. Case closed.
  6. What's your term for soft drinks? I've grown up calling it soda and I still do.
  7. What's your favourite energy drink? My favourite is probably Monster Energy (Ripper flavour). I love the fruit flavour!
  8. What would you say pinkie pie as a drink would be? I would say some form of energy drink.
  9. Does your family traditionally drink one of these over the others? Do you prefer something different? What are you sipping by the fireplace? If other, please specify
  10. Obviously you should be 21 or older to have these, or whatever the laws are if you don't live in the U.S. I neither encourage nor support underage drinking through this topic. For those eligible...these drinks sound awesome. Recipes are taken from EqD. Have you ever tried any of these? If so, what are they like?? The Rainbow Dash one sounds great, minus the gin; too bitter for me. More detailed recipes:
  11. I mean, I just want to know if anypony has come up with some alchoholic beverages based on the ponies, or just the show in general. I'm 14 and I still managed to rebel my way into inventing a drink called the party animal! (Guess who it's based on.) Anyway, The recipe for that is 1/8 oz of base (whiskey, vodka, it's your preference) Fill most of the rest of the glass with cream soda Give it a shot of red wine (if this part is done correctly there should be a lava-lamp effect) Then give it some whipped cream, I don't know. I haven't made it yet, but I think it sounds good.
  12. ~Rogue~

    MLP sodas!

    Hey guys! So I was on YouTube and saw a recent smosh mail video. I the video one of the packages they received was this... So basically once I saw these I immediately bought five of them. It would be awesome to come up with new flavors for each mane 6 Rainbow Dash: Cherry Twilight Sparkle: Grape Rarity: Sprite / Mist Pinkie Pie: Pink Lemonade/Cotton candy Applejack: Apple Fluttershy: Strawberry What do you guys think?
  13. I don't remember where I got this because my friend got it for me, but a Rainbow Dash drink! Have you seen anything like it. If you have say in the comments, also don't be afraid to comment your opinion on the idea behind it (Image in spoiler) BROHOOF! /)
  14. On a recent trip I did to a small town not so closet o my city I found this alcohol free cider that is absolutely delicious and as I was buying it and of course drinking it the thoughts of the Apple family stroke my brony heart. Why? this was bottled for a local market in a small town and made by a family business sounds familiar? Maybe this is how the one from the Apple’s taste like or not but it was a good way to taste a little bit more of the MLP world in our own and it was just right to share it with my family and friends and now of course with you… just saying
  15. ...and that got me wondering: what are your guy's favorite things to have during the holiday season? I like most everything, but my personal favorite is my mom's peanut butter chocolates! They're like Reese's Peanut Butter cups, but waaaaaay better. What about you guys? Is your thing candy canes? Hot chocolate? (Snowcones?) (In case you don't get the "Rarity" joke, here's the image/meme where it first got started:)