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Found 20 results

  1. So congratulations to Electronic Arts for making it into the Guinness Book of World Records, thanks to their installment of Star Wars: BattleFront II. Or rather, one of their Reddit comments released on behalf of the game made it in. Good luck breaking that record.
  2. I searched through a number of pages of topics and found nothing for NFS. Which is a shame since NFS is the pinnacle of all gaming (in my opinion). I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where people can talk about likes and dislikes about Need for Speed games and the franchise itself. This thread will also serve as a great place to exchange PSN names and whatnot. So I guess to start off, I got Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Not the newest of the series, but still a darn lot of fun. Surprisingly, the world and the flow of the roads are superior to Rivals, the newer version of Hot Pursuit. Aside from Slightly delayed controls and the online pass fee, I can't really think of many reasons why one should buy Rivals over it. Truly a brilliant game. Edit: The race called Vanishing Point is being stupidly hard to get gold... I might have just started the game, but when it comes to Need for Speed, gold is the only satisfying acheivement. Edit: Finally stuck gold on that challenge. Apparently I was only 0.36 seconds off from gold in the first place, cuz 1:22.00 is gold, wheras 1:22.36 is not.
  3. Hey guys! Just wanted to share this with anyone interested. Ross Scott, aka the creator of the Half-Life comedy series Freeman's Mind, has started up a campaign to fight against the practice some gaming companies have of killing their online only games. A staunch supporter of the preservation of gaming history, Ross has had enough of the destruction of so many games, particularly by good old EA. Ross has a show called Ross's Game Dungeon, and the last third of this video details his plan to fight against this practice he hates so much. I recommend watching the whole video. Helps with context. But you can read his pre-typed form letter for a faster (albeit less entertaining) summary of his points: Now I'm not the most avid gamer in the world, but I am all aboard with this plan. The destruction of gaming history is as harmful as the destruction of the history of any other art form. And Ross couldn't make this any easier for casual viewers to help out. So yeah, give the video a watch if this is something you're interested in and see if you'd like to help out. I'm just doing what I can to spread the word a bit. Even if no one helps, I'm glad to promote Ross' channel in general. He's an endlessly entertaining man. Have a great day everyone! #stopkillinggames
  4. It's that time of the year. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. Theirs live streams here and here The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for?
  5. OK, so here is a problem I have on my PS2. I got Burnout 3 today, brilliant game it is, but when I try to save it says ''No Memory Card inserted'' and even if it is, it says ''Save Failed''. It's a common problem And currently no one has really thought of a solution, is it Corrupted Data? The Disk? Or the card. Mine's an official Sony 8MB by the way. Sony don't do customer support for PS2 anymore don't they? Is it also an Online Connection problem? Please help.
  6. doitdoitdoitdoitdoit Love, EA.
  7. Im sure at least some of ya are familiar with the survival horror game series Dead Space. Seeing as how it's very challenging & a good complex story-line i say it should be more known. The series has had 5 Games, 2 movies, 2 books & 2 comic series. Games - Dead Space Dead Space: Ignition (Arcade) Dead Space 2 + Severed DLC Dead Space: Extraction (Wii) Dead Space Mobile Movies - Dead Space: Aftermath - Live action Dead Space: Downfall - Animated Books - Dead Space: Martyr Dead Space: Salvage Comics - Dead Space Dead Space: Extraction I have yet to read the Books or Comics or even see the Movies but im looking forward to them.
  8. Spore is an old PC game made back in 2008 by Maxis who are now part of EA. The game was creating a creature of your imagination and controlling it through it being just a cell to exploring the galaxy so basically this game is about evolution and i think that's why some people didn't like it. I love this game a lot because i love the idea of creating a creature of anything i could think of and just sort of guiding it through evolution but what most people do these days is just create random creatures and share them online but i don't think the spore servers are up anymore. :/ I would love to know what other people thought of the game since i thought it was a very fun and interesting game.
  9. I recently got Garden Warfare for my brother. I played a bit of it and like it (except for the terrible Internet connection and black screen I have). So I want to see what you guys think about the game and if you want to play. I'm currently have it on PS3.
  10. Hello everyone! I just got Titanfall the other day (holy heck it's like 60 GB) and I was wondering if there is anyone here who plays Titanfall on the PC? The matchmaking isn't that great and it'd be nice to get a little team together and share tips and whatnot. For reference my Origin ID is 'tenorsounds'.
  11. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. theirs live streams here and here . The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for? , Thank you @@takai, for the list of games.
  12. Whether you thought this was a great year for gaming, or think this was one of the worst years in recent memory, between the anti-consumer practices, studio closures, and people not knowing when to shut up on Twitter, it's hard to argue that this year was one of the most controversial ones within recent memory. Some moments, however, have left massive scars on the gaming community causing rifts between not just gamers, but with publishers and developers as well. With the year coming to a close, lets look back on some of the biggest incidents that left a scar on the industry Wii U's poor sales and shitty advertising and 3rd party support
  13. Let me just start off by saying that I enjoy playing the Sims every now and again. But, it's not like a game series I'd enjoy playing everyday. I'll take Sonic over Sims any day. But, I recently heard that the company that makes the Sims, Electronic Arts, is planning to release The Sims 4 in the near future. Now, in my opinion, I don't see the purpose. I mean, granted, The Sims is one of the top selling games of all time. That's probably because of the ten thousand expansion packs (I use the term "expansion packs" very loosely) that they've released. In my mind, they should just make one stand-alone version of The Sims that they just keep updating every now and then for PC and just release sequels for Sims games on console. The PC version of The Sims seems to be the one most people enjoy, anyways. But, knowing EA, they'll probably take the exact same route for The Sims 4 as they did for The Sims 3: Make the vanilla game as bland and unentertaining as humanly possible and then keep all the stuff that was originally for the plain game and release it all separately at different points in time. Just to rank in the cash. But that's just a theory.
  14. Don't go into this topic thinking that I'm defending Electronic Arts. I honestly despise them. But what exactly do you think is wrong with them? I mean, occasionally, they release a good title. But, most of the time, the game feels so broken and so terrible, it seems like tested the game before releasing it. They're also huge money hogs. They're probably as bad as Micro$oft. So, what exactly is wrong with Electronic Arts? What do you think they need to fix most?
  15. Judging from the conferences that we saw yesterday at E3, showed that the new games that are coming out hold many promises including the exclusives for the PS4 and Xbox One. Microsoft putting out the restrictions and the new ''no used games'' policy on the Xbox One going commando. Ubisoft showing off Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and the masterpiece known as Watch Dogs. Sony decided to put Microsoft in their place with allowing players to play used games on the PS4, since it is cheaper than the Xbox One. So, how about we get some pictures in here?
  16. When I first heard the news that Disney had given the Star Wars license to EA to make core games, my first reaction was "OH NO WAY!" However, after calming down and doing my weekly bashing of EA I realised that actually, it's not as bad as people are making it out to be. Now I'm not one to defend EA, their recent DRM antics and a few unnecessary quotes from some of their higher staff members have been very silly and quite anti-consumer. This is something we saw a lot of during the Sim City launch. However we know that EA themselves will not be making the games, one of their development studios will have that duty. One of the games that I (along with most gamers I feel) have been waiting for is Battlefront 3. Surely this would be a fantastic opportunity for DICE? Say what you want about the constant DLC's the game itself is a pretty solid shooter and a lot of fun. Bad Company 2 was also a great game. I personally would like to see them have a go at Battlefront 3, even if they use another developer to create the single player and space combat aspect. Also, Star Wars 1313 was supposed to be a third person action game. Bioware seem to be the prime development studio for something like that. Mass Effect was brilliant story-wise with solid combat. Again, I'd love to see Bioware have a go at this, if they keep their good character development and a universe to explore then don't know another developer would do a better job! They also have some good experience with Star Wars already. LucasArts haven't produced much good content for a long time, so perhaps a third party working on Star Wars titles. Yes EA have made some pretty abysmal business decisions recently but I'm not sure they can do much worse and after a fall in profit this year they'll be looking to regain some consumer confidence anyway. What better way to do that that release some fantastic Star Wars title. If they give DICE the chance to make Battlefront 3, I'll buy the game now!
  17. I recently watched an IGN News video that said that EA is a semi-finalist on the worst gaming company vote. An honor it received last year too. This made me wonder and ask the question: why? Why is EA one of the worst gaming companies? Electronic Arts has made good games like the Need for Speed - series, SimCity (the older ones at least), The Sims, Crysis trilogy, Dead Space trilogy, Battlefield and Burnout - series. All these games are popular and/or top-notch ones. The latest games (SimCity 2013 and Dead Space 3 for example) may not be perfect games, but they still deserve a chance to be played. So now I ask you: Do you agree with the voting? Is EA really one of the worst gaming companies and if so why? I myself consider EA one of the best gaming companies there is. It has made good games with good quality (mostly at least) and wouldn't deserve to be in this vote at all. Edit: Okay, I just now noticed my mistake. EA is not the developer of the games I mentioned. In fact EA is not a developer of any games, but a publisher. All the games with EA on it means EA has published the game. Just wanted to clear that up.
  18. I was wondering what everypony thinks of this: So yeah, the CEO has stepped down. What does everyone think of this? I was pretty happy myself.
  19. So, I recently got Simcity for the PC when it was released. I had high hopes for this game since it looked promising when EA released some gameplay footage on the internet. So, I pick up my copy which I pre-ordered from Gamestop, I get home, I get on my computer, put the disc in then I realize it's one of those games which has to be connected to EA's crappy DRM client, Origin. So, I log into Origin, then start installing the game which took about 7 hours. I'm not entirely sure if the disc is ever used because I did was punch in a product key and I never heard the disc spin. Anyways, the following afternoon, I get home from work and start to play then I realize that it's one of those games which you always have to log in to play and you have to always be online even if you're playing single player. This is exactly what I feared and is EXACTLY what happened with Diablo 3. Seriously, why do I need to log in to play a single-player city builder?! This isn't World of Warcraft, it's Simcity. What's the point of being connected to the internet if you're playing single player!? Sometimes I travel or my internet's down and I just want to play some games for awhile, I can't always be connected. So, I try to play and I get added to some sort of queue and I wait at a loading screen FOR A HALF HOUR. So after about nine million years, I finally get to play for about 15 minutes before I get disconnected! There's no saving or reloading cities, so if you mess up on one of your cities or destroy it for fun, you can't just reload it. Once again, this isn't an MMO. Simcity is supposed to be a single player game. I probably should've never pre-ordered it but how was I supposed to know that EA is going to give me a half finished game? This is what is killing PC gaming. I'm seriously considering going back to consoles if this crap goes on. Simcity isn't even a bad game. I find it pretty fun, WHEN I GET TO ACTUALLY PLAY IT. Now, if they called this game, "Simcity Online" and brand it as an MMO, that's fine. Don't trick me into buying something that's not even finished. I guess I won't pre order games anymore. No matter how excited I am, I'm going to wait after it's released and reviews are published. I also pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V while I picked up Simcity. I'm going to see if I can get a refund because I'm not going to get a half finished game again. I'll wait until reviews come out and I'll see how the game is afterwards. Well, there's my rant, thanks for reading.
  20. This looks amazing! And it is made by maxis, so it will not be simcity societies all over again