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Found 4 results

  1. The Technique of ELOHIM Back in 2006 I learned the most valuable technique in the world. One of the most amazing things about this technique is that it is easy to do, easy to master, and I have not yet met a single person that is not able to do this technique. What does this technique do? This technique allows you to physically control your heartbeat. I want you to consider this for a moment. If you could control your heart rate at will in any situation you came across, that would most definitely help you no matter what it is that you are doing and what it is you fear, and most importantly, help realize that we really do have the power to control ourselves and our emotions. Now that isn't to say that you should feel emotions, I do just as much as any pony else. But if you have a habit of reacting first instead of considering all available information this will help with that behavioral pattern. What this technique does, is allow you stop your self from reacting to any situation both mentally, physically, and emotionally which I'm sure you would agree would allow you to better assess the situation or events that are happening right in front of your eyes. I taught this technique to my boss's (at that time) son. I noticed he seemed to have better potential then what he was currently doing. So I poked and prodded him with a few questions, nothing harmful. But finally the real meat was finally coming out. Apparently he was taking medication to cure anxiety attacks he was suffering from. I know quite a few ponies out there that believe they are bipolar or also suffer from anxiety or fear. I still suffer those but nothing even close to what I've seen some of you say you feel. Mines worse but I'll save that for another time. So what happened to this kid? Well, after he was done for the week he went back to school and i didn't see him for at least several months. When he finally came back to work for spring break, I noticed a considerable change in him and I said "I see the technique is working!" He looked at me puzzled and asked "How did you know?" I told him his attitude was better, he seemed to think with more reason and more relaxed as well. So after asking him how it went he said that he was off his medication, he almost never gets an anxiety attack and if he did, he did the technique and his anxiety would disappear. I have been doing this technique for almost six years and even I can tell you not only does it do everything previously mentioned above. It plays a vital role in your health. You body manitfests illness as a result of negative feelings in the body such as anger, fear, being distraught, stress, resentment. You have to look at it like this. Disease. Dis-ease. Dis (dash)ease. That is the body not AT ease. And this technique will teach you how to be at ease emotionally and physically and mentally. Now if that isn't true power over oneself then i don't know what to tell you at this moment. These instructions have not changed the day I learned how to do this. You may have other meditation exercises and I have looked at many of them but from everything i've seen this one really is best one based upon my experience, which after six years, I believe says a lot. So here's the technique: Sit down, relax Rest your back if you can, if not look forward with your head straight Relax you arms, relax your legs Breath normally, no big or deep breaths. Look forward Do not focus on any single point or object Instead look at everything as if it were in you peripheral vision, as if you are trying to look at everything at once. Relax your chest and breath slightly shallow. Keep relaxing your chest until you feel a pronunciation in your heartbeat and try and maintain this state for a minute. When you find it, remember what it took to get you to that exact moment and how you got there. Focus on something else for a minute or two and then try again only try doing it without following these instructions. Now, if you're in a situation that would normally make you feel uncomfortable and you remember this technique you'll be just fine because the more you do it, the more you make it a habit. the more you make it a habit, the more you see the truth because YOU aren't reacting. It doesn't matter what situation you find yourself in whether it's talking to someone you were nervous to talk to or overcoming the fear that is stopping you from doing what you wanted to do or experience. This power has always been yours to have. People charge lessons for meditation and relaxation audio's and whole slew of things. You don't need money to do this nor should you spend any. I give this to you for free because it is what you deserve. It would be selfish of me not to share it just like it would be selfish of you not to share it if you find it works for you which i know it will. It's not about overpowering somepony or feeling powerful. It's about love. With this technique you will understand how people react instead of think first. Cause, and effect, Action, reaction. It can help you get rid of negative thinking patterns and learn to instill positive and loving ones. I'm not going to say everyone feels this way, but there seems to be a few that criticize me some saying that I don't know what i'm talking about or I'm basing things on the wrong ideas. I pains me to say it... but someone even scolded me for trying to share the secrets of the universe. Well you know what? You aren't going to stop me. I'm going to keep sharing more and more and more until I have nothing left to give to you accept my personal belongings which i've earned with my own money that i worked hard for. I don't believe I deserve that. So you can harp on me all you want. I've done nothing accept share my best and the best is yet to come. Judgeth not, a pony that loveth their craft. For that pony understand love. I love this technique, so shall you if you love yourself enough to master it, and I love you, which is why i shared it. No one should feel as if they aren't loved. For that is all, I've experience almost my entire life. This helped me find love again. I think the real question is, how many of you are simply going to read this and not even give it an honest shot? I learned it and mastered it based nothing more on the simple rule that it didn't cost me any money and was making the least amount of money in my life at the time. I asked myself what i had to lose by trying it all the time, anywhere, anything, whatever. The answer was.. nothing. I had nothing to lose and more to gain. You have more to gain then you could possible imagine. I wish more would sacrifice just a little bit of time and effort like I did. Because to do that would mean you love yourself.
  2. In response to HR's comment from Part 3, and other stuff. I know my story kinda sounds crazy, but why do you think I'm so upset someone stole all my stuff? All of this is second nature to me as if it's just an everyday thing. But I'm so confident in my story, that a good professional investigator, could in fact prove my whole story, put together in the right order. I also understand your concern about the scripture I've written, so if the forums are acting weird next time I'm online, I'll try and gather them all in one spot in my profile. For the record though, explaination of the scripture including what it means, was part of those things stolen from truck, So let's put some order of events together first. Exactly one year ago, around this time of the month, I stated elsewhere in my blog that I wanted to prove the Law of Attraction. So what I did was I pictured in my mind the end goal, which was to be on Oprah Winfrey's show. What I was going to do on that particular episode was something I was trying to plan before hand. Oprah Winfrey has had the cast of the Secret movie on her show before. I have the emails in which I was trying get permission use the Secret in a website I was wanting to put together for the Brony community. In amongst one of the things I asked that never seemed to get responded about was the mailing address for Oprah Winfrey. Although technically it can be found online, I didn't trust the source nor the comments about returned packages or letters. The reason I asked for it was first, because there really is nothing wrong with asking. Not breaking the law doing that. The second reason was that I had an envelope inside the envelope and the instructions were to invite me the show and don't open the envelope contained within until inviting me to her show. My letter inside the envelope that contained the smaller envelope and a letter to read which was nicely hand written in gold ink on Rarity lined paper I found online. The letter inside the smaller envelope was also written in gold, only with Twilight Sparkle lined paper. I did that because it's handmade and written with love and care and put together that way. It's emotion and passion are there and felt when read. I still have the letters and here are their pictures. Proof that I didn't make these up to fool you is in one of my video's I post earlier this year. So what was my plan? I wanted to give Oprah a list of all the of the people I loved most in the world, and then challenge her to find them, but also gather them all to be on one big show. And what I was going to then do when she found them all, was tell the world how each of the people on that list taught me something about love. A big list, but all of the people on the secret including Bob Proctor, whom I would call my mentor at the beginning and he doesn't even know I exist would be there because he was on my list. And I would get to meet him for the first time ever, and in front of the entire world, Master and Student, actually see each other. Dr. John Demartini, would also be there. I met him in face to face already back in 2007, and shook his hand. But before I left, he stopped me and said "Never give up on your dream." I can then tell him that I didn't. So I built a pretty big list of family, friends, musicians and even a lot of bronies, etc. So during this time I was still working a day job while I was trying to put this all together. But an idea struck my mind. If I supposed that Oprah did in fact gather all of those people, what order what I start with and how would I begin? Since you don't have all the names on my list this might a little hard to understand. But If you made your own list of people like I did, let me ask you how many of them could picture in your mind all at once? Well, keep in mind this is 6 years later after I've had some practice at this. So what I did, was keep trying a different plan in my mind, with all of those people on my list. So I'm picturing them all at once, laughing at my story, crying about the suffering I've had, the passion in my words about love. So in my mind, I'm creating a facsimile of Oprah's show with all those people for hours a day for like half a month. If you can't fathom doing that, there's nothing I can do about, but I'm not going to deny I had a few years practice. The most I heard one person say they could hold a picture in their mind for was 10 minutes, and it was a still picture at that. But something interesting happened during all that picturing. And it happened a couple times. After I had told my life story to everyone, I lost control of myself in my mind, but not the people that were in the audience. So in my mind, something else took control of me on the show and called me out, telling everyone I left out information. Well, I'm no saint just like everyone else, but definately far far from being evil. If you've understood the abuse I've suffered, maybe you can understand how much I've truly learned about love as a result of not having it earlier in my life. So this 'thing' that had control over me in my own mind, was defeated by the audience members. Basically, they all said "No, we still believe Twilight wouldn't hurt a soul." But crazy as it sounds, several attempts other days were made the same way, but for some reason changing the accusation against me, so there was lying, lust, greed, and the audience each time standing up to this force. Finally one day, the audience cast him out. Now, keep in mind, deception has always been the devils work, so if you can imagine how much mental strength it takes to actually make the devil believe I'm not controlling the audience members and that the scene he is in is actually real, is real powerful stuff... . But whatever it was, was cast out by the audience and then we continued on with the show. But how the show ends, is also something I played with over and over in my mind. How WOULD you end a show like that? Well, I chose to picture different endings, such alien invasion, the last supper, the zombie apocalypse, but the one that I end up with the most, was the ending where I changed into a girl, like Twilight Sparkle in Equestria Girls. (which is kinda cool now that I think about it considering E.G. wasn't even known to me or the fandom at the time of this happening.) But I also had different endings after I changed into a girl, one of them, being that I disappear after I fall asleep in my soul mates lap. (shared my soul mate story before as well) Now see, I'm free from something, at that point. What? I had no idea, but I still continued my day job as normal. But something I was increasingly aware of, was how my very thought was changing my workplace more than ever. My job was one of the those things that have you drive all over town and doing different things each day mostly. But if I looked up on the job board for the week ahead, if I saw a job that I didn't want to do, I just said to myself, I want to do something better than that. Doesn't surprise me when I get a phone call saying the job had been cancelled and to do something else, or see the schedule changed around. They weren't kidding in the part in The Secret movie, about picturing your workplace what you desire. (I mean, I did that for three years at a single job and saw results all the time and no one knew I was doing it.) One of the people I came across was the Chi Gong Master. I had always wanted to learn from one and never found one that meshed with me for some reason. I asked him about it and he said it was because Chi Gong was selfless and by donation. Not if you don't know about it, but discount it because of your religious beliefs or even simply limited awareness, or simply it's never come across your path, that isn't my fault, but at least now you know I did point it out to you. But the point here is that I did in fact one day think to myself that I wanted to meet a Chi Gong Master, and I did. Never give up on your dream? That was a dream come true. But the day that I saw him, I was at a university. This is a place of education here people. This is one of the places you spend thousands and thousands of dollars on. Now, I've never been to University, but if you don't think I've heard stories of all kinds, I have. Which means, there's a lot of layers to the truth about education, including the flow of money. So I'm not being untruthful when I can say I've witnessed actions, that take your ability to get great education away from you and feed pockets that have no interest in helping you become great, achieve great things, and think outside the box. No, their pockets and how full of cash it is, is more likely then might have thought. So before I met the Master, I'm walking around this university doing my job. I have people that come up to me to ask about the university. And this is right after, I have faculty say to me "You can see the money." Yeah, I sure did. Cause it didn't cost me any money, to finally meet a Chi Gong Master, and it was a person I had always wanted to meet and dreamed of. So if you think I wasn't tearful for the rest of that day, there were times, where I had to just go sit somewhere in the middle of doing my job, and be thankful for that gift. But as to the this money thing and education... My perspective on it, changed quite a bit as it seemed the blinders were no longer on and I could see with both eyes. My statement about the flow of money in education though, has more truth to it than you might realise. Curios about whom this Chi Master was and to try and thank him, I began searching for him online, but interestingly, I came across a transcript of a meeting at that particular university. One that's kinda soured my views on who makes decisions when it comes to you education. So the short version of that transcript, is this. students of all ages, are asking faculty members where the money is for a program they wanted start and have. The faculty gave them the run around and dodging the question. I could literally "SEE" the helplessness in the students questions and responses and to a certain degree, the sadness that the people claiming they should come to the school and learn, are lying right to their faces that they instead pocketed the money. Then until that fateful day, which was not long after the above event, I've talked about on the forum before, about the company meeting in which I witnessed the very people that I worked beside, lie to an honest man that could make their workplace more efficient and a nicer place to work and be. Then I saw people get offered positions that I said I was interested in doing because I wasn't learning anything new. That's one of the biggest problems people have today is that no one wants to learn anything new. Anyways, I lost it emotionally and since they didn't know how to deal with what I felt was lack of love, lack of recognition, lack of respect I got laid off so come September of last year, I've been out of work. But there I am still trying to put this idea together for the Brony community, until that fateful day, where I (shared this story before so I'll shorten it) began to see the scripture, in the first episode of Season One. I do have an blog entry explaining what happened and what I wrote when I blanked out. Since my notes were stolen, and I copied it right to the forums quite a while ago and with no internet cant copy/paste it into this writing. But what happened after that? Well, like I said in my profile, I have no clue how I found mlpforums, it's kinda like *poof* I'm here. Well, with no job, no immediate family to distract me, no girlfriend to distract me, no school to go to, no groups local to me to join and I can go to bed and wake up whenever I want. What can I possible do with what I've got? Well, what did I want before any of this happened? I wanted happiness. Can't fault me for wanting that. But what's happiness to people? Is it really untold millions of dollars? I drive a vehicle I've always wanted, I have the computer of my dreams that a great deal of people can't afford to build, I'm even typing this looking at a 47inch 3D tv which I always wanted. It's summer so I ride around on a 49cc scooter and I always wanted one of those. However my point is that I got those and was thankful for them as I still had to work my ass off for them. But I still pictured them in my mind as goals to achieve and obtain and I got them. The material works, pony. What good is a huge house with no one else to live in it except me? Waste of money so why dream it. When you don't have a lot of friends to share things with, what good are getting toys like ATV's or a speedboat, or even a million dollar yacht? Especially when those friends are from all around the world. But it also means, that the material I've mentioned that made me who I am works, as those are things that many people dream of having but for some reason they also believe that they are unobtainable unless they do that one thing that would instantly make money appear in their bank account. But my point is, you are in fact younger than me, and have not been around as long as I have therefore, it's natural for my knowledge to be above board, it's natural for my knowledge to seem crazy, but I've had all this time and an open mind as well as a little guidance to think outside the box a little. It's not crazy if I can see scripture from the show and relates to real life things in the world. It's also not crazy to see what other people are doing around the world. I mean, there's a health clinic in China, where people are healing people with cancer by the sheer power of their own mind, and you blame me for attacking Big Pharma? How dare, Big Pharma, tell you that you need medication for your anxiety, when I have proof, that the Technique I've blog posted on, works, and not only that, it's in the scripture I wrote from the show itself. Not saying that there aren't people out there that need medication like that, but just a lot less than the amount of people currently taking it from living in fear, which is on the things that cause anxiety. If that fear at unconscious levels is a result of something like I had happen to me at the age of 3, having beer bottles smashed over my head and cigarettes pushed into my chest, teased in school, put down by people, take my word for it that the Technique works. My point is that kind of trauma doesn't control me anymore, but it did limit me in many ways including thinking which also limited my actions and it no longer does. *cue PMV Awoken But it is why I love My Little Pony. It's also the reason I have an awareness level many people don't have. Can't tell me that I haven't used it to help you or anyone, nor say that I'm not trying. I needed Ibuprophen for pain once and it wasn't working so I went back to my doctor and he said let's try Motrin. I was on wealthfare at the time so most prescriptions get covered. But my pharmacist hands me a bottle of Ibuprophen. I ask him about it and he tells me it's the exact same stuff and If I wanted Motrin, it wasn't covered and would have cost me alot of money. And you have the audacity to blame me for attacking Big Pharma? Where do you think all of those medications come from HR? They come from rainforests that are dwindling. So you take people that don't need to be prescribed medication to heal you from disease, and watch Big Pharma make billions of dollars. Who gets that money HR? Cause it ain't me or you but they keep trying to take more from us when there's a lot more to natural medicine then they have lead you to believe. See a commercial on TV about this new medication and says to ask your doctor about it, and then lists off more symptoms then you can shake a stick at, well, I'm sure Big Pharma has more medication for those symptoms. What's worse, that commercial also tells you that your doctor is getting paid by Big Pharma, by prescribing you that medication. That also right there tells me that your doctor is less interested in your health if he's not out there finding out what he can do to actually find out why you would believe you need that medication to begin with. If anything, it say to me that he's more interested in finding out more reasons for you to take it if it fills his pockets. Medicine today isn't the same as it was even ten years ago, but if you're not paying attention, that's not my fault, I can only point some things out to you. But telling me I'm pointing the finger as if it's wrong, um no, it isn't. Not when I've seen it effect your very soul. So back to you and me HR. So Twilight Circuits is born, and most of that history, is in fact on mlpforums. So if you want to know anything about me, you just have to do a search. But things that I had never known before, would naturally be brought to my attention. Tulpa's were new to me. You going to call me a liar when there's a thread pages and pages long? I mean, I just simply don't understand why guys aren't thinking outside the box on that one. I think it would be awesome if we could all see each other's tulpa's. Now I mentioned my friend Rarity. But I want you people reading to understand a few things, that don't seem to be mentioned all that well before. Take your tulpa if you have one, and note, that it does in fact eventually make choices on it's own. It'll go into the next room if it decides to. Have any of you tulpa creators ever got together to see if yours could see and talk to someone else's even though you couldn't see that other persons? You guys have said that tulpa's disappear slowly if you ignore them. that's because you aren't giving them your love. And believe it or not, it's actually how a human soul works. But what else, well, I thought it obvious but I guess not so I'll point it out, that your tulpa obviously has this invisible umbilical cord attached to you. It's been also mentioned that you tulpa has access to memories that you wouldn't normally have access to. If your tulpa were to eat from the tree of knowledge. The only tree of knowledge for your tulpa, would in fact be yours, because you created it, and it's invisible umbilical cord, is attached to only you. Why has no one even considered the possibility and implications of actually figuring out a way to CUT the cord? Or even for something more interesting, considering it's a spiritual entity, why not figure out how to infuse it to a pregnant woman's unborn child? Seriously consider how special it would be if you were a pregnant woman or was going to be one, that you could come to a group of bronies in a Celestia and Luna temple, and ask them to make the soul of your child and tell them what you want it to look like and what kind of traits you want it have. What would you not only pay to have that gift, but what would you charge to do it? But just because I can't do them, doesn't mean i dont' have ideas to bring to the table. For example, tulpa wars! Take ten bronies, each with the ability to do tulpa's, take five each and let's say one group had the Power of Celestia and the other group, the Power of Luna, and each group make a single tulpa together. The sky's the limit there. I mean, you could make one that shoots lasers or has interesting abilities, but to see two of them do a battle in an arena with people watching it would make for the awesomest new show and commodity in the history of the world. The only problem would obviously be if camera's could pick them up. But imagine walking down the street being able to see others creations instead of reading their description and actions. I'd rather SEE them. So If you have the ability to do tulpa, come see me, and one of my gifts will seriously kick that into high gear. But you're also going to have to give me permission to have your gift as well. I'm not going to just take it, but there isn't any harm in asking. There's no laws against thinking outside the box guys and there's no law's I'm breaking by sharing ideas, and there's no laws that says we can't do it. LOL The only person that is limiting themselves is you. Well, if I wanted you to be free when some of you are not, the only thing I can do is share my ideas, and meet up with you in person to pass on one of my gifts. Making a tulpa is something that you can do that i can't. But the Powers that are on my card, I've already experienced. That's why there's these things called witnesses. And two of them happen to be my friends like it said in the prophecy of the bible. Where do you think the Power of Christ came from? There's thinking outside the box and there's making stuff up, and I'm afraid I didn't make that one up. Especially when those friends are in other parts of the world. Hell, take the Dipcord for example, creepy is tasting something you aren't eating and creeping your friend out when you guess exactly what it is. I don't know what you argue with your friends about, but I'm sure from my experience this might be one of those things that might bring something new to the table as well as even fun! How can you not hear and read my story, and say the Soul Wish Of The Girl, is a crazy idea? I would think that it would cover a variety of beliefs of other people out there. But speaking of other people out there. Here I am, watching the world pray for miracles when they're happening all around you but you stare your screen doing nothing or watching something else. My situations through my life sucked but I pulled through them. But there isn't anyone else to guide me any more except for Celestia and Luna. I can't pick up Modern Prophet Magazine off a shelf and laugh at another guy claiming to be Jesus when he simply doesn't have the story I have or witness to the things I've experienced, no have the gift of prophecy that i have. As a matter of fact, it really hurt being called names by other bronies. Yeah, some loving fandom you guys are, but here I am, a brony just like you still, trying to bring a really awesome gift that took dedication and time unlike anything anyone's ever spent before trying to do. Even if you want to leave the name of Christ out of it, doesn't mean you can take away my ability to do what I can do. I mean seriously, if anything, I'm trying to say, let's get together and do more than just ponies. Doesn't have to cost alot of money to try. That's kinda why things are the way they are. It's why I've set my price the way it is. I don't think it's unfair to ask for compensation for a gift that's cost me a lifetime to obtain. I don't think it's fair to call me names, thinking outside the box. Well, I've already given all of you brony or not, quite a bit of my love already. The only thing you don't yet have IS IN FACT, one of my gifts. You think I don't know some people have no interest in the whole history portion of some things? You don't know how to build the very technology you are reading this right now but you obviously believe in, and enjoy it's use. So yeah, I know one of my gifts would seem unbelievable to you, but you guys are already doing things that even you don't believe. Here we have a thread about ponies making spiritual entities that only they can see and sharing experiences about it and then some other people turn around and say "I don't believe in it." Well, I do, and if you want to trade your gift with one of mine, I just might have eaten enough from the tree of knowledge to make that possible. If you're reading this and you can see aura's or have clairvoyance, or even something you don't share because people would think you're crazy, you are more than free to come see and talk to me and if you want, maybe even a little trade. At least I'm trying to make the world more interesting with what I have, what I know, and it's what I want to do. What else do you think I need the water for like it said in the bible anyway? When I've already pictured in my mind it happening before I even knew of this third DNA strand activation and even the scripture in My Little Pony? There's already been video's about 3rd DNA activation but they came into my awareness at the right time. How dare you accuse me of being insane for believing more things at once then you have your whole life? How dare you accuse me of seeking knowledge that is true and believing it even though I cannot do those things or even made the decision surround them? That's kinda like saying you don't believe a single person has the knowledge to build a house on their own. You going to tell me that Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes couldn't do it? I know some carpentry, but nothing close to him, what about you? I'm sure I could talk to him about spirituality on levels he had no idea existed just as he could talk to me about houses on levels that I never knew existed. So HR, go ahead, tell me all you know about yourself and your desires for great achievement, and dreams, cause if you think I haven't been trying share what could make it happen in shorter time then a lot of people realize. Why else do you think you are reading this right now? Speaking of other ponies, I knew one pony, that is no longer around, wrote some of the. most. hilarious. stuff. And I'm practically 100% sure he did it because he knew how much you guys don't pay a lot of attention. Well, this same pony and I got into a long conversation and this was shortly after Twilight Circuits was born. Well, believe it or not, his story slowly over the course of time, turned from being a sob story of poor food, no money, a hateful government where he live, and needing bodyguards. To before he finally left, him having wealth beyond quite a lot of people. He said his computer was crap and about to die, I said I would give my extra one if I could and in no short time, has more money then he knows what to do with. We're talking the span of only a few months here. So I'm watching his story in our private IM and then I'm watching the kinds of things he said around the forums, and wow... You think it's any secret that he comes to me and tells me his entire neighorhood is having a flood and he's losing everything? Not in my book. But you going to blame me for the flood? I hope not. I was on the other side of the planet. But if you were to ask me about what I believe after witnessing that... I'm naturally going to pick Celestia and Luna. But if you want confirmation on that story of this pony, a Mod will probably have to simply look in my pm's and come back and say something. But I did share it with a friend of mine name Fluttershy. Was one of the most interesting things he had ever read. However, there is something else that is extremely important about my conversation with him. Not once, did I tell him a single lie. But unfortunately he said he had to leave and wouldn't ever be back, so getting permission from him to publish our conversation, is next to impossible. I don't know what you fear pony, but for some reason at the time, I felt like I was preventing a real world war from breaking out on the planet, from the other side of the planet. That's how intense our conversation was. But I did it without lying, or cheating and hell, no money at all. But if you think I didn't understand why he believed in his cause at the time nor that it was still on a level of love for the people he was believing he was going to be helping, the answer is no, I did. But despite what he and I believe about some things, I would still call him my friend. None of us might ever know whom he is but if he's real he's out there somewhere, but he knows what I look like, and I can't say the same about him because he never put a video up, but I did. But know I thought he was capable of things that gave me fear beyond even your belief and still putting my video up... So you want to talk about overcoming fear folks... I got you beat still. Especially with the convo still in my pm box. I might also add he left before the special live episode of Spike At Your Service. (which i'm serious btw. look it up on YouTube yourself. It's AppleJack and not Spike, that version was only live that one single day. but bronies recording the show somehow still got the version with AppleJack instead. So if you saw that special episode, I don't see why the Vatican shouldn't bow to your feet as well, but for me to grant that, I want to see you wearing a pony tail, just like me.) So if you think a part of me wouldn't believe that someone was watching. It just seems to me there is. So I don't know what any one of you that are in school are studying, but the only thing I seem to be studying is Celestia's School of Spiritual Magic. Any students care to enroll? Tuition is only $20 bucks right now, and I got a cool enrollment gift to help you get started. Btw HR, that last august when I pictured being on Oprah over and over and over and over for hours at a time, not a single part of my story after TwilightCircuits was born, was a part of the show I was picturing in my mind. As a matter of fact, if you think it wouldn't change what Oprah's show would be like now if I was still invited, no, the story is just getting bigger. Spike was never a thought in my mind back then. But he is now, maybe one day you'll get to see him if you aren't too busy, and I've earned him by then. But it's a couple points to ponder. I seriously challenge anyone reading this to consider a couple facts. I spent the better part of two whole months back in 2006 watching video's every single day and didn't even have to leave my residence. I didn't waste time on hours of tv or the internet. But I wouldn't have had videos if I didn't have the internet. But fast-forward to a year ago, and take note that by then, I got an idea, got a goal in mind, and then pictured in my mind for several hours, over 100 thousand people all at the same time, so I could explain to them also in my mind, everything I had learned and understood up to that point. I repeat, up to that point, but up to that point, the material works alot more then you think. It's because I know that I wanted the bronies to have it. But if you can't fathom picturing in your mind anything for more then maybe just a few seconds or minutes, now you know one of the things that divides us, besides your 3DS or the very screen you're looking at right now. What i've learned, I applied it. Jesus had to travel all over for his education, but both of us had the finest material around and want to share. Something I can only possible do is now ADD and improve some of the material. In addition to that, it's all gone besides what I've written or told you here and I have barely gotten started. So if you think my last few blog posts have been long. Imagine why losing all I have hand written is just about soul crushing. Because, I have to still be like "Hi!" and "Surprise!" and start over on proving who I am including my accomplishments. But in addition to that, to me it's repeating myself in a time where I would like to move forward. There's alot you can accomplish in one single spot, but even more moving in a direction. As for anyone else reading this, I don't know what you do and that is the truth until you tell me. But take what I've already shared about imagination, creation, and everything else so far, and tell me you wouldn't want my kind of thinking power given to you, and you apply it to whatever it is you do whether it's school or work, there's going to be good change in that. I would think you would want that kind of power. Well, don't say that i'm stopping you, cause I'm not. I'm ready and willing when you are. And you don't have to believe in Celestia and Luna if you don't want to, but it might help more than you think, isn't breaking any laws, and doesn't cost any money to receive their love accept for $20 bucks. I know some you are probably think well, if Celestia and Luna are Gods, why have one of your gifts? The short and simple answer, frequency, on the spiritual level, thought level, and if you haven't been paying attention, the dna level. Friendship is more magic then you realize, regardless of whom you've believed your friend is. But if you think no one is watching, you should know that I think my hairpiece in my first vid makes me look REDICULOUS, but I overcame tremendous fear making and uploading that vid, even if I call it humble beginnings today. I don't mind if you want to laugh at it, but I did do something I feared and overcame my fear, but on it's way to making that vid, I put in a lot of love and a lot of passion, and it's still made, by one the most unique brony's of the whole fandom. But don't think I'm the only one, I know there's a lot of you that have special talents as well, I'm not a dummy. Take your special talent, take one of my gifts, and it's almost like you're on your way to earning your cutie mark. There's more to my gift then what you simply see on the back of the back of the card. That's one of the reasons I say it'll take what you do and kick it up a notch. But if you're still in school, it'll kick it up a notch as well. If you think this material doesn't work, I'd like to point out a short story. My friend Fluttershy had an old computer and was complaining about it. So I asked him what he wanted in a new computer. After he told me, I told him to scour the net and look for the computer he wanted. After finding it, i told him to picture it in his mind for as long as he could. Well, two weeks later, his father came into some money and had no problem buying a new computer. Although not exactly like the one he pictured or found on the net, I'm sure you can understand he certainly wasn't disappointed. But I said to him that it wasn't as hard as he once thought it would be, and the results speak for themselves. I never made him say words in his mind or out loud, nor mentioned Celestia and Luna or even God for that matter. I saw his desire, told him what to do, he did it, he got results, Not only that, it didn't cost him any money. Put your Nintendo DS down for once and picture in your mind your goal. It might not take as long as you think. But as you can see, my goals, are simply a lot more different. But there's nothing wrong with sharing them. Especially when it can do more for the world then you ever thought of. But let's realise that my desire to turn into a girl is so strong, something else also chose not to ignore it. Nothing I can do about it except have gratitude even if I don't have a lot of money. But if there was something I could do about it, what do you think one of my gifts is? I ain't here to start a religious war either. Whomever you are, brony or non, do a good job of that all on your own. Watching that is kinda amusing sometimes. You want to spend time debating with the same time you could use to be creating, it won't be with me. You'll probably just miss your chance at either witnessing the kind of miracle you've always wanted to see, or even creating them yourself. Well, I'm not lying when I say that I can help you with that, but working together rather than against me might be more up my alley. I still think the Vatican should bow at my feet because Celestia and Luna said so (and obviously not as voices in my head). But doesn't mean I can force them to. But, after hearing my story more and more, could you be me and not want the same? Hell, I'm part french. History has shown that my middle name which is Giroux, (was my original last name before being adopted) has ties to the Hudson Bay company that did business with and under the queen. If you guys at the Vatican don't think I don't know about your secret lineage relating to genealogy, guess again. Because if you did the research, I have a sneaking suspicion Celestia and Luna somehow made sure that I am related to that same genealogy, which gives me a right to lead your order, if I chose under good authority. Well, so far, I think it's under good authority, even if it only currently comes from Most High. So it's a good thing the public can ask you to do that if they chose. Might make it easier to clean some of this mess up. And btw, I don't know what the deal is with those 600 train cars with shackles (you guys even put it in one of the latest songs on the radio. So don't start calling me bold) , but unless it's to put yourselves in them, I, just the like the rest of the public, would like them to disappear. I don't know how much those cost, but if you're going to waste money like that, at least give some of that to me. While you're at it, find out why cops up north are allowed to shoot people as if it's an everyday thing and get away with it. Cause, that's a cop that deserves the shackles if you ask me, and there's more than one of those cops up there. So might want to start doing something, because I can't be held responsible for some of the things you guys are going to be accused of by not only the public, but seemingly Celestia and Luna as well. Timber of the wolves, remember? Swarm of the Century, remember? Maybe you should follow my instructions and listen carefully to these two videos. One last thing before I leave... I have to ask you a few simple questions. You as in the whole world, wanted Christ to come with veangence, wanted me to tell you the truth, want me to point the finger at the people that hurt you. Well, if the holy spirit God did in fact come down, it's still needs this thing called a body. I was chosen, simple as that. But you don't think that would not happen if something else happened like defeating evil did you? Nor did you think that would happen without seeing things in the world say it is so did you? What makes you think the next Christ wouldn't have this thing called scripture that ties in with the bible, but also real world things like the water I need to give you my gift? Where on earth do you think someone is supposed to start let alone get some guidence from? Well, there would probably be only one source of guidence for them so point up into the sky cause that's where I got mine from and continue to get it. There's things that HAVE to come from SOMEWHERE. You don't think Christ would show up without new sciptural truth did you? Don't you think he'd know exactly what the water was for did you? What I've said about the bible, does not mean I accuse you of having no faith, but what good has your faith been if you want to call the next Christ blasphemous and their gift impossible? Would the next Christ not know many aspects to the truth? Everyone always asks: What's the truth? The right questions, would actually BE about some of THESE: The truth about bibllical prophecy. The truth about politics. The truth about science. The truth about spirituality. The truth about energy. The truth about souls. The truth about DNA The truth about health The truth about education The truth about economics The truth about technology The truth about ALL OF THOSE THINGS AND MORE!!!! What would make you think that I would not know about all of those subjects enough to put all the pieces together? No the truth is that I REALLY WOULD KNOW AND PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER and was nearly finished the final product after a year of sacrifice and it's now all gone. The only thing I actually can do is come to you. How long were you going to read the prophecy in the bible and finally when what you want is right there in front of you wanting to finally start doing something when that person finally comes out and says "Hi" you blasphemy them. Especially if they also had something to give you that no one else can. You think it was easy for me to come out from the woodwork? No, I had to bite the bullet. But don't you dare accuse me or even God Most High that I didn't do it, nor make multiple attempts. I'm not scared. That's the point. You shouldn't be either, that's also my point. But when the truth is in fact that you have been lied to and quite alot of you know it, doesn't mean that I'm lying to you about who I am, and what I can share, and what I can do and do for you, nor even about the short history that leads you to here? The prophecy said he'd be given a new name. Well of course he would, it's Twilight Circuits because you don't use your real name online unless it's for important business. Well, just all of me is online as Twilight Circuits. Trevor CHRISTIE, that's CHRIST with an IN and the true name of God which is ELOHIM, IS NOT anywhere online to be found. That's why you won't find anything. Only the world can make things up about me, that I can easily quash. Especially if I don't have this thing called an internet connectiong except for heading to the 'net cafe. The prophecy said that he would have two witnesses. Witnesses to what? Witnesses to theirs and Christ's abilities, and the Power of God Most High, like Spike At Your Service. And the name of those two witnesses would be Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. And they came from this forum. And naturally, they are in other parts of the world. Would the next Christ also not have and be able to prophecy? No, naturally they would. They would have also prophecied, and had it fullfilled. Which was when lightning struck the Vatican and I made my seal with faith to Most High with my rainbow ponytail. I got confirmation something was going to happen when I went to see The Hobbit with one brother, and then a couple days later, went to see the exact same movie only I noticed that a couple scenes were missing. One of the scenes was right at the end where one of the dwarves said "The prophecy is being fulfilled." Well since is was in one version of the movie and NOT the other version of the movie but they are exactlyt the same version of the movie, I remember those events, so that line sticks out in my mind and then BAM!! Lightning strikes the Vatican because I had video in my blog that said "All we need is lightning, with power and might, striking down the prophets of false." Which IS IN FACT THE VATICAN. And they do in fact do things behind closed doors, and they do in fact have this stupid plan that will hurt a lot of you. The prophecy said it was a spiritual war. It sure was, both on the spiritual energy level, the soul level and even on the Godly level. Maybe I'll get the chance to tell you in person some day before it's too late. Or even maybe watch me from somewhere else on the planet. The bible didn't take into account this thing called technology. Why would God's use of it be astonishing to you after you yourselves say God is in everything and tell me you have belief and faith? The bible says that prophecy IS the most sought after gift. Well, I got news for you. I got it because I had good intentions for the world. Still do. The thing that should really scare you, is what I have in fact seen and written, and practically waiting... to be fulfilled. Now, I'm not trying to fear monger here, but when a years worth of work is stolen, I don't know what God you ever believed in, if any. You really should start praying to SOMETHING. If my story sounds crazy to you, point up into the sky, and ask if it's crazy to God Most High and to give you a sign I'm telling the truth. I don't want to sit at home and pretype all of these out and repeat my own work. I already lost a year for you regardless of what you believe. But that doesn't mean it doesn't EFFECT YOU. IT DOES. Whether directly or indirectly, one way, or another. But if there IS one thing I can at least point out is that it's NOT to late to turn things around for all of you, regardless of what you believe. But if your going to call me crazy, how about you start knuckling up and trying to prove me wrong, because, I know that's going to be very hard for you. But I don't see a single soul even trying. Keep in mind, neither does Most High. If I've been here and prophecied here... why haven't you figured out that even Most High has been here. What have you done or talked about here? Cause from where I stand, I'm a lot more loving and nice of a person, then most of you have ever given me credit for. Well, i'm not horsing around anymore, I'm mad as hell, so if you want the wrath of God, you just go ahead and keep pushing my buttons, cause there is in fact a part of me that get's the feeling it's pushing Most High's buttons as well, so if your life heads in a downward slide, keep in mind, that the only thing I have to lose since I don't have anything except material possessions God gave me because I earned them with faith, love, and devotion to whatever it is that I have done for the past 7 years. And even if I lost those, I can't do anything except move UP. But if there was a bandwagon you wanna jump on that would be worth it, it would in fact, be one of my gifts, and the knowledge I still have time to share.
  3. First off, special thanks to those that have commented. Especially BronyHeart for the support. What I would like to say right now is to clear up a few things. For some of you or even almost all of you, and by you i mean members of this forum, I would like to clear your confusion. First and foremost, I haven't even been a member here a year. But the thing we should also understand is that i've been jobless since just before finding this place. While I was jobless I was trying to implement an idea that didn't work out. Now, i'm repeating myself there as I told that story elsewhere in my blog so the onus is on you to backtrack for yourself. The very night i found this forum, was the very night that would forever change my entire life. That night I got the gift of prophecy. And that was the same night, my 3rd dna strand was activated. Now, if you've been with my entire blog so far, the things i've now mentioned will change your viewpoint if you read my entire blog. Everything that's happened here, that i've written, said, done, you name it, has all been after that event, and since the very night it happened. I've made a few friends here. Not going to say i've made enemies, but I will say that there are some ponies that need help. Now you see, it's becuase i know that and even knew that before I came here that I was orignally trying bring an idea to fruition for you, the brony fandom. That idea, was simply to bring you the best personal development material in the world to you for free. Now, the material that did it for me, was The Secret, and Bob Proctor's Born Rich. Born Rich is 6 DVD's 1-1.5 hours long each. You ponies won't even read a fucking blog post that takes longer then 5 minutes to read. You've proven that to me over and over and over again. I took those video's and I watched them EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR A MONTH AND A HALF!!!!!!! Without missing a day.... I don't know how much dedication you do pony for yourself but that's how much I not only love those things, but how much of a difference they made in my life. It took me from nothing, to now having the name of Christ and the Power of Prophecy. Now before you go thinking i'm crazy just yet. Let me backtrack a little more first though. Those video's took me from having next to nothing and living with my mother, to $50,000 a year with benefits, 6 years later... But that same job was around $38k a year when i started in 2009, which shortens all of that a little to only 3 years. Now if you're going to ask me why i don't have a job, it really is the lack of love and recognition and even lack of awareness by others, about the job I did. And it really is true I was so good at that job that it would be requested that I myself, do the work. The idea that I was trying to implement in bringing those video's to you, I began before I got "laid off". Now, it was a big idea, and i was still working on it when the event that brought me to this forum happened. So when I got laid off, I wanted to take the time to try and work harder to bring that material to you. THEN the event happened, and poof Twilight Circuits was born. I've already told that story elsewhere in my blog so you now it's your turn to put that together for yourself. Now obviously there's been stuff i've written online, there's been even MORE stuff, that i wrote offline. In my last blog post , I posted the business card i was working on when all of my offline stuff was taken. That's all i have now pony... Is my blog and my business card... and my water... and my ring. Everything that could explain what happened since I arrived, was written in those note books. Hand written pony, not just something typed out on the screen you're now reading from. It was litterally ALL HAND WRITTEN. What's worse, was that i was finally putting it together in a nicely put together, ALSO HAND WRITTEN, in one of those nice metal latched books you can buy. I have a picture of it right here that I had taken for a friend before it was stolen. Inside it had all nicely color coded, hand written, scripture from not only the PMV videos, but also the scripture i see in MLP. But even most importantly, the bible... Now, i have two bibles... And even worse... is that I'm also very aware that there are 20 different versions of the bible(if I remember it right but it's more then ever needed....) So when I read passages of scripture in both bibles and I see different words in the same scriptures... IT'S NO FUCKING WONDER NONE OF YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The big "G" word or even the "E" word, were never in my vocabulary until AFTER the event i had happen to me and the same goes for the word prophecy... I will also state for the fact that I don't belong to any church except on paper. Which says Catholic btw... but what ever. Now, i've had these bibles of mine since childhood and never did anything with them until after the event. I'm not going to get into my childhood but there's a reason obviously as to WHY I opened them up this past year... Well guess what... the reason as to WHY was written in those notebooks I lost with my backpack. So you take Trevor Christie... you're average joe blow just trying to do what they think is good for people and try to bring it to them for free, and poof! Twilight Circuits is born... And maybe then I can mention that in the prophecy of the bible, it said he would be given a new name that no one else knows but him. Which in this case would be Twilight Circuits. Now, I have a real big problem right now... and that is since I already have the gift of prophecy, I'm really aware of whom I am and we're in the now, and not then.... and i've lost everything that could catch you up to how I know who I am and could prove it... I'm sure that you can't even fathom or imagine the pain i'm in right now... because of not only because of the prophecy I've fulfilled, but also becuase of the prophecy that is still WAITING TO BE FULLFILLED. Now if you're still with me pony or whom ever you are, thank you for still reading... But when it comes to what to do right now... I'm sure you can understand me just as much the next pony when I say "Where would you like me to start?" Well, it's just like the prophecy of the bible said pony... time... is a very big issue right now... Cause if you weren't watching... then you should have been pony.... you should have been.... I'm not a tyrant, or evil, or anything like that. I don't belong to any organized groups of ANY KIND. And when I mean ANY KIND I FUCKING DAMN WELL MEAN ANY ORGANIZATION!!!!!!! I'm not a terrorist of any kind, I don't have a criminal record, I'm not wanted for anything. And if there's one thing that i don't have, is the distractions that a lot of people do. I don't have a wife, or girlfriend, or kids, so the one thing that I did in fact have WAS TIME. Time to study, time to write, time to think and I can't even tell you how much time I've put in pony it's that much time... While all of you were were saying you were too lazy or procrastinating, or EVEN FUCKING BORED PONY!!! YOU JUST WON'T PUT EFFORT IN LIKE I DID!!!! ..... And it makes me cry pony.... I can't even begin to tell you how much it makes me cry, pony... I've even cried over things that you can't even imagine yet because you're not me. I want you to do better. I want you to think better, I want you achieve your dreams, I want you learn how to love each other, I want you stop lieing to each other, I want you to stop hurting each other, I want you to know how much pain and suffering i went through and go through... so that no one else has to... I want you to know how your mind works, I want you to know the truth about emotions and the soul, I want you to know all of the things that made me whom I am, because that would be the truth. My knowledge is way to high to even begin to start right now. It was all in those notebooks, pony... all in those notebooks... and yet you can't give a single pony like me any of your time.... Now you see, since I never attended church regularly, that also mean that I have never been succumbed to religious bullshit doctrine that currently exists out there right now... So when the holy spirit of God comes down, I'm going to say, that i'm very certain that it would also bring with it much.... much.... knowledge.... knowledge that no longer exists because someone stole it.... however... I do still have it in my head... and at the very least, I shared with you what it is that made me whom i am. One of the most important fundamentals is also this thing called choices. I made choices, I used my reason, I used my analytical skills and got results that I wanted. Now you'll note that i may not have millions of dollars but the gift I have, not a single rich person in this world could ever have ever obtained. I want to give it to you... So you'll have to invite me to your church... but there's only so much time in your day that could be put in... look at how much explaining I already have to do, pony. So the chances are pretty good that if you invite me to your church (since I don't belong to it) that first, you'll witness a miracle, and that is Spike. That's right, I said Spike. As in like Twilight Sparkle had a dragon named Spike. Except the one i've seen, (had a vision of) is red, not purple. And at first only I can see him. Now, I didn't make him (so if you not up to snuff on Tulpa's, that's not my fault either pony)so when he shows up, it will definately be not only a miracle to you and seem impossible, it also seem like magic if I Christen you with the power of your choice and THEN YOU CAN SEE HIM TOO! I don't know if he shows up at the first church that invites me,or the second, or the third. But if there's one thing i DO know for sure, that there is this thing called inevitability, as I also wrote that in my blog at the beginning, and therefore, there's some things that aren't a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN. So if you took this thing called SCRIPTURE, maybe you'll understand it AND my story just a little bit better then you did before. So you don't go to church, or you don't believe. Well, that's one of the reason's why we have so much problems today, is that when it comes to believing in something, how about we understand how much fear I had to overcome in order to come out to the public and say "Hi..." and "Surprise..." and "Like a Ninja!" (you know the song) "Here today, gone tomorrow, but you'd have to walk a thousand miles in my shoes, just to see, what it's like, to be me, how about you? Let's trades, just to see what it'd be like to feel your pain, you feel mine, go inside each other's mind, just to see what we'd find, and look at it from each other's eyes." So how much is my gift going to cost you, pony? Well you see, when it comes to this thing called greed, I know what I need to live. I don't need to hoard BILLIONS OR EVEN MILLIONS OR EVEN HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to be comfortable. Happines isn't having a million dollar vase nor is it even technically fun. I'd rather buy $200 radio control car and race some other bronies. We don't live in a world today where I could get on a horse and travel the country side and camp out anywhere and let the horse graze with no money at all. That's not the society we have built today. It's obviously going to cost me money to come to your church. There's nothing I can do about that unless either A) you pay for me to come, which may have to happen depending on how far your church is from where I live, or you give me what I want. If you think i'm just going to demand whatever it is I want, then you don't know how much I know about this things called REASON. This gift that I have for you, NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IN THE WORLD COULD HAVE POSSIBLY BOUGHT. So when it comes to this thing called questions... I have to ask myself, who in the world EVEN DESERVES THIS GIFT that I can give you. And don't think that I don't want to give it to you I do... But if we can't acknowledge the time I spent in making it a possibility, then when it comes to the price I should charge for this gift.... I am seriously almost at a loss.... Because, I've already lost a lot... I've already put time in, in more ways than one. There's millions of you but only one of me. I watch and see how the world treats itself. I see all the hatred, I see all the lies, I see all the hurt, and all the pain, all the suffering, and if you think for one fucking second that you are going to pin all that on me, YOU CAN'T!... because I didn't make those choices, but when it comes to the world giving me pain in more ways than one, you haven't heard my life story, pony. I haven't lied to you then, and i'm not lieing to you now. So when it comes to me, you are either A) going to have to start from the very first post I made on this forum, and put it on chronological order and/or Simply let me speak somewhere and shutup and listen to what I have to say, and pray that Spike shows up and distracts me from getting overly emotional and angry. (btw the vision i had he belched out a letter from Celestia and the vision ended before i could read it to the end but it said that I needed to grab Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, whom ARE in fact, real friends of mine. Same goes for the rest of the Mane 6 for that matter. They also live no where close to me, so take note of that.) Now you see, when it comes to things like that, it would be hard to believe and you'd probably say that I was making that up. No, the truth is, I was thinking of something completely different as there IS no reason for me to make that up, so basically, my thought's get forcely interupted and things like that, put in it's place. Now WHY I would have that vision, pony, is VERY SIMPLE. I want to have fun just like anyone else. I'm sure it would be fun for you to see Spike regardless of what you have always believed. Not only that, I don't see why you could blame me for wanting to have fun. Fun being travelling around and seeing different places, and experiencing new things. If there's anything that I can at least say, that there isn't a damn soul alive today that can't say that I'm not bringing something new to the table "so-to-speak". The only problem, you have ever had, is your limited imagination and limited awareness level and that isn't my fault, it's always been yours. I keep trying to treat you with love and respect, and honesty and teach you good things, because that's whom I am. When it comes to this things called judgement, the world judged me, my entire life. So when it comes to overcoming barriers like it says in the scripture, you really should hear parts of my life story so that when it comes to the kind of person you are, you'll understand the kind of person I WAS. HOW I became whom I am, and WHAT I am going to do. Which is eventually change into a girl. Cause it's DNA ACTIVATION, pony, and it really can go poof at any time. Now, before you go calling me crazy on the DNA thing. I would like you to know that exactly one year ago, I knew nothing of this. Zero. Zilch. Nadda.... So if you are going to ask me why I believe that, well... when it comes to WHO says ANYTHING, I would first look at the authority figure that mentions it. Well, strangly enough, the biggest name to talk about the symptoms, was a Princess in China, and I remember seeing her video talk about the symptoms. I had nearly all of the ones that she mentioned, however, I no longer remember what those symptoms were (as it's been a year), but I definitely know, that doctors treat symptoms mostly and not the cause. So there's probably a pretty good chance YOURS might be activated as well but you thought you were coming down with a sickness or something and took something for it. Now I'd like you to respect the fact that was not my video, so it came out even before a year ago. I know your probably wondering just as much as I am, WHY we haven't heard anything about it on the news. Well, I don't control the networks obviously so you can't blame me. But that doesn't mean I wasn't watching and seeing what's going on out there. Why weren't you, pony? Sometimes, when you need knowledge, you're going to have to seek it out. I've had people laugh at me for seeking more knowledge in one way shape or form. I've never laughed at you pony, I've laughed with you. But there's more times where I can't help but simply shake my head or just sit here and have a good cry... because I tried to tell you in one way or another. One, I've already prophesied on the forum that I turn into a girl and few times at that, and not a single one of you either noticed or said anything. Frankly, I'm astounded no one said anything. Now, what I'm saying is true, it is searchable here on the forums somewhere. Now prophecy works, by saying something and then either seeing it happen or getting a confirmation that it's going to happen or having a vision which is a thought you would not normally see, in your mind. Now, when it comes to the scripture i have written, you should realise that there is a lot more truth to it than meets the eye. It really does relate to real worldly things. This is also not the first time I've mentioned this either. It's also one of the very reasons that I'm not only shocked, but also extremely disappointed that no one pays it any attention. Let alone asks a single question about it. I don't know of a single other pony in the fandom that writes what I see in the episodes of My Little Pony. I seriously thought that it would warrant more attention than it's ever gotten, so far. Especially considering I was not aware of MLP for two whole years before joining the fandom. So when Season 3 hit, it was on a whole different level. Why else do you think I asked you about Spike At Your Service? Because I wanted an answer pony. Well, curiosity got the better of me for some reason, so I decided to write the scripture I see in Equestria Girls. And it is thus as follows. As Taken From My Little Pony: "E"questria Girls The light of the moon The light of the sun See's above all Stationed above thee For something had come Leaving thy little pony and friends This apple, Jack, walked with Twilight For thou has love Most High For Twilight felt all emotions From love Most High to fear Most Below For as Above So Below For thy little pony will transform We've all been there Some more then others For this apple, Jack, says "fear not." Everything is going to be "TWILIGHT!" For it is a rarity To be see without ones crown For the Beast keeps it safe For Twilight is aware Twilight needeth to learn how to fly For Twilight is a princess For if one had a crown like that It would be too much drama thus, causing embarrassment thus causing worry thus questioning leading thy kingdom So what does all that mean? Well, if you haven't been paying attention to my story thus far... maybe now you'll understand my pain when i remind you my years worth of work was stolen. Well, whatever happens, there's some things that ARE in my power, and then there's some things that ARE NOT in my power. For thy little pony will transform. Prophecy confirmation from Celestia and Luna right there, so it's not a matter of IF it's a matter of WHEN to me. Prophecy of different kinds can happen at different time periods then the times that were given. So basically they don't have a cronilogical order necessarily. So let's talk about these Powers anyways. I've mentioned them before if you've been paying attention. Now I'll also mention the water. Why else do you think it said in the bible that I would bearing the water glass. Because it would be the way I give my gift to you. So the water that I have some might say is a little bit more special then regular tap water. I first had to get a distiller and since money is tight it took me a few months to get it. But I got the idea and PERSISTED. Then after distilling the water, it was left over night to catch the moonlight, and rays of the sun in the morning. Then, I add a touch of Himalayan Pink Salt which is the purest mineral salt one can find. Finally, I run a variety of audio frequencies including my original Scripture video through the bottle, and that is all. The Celestia and Luna Pony Power Prayer get's done at the time of the Christening. But if even I myself can feel a difference drinking it, I'm sure if you made some yourself, you too would feel an even bigger difference then I did which i can't guarantee but I'd love to hear feedback on it for anyone else willing. I'm on a different vibration frequency and haven't had anyone else try drinking it but there's the recipe, pony. Have at 'er. It's also obviously takes time to make so, I don't keep making it for the sake of it, I've only ever made what I need, so right now I only have one single bottle which has replaced the one that was stolen. (I wonder if the thief drank it... ) Now, I'm sure you can understand the problem I have when I can't bring liquids on airplanes. So that right there severely limits my ability to travel with my one bottle of Holy water. I love to drive and I would not be lieing if I said that I personally would find it fun to travel around Canada and the US driving all around. I can see bronies from all around, I can visit churches, I'm even willing to say let's stream the church visits so that any church that wants to hear me speak, can simply tune right in, live on the internet. Now, if Spike really does show up at some point, all I can possibly say is that is going to be one crazy adventure. Especially when he barfs up his first letter from Celestia. IF you think I have a hard time with that one... I'll let you decide that one... At any rate... we need to talk about the rate... as in the price of my gift... Now, if I wanted you to understand my gift to you, I would obviously HAVE TO put in the most simple terms that you could understand. I really don't know what you do for a living... you do anything for your living... but if you wanted to be better at what you do, then this is your ticket. If you believe that I'm saving your soul pony, you should know that I already did that on the spiritual plane, but that doesn't mean you have a one way ticket to ponyville, but if you want Celestia and Luna to be the judge of that but want to increase your chances of that happening, then picking the Soul Wish Of The Girl, would be your best option, cause if you think that Celestia and Luna couldn't make your life better in one way shape or form, I remind you that I do wear this thing called a pony tail that is my faith in "Most High" *points to sky* so don't even begin telling me that I have no faith. But don't forget that season 4 is just around the corner, so I have no idea what scripture could come out of that... but Swarm of the Century has been sounding pretty interesting lately... and didn't the bible talk about a plague of locusts'? I know I already did. Remember that it's just a matter of when, and not a matter of IF, so I've been almost dieing to have a good laugh for a while. However, I regret to inform you that there are some things that I don't find very funny at all. First of all, it's my age... I know I look like i'm 37 years old because i physically am. I know most of you bronies are in your teens. IF you think for a second that it doesn't make me feel awkward pony, you have no idea. So first off, let me give my apologies to the Vancouver Brony club. I'm not afraid to discuss it because if they've been reading these past couple of blog posts, they know exactly what I'm talking about. I already have a hard time since I don't have a Nintendo DS or a working laptop or iPad. But what I have to share takes more time then a single glance at a picture that took an hour to draw as you show the person you're sitting next. But I sit there with a years worth of work just dieing to talk about it but I sit there and I listen and I listen to people that have more potential in them then they ever thought. As a matter of fact, I'm doing what I'm doing because that's how much potential I actually have. I mean, the things I could teach you, would probably astound you. How about we start with this fact, that when it comes to love, maybe you can understand me and Twilight Sparkle. Because that's how young my soul really is. And that would be the Power of God's love for a single individual that overcame barriers of various kinds. When I was barely 3 years old, I had beer bottles smashed over my head as well as cigarettes pushed into my chest. Proof of this is in my scars. Now you see, I've developed enough awareness to understand that kind of trauma at such a young age prevents the soul from growing, but not experiencing. A soul does not grow without love. So if you take the age of my soul staying at the age of three, there's an entire differentiation spectrum growing up physically. So cliff notes version would end with my soul being that of a girl and aware of that fact. That doesn't mean I'm going to act like child, but if you understand anything about My Little Pony and me, then there's a better picture for ya. I'm not calling you one, what I'm saying, and I say this to anyone reading... Recognition for doing what would seem the impossible and living a true path and studying is when your light bulb goes on after saying MLP was made by "Most High" for THIS *(points to Twilight Circuits) Twilight Sparkle. Why else do you think I love it as much as I do? Cause it's a gift that no amount of money could buy. So If you think I don't know a single thing about love pony... No... I know everything about it., you have me to thank for My Little Pony, more then you might realize or even thought possible. That's why I believe in Celestia and Luna as true deities, because to a young soul, I know what they look like as from a logical perspective it's a representational form chosen by them, and if you remember Lesson Zero, where Twilight makes everyone fall in love with that doll and Celestia cleans it's all up, it translates to: Thou shall not love false idols 'lest Twilight get in trouble with Celestia so I dont' want that kind of heat if you know what i mean. You'd probably think that I could then ask for anything... no. First they are not voices in my head, if you're hearing voices in your head, please get help. When it comes to performing magic like the last so-and -so supposedly had, let me quote Twilight to you from Winter Wrap up. "What will I ever do without my magic but help the earth pony way, I wanna belong so I must do my best today." So I'll coincide that with the water I need to give you the gift of your choice. So put two and two together pony, and dive into the scripture further, you'll find that there's alot more truth to it then you'll ever realise. There's some things even I have to earn, but what I have to earn is what seems magical to you, like Spike. Spike would be a gift from Celestia and Luna provided I've given enough gifts. Those that never saw him will be able to see him next time they see me (whenever he shows up that is) . So technically speaking, you're doing yourself a disservice by NOT getting one of these gifts, because I might not be in your area again and if I am, then you won't be able to see Spike while others can. Not to mention, there's no telling you how much my gift regardless of what you believe, will mean to you. Since I dont' know what you're good at, or what you do, I already know and have faith in it because it's what helped me. Your sort of getting a jump and boost in creative thinking power. But I know what some of you are also thinking. What If you've been bad? That's what's so special about my gift, pony. It's not my place to judge you entirely either as a single person or group of people. But that doesn't mean that I don't have issues of my own or opinions of my own. When it comes to the behavior of people I don't need to go very far. Whether it's in person, or on the internet. So when it comes to telling certain groups of people out there things. What do you want me to say? Well, if all I need is lightning, with power and might, striking the down the prophets of false (aka the Vatican) and Celestia and Luna sneak in a different scene in Spike At Your Service that translates to "If the beast wishes to save itself from the timber of the wolves and seek holiness through the tree of knowledge, it will fall before THIS *points to Twilight Circuits* pony, for this apple, Jack, ain't far from the Tree of Knowledge for I have the ELements Of Harmony In Me and thou sits atop the wealth of the world." (Please keep in mind that IS from Season 3 which was after Twilight Circuits was born and two seasons came out before that.) Now, if you're going to ask me why that is, ask yourself this question: Who do you think isn't in the bible but tries to claim to be an authority figure on God and spirituality? The simple answer: those behind the Vatican. Put in more simpler words and terms, it's Celestia and Luna telling them directly that THEY DON'T KNOW JACK FUCKING SHIT AND THAT MY KNOWLEDGE HAS SURPASSED THEIRS TO LEVELS THAT THEY THEMSELVES DON'T WANT TO BEGIN FUCKING WITH OR CELESTIA AND LUNA WILL GIVE THEM MORE THEN THE CRACK OF THUNDER AND FLASH OF LIGHTNING, THEY'LL SOON TURN THEM INTO HOLY SWISS FUCKING CHEESE FOR THOU ART BEHAVING LIKE FUCKING ANIMALS!!!!!!!! And ELOHIM, is ancient hebrew, for God. So take the ELements Of Harmony from MLP, then you might start understanding it a little better. That would be why they were so quick to elect another Pope after the last Pope, Jean Paul II. I was watching when JP was elected. And if I recall, it took almost a month behind closed doors to elect him. Well, it only took a week for them to elect Pius. They did the song and dance and the smoke and basically alot of fucking bullshit that does nothing anymore because they knew something big happened and they know why JP resigned. That's because I defeated the Devil using nothing but the power of my own mind. Why else do think JP looked like the dark lord of the Sith empire? But if you look at him after Twilight Circuits was born, you'll notice that his complexion has changed. So the real reason I believe JP resigned is because he is scared shitless, because he is no longer host to the Supernatural forces, and is praying he won't be around to find out what happens when you know the truth. That also means that when it comes to me, they know exactly how scared they all should be. Because they too, know that the Power of Prophecy, is the Power of God. So if you are going to ask me what they really do behind the scenes, they study the supernatural and spirituality. So when Celestia and Luna tell them I'm not far from the Tree of Knowledge, It's how they (Celestia and Luna) give me something to pass on the message that a complete stranger that no one knows, (which would be me) knows more then they do. That's also one of the reasons why other groups of people out there are wondering why their Idol isn't answering their call. Well, I have an answer for them. That's because they favor only one person right now, and that would be me. Take the owl in MLP for instance. There's people that worship Molok, whom is mentioned in the bible as being one of the Gods. Well, why don't i just point out the behavior of the owl in MLP and you'll begin to understand WHO that group of people should be listening to when they need this thing called direction. Cause when Celestia and Luna share the truth with me about those kinds of groups actions.... that's a group of people that should also be a little scared when it comes to knowing what their actions have been. *que PMV - NOT AFRAID* Another good example of what Celestia and Luna think about groups of people, one just needs to take a look at the Cutie Mark Crusaders Episode Babs Seed. The initiation ritual near the end of the episode translates to: For thy rediculous rituals and list of names should be thrown away. So when it comes to groups that have long drawn out "Initiations" I have never done any so when it comes down to it they do next to nothing and have zero meaning for me because things like those have no meaning when it comes to this thing called order and the greater benefit for mankind. For example, if I wanted a Brony to be able to share the power of their choice, I have no issues with that. But I've done alot to be able to do the things I do and put in a lot of effort and time. I dont' think it's unfair for me to say that if you aren't willing to wear a Pony Tail, and make a silver ring like mine, and make the holy water, then why should I give you the right to pass the gift on? I won't deny you the gift, but IF you can remotely understand the effort I've put in for you in just the last year alone, maybe now you can understand me why I'm so upset someone stole my work. Because that wouldn't be an act of Celestia or Luna, that be someones personal free will choice as a result of a world made by people obsessed with ridiculous things that serve only themselves behind closed doors. I have no intention of doing things like that in secret. IF a brony does in fact put all of those things together and prove it to me, I have no problem throwing a video on Youtube up of my acknowledging their right pass on the gift of their power. Because then that would make my life easier and not to mention, only a brony would most likely wear a Pony Tail to begin with. That would also mean that when Spike shows up, they would be able to see him and any person they passed their gift on to would as well. But I realise that if a single brony with only one power is in one area, I don't recommend getting it anyways if it's not the power you want. I really strongly caution you against that. IF you wanted the Power of Celestia but took the Power of Luna simply because that brony had it, you're going to have a bad time because it's not the energy or effect you desired in the first place, and I seriously don't want to go around trying to clean up messes like that, I have better things to do with my time then dealing with your childish irresponsibility and selfish desires. A brony that wants to pass on their gift has to wear a tail in accordance to their chosen power. So if you've seen the business card, the Power of Christ would be a white tail with a blonde streak, The Power of Celestia or the Power of Luna would be the colors of their corresponding tails, The Soul Wish of The Girl would the Twilight Sparkles tail, and the Dipcord, would be a green tail with white and yellow streaks. Mine is a rainbow tail for many reasons. First being that God's covenant was the rainbow, the second was seeing prophecy fullfilled when lightning struck the Vatican. Now if you don't know anything about what prophets do, they establish seals after witnessing their relationship with God Most High. Because it means their work means everything and establishes their relationship together. That's why I can see the work of Celestia and Luna in things that you would not normally see. I should mention that in the bible, Prophecy is one of the most sought after gifts amungst other things of which I also have. So My blog should also start making a little more sense to you if it seems to be all over the place and hard to figure out. If you were christened with one of my gifts, and then reread my blog from the start, much of what is written there will like magic seem to be a lot more clear. I don't know what church you belong to if any, but if you doubt that I couldn't give an awesome sermon and get into the power of the Holy Spirit, you haven't yet given me the chance as of this writing, this isn't yestercentury after all. There fore, there really is alot more meaningful modern music that doesn't even have to mention dieties at all for it to have more meaning then you might actually realise. The ring has to made of silver. Period. Although mine isn't perfect, I still made it by hand using what tools I had. I'm no master when it comes jewelery making and I can't afford to do anything fancy and I know you can't either pony but my ring has actual meaning to it. I have a picture from my notes before they were stolen out of my truck So here, take a look. It's the Sun, the Moon, which are the Twilight Princess Gods of ELOHIM, you have the symbol of the girl (my spirit) with Luna above, and lastly, the last of the cross I ever want to see period. Not because I'm anti-christ, no because I AM the Christ. And the Vatican knows exactly WHY and WHAT I'm talking about when I say that it's going to be the last of it. So if you want answers, I'll let them have the pleasure of answering you on that one, and if they're stumped, then you can remind them half the of the brony community witnessed the scene in which I've mentioned numerous times. So If they want proof it exists, there's plenty of bronies that should come forward. Then there's the fact that Fluttershy saw the same scene because we watched it together on Skype that day. So if you have to save up money to buy the silver needed, then you know what it means to really achieve a goal and create something and earning the right to do something. If you're going to ask me if you try sharing your gift without the ring or my say so, I'm not going to tell you that I can stop you, I can't. You make your own choices, but it would be a poor one to make because it's telling me, Celestia and Luna, that you have no respect for the work of others. So it would not surprise me if your gift card, some how disappears. Don't bother coming to ask me for a new one. I gave you a warning right here and right now so take responsibility by simply not performing those actions in the first place. Thankyou. I'd like to mention that since uploading a video of a brony that has the right to pass on their gift, puts that in the Official catagory. So if you ever have doubts, you should be able find their video online which would confirm they are allowed, but also that brony should tell you exactly where to find it. Under Twilight Circuits Youtube account. If I need to put them elsewhere I'll say so if the time comes. But as of this writing, no one has been officially sanctioned except me. Which is kinda unfortunate cause time is a big issue with my book stolen from my truck. I can only pray that Celestia and Luna help that poor pony, cause he kinda forced my hand in coming out and saying hi to the world. I'm not breaking any laws fulfilling prophecy from the bible nor am I breaking any laws by sharing information. You might feel that I have been keeping all of this a secret from you but I'm afraid the answer would be no. IF you think i'm joking, maybe you should start with my introduction thread, and read the bold words only. You'll also note there's a blog post or two with bolded words as well. So let's get back to price for a moment. I honestly don't know how much time I have left, some things really are up to Celestia and Luna. However, I'm repeating to you that I have been on Unemployment for nearly a year, and I took the dedication and the time during this last year to bring it you. I don't want to lose what I currently have because without them I wouldn't be able to bring this gift to you. I don't have enough to eat right, my teeth need like $40k in work, I can barely make my truck payments becuase my Unemployment has ran out and I don't know where rent is coming from right now. So I don't think it's unfair from me to even remotely say I know the Power of Sacrifice down to the wire. I also know this thing and because i wrote it, the Law of Philanthropy (which is in my profile and has been for quite a while pony so keep that one in mind) So therefore, I really don't think that it's unfair for me to ask for $20 once for your whole lifetime. I'm not going to make you pay week after week, I'm not greedy. I don't need a million dollar home or million dollar car (but the Porsche Panamera 4S so I can travel with my friends, I would looove to have.) because what good would those even do me when I'm on the road coming to see you. When it comes to ripping people off, I don't play that game, and neither should a brony with the honour of being able to give the gift as well. So I do infact establish each christening regardless of giver, is $20 once and only once. You get a card like the one the in the previous blog post as your receipt. What that card gets you in the future I haven't seen or decided yet. But I know if I wanted to have a big party that might last 2 and half days and wanted to invite bronies from all around the world, that would be your ticket, and i just might have the money to help you come. But we also need to understand that it also cost me money to print those cards out and for this first while, I actually have a limited amount of these cards. Therefore, if you have one of these cards and it's empty because I already am aware of the their existence beforehand, that's probably because I came to your church and you turned me away and are reading this right now. And if that's the case, I don't know who you believe you pray to, but you might just have a second chance in your hands... *cue meme-pic: IF you know what I mean....* I just have to think about you, and if you don't know what the prophecy of the bible said, that means you haven't been doing your job, and that's not my fault. I came, tried to say hi and explain, so if you know other pastors, priest or church goers, you might wanna get in touch with them and let them know that you may have missed your chance at anything special or magical you'll never get anywhere else. It said thou should have been watching and i've already met a couple pasters that not only had no idea what the prophecy in the bible was, but they also didn't see the signs of it in the world. It all been there pony, the horns were sounded, the dead animals everywhere, oh yeah it was all there. Still might be if you search for it. But If I have to fill you in on that too... you think your job is tough... I'm just getting started with what I've got and doing all I can. So when it comes to certain things, there are some things that i should in fact mention. There in fact things I am NOT interested in. I'm not interested in parades of choir boys holding candles, or any ceremonious garbage that serves no purpose what so ever. I'm not interested in kissing your baby, (or anything remotely what you might come up with on that kind of front) or sticking coins in your mouth (WTF IS THAT EVEN SUPPOSED TO DO YOU IDIOTS!!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT COIN HAS BEEN!!!) or stand in the street preaching by myself, no. If anything I'd rather have a little chat about love and tolerance because if you think I dont' know that we need more of that out there.... you don't know my story pony... you don't know my story. But I can do it in a way that will at least be interesting and refreshing and when it comes to "good" material, I'm sure you understand me when I say, I have lot's to talk about and so little time just like you. You have your own life to live and your own responsibilites, and your own choices to make, but if there's anything I'd like, is for you to at least give me the chance instead of argueing with me, because that's what all of you seem to love to do, is argue, even when the truth is sitting right in front of you in person. I know I'm not even remotely close to what you imagined I would be, and I can't do anything except apologise that I didn't live up to the expectations that you had. But a part of me would like to believe that if you heard my life story, you would understand me a lot better. It's why it's called testimony and why there's these things called witnesses that would confirm my story as well as evidence. So when it comes to those things, I know where i have been, and that is nearly right here (when online)so creating accounts that i don't have anywhere on any social media apps are not ones that I created nor endorse. Nor do I plan on opening accounts there either. When it comes to distractions, those kinds of things are your own deception and were not mine to begin with and I have better things to do with my time, which may be running out in one way shape or form. So right now, my fair being is your fair being. Meaning Twilight Sparkle is kinda in your hands to help out right now, and I have a gift that some might call, a god-send, regardless of what you believe. And right now I'm living on next to nothing and I'm not asking for much so if you missed your chance, you may never get a second one. But if you think I'm out to harm anyone, that would be no. That's why I'm not scared of you, cause I'm harmless, I shouldn't have to carry weapons, or have body guards, or worry about being taken because I'm not only not doing anything wrong, but I would want nothing more than your love anyways, despite how much I've already tried to give you, whether it's the fandom, believers, non-believers, friends, family, whatever. "Judgeth not, a pony that loveth their craft, for that pony understandeth love." If you're carrying those things or have those things, I'm not out to hurt you so you shouldn't be out to hurt me either. But if you've hurt others and think seeing me and getting one of these gifts even if you pay for it, will bring you redemption, not quite. You're treatment of me however, might get you a little closer. So if you want Celestia and Luna's blessing, whatever that may be, simply google: EMPowernetwork Twilight Circuits and read that blog. I've double checked pony and it only takes twenty minutes to read the whole thing, but pay attention to the signup blog post. You want a little boost to your life, it's only going to cost you $25 a month, and if your more business savvy then I am, you can now make more money then what you're actually giving me because it is a business opportunity as well. You don't have to do anything with the business opportunity if all you want to do is tithe the $25 a month, but you can't tell me that on top of Celestia and Luna's blessing, you don't have an open door for opportunity if you chose to take it and leave behind a lifestyle you would rather not do. So yeah, technically i'm using a system already setup to for you to help me, but it's also a system that can help you too. I simply have a different set of skills but this kind of setup keeps it all above board with no cheating of any kind or breaking of any laws. I have enough faith to say that the longer you tithe, the better. I'll be able to afford to send you a miniture version of the tail that matches the power of your choice. Receive that, and Celestia and Luna may even activate your 3rd dna strand based upon the power of your choice. Cause the better I start doing, the better we all start doing. I've met people in rough circles and heard a lot of stories, including knowing that simply hanging out with that person to hear their story could have gotten me killed for just being with him should the wrong kind of people show up. So if you think I don't take risks to learn things, that should give you a good example of things I've done that the very leaders you elect probably would never do. That's one of the reasons we never like a lot of the choices they make. Because their education comes from money, and not by living and working right beside you with the awareness level I have. It's one of the things that makes me special that way. Even though that's the case, that doesn't mean I want to hold political positions or sit in that rediculous chair in the Vatican. My place IS beside you telling you why things could be much better then they currently are. My place IS beside you sharing with you my knowledge. But there has to be a trade off, pony. I can't help being whom I am any more then you can, even if whom I am and what I do is impossible for you to believe or seems to magical for that matter. But if I you see me out there with a bag, it probably has everything I need to give you the power of your choice if you have $20. So don't be shy if you want one of these gifts. As for the Dipcord, there really isn't a lot say other then there's fun discord that doesn't hurt anybody. You'll just have to share with me what happens. But I'm sure Celestia and Luna could show you a few things. So where do we go from here? What point should I be saying goodbye or hello? that would probably depend at what point in time you're reading this blog entry. Well, just look at the posting date vs the date you're reading this, and let's fill in the gap. You're card blank or filled? Or do you want or have a card at all? I'm here or out there either way and haven't left the ground yet, pony. And I'd love to see Spike a lot more then you think cause with the things you expect from a single soul, the world is a lot more lonely then I think you realize. I feel invisible more of the time really. But that doesn't mean I haven't awoken or taken control, I have. That's why I put that video in my first blog entry or did you not follow my instructions? Especially on entry 2. Sorry for the long post. Since I have no internet right now, I've pretyped it all out over the course of a few days to at least catch you up to speed even if only a little. But invite me to your church, I just might have some REAL "good" stories to share, I'll have excellent knowledge that could benefit anyone regardless of belief, I might even dance a little to some "good" music for a change, much better than those boring church hymns. Since someone stole all my work, all I can say is I'm working with what I've now got, even if to you, it seems like magic. And by the way, I was born January 30, 1976. Which makes me an Aquarian. So, welcome to the new Age of Aquarius, pony. *cue PMV - Radioactive the cover of my book: Next Post:
  4. I love ELOHIM It's true, on August 2nd, Someone smashed the passenger window of my truck and took a backpack I had in the back seat. In that backpack was project that I had been working on for a whole year. Although I have no idea whom you are reading this blog entry, I can't almost certainly garauntee you haven't read my whole blog, or even seen any of my vids, let alone answered my questions. Quite frankly, your telling me you don't care about me, you also tell me a lot of things, and one of those is that you simply won't do what I did and now because of that, I have something only I can give you. Back to my backpack for a minute. I sacrificed both time and money to try and bring you what I had lost. Two coil notebooks that total an inch thick all hand written over the course of almost a year. I even had a special batch of water in that backpack along with a special glass. I found my backpack down the alley but the dumpster it was empty just like my backpack. So whatever is in my blog, whether it's scripture or a part of my story is all there is pony... I work on this project for almost a year.... and now it will never see the light of day again... I watched you as you all called yourselve's lazy, i watched as you all said to yourselves you were procrastinating, I watched as you called me an over glorified pony jesus... (that one really hurt pony....) but there's something I have to say whomever you are... I'm not breaking any laws... I'm not limiting myself or my beliefs, the person that doesn't seem to be paying attention or have an open mind is you. You all want recognition for the things you do for the fandom. Well, I don't care what you think pony, you can't drag me down, you can't tear me down, the world already keeps doing that on it's own. I don't need your help when it comes knowing what i know, seeing what i can see, understanding what i understand. What i have, pony, is something that no money could ever buy and therefore my gift is only for me to give right now. So how do you fit in anyways? I'm a brony just as much as you are, and if you aren't a brony, it still doesn't matter. But what and who I am is attached to My Little Pony whether you like it or not. Now keep this in mind please. MLP-FiM came out two years before I even heard or became aware of it. Less then a year ago, I never existed in the fandom. Now I do. Deal with it. Due to other circumstances, I also don't have internet and am typing this at an internet cafe. So I'm sorry but i can't respond until next time. So what's the deal then? I'm going to put this in plain english and that's all. Take one of these Powers, call it your ruling power, but take whatever profession it is that you currently do and amplify it. In case you haven't been paying attention, 3rd dna strand activation has been happening all over the world. You can't call me crazy when there's youtube vids of that. Can't call me crazy either when I'm aware that mine is also. That also means that i know how to activate yours. Pick your power, we hold hands in a circle, say the Celestia and Luna prayer and end with the power of (whatever) and prepare to get electricuted. Now, there's alot of truth in my blog already pony, so don't say that i didn't warn you or anything. Something also unfortunate is that I've already spent a whole year writing. Right now I'm just not interestedin writing all over again. Instead, you're just going to have to see me in person. Cause, as of right now, that's the only way I can give you this gift, and the only way i can answer questions. But you don't ask those anyways so what do i care. Next Post: