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Found 18 results

  1. For some reason my Lyrics, at least to me, seem pretty bad. I just came up with a few lines in my head and wonder where I can go with it. Driving down the highway I see a mare standing at the side I ask her for a ride She says she doesn't have the time Terrible? What type of song can I make with a possibly-edited version of this? Can anybody contribute their own lyrics to this? Can anybody rip me off and make their own song off of this? Just a thought I had.
  2. So I decided to make a place to put all the art requests I finish for people so here they are. The oldest ones are on top. Heres my diviantart: And before anyone asks, I am no longer taking requests. DJ Neon Mars Orbit Snake TwilightAqua VinylWubs reader8363 Pat.Rio.T Fractured redshell Paladin MtnDew88 Tao The Nth Doctor Mentis Soliliquay El Duderino Ethan Sawyer twilight24 Dynamo Pad Deadbeat AnArtisticPontato Vladicarus Specialriolu Osieu r0sebitten SprinkleBloom
  3. Meh I make graphics, I like to make em as a side hobby and for free and such and do a lot or not to much given my mood! So here is a thread of my graphics from ponies to Wallpapers and side stuff for others and etc! See Wallpaper! Also a pony:
  4. Hello everybody, my name is Melke and I like to doodle and sketch. What I love to draw: My original creatures (The Navitus) Feral or Quadraped animals Pokemon Futuristic background and tech Steampunk stuff Clothes Natural landscapes Magical fantasy Abstract What I dislike to draw: Humans (I don't really mind anthro) Realistic drawings Urban settings Still life My current art styles: Anime Style: Able Sketchy: Adept Vector: Beginner My current softwares and tech: Adobe Photoshop CC Clip Studio Paint (used with Wacom Intuos Tablet) My deviantart is: Oh, and constructive feedback is appreciated.
  5. So here is my art dump for future personal work of mine, for those who are interest on my stuff. Enjoy. Dark Heart Compilation:
  6. Have any of you ponies visited a city where you felt "This is a dump. I wanna leave" or "There's nothing here, I'm bored". If so, list them and your reasons. In my opinion, Downtown Oakland because it looks like a dump and it gets unsafe at night, plus from what I've seen, lots of people riot there a lot. Also Hayward because it looks like a dump and mini version of Downtown Oakland and Daly City because it gets so foggy, it's depressing and there isn't much to do over there.
  7. I'll Post some of my art here every so often.
  8. Why hello there everypony! Welcome to my ... uh ... art dump thread, I guess. Mainly for wallpapers (and possibly other stuff too, like drawings or signatures) I happen to make. Instead of creating a new thread for every piece of work I throw together, I decided it would probably be better just to have one big thread for all of my future art stuff. Now for some reason I'm not so good at making wallpapers, I always end up getting stuck and ragequitting ... er, well not ... not really 'ragequitting', since I'm not actually angry, but you get the point. So, most of my stuff is probably going to be more on the simplistic side, as is the usual for me. Also I do not own any of the vectors used, credit for those goes to their respective creators/owners. To start, here's a couple of Coco Pommel wallpapers I put together today: Without Text Feel free to leave some feedback if you'd like.
  9. The one and only +~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~>Vixxen's Art Dump<~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~ Hey everypony! Vixxen here, with her art in tow! So this thread shall be my new art dump! This is just stuff I do off of free will, not requests. If you want to see art that has been requested, head on over to my request shop( and take a look around! Feel free to critique or whatever If I make art that I think is too significant to just be dumped here and lost to time, I'll make an individual thread for it. Please reply to this topic!!
  10. Hey there everypony! This is just a little something I did concerning my Role-Play thread that includes these fantastic people's OC's that are participating. Though this is just a small taste of the role-players we have now, I'm willing to expand it and make it look even better, it's still a work in progress but this is what I got done so far. Any Criticism is indeed welcome! Also if you're interested, why not check out the Role-Play for yourself? [Here] It's a pretty casual Role-Play since there's no ulterior plot or dedication to it, just role-play and live out a day as a pony! Enough selling myself out, here's the Banner/Picture I did: Now here are some sketches I did during said roleplay: Here's another Recent set of sketches I did, expect more soon!
  11. Okay, I've been meaning to make one of these for a long long longggg while now. I know I could easily just link you to my dA but nah I'll make a topic. Okay, here we go. So this is going to be some art and the improvement I have had in pony drawings in the past year or so. I don't have all of them together at the moment, but I don't want to keep procrastinating with this thread. Now for this past 2 weeks: I hope you guys liked some of these. And you may see I have been getting better. I am going to try and find some more of my earlier sketches to share with you all. (This post will be updated with more from time to time!)
  12. Here's yet another photo dump. Haven't done this since I came on the site. Mostly cars from an auto show I went to a couple years ago. Tell me what you think! And last but not least, here's something very cool:
  13. Have some Derpy drawings. Not planning on vectoring any of them, just did this for practice. Unless anyone has anything to say, imma stick with this mouth style. UPDATE: Have some mediocre shading practice: Some pointers on how to shade would be nice.
  14. Due to me posting a lot, here is were I am posting my art! Before you start: I am going to stop basing. I need to practice drawing without basing, and, if I keep basing, it'll look like I am unoriginal Ok, lets start! Here is Shining Snow. And here is Tangerine Mare Please Critique, and keep checking here for updates! ~CadneceDerp :EDIT: Sorry that the Tangerine picture is so small, I never realized until now o3o
  15. Credit to SkyBound for the awesome drawing. So... yeah. Here is where I will put my upcoming works of art. If you can call what I do "art". I will start off with this, a custom OC I made for a user here: A signature I made for another user here: And now, a drawn representation of my Ponysona, Vahrii: Constructive criticism is appreciated.
  16. Here is a commission dump, of all the commissions I've gotten in the last 3 weeks! Enjoy. Also I am taking commissions. I am waiting for it to be in the commissions area too... But I will accept them, then donate a portion to the site! :3 If you are interested in commissioning me. Please email my art account. All of these were commissioned in the last few weeks. I'm so happy,
  17. So, since I draw quite a lot of ponies, but most of them never end up being actual drawings, I've decided I'll dump anything I never quite finish (Generally hand drawn) here. Starting with today's stuff, because everything would be way too much. 5 pictures per spoiler. I tried to touch all these up as best I could. But some lines are a bit dull, while others are a bit too dark. I aint no photoshop expert. Not big on critic (for once) but it's still appreciated. Thanks!
  18. So yah, This is what I was painting tonight for practice. They are all speed paints and took less then an hour each. I think... from top to bottom Dark Twister Mountain Dew Derpy Blue There is so much I messed up with all of them, i'm surprised i'm even posting :] Only mountain dew is mine.