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Found 32 results

  1. PSFMer

    60 min Pony Drum and Bass Mix

    Made another mix, this time aiming for a more chill mood. Check it>> 00:00 Alfiux - Vilniux (Hay Tea Remix) 02:35 Hay Tea - Daydream (VIP) 05:04 Sky Runner - Running of the Leaves 08:17 Sky Runner - Nightmare Night 11:07 Hay Tea - Hush Now 12:36 Hay Tea - Hush Now (Risen Remix) 14:59 Sky Runner - Heartstrings 18:28 Hay Tea - Shades of Pink (VIP) 21:39 Faulty, Age of Vinyl, Hay Tea - Reverse Rain (VIP) 23:49 Filly in the Box - into the Rain (Sky Runner Remix) 27:29 Hay Tea - For A Change 30:35 Nevermourn & RoomVR - Dawning Light 34:18 Hay Tea - Waiting Room 37:38 Silly Ditzy - Through The Clouds (Risen Remix) 41:08 bank pain - Tea Leaves 46:27 DJT & NeverLastStanding - Citadel 49:50 Ponylution - Falling in Sky 52:28 Filly in the Box - Still Blind (Sky Runner Remix) 55:24 Sky Runner - Stargazer
  2. EthRitt

    Request Shop Need an Intro? #2!

    Hey everypony! Ethritt here after quite a long break. I closed my other intro request shop a while ago, but it was just too fun making music FOR specific people! So I decided to re-open it! details below. This is a forum where I make intros for anyone who asks! Pretty sweet huh? All you need to do is tell me what kind of music genre you want, and really any genre will do I play almost all instruments! Then tell my what I'm making it for you or a friend; youtube channel or just anything really. and I think that's it... Oh wait also if possible put a link of you channel or station er' whatever in you request below so I can check it out and make the intro I know you'll love! Ok that's it! Hopefully. P.S. I keep the song saved on my pc for atleast a week before deleting it and sending it to soundcloud so if you find anything that you don't like about your song please tell me so I can fix it for you! :3
  3. Hai! I made a DnB song recently but I don't know what to think about it because it's quite unusual to me. Thoughts? Thanks ;w;
  4. This is my first DnB track and was really fun to make I hope you guys like it! I am aware of a slight mixing mess up near the end which is fixed in the MP3 download of the song ---- Feedback would be awesome as I hope to continue making more DnB stuff ----
  5. A little melodic drumstep song I wrote a couple days ago.
  6. kanashimi purinsesu

    Pinkamena Style [DnB]

    Thank you WheatleyCore for the image ^^ Hey-lo everypony! This is my newest track based on Pinkamena Diane Pie. It's a jungle-ish DnB track I made using one of my favorite sounds of all time, The Amen Break. I just love it so much. I was inspired to make this song while I was playing The Sims 3 with the Showtime expanson pack. There was a DJ Booth in it that allows you to play music for tips. One of the hidden options unlocked by leveling up a hidden DJ skill was Drum n Bass. The tunes were so hype that I just had to make another DnB song which imo turned out really well. As usual, if you use it give me credit lol, but you can do whatever you want with it. Hope you enjoy ^^ Oh and you can give harsh criticism if you want, I don't mind you being honest if you feel you need to be.
  7. kanashimi purinsesu


    This is my first ever song I've ever uploaded to the internet XD I wanted to know what everypony thinks. I wanted to pay tribute to some of my favorites from the U.K. like Dillinja and Lemon D and DJ Hype with an old school DnB, Jungle sort of feel. I sampled a youtube video of Pinkie Pie quotes and used them to ride along with the drums. I made it Raw by design meaning it sounds like a bit of just raw Drums coming in and out. I confess that I am not very good at making buildups to Drops and the like so I just played it to my strengths of mixing sounds and beats. Inspired by Rainbow Rocks Pinkie Pie since she is a drummer. Hope you enjoy and if you download it you can do whatever you want with it lol
  8. Alright, I really don't know what made me go and make this thing, but I made it. I really don't know what to name this, so I ended up coming up with this. I hope it'd be good enough for you fans of Derpy...
  9. Flutterpride

    My sounds ;)

    Hi Everypony! It's me again. I'm Flutterpride, and I'm 19 Year old amateur music producer, singer and DJ. When I was written in the Welcoming Plaza, Adorkable wrote me to do in this forum separate topic for my work, so here it is! I hope you'll enjoyed it About that i'm just a beginner, you can told me what i'm doing wrong, and what is good. My last remix: All the rest of my songs are on my Soundcloud.
  10. I can never come up with good names for songs so that will have to do. It is not completely finished yet I just wanted some feedback!
  11. Apologies.MC

    Request Who's up for a co-lab?

    Attention all mares and stallions that are willing and able; I need someone who can give me a drum beat if I give them recorded lyrics; or wants to help with the lyrics period. Anyone who wants a sample of my work need only click on me, and then the post I made in the welcome-thingy. or click here. If you are interested message me.
  12. thattom

    Music some days

    This is a song that i made I wouldnt normally listen to it but i kinda like it anyway
  13. I'm working on drum and bass track. I feel like I might be getting close to finish, but my headphones started acting all messed up. I need someone to listen to it and tell me whether or not it works. I'm thinking about the part around 2 mins, where there is a change in rhythm for moment. Here is what I've got so far: Thank you in advance! P.S. Any title ideas?
  14. So today I've been working on this Halloween special drum and bass song and I would like to know what you guys think of it and put all complaints down below, thanks!
  15. Mr.Afrox

    Chronicles(Afrox Drum & Bass) [Now Downloadable] This release is brightfully thought and took quite the time to make,but in the result of these efforts,came a good grade and fusion between the underground beats of Bristol and my newly envisioned style of Drum and Bass,I gladly present you this song and ask you too pump these subwoofers and headphones,for a divine yet dark bass experience :3 Thanks to my Testers for Listening to this song and telling me what to adapt,feedback is greatly appreciated and makes every artist better Dedicated to:…etie-chronicles and my Eternal Love to all of those who support me .Keep following,it helps :3,Thank you all very much.
  16. Kaspars L

    Beyond Her Garden (Drum and Bass)

    I was just derping around when Beyond Her Garden by Wooden Toaster came on shuffle. As I was listening to it, I started wondering how would it sound as a drum and bass track. After messing around with it for a bit the result wasn't too disappointing, so I decided to finish and upload it. I hope you like it.
  17. Dedicated to all bronies and brony musicians and new musicians towards the future we go fighting everyday with our hopes and music,i love you all so much you are my Golden harvest of admiration If you enjoyed please subscribe it helps alot thanks bros and sisters :3 heres my soundcloud :
  18. (Removed to clean up the profile.)
  19. I have put the links to my music from newest to oldest Let me know what you think and leave some comments xD Some of them I was never truly happy with as I find there is always something that needs improving but if I did that they would never get uploaded xD so here ya go guys love or hate, give me some honest feedback Evil Has Risen Fallout Equestria (It's All Over) Alicorns Dreams (Was featured on EQD) Determination The March of Celestia's Army Zecora's Chant (Was Featured on EQD) Crystal Land (Chilled Version) Crystal Land (Twinkle Version) Vinyl <3 Wubs Flutter Madness Changeling Battle
  20. So I wanted to make a DnB song with Audiosauna and well... I did, and here's the result! The feeling i'm trying to convey is the feeling of, uh.... Recklessness! Which is why I added the explosion sound effects and the fast pace of it. Or something. Feedback would be very appreciated.
  21. This a trailer for the upcoming album put together by the Balloon Party team as this year's bronyquest! I just wanted to know what you guys feel about this, it's not close to finished but how is it so far? edit : I spelled the title wrong, this is embarrasing
  22. letterone

    spindash! - Gem Mines Another track I made during free time in Music Tech. It's supposed to be based on the underground place in "A Dog and Pony Show". Don't know if I pulled that off well, but whatever. Hope you enjoy de track! :3
  23. I am a HUGE fan of Drum and Bass music! It's just plain awesome for me! My favorite DNB artist is without a doubt Culture Shock! These two songs are the best things I ever heard in my life: Who are your favorite DNB artists? Also, does anyone know of any Brony musicians who specialize in DNB? It'd combine my two favorite things in the world...
  24. IronPuddinG

    The EDM Production Thread

    As the title suggests, this is the Electronic Dance Music production thread. Have any production tips? Special tricks? Post them here! This can also function as a help thread if people are willing (I'm not that great, but I can provide a few pointers with FL Studio.) For my contribution, I shall say that Massive by Native Instruments is simply the best possible thing when it comes to synthesizers. Well worth the money and I would recommend you learn and use it. It might be general knowledge, but it's mainly to get the ball rolling. ~IrOnPUdDiNg
  25. rcollinz13

    Drum Cover

    As many of you know by my slogan, Music = Life, I am a very dedicated musician. I made a drum cover for one of my favourite Coldplay songs, and I would like some feedback on it. Also, I have a new idea for a video series that I want to make. Here's how it will work. You will suggest a song to me. I will record a drum cover for that song after listening to it only once. Then I will practice it for a week or so, and then I will make a drum cover for that song again. It will an interesting way to see how much the song can improve. Leave me song suggestion and give me feedback on my Coldplay cover. Also, for any of you that want me to start one of philosophical discussion threads, don't worry. I will still be posting those too. Hope you like the cover. Cheers.