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Found 27 results

  1. Does somebody here sometimes watch the show in a foreign dub? I prefer the English original version, but I like languages and their differences and many songs sound a lot better in French and Finnisch, but Greek, German, Arabic and Russian sound nice too.
  2. (If this topic is already discussed please feel free to move this thread) I was told that this is an official Hindi dub of My Little Pony airing in India. Is My Little Pony officially airing in India now? I met a few people years ago who said India did not have MLP so has this changed now?
  3. My mother tongue is English but I've always had a knack for watching shows and movies in other languages besides English. It's fun and I like seeing other's interpretations on the characters. MLP is all around the world, with many different dubs. What's your countries dub like? Is it good? Is it bad? Are the voices somewhat good? My personal favorite is the Latin American dub. I am part Mexican and I have a few younger cousins who don't speak English and watch the shows Spanish dub, so I watch that one sometimes. I think it's quite good! The voices may not be the most accurate but they do their jobs well enough! My favorite VA is Carla Castaneda who voices Twilight. She's a very good impersonation and sings very well for Twilight! But for some reason, for episodes 14-21 they replaced her VA and it was pretty noticable. Not sure who voiced her but while she did a good job she didn't quite match Carla's voice for Twilight. Since I'm a huge weeaboo XD I love the Japanese dub as well! My favorite VA from there is Pinkie's VA (or seiyuu) Suzuko Mimori who also voices Sonoda on Love Live. She impersonates Andrea Libman's voice flawlessly and she promotes MLP quite often on her Twitter. She also voiced Maud in Rainbow Rocks. Sadly, the show never got passed Season 2 in Japan but the Equestria Girls movies exist over there and the merchandise is quite popular too. I've heard rumors of it coming back through Netflix but I'm not sure if they're true. So, what's your favorite dub? If you don't speak English and MLP airs in your country what's it like?
  4. Hello everypony! Me and some other friends are planning to make an MLP fan dub parody, and we currently need any of you that are interested to pass our auditions for a character of your choosing. To make short, we need volunteering voice actors. More information provided in the links below: Thank your for your attention!
  5. Just curious: How many bronies out there watch MLP FiM in different languages? Allow me to explain: I take German in school, and my father speaks it fluently. I personally think it's a beautiful language and I dream to speak it someday So, being my curious self, I looked up MLP in German. I discovered the cutest little pony voices and funny accents. The cool part is I understood some of it! Anyway, go ahead and try it out: Listen to all the Mane 6's voices in German. Super cute! "20% Cooler"
  6. Hey guys! Some of you may know me as Trixie and Luna from Princess Trixie Sparkle. Sadly, my channel is serious lacking some stuff~ So I'm working on some comic dubs to get my channel out there and known! But I need various characters that aren't in my vocal capability nor in the range of my friends that are also helping me. Plus I want to include some others that maybe also are as well known in my posts Here's a link to the casting call I have on BTVA! Characters needed (as of the comic I currently have picked out): Celestia (possibly, if I can't completely get her down.) Scootaloo Spike Sunset Shimmer (She's too close to my Trixie for me to do her in the same comic as Trixie) Zecora Lyra Colgate Random Background Ponies (Male and Female)
  7. Have you heard some of the songs of Equestria Girls be the the first or Rainbow Rocks dubbed in any other language? Share your thoughts on them. First I'd like to start off with Welcome To The Show in the Latin American Dub. I think the lyrics on The Rainboom's part are an improvement. Another one that really hit home was the Spaniard Dubbed song of My Past is not Today. It sounds like Sunset Shimmer's English voice actress went and learned Spanish.
  8. Any somewhat decent female vocalists wanna do some english covers of vocaloid songs with me? I play the guitar, and for a while now I've wanted to some english covers of vocaloid songs, but I don't know any female singers, anyone interested in maybe partnering up? I wouldn't care whose youtube channel it ended up getting uploaded on, hell if it's allowed by youtube, you can even have the ad revenue. Just curious to see if anyone would actually be interested, age doesn't matter, gender kinda does, vocal range doesn't matter, I really just want someone to jam to some vocaloid music with.
  9. If you were to redub an Anime, what voice talent pool/company and cast would you have? I'll start. Higurashi - When They Cry: Dubbed by Voicebox Productions (or Ocean Group, whatever's more convenient) Keiichi - Samuel Vincent or Kirby Morrow Rena - Shannon-Chan Kent or Kathleen Barr Shion - Andrea Libman Mion- Kelly Sheridan Satoko & Satoshi - Cathy Wesluck Hanyu - Janyse Jaud Rika - Ashleigh Ball
  10. Since Viz Media has given Sailor Moon a brand new dub through Studiopolis, should this new dub air on US television? We managed to get DBZ Kai on Nicktoons and it introduced Dragon Ball to a new generation, I feel Sailor Moon should get similar treatment, especially with the new crystal series. As for where it should be airing? People are going to say Toonami, but honestly, In this day and age, Sailor Moon isn't right for the current Toonami audience outside of Nostalgia, not to mention Sailor Moon is a show for Tween girls, Adult Swim caters to a largely college aged male audience. I know guys who grew up on the original will tune in just to see the Skirts, but the general Adult Swim audience doesn't care about something aimed at 8-14 year old girls IMO. I think Disney Channel might be a place to start, the right audience for it. There's going to be some editing required however, but as long as it doesn't reach DiC or 4kids levels of adaptation, it should be fine. And if you still don't like the show being censored, buy the uncut releases. I know most anime fans don't watch anime on TV, but I stand by the belief that the more anime on TV the better, it helps kids get into the medium when they get older, it helps people who aren't anime fans to try out a few titles, and it introduces new audiences to beloved classics. Toonami is a start, but there needs to be more. Oh and for the record, I don't think Discovery Family is the right network either. While it would be cool to have the Twilight/Usagi power hour, FiM skews slightly younger girls than Sailor Moon. MLP is primarily 2-11 year olds, while Moon is more of a 9-14 year old thing.
  11. Chronicles of Friendship has now launched. (A fandub project i've been working on with some brony Skype buddies) I wrote the Rarity and Fluttershy scenes, and I'm the voice of Rarity.
  12. Counter Strike: Global Offensive dubbing of season 2 episode 1, The Return of Harmony Part 1
  13. I'm looking for anypony out there who can do the voice of filly AJ for this comic. Reply with your audition here. *REQUIREMENT* You must have a professional-like microphone (I use a Blue Snowball USB Microphone) to gain the best quality for the recording. This will allow me to clean the audio correctly for the final product. I wish the very best of luck to be in this. Have Fun! P.S. I have uploaded the comic for reference, if you want to use any line from it or be original; improvise something clever.
  14. A Counter Strike dubbing of Season 3 Episode 4, One Bad Apple.
  15. So I've been looking around the internet lately, and actually found some sonic weaponry (here). Teamed up with this: We could stop wars with dubstep ^-^ Yeah, the LRAC is probably the best we have, damn technology progression go fasterrrr. Anyway- Does Anypony here think that sonic weaponry could advance farther than an LRAC?
  16. Does anyone know where I could find any German dubbed episodes of the series. So far, I only have S01E01. The others were taken down on YouTube, so no luck there
  17. Now in a better quality, Italia is the first country to start to dub the season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was kind of difficult to find the full episode in the internet.
  18. Instead of making my first 40 posts negative, I've decided to whip up something in the fandom that actually does interest me. It's well known that Friendship is Magic is actually pretty well received in other countries, and with a warm welcome comes transliterations! I have a personal few favorite of my own, but I think I'll share first the dub that sparked the whole thought for me. Middling audio, unable to understand a word, and I seriously love the voice actress for Pinkie. You have no idea. Let's be reasonable, there are better sounding voices, but I don't think many can match her enthusiasm, especially in waves of cut and paste translations where voice artists can't grasp the nuances of foreign characters, or simply just don't try. But, like the filthy little weeabbo I am, I'll have to say that the Japanese dub does it for me. At first, I was a solid fan of Find a Pet: Version with subtitles: I'll admit that I got a little too much excitement at their choice of making Rainbow Dash use a normally masculine, somewhat hot-blooded form of I. But more importantly, who can honestly resist how chummy these two are? Srsly. Unfortunately, this was overthrown by the recent reveal of Flim and Flam. I cannot stress how gleeful their portrayal in the dub makes me. Right off the bat, two salesponies are using familiar language with customers. Using -da instead of a more polite/humble copula like -desu or at the very least -de aru. Addressing themselves with the informal "I", boku. They even seem to take more jabs at the Apples for their lack of cider production. They were so shifty I could taste the snake oil. Version with subtitles: So, what other stories of dubs, subs or other language multimedia do you guys have? Edit: Better learn to properly screw up my native language before screwing up someone else's. Format correction.
  19. So, i'm working on making a pony dubbed version of "Black Swan" For fun. I'm going to be doing most of the editing,but I need Voice Actors.I'm into making dubbed horror/thriller like movies. Nina: Fluttershy Lily: Lightning Dust (Pink Mist) Leroy: Soarin Mom: Pinkie (She cares for rainbow dash so much) Rude Girls: Rarity and Fluttershy Beth:Twilight If you want to audition just send me your voice clip or animation and i'll check it out.This is for fun,remember that. I don't look for people who are pro's.
  20. Alright, so in the future I plan to do some colt dubs Of course, I already got the mane 6 colt names Dusk Shine Elusive Rainbow Blitz Butterscotch Applejack Bumble Berry But I need colt names for CMCs (Scootaloo remains Scootaloo?) Trixie Gilda Zecora Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Babs Seed That's it for now. Take it away guys!
  21. Recently I've learnt that many YouTubers make MLP comic dubs, and I thought this was a pretty cool thing to do. But I was just wondering, since I didn't want to be using any comics that I shouldn't, where do I find comics that I can dub to and put on YouTube? Of course, I will link the comic back to the original artist, but can I just literally choose one from anywhere, so long as I give credit? Also, I'd be grateful if anyone could post a few website links or comics that I could do. (What about the comics on Equestria Daily, or the official MLP comics? Can I dub to them?)
  22. Hello MLP forums... I lurk in and out of the site every now and again and sometimes I enjoy doing covers or dubs and I do enjoy voice acting too. Doing both together is extra fun Here's my take on this song doing 5 different voices. Obviously there are certain characters I voice better and others not so much, but it's all for fun. I apologise if you feel offended if you think I didn't do the voices enough justice but um... I did my best. xDD Thanks for watching (and potential comments). I always appreciate those.
  23. There's often a large outcry over dubs. There are claims aobut them being lacking in particular departments and overall being bad. But what really makes a great dub? To this, I'd say there are several important factors: First of all, let's not delve into voice acting just yet. Let's stick to the guys that are so central to the process: the translators themselves. What do they need to do to make a great dub? 1. Make sure the translation itself is excellent. Don't give up halfway and leave half the words still untranslated. 2. Make it workable in the language according to the pictures. If you don't want the viewers to lose interest, you need to at least make a bit of sync possible. 3. Don't be afraid to switch up the original text(people may be annoyed at this sentiment). Being to faithful to the original text can make dialogue stilted, and jokes that work well in one language, may not translate well. 4. Do not make your translation simply perfectly correct but lifeless- inject some energy in it. Essentially, there's a lot more than just quality of the translation itself. Now we can move on to the voice actors. 1. Flair. As a rule- do not cast voice actors to emulate the originals. It can work, but it is rare. What makes the originals work is their flair and usage of the voice, not so much the pitch or similar things. Instead, cast people who have a flair that fits the character. 2. Emotion. There's nothing quite as important to a good dub as this. If the actors don't emote, no script, no matter how well thought out, is going to work. 3. If your dub is going to have songs- think beforehand about the actor chosen. Can he/she sing well? If not, how can you work around it? Who can do a an impersonation? 4. Dialect. This is more important than you may realize- but if you want to emulate certain stereotypes, you need to get the equivalent in your language. This partly goes under flair. And of course, for both translators and VAs, experience matters a ton. There's a reason why the "Swedish dubbing dynasties" are a thing. The problems of the Swedish FiM Dub(as I am Swedish, this will be my example) are numerous. Again, let's start with translators. 1. The translation is haphazard and a lot of words are still in english. 2.3. The translation also fail at both these points. It sticks far to close to the original and ends up very stilted and uncomfortable. 4. As a natural side effect of the above, this point also fails. Now to VAs. Obviously the failure on the translation team's does negatively impact the VAs' performance. 1. Flair. There's a lack of freedom taken with the characters by the dubbers overall, making the characters rather lifeless. 2. As a natural consequence, the emotiveness of the dub sinks. 3. This is the part that really works. Almost all the VAs for the Swedish Dub have extensive schooling, or even extensive careers as singers. This allows them to save pretty haphazard texts with sheer skill. 4. They missed dialects completely, having just about everyone speak with a similar one. AJ should really be scanian. It is worth mentioning that dubbing experience was woefully lacking here. The translators are young and relatively new, and most of the VAs might have theatric schooling, but are still doing their first VA work. The best VA in the Swedish dub so far is Lizette Pålsson, who voices Fluttershy. Anneli Heed does a decent job with Spike, and a rather mediocre one with Spitfire(incoming flames?), but she's not up to her regular standard. FiM had the bad luck of arriving to Sweden during what can be considered a generational shift- young and inexperienced VAs trying to establish themselves, while the old guard is becoming exactly that- old.
  24. I dunno what I'm doing with my life anymore. Srsly. Liek fhat the wuck br0z. aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou filler space
  25. A little something I uploaded to YouTube, since everyone's making jokes about it. Warning: The following video is very frightening, and may not be safe to watch at night, by yourself, or if you have a bladder control problem. Enjoy!