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Found 28 results

  1. So, I missed the conference, gonna say that first, I could watch it, but I am doing reading up on all the info and apparently, I don't need to watch it. The conference was apparently very short and uninspired, with little in terms of new announcements. Apparently paid mods are back though! That went totally well the last time they tried it and from what I hear, it soured the mood of the conference to the end, which is sad. There of course were some new announcements like Evil Within 2 and a new Wolfenstein, but that was it really. Everything else was kinda 'Look at all the cool stuff we did before!' which is a bit of a shame that Bethesda is still putting that at the forefront. There is nothing wrong with showing your achievements in the industry but when you open a show with that, to me, that isn't a good sign. So, discuss. What did you all think of Bethesda's 'sorta' E3 conference? I like the sound of a new Wolfenstein because I really enjoyed the Old Blood, haven't played New Order yet, which I should. That wasn't enough though to make me think that they did a good job, seems they did far from that.
  2. What is your favourite E3 upcoming video game mine is shadow of war cause im a huge fan of the lord of the ring trilogy
  3. E3 is coming ot a close, and after Microsoft's stage conference, there has been soooo much damn negativity surging the internet. Microsoft revealed the new Xbox One S, which is an amazing deal for what you get, but so many people are saying Microsoft's vision has already killed the S with the Project Scorpio reveal, as well as concentrating entirely on both consoles AND PC. Micorosft wants to 'bridge the generations gap' and many people aren't on board with this. You know what? I am a huge fan of the Xbox One, it is my favorite game console of all time and as a huge fan, I am not worried, at all. What Microsoft showed actually excites me. Why? Because it shows Microsoft has an immense focus on gaming and gamers. For them, it doesn't matter if you game on a console or PC, we both will be getting all of those new games and in some cases,we can play together! Now what about the S and the Scorpio? That is simple. The S model is a very nice deal. For those wanting to get a fantastic video game console and a great media machine, this is a truly good deal, especially with 4K support. The Scorpio will be costly, we all know this. If the specs are true, it will cost easily several hundred dollars, so I don't know why people think the Scorpio is a direct competitor to the S. Not everyone wil l have the budget to spare for the Scorpio. Not everyone will be interested in the Scorpio at that time, so now, they will have a much cheaper alternative to play the same exact games. And this 'bridging the gaps thing', my theory is this: The Scorpio will be the next Xbox console, but still under the Xbox One name. I believe that after another 4 to 5 years, games will start becoming exclusive to the Scorpio, which will then start phasing out the old system. Everyone expects this anyways, so this seems like a smart way to go about it. On top of this, the Scorpio will have %100 compatibility with all Xbox One games, so that could be a smart move too. I could be entirely wrong about all of that but that is a theory. So many people are obsessed with the specs and what the system will mean, but for now, all we know is that all Xbox One games will work on it and other Xbox One units, of course, so that keeps me perfectly happy. In short, I am not worried about the future of Xbox. It seems Microsoft wants to focus less on exclusives and more on gaming as a whole. I don't care if a game is coming out on both Xbox one and PC, I will still be able to play the game on my Xbox One, so I really don't care where else it goes. Some are saying 'But this gives nobody a reason to buy an Xbox One!' Which that is entirely false, as people who are going ot buy an Xbox One are going to buy one anyways. 'Exclusives' are not the only reason to get a console. To me, Microsoft has a clear vision for what they want in the future of Xbox, bring console and PC gamers together in a huge community, rather than splitting them apart for whatever reason. On top of all of this though, I just want to be positive about gaming in general. Seeing Nintendo fumble as much as they are in my eyes really makes me want to be positive about gaming, so this is an attempt for that. Friggin is doing nothing but negativity, so I suggest not going there. Anywho, there is that.
  4. HYPE TRAIN INCOMING: Gotta love that redundant title. Anyway, Aqua and Birth By Sleep 0.2 as a whole are looking fantastic, especially the spells and animations. Comparing what we see here which is pretty much a KH3 demo to what we saw in 2013, Kingdom Hearts III has come a long way graphically! I don't expect 0.2 to be a long game, as we only see 2 locations in this trailer. I'm expecting about 1-2 hours of playtime. Back Cover also looks very interesting (and beautiful), even though I haven't personally played Unchained X yet. Always good to add more lore to an already complicated series that already has about 8 games in it! All joking aside, Kingdom Hearts II.8 is looking fresh, and makes me wish KH3 would come sooner. (Oh, Dream Drop Distance is in it too) Side note: You know a game is going to take forever to launch when they need a release date for the release date.
  5. <p>It's that time of the year. And its my third year color commentating on the event on here Live (If missed the first two post, Here E3 '15 and '14 ( But, it seem that pre-E3 is the new E3. The Schedule for your timezone. Also I have a Discord Chat set up... I Messed up the tag I fixed this later... I Messed up. Fixed
  6. The magical time of the year for gaming is soon upon us once again! The glorious E3 conferences are set to start in June and as always, I am excited for it. It feels like a celebration of gaming itself and with gaming being my most beloved hobby, I can't help but get giddy thinking about it. Anyone else excited for the show? What are hoping to see from any of the companies? I personally hope that Microsoft is planning something for backwards compatibility. Perhaps announcing a bunch of new games for it, as right now, they are trickling in very slowly. That is at least one thing I am hoping for.
  7. It's that time of the year. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. Theirs live streams here and here The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for?
  8. A serious question. Why are people still exited for E3? Because I honestly dont know. There is nothing coming out that you cant read elsewhere from people that are not socially awkward as all hell.
  9. Bethesda recently put a timer on their Fallout section of their website ( which probably means that something big regarding Fallout is coming. Maybe 4, or maybe a remaster of the earlier two games? Or New Vegas 2? Here's a (now irrelevant) leak
  10. How I felt at the start of E3. How I feel about it now. I'm honestly just waiting for the AMD 300 series graphics cards to be announced.
  11. Please post predictions, be they well researched or wild speculation, for E3. E3 is the electronic entertainment expo, it's a game expo that gamers around the world look forward to every year, many developers announce their biggest and best projects, as well as show trailers to drum up hype for the games to be released in the coming year. My predictions Microsoft: another CoD game will be announced, probably a sequal to blops, i don't know though I don't really pay attention to CoD. Halo 5 will get a campaign trailer, as well as some gameplay footage. Rareware will announce their project they've been working on for the last 3 years (please be Conkers Bad Fur Day) Sony: Sony will focus a lot on indie games this year, the ps4 already seems to be the go to platform for many indie developers, and there are a lot of indie games that deserve a spotlight. I also think they'll give an official release date for Uncharted: a Thieves End, as well as some more info for No Man's Sky. Oh, and they'll delay Last Guardian again. Nintendo: Nintendo will try desperately to remain relevant again, they will lower the price of the new 3ds, and they will announce F-zero for the WiiU. I also think they will give trailers for Star Fox, Legend of Zelda, and maybe dlc for smash bros/splitoon Bethsesda: Fallout 4 will be announced (I hope with every ounce of my being), Doom will get a trailer, Dishonored 2 will get a teaser. Other companies: EA will just be sports (bleh) Tony Hawk pro skater reboot will get a new trailer, Rock Band 4, and Guitar Hero Live will steal the show These are not reaserched at all, just educated guesses I'd love to hear my fellow bronies' opinions EDIT: FALLOUT 4 IS CONFIRMED FOR E3!!!!!!1!!!!
  12. While there are many moments in E3 that everyone remembers for the really bad acting, bad demos underwhelming hype, there's just as many moments at E3 that are memorable for hitting the right notes. Unlike the last one, this will mostly focus on moments rather than whole conferences, as it was kind of hard for me to find entire great conferences as opposed to bad ones which was miles easier. So without further ado. 5) Microsoft E3 2008 - Microsoft's Final Fantasy XIII bomb Microsoft unveils Final Fantasy XIII going multiplatform and comes to the Xbox 360, much to the dismay of hardcore Sony fanboys around the world. Regardless of what your opinion on the game itself was, it was worth it for the complete meltdown of the internet for several months. 4) Nintendo E3 2010 - The Nintendo 3DS steals the show No one expected it but holy hell did the 3DS reveal leave a huge impact. The 3DS was officially revealed, with tons of games and surprises to go along with it, such as getting remasters of Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64, as well as surprise announcements of several third party titles no one expected like Metal Gear(MGS3D), Resident Evil Revelations and Mercenaries, Street Fighter, Kingdom Hearts 3D(Dream Drop Distance), Assassin's Creed(which actually never happened), and Saint's Row(never happened either). The 3DS reveal was such a popular moment for Nintendo despite the steep price point of $250. 3) Microsoft E3 2013 - Insomniac goes to Xbox with Sunset Overdrive Much like the Final Fantasy XIII multiplatform announcement, in 2013 Microsoft announced that it would be working with former Sony developer Insomniac to work on the Xbox One's Sunset Overdrive, again much to the dismay of hardcore Sony fanboys everywhere. However this internet meltdown was arguably more notable than FFXIII due to the controversies involving the Xbone. 2) Sony E3 2013 - Sony Owns Microsoft and Xbone DRM Truth be told, Sony's 2013 conference wasn't anything special, it isn't the jizz-worthy conference Neogaf says it is. But at the time everyone was still losing it over the Xbox One DRM, no-used game policies that Sony used to their advantage. Sony would go on to announce that the PS4 would allow used games, easy to share games, would be $100 cheaper, and would not need to be always online. So many people were absolutely ecstatic that they forgot about that the PS4's multiplayer would be stuck behind the PS+ paywall. Also they released that sick burn moments later 1)Nintendo E3 2004 - Zelda makes grown men cry Much like the Sony 2013, Nintendo's 2004 conference wasn't very remarkable either, that was until the final surprise, the first trailer for Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, everyone exploding over the visuals, and Miyamoto coming out with the Master Sword and Shield. What were some of your favorite E3 moments? Because I sure as hell know that there are tons I am missing
  13. With E3 being about a month away, lets take a trip down memory lane, as E3 has always been a huge even for gamers, as their always prone to both great and just utterly awful moments for gaming industry giants. But for the sake of this blog, lets just get the bad stuff out of the way Honorable mentions: UBISOFT E3 2011 The actual conference wasn't actually that bad in terms of game announcements. But then I remember that Mr Caffeine was there 5) E3 2012 in general For a showing that was set to reveal two new platforms(Wii U and Vita) you'd expect this one to be great, but surprisingly and unfortunately, it was very lacking. On top of Microsoft still being Kinect heavy and EA being EA, it's really sad when freaking Ubisoft had the best E3 showing that year with the reveal of Watch Dogs(which unfortunately didn't turn out the way people hoped) 4) Microsoft E3 2010 Why was this conference so awful? One word: Kinect. Microsoft's E3 2010 conference was the first and most infamous of many Kinect heavy E3 conferences. No one was interested in the Kinect, and none of the games they were showing were doing them any favors. Topped with bad actors, grown men asking the Kinect to put up Justin Beiber, and one of the most embarrassing showcases of Star Wars within recent memory, it'd be a while before Microsoft would be able to have another good conference. 3) Sony E3 2006 Many legendary memes were born from this trainwreck. Giant Enemy Crab, riiiiiidge racer! Five Hundred Ninety Nine US Dollars. The list goes on. Not only a weak showcasing of games, but the PS3's price point revealed is what hurt this conference as well as the PS3's launch, which delivered an awful blow to Sony's finances(who were already selling the PS3 at a loss), It wasn't until a $300 price cut 2 years later that the PS3's sales would finally improve 2) Nintendo E3 2008 Unfortunately Stong shows 2 years prior wasn't able to stop Nintendo from dropping this turd of a conference. 2008 was a dark year for Nintendo fans, which is inexcusable when earlier that year they release Super Smash Bros Brawl. But they couldn't keep that momentum going, as for this conference they went full-on casual, nearly every game spotlighted were mostly minigame collections, tons of peripherals, Cammie Dunaway and boring stuff like sales numbers. And to top it all off, they ended the show with Wii Music...let that sink in. The conference did a huge number to Nintendo's and the Wii's rep among the press, gamers, and fans alike The only announcement worth mentioning was GTA Chinatown Wars and maybe Nintendo cockteasing Skyward Sword It was such a disaster that Nintendo would hold an October conference later that year, formally apologize for the E3 conference, and then announce games that would've definitely been welcome then, such as a new Punch-Out(which is awesome btw), a new Sin and Punishment, Madworld, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and etc. 1) Konami E3 2010 It was a tough call between this one and Nintendo 2008, but in light of recent events, I feel like giving it to Konami out of spite. Then I decided to watch it again and just though " wonder they're in such an awful state". Seriously, just watch, this video speaks for itself
  14. (Hopefully this one works this time!) A few days ago, I said I'd make a video where I express my opinions on E3 2014. Well, we're changing that up a tad. This is gonna be a podcast, with my friend, Sam (AKA: Ponyville Critic) Enjoy 30 minutes of us rambling on about E3!
  15. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. theirs live streams here and here . The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for? , Thank you @@takai, for the list of games.
  16. OK. So i was watching E3. And the only thing i am upset about is Platform Exclusivity for No Man's Sky. It says that it is a ''Timed Exclusive'' for the PS4. How long will that last for? And when does it come out? Because my mum is saying that i have too many games consoles and no space for a PS4 in my bedroom(I do not like my living room). I Really want it for the Xbox One because that is the platform i own. It looks like an amazing game. And i cannot wait for it to come out. Will there be more info on it at Gamescom? Hello is anyone there? This is quite an interesting thread.
  17. All right, since the conferences of the big three have passed, I must ask, who do you think won E3? Personally, I'd say either Microsoft or Nintendo. Microsoft introduced many new games, and Nintendo put on a nice show. I didn't see Sony's, so I can't say anything about it, but I haven't heard good things about it. I'll go with Nintendo due to personal bias. So, discuss/debate away!
  18. I want to see the E3 thread so that i do not have to post it myself. Thanks.
  19. Honestly, I really liked this E3, I am not an Xbox or playstation fan but I have to admit that they did really well (Except the playstation Tv crap), My favourite part of the xbox conference was Halo 2 anniversary, As for playstation, Uncharted 4 and littlebigplanet 3, Nintendo was my favourite out of the three (In my opinion), super smash bros, Mario Maker, Hyrule warriors, Yoshi's wooley world and my personal favourite.....The legend of Zelda wii u, Also they Teased the starfox U at the end of the Digital event (very exciting). They also announced this amiibo thing, looks really cool for collectors. What made me angry at E3 this year was Project Spark, At the end of the trailer the showed conker the squirrel, he sliced this games logo in half With a chainsaw, Then I got all hyped because I thought this was actually a trailer for conker but no, It was still this project spark thing, DISAPPOINTMENT.\ What were your favourite parts of E3 this year.
  20. All right, Nintendo's E3 digital event has just passed, and well it was not their best, it was still pretty good. So lets just dive right in shall we. So it starts out with what looks like a scene out of Robot Chicken. I heard they actually got the team from that show to make these funny little segments. They are pretty much their response to the criticisms they get in a humorous way. It was defiantly unexpected. And then it cuts to this scene of Reggie and I think Iwata fighting, promoting that you can now use miis in the upcoming Super Smash Brothers game. I defiantly do wanna fight with my mii. If I'm ever online, my mii will kick your butt. They then talk about the Amiibo. This is probably the only thing I wasn't that interested in. It's too gimmicky for my tastes and I've never been into that kind of stuff. Then, there is Yoshi's Whirly World, or however you say it. It's like Kirby's Epic Yarn, except with Yoshi. The trailer was defiantly as adorable as a chibi Pinkie Pie. Probably not gonna buy it, but still adorable. I wonder what Pinkie's Epic Yarn would be like? They then talk about one of the coolest things ever, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! Yes! Toad is finally getting his own game. He's like the Spike of the Mario franchise. He finally gets the respect he deserves. Yeah Toad is my favorite character in Mario I play him all the time in Mario Kart. We now move on to the upcoming untitled Legend of Zelda game for 2015. From the looks of it, it looks like an open world Zelda game, where you can do dungeons in any order you want. That's nice and a throwback to the originals since I think you can do that in the originals. Link has a nice arrow that's like Hawkeye. They then move on to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I already knew I was getting these games, so I don't have much of a comment on it. But it is nice to see those games in the style of X and Y. I don't have much of a comment on Bayonetta 2 either since I've never played those games and don't have that much of an interest to play them. Now it's time to talk about Hyrule Warriors. I like how you get to play as not only Link, but Midna and Zelda. Since when do you play as her? Well besides Smash Brothers but whatever. Like the Yoshi game, Kirby and the Rainbow Cruise just looked adorable. Seriously can we have a Pinkie and the Rainbow Cruise now? Xenoblade Chronicals, don't have much to say since I've never played them but they still look pretty awesome. Now for something I can talk about, the Mario Maker. This actually looks like a pretty cool idea. I've heard of people make Mario rom hacks before, so this is like making them. Make a really hard level and challenge your friends to beat it, and choose if you want it with the graphics of the new Mario games, or the retro Mario games. They also announced a new IP called Splatoon. This actually looks pretty fun. It's like if Team Fortress 2 met the style of Nintendo, and it was more family friendly. Basically from the looks of it, you have to cover everything with the most ink to win. It sounds like something I'd play with family and friends more than by myself. Looks like a new Smash Brothers character was announced, Palutena from the Kid Icaras games. Her magic will be quite a challenge for me to fight. Also, I liked how the trailer was in an anime style. Moving on to the stuff announced in the post conference, we have a brand new Mario Party game announced, where you get to control Bowser or something. I'm always up for more Mario Party games. And finally, there is Star Fox coming to Wii U. Even though I'm not a fan of the series, I'm still happy they are acknowledging their lesser known franchises. And here's my review of the conference. Pretty good for Nintendo. Defiantly looking forward to some of these games This is Chikorita signing out.
  21. So as you may probably know Nintendo is releasing Super Smash Bros on 3DS this summer and WiiU this winter. Also, as you may or may not know, Nintendo has been needing/trying some serious big guns to help them out. So maybe with such a diverse cast in Smash, we'll see some new franchise games announced at E3 this summer. Probably at least a new Metroid or console Zelda and with as much as they need it MAYBE (big maybe) a new Starfox or F-Zero. So what does everybody else think? What do you think the possibility of getting some franchise games besides another 3 Mario games is?
  22. Let's talk about all the new stuff revealed; and the stuff already known. What do you think? What do you like, what do you dislike? Let me know and discuss below in the comments!
  23. After seeing Microsoft's, Sony's and Nintendo's (unexistent) conferences at E3 2013, I personally came to the conclusion that even though PS4 didn't make a HUGE impact on me, it definitelly kicked Microsoft down low in the most crude, nasty and fearless way possible and I enjoyed every single second of it. It was delicious. And even though Nintendo didn't have a conference, they did a nintendo direct with awesome unbeatable releases! incliding the new Super Smash bros WiiU/3DS with the official announcement of Megaman. There's excitement and hyping on both Sony and Nintendo sides, in Microsoft as well, but you guys know what I mean. These situations made shine the creative side of the internet with plenty of gifs, comics, rage comic, demotivations, image macros etc. call it what you want, so this thread is for gatherning everything that you find out on the internet and paste it on here, just for the laughs, you can lose a side from just laughing, I'm warning you! Just 2 things! 1- please keep whatever you find SFW, I've seen some things related to the console wars and conferences that may not be suitable for the forums. 2- Fanboys are not welcome! this is not a debate thread, this is a thread to have fun! and get a laugh, a silly thread, I don't expect to take PS4 vs XBOXONE vs wiiU that seriously. ok! I'll start! keep em coming that funny content! videos are welcome as well!
  24. Hello everyone. For anyone that's interested in watching a livestream of the E3 event and talk about what they are showcasing, here you go - Note to all people: you may need to refresh this every once in a while. The livestream hiccups constantly and sometimes freezes or doesn't play, so refreshing the site will fix some of that.
  25. The trailer for Metal Gear Solid V came out and it was breathtaking. The graphics were beautiful and the ways of stealth were interesting. What do you guys think of MGSV with the new snake and its approach? (I would put a link but I am doing this from my phone.)