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Found 188 results

  1. This is an ask thread for my main oc Hazelblossom and other minor ocs. All replies will be drawn/doodled.
  2. Here's a fun quiz you can take to find out which pony race you'd belong to in Equestria! The quiz can be found here. Apparently I would be a pegasus. Sounds about right. What about y'all?
  3. I got struck with this thought earlier today: Fluttershy is physically a Pegasus, but she has the exceptional earth-tending abilities unique to Earth Ponies. At the same time, Pinkie Pie is physically an Earth Pony, but she seems to have some magical capabilities (shape-shifting, Pinkie Sense, etc) unique to Unicorns. So, in a way, is Fluttershy a Pegasus/Earth hybrid, while Pinkie Pie is an Earth/Unicorn hybrid? They each seem to possess abilities that usually aren't present in their apparent races. Thoughts?
  4. What would happen if a non-pegasi filly was born in Clousdale? It is possible after all, although it seems unlikely. Mr. and Mrs. Cake had non-earth pony fillies, despite them both being earth ponies. I would assume this is because Mr. and or Mrs. Cake have unicorn, and pegasi blood in them. (Ancestry) Then again, maybe they just had non-earth pony kids because that's possible in the show. Either way, what would happen to the non-pegasi filly in Cloudsdale? Since only Pegasi can walk on clouds, how would the filly survive up there? Would they have to fly the filly down to a land town such as Ponyville? Would the parents go with it, or would they be ashamed that it wasn't a pegasi and put it up for adoption in a land town? Then again, maybe the non-pegasi fillies are used to make rainbows?
  5. So my first post is gonna be on my mlp ocs. Two of the my ocs I have, have been with me for a while and have had many changes done to them. If you want to know more about my ocs go ahead and ask me. Most of them are still in the process of being developed. My Little Pony Ocs Mains Ocean Whiplash; Pegasus; Mare; Young Adult; Straight CrystalBreak; Earth Pony; Non Binary; Late Adolescent; Asexual [WIP] Minors SpectrumBlast; Pegasus; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay Prince Comet Shower; Unicorn; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay FeatherTurner; Earth Pony; Mare; Late Adolescent; Straight OnyxShine; Bat Pony; Stallion; Adult; Pansexual
  6. I read an interesting theory, which I can't find now, that said that every pony had an invisible magic force that they could channel into "fingers" from their hooves that allowed them to hold stuff, and that this force was most prominent in Earth ponies. Do you have a theory as to how ponies hold things? Let me know here!!! (Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, or if this thread already exists.)
  7. So this is a gift for @Randimaxis of his lovely Dax Blackwater who is my favorite of the Blackwater clan (though Vylia is a close second!). I hope one day Argante can actually meet him. Who knows what will happen! I DID NOT DO the background. I can't background to save my life <.< its just a random background from davidsfire on DA~
  8. @Rapid Wind @ThunderCrush @Kulstor @Cosmic Breeze @Lunarpalette @Regal ShadowShadow Roleplay Link Welcome to my OCC page for my mlp next gen role play. You are a loud to play canon characters and ocs. Rules: -Please wait for me to approve your forum -If you are the daughter/son of princess you can not be alicorn off the spot -Hybrids are allowed, I will be playing one -Please no bullying -Come here and mention a person if you want to talk to them outside the rp -Have fun!!!! Canon Characters: Pinkie Pie: Rainbow Dash: FlutterShy: AppleJack: Trixie: Princess Twilight Sparkle: Princess Luna: Princess Celestia: Queen Chrysalis: @Trixie . Doctor Whooves: @Kulstor OCs: Ocean Whiplash @Mysterious Way Apple Cider @Mysterious Way Mysterious Way @Mysterious Way
  9. So, as the topic says, how would you go about making a credible Non-unicorn/non-alicorn pony villain? The other 2 races, lets be frank, just have significantly lower magical potential as the show's set things up, and its hard to imagine any singular pegasi/Earth pony as a credible threat in a two parter sense in the same way that an Alicorn or Unicorn could be due to their magic being basically undefined and limitless. So, how would you do a proper Premier/Finale 2 parter episode? Without resorting to "They found a magical artifact that is the true reason they're able to threaten everyone, not their own natural abilities"
  10. HUGE reference sheet of my mane character, Butter Pop! Hand-drawn digitally, though I did use a couple anatomy references!
  11. So I'm going to write a fanfic that's sort of a martial arts globe trotting adventure. Think of it like that old show Human Weapon where the protagonists go around the world and learn different systems. Only with a narrative focus, or, if one prefers, the typical set up of Street Fighter. I'm sort of torn on the protagonist's actual race though. I was originally going to make him a zebra as sort of an extension to my headcanon ported from Fallout Equestria that zebra have a native martial art style. On the other hand, I had to wonder if earth pony would be a better choice. Both because it would mean he starts out with practically no training and learns on his journey and because it would sort of draw on the earth pony natural physicality. What do you all think?
  12. Hi I'm Jonquil and this is my ask blog You can ask me questions and I can respond with text or drawings​, this should be fun. My cutie mark is a plant in a test tube to represent my passion for biology and other sciences. I study biology and learn to make various natural potions and write notes about nature. I live in a 3 storey tree house in the outskirts of Ponyville where I enjoy roaming the Everfree forest. I like to find plants to make potions such as medicines and exploding glass bombs. I also go to the Everfree forest to watch animals in their natural habitat to see how they behave and interact with each other. I occasionally like to visit Ponyville to sell potions from my kart and buy supplies I don't have many friends but that's mainly because some of the residents are a bit nutty ( especially the pink one). Now .... back to studies....
  13. I finished this commission for JonasDarkmane. It took forever, but it came out really well I think.
  14. so yeah in your opinion what is the best pony race? these include Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth pony, Alicorn, Bat pony, Zebra, changeling and even Griffon
  15. My main OC is going to be a pegasus. Big deal, right? NO. But right now for my main OC, I'm using an alicorn named Princess Navi, as you can tell by my name and profile pic. So, I don't understand why all the hate goes into having an alicorn oc. Okay, so what if most suck? No need to be rude! So my question is: what should I do to fix my OC? My pegasus OC has some design hiccups that need fixing. Here is what I consider to be THE OC GUIDELINES! 1. Don't make it have an amazing special power or be the BFF of all the mane six 2. Evil/sad/emo backstories are a NO-NO 3. Handicaps. Bad. Use in strict moderation. 4. Rainbows are used too much= NO. 5. Recolors are unoriganal. 6. Throwing on a cloak, glasses, 20 hats, and some butterfly wings is just SAD. 7. Be consistent with your color scheme. 8. Have a name that matches your cutie mark and colors. 9. Be VERY careful and tread lightly with alicorn OCs 10. Hrybrids are hard to do. Don't do them if it doesn 't make sense. 11. Make sure your cutie mark makes sense. 12. Sons and daughters of princesses, villains, or the Mane 6 are bad. Okay, that's about it. But one last rule: 13: PONY CREATOR IS ONLY USED TO GET AN IDEA OF THE DESIGN. GOT IT? This really angers me, because artists lose skill (and sometimes money) to this EVIL THING. The PONY CREATOR is the only thing I hate about the Living Tombstone: PONY CREATOR OCS! You are bad and you should feel bad if you have a pony creator OC. DRAW IT, JEEZ. Or at least ask someone to draw it for you. You guys post good/bad OCs below!
  16. Hello! this is my first post here! I hope I can make many friends here feel free to message me.
  17. Species: Earth Pony Gender: Female Cutie Mark: Beer Mug with 3 hop leaves. Crystal Runs a brewery outside of ponyville and sometimes helps the Apple Family out during cider season. Aside from cider, she also brews root beer, vanilla cream soda, black cherry pop, and sarsaparilla, All of which are acclaimed by the locals as some of the best drinks they've ever tasted.
  18. So I've been working these ponies out over the summer and I love odd-ball pairings which is why I made these ocs! Right now, all six of them is just the bare bones while I work out stories and rework out a few odd things. I just need some basic feedback based on what I have so far on the six of them and trying to think on doing a seventh on Luna and Discord idea...:, I just made outline cards for them for now and no profiles. Feedback wanted: Design Personality Talents Cutie Marks Pairings of the Parents Anything you want to add
  19. Anyways, so here's my question: Earth pony magic is pretty vague, and all over the place. If you were to give them a few "definite" abilities that could be done by their racial magic, what would you give them? This isn't saying erase what they already have, but solidify them as having the ability to 100% do certain things. For example, I know the Daring do books occasionally used the descriptive term of "earth pony forged steel" a couple times in detailing things; what if they did a Dwarven kind of thing and said that metallic objects forged or made by earth ponies were inherently magically stronger due to their connection to the earth, not just by skill, but in the same way that a hot furnace is crucial to making a strong piece of metal, an earth pony's touch was required for certain attributes?
  20. been awhile since i've drawn anything, trying to get back into the habit. decided to draw my oc Penny Snap for fun c:
  21. "Comrades, do you want to be ruled by our alicorn suppressors, or another fellow earth pony folk? It's your choice."
  22. <p>It's that time of the year. And its my third year color commentating on the event on here Live (If missed the first two post, Here E3 '15 and '14 ( But, it seem that pre-E3 is the new E3. The Schedule for your timezone. Also I have a Discord Chat set up... I Messed up the tag I fixed this later... I Messed up. Fixed
  23. The Brave One or How Earth Ponies came into Existence by Phosphorous Dr. F. Goodblood, a worn down mechanical engineer, was sitting with his two great-grandnieces and his great-grandnephew. “Do you want to hear something interesting?” He asked the fillies and colt. “Of course.” Miss Purity, the oldest of the three cousins, replied. “Once upon a time, there were no Pegasi, no Unicorns, and no Earth ponies. Life was difficult. Ponies toiled through their days. Colorful manes and fur did not exist; everypony was a shade of drab brown or grey. Cutie marks were a term that was never heard of before. Ponies, in all of their suffering, were unkind to eachother. It wasn’t like anything anyone nowadays can imagine; the situation was worse than anything anypony can dream up in their worst nightmares. Beyond the daily aches of daily manual labour, the weak-bodied ponies were placed into conflict against eachother over trivial things such as the shade of their fur. There was no energy left for mercy. If someone had a poor harvest, they would be left starving. There were few ponies which challenged the way that things were. The ruler at that time, a cruel stallion named Ironhoof, was intolerant towards the intellectuals that toiled their minds daily, searching for solutions that would make the world a better place. The tyrant knew that his power was walking on thin ice. He was an intelligent, but evil stallion. He knew that the new technogies and ideas being developed by the intellectuals posed a risk to the current state of the world, and his own powerful seat. One of the brave ponies that stood against him was Alloy. Alloy was a student of Proffesor Openheart, the pony who pioneered a new field of enginnering that involved modifying heriditary material. His proffesor was regularly brought into question by Ironhoof’s accomplices. Labs were broken into, materials unlawfully seized, and research was destroyed. Several weeks after Alloy was granted his doctorate, Openheart gave him a box in secret. ‘I may not last much longer in this cruel, harsh world. Everyday, I am tormented and threatened by Ironhoof’s ever growing grip on society. But, deep in my heart, I know that this regime of fear and hatred will not last. All is not lost. I need you to continue the research in a safe space.’ Inside the box, there was a key and an adress. The address led to a secret, but high-tech laboratory in a remote area of Metallia. There, he continued the research, the hereditary material splicing which resulted in the creation of the first earth pony.” The little filly, Rose Copper, raised her hoof. “In school, we were told that earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns have always existed. There was never a first earth pony.” Dr. Goodblood laughed. “In school…” He adjusted his glasses. “What incentives do the teachers have to give you information that even they don’t have, information that has been supressed by Celestia.” He recalled his memories. “When I was much younger, several of my fellows found ancient artifacts of Alloy’s notes, Ironhoof’s correspondences, and etcetra. They even found Alloy’s lab by piecing together different hints found in various places. Celestia eventually caught ahold of us.” Goodblood took took off his glasses and wiped his eyes. “That tyrant! She had her cronies infiltrate our homes, seize all of the artifacts, and burn them to dust in front of our eyes.” Tears pooled up in front of his dark chocolate eyes. “I’m so sorry.” Rose said calmly. “Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault. That tyrant felt that her power was threatened by the same technology that once led to the overthrow of another tyrant. Neither I, nor my fellows have visited the lab since that incident, for fear that the location might be revealed, and Celestia would order it to be demolished. Anyways, on to what happened with Alloy. Alloy was succesful at making the first Earth Pony. She was a darling that resembled most ponies back then; with a brown fur, mane, and eye combination. Her name was Steel Alloy. Dr. Alloy kept the creation of this filly a secret, but Ironhoof somehow suspected what was done. In reaction, the Ministry of Propoganda pumped out novellas and short stories ‘exposing the danger of creating a pony powerful than most’.” “Can you tell us what was in those stories?” Bronze, the colt, asked. “In one of those poorly-written, mass produced propoganda pieces, a stock character mad scientists makes a group of enhanced ponies. The enhanced ponies then destroy everything in their way, capture the world, and enslave every other pony. These stories were only made to distribute negative perspectives on pony improvement to everypony. They are not worth any merit. However, luckilly, the regime’s plan failed, for it is impossible to cover up the truth no matter how many words are published. Steel was far from the stock enhanced ponies portrayed in the dime novellas. She had a generous heart, When other ponies lacked the strength to do a task, she would aid them. I guess she had to do this, because, sooner or later, the truth about her origin would be revealed. When Ironhoof’s accomplices attempted to capture this ‘artificial freak’ by offering peasants piles of gold, the peasants refused the offer. Steel had helped them in times of need, while Ironhoof’s regime stood voluntarilly ignorant to their suffering. If it weren’t for Steel’s intuition regarding the ideal location of where to plant seeds, the labour of the peasants would have been fruitless. The peasants paid their dues by protecting Steel. They secretely snuck her and Dr. Alloy outside of the county. As he was running outside the county at the middle of the night, Dr. Alloy carried a metal box with himself. Back in the county, many peasants were slaughtered by Ironhoof’s accomplices for refusing to cooperate in the search for the ‘dangerous monster’. The two Alloys moved to and lived comfortably in a province on the opposite side of Metallia. In that other province, Steel also helped many ponies using her intuition and Earth Pony strength. Dr. Alloy offered to give many mares a foal that would have Steel’s abilities.” “Wouldn’t the stallions get angry at Alloy?” Miss Purity asked out loud. Goodblood laughed. “At first they did. But he proved himself to be a good pony. The proto-foals which were injected into the mares were stored in a frozen state within Dr. Alloy’s metal box. The foals which were born to these mares were the ancestors to all Earth Ponies. After several years, Ironhoof’s regimes caught wind of where Alloy and Steel were. The duo then fled once again, but to a place in the central region of Metallia. This time they were more inconspicuous. It was safe this way, since Steelhoof’s forces were battling a war against fellow Metallians on two fronts. The central province was a clear, safe place. Finally, after more than a decade of waiting, the Earth Ponies became mature. Suddenly, Ironhoof’s regine suffered a large blow. His forces weren’t strong or numerous enough to withstand the sheer power of a thousand of Earth Ponies stampeding upwards from the south. The tables were turned. It was time to strike. Steel herself found Ironhoof. Guess what her last words to him were.” The colt and the two fillies shrugged. “It was ‘Steel is stronger than Iron.’”
  24. So just to keep things basic: What makes a good oc design or approach ? Like what do you look for in others or even you make your own oc of any kind? (Not just pony ocs) Is it the colors? Mane style? Cutie mark? Something they have on them or do you hit the story and other details on them first then hit up the design? Or in others? Do you have fan made ocs you happen to like the design? Even in helping others in what makes a bad over all design? Bright bleeding colors? Recolors? The Pony Maker?
  25. This is something that I have been intrigued about ever since I first watched the show back during season two. "How can the utilization of magic be explained from a scientific stand-point?" Now, sure, it could just be something as simple as "it's a cartoon", but that's just too simple an explanation, and I personally have a theory as to why this is, but be fore-warned, as it is lengthy and delves into various scientific principles. The Theory: In the world of Equestria, it seems there an element that happens to be of rather high abundance. In such a high abundance, in fact, that it is in virtually everything that exists: alicium. What is this material? It is metallic and magnetic, yet it behaves similarly to mercury when it is contained inside of a living creature, in that it is a liquid, not a solid. This means that such a metal must have a melting point of anywhere from 299 to 307 kelvin (80-93 Farhenheit, or 26.6-33.8 Celsius). When in its liquid form, like all other liquids, it also can resonate different patterns based on electromagnetic frequencies that strike the alicium whenever it is a liquid. The Questions: "If this material exists in absolutely everything and is magnetic, then why is it there are not ponies with trees stuck to them?" Well, the answer to that is that alicium is similar to a battery in that it stores electrical charges of both positive and negative. The reason that objects do not magnetize themselves is due to static equilibrium. Assuming nothing is changing the imposing forces on this body, a body will attempt to regain this equilibrium by slowly losing electrical charge, until such an electrical charge is effectively zero, and since magnetic components can create electricity and vice versa, this is what allows for the manipulation of objects in the physical plane via magic. "Why is it only Unicorns and Alicorns can use magic?" Actually, this is a rather simple, though lengthy, question to explain. Horned ponies, meaning Unicorns and Alicorns, have... well, a horn, and this horn happens to be similar to other horned animals in that there is soft tissue inside, including blood vessels and nerve receptors. It is all too likely that pony horns' nerves are also linked directly with the brain, and the brain as we all know is a hotbed of electrical activity. This is also why if anything is attached to the horn, or if the horn receives any impacting force such as when Sweetie Belle flicked Rarity's horn, it causes them to lose concentration and be rendered magically "silenced", or unable to cast magic. The pony simply thinks about performing a certain magical action, typically psychokinesis, and this causes their horn to spark, drawing in electricity from the desired object's natural alicium and infusing the energy with the energy in their own brain. This gives their horn a negative electrical field and the object a positive electrical field, so in order to actually move the object to where it needs to be without it becoming affixed to their skull, the pony has to then micro-bombard the object with positive energy pulses. This is why it appears to be slightly more difficult to "push" an object than it is to "pull" an object, as electricity is always a pulling force, rather than a pushing force. In the event that a pony does wish to push an object rather than pull, instead of negatively charging their horn, they positively charge it, instead feeding electrons from their own mind's electrical field to give the item a negative charge. "What happens after the psychokinetic spell is done? Where does the energy go?" The energy that was originally siphoned (or granted) to the object is returned to its original state, wherever that may have been. This is why magic can be rather draining, especially during complex spells or intense psychokinetic manipulation; aside from mental strain from moving the object, the pony has to either deal with relinquishing electrons from their mind (in the event of a "pull") or a bombardment thereof (in the event of a "push"). Before this, neither a pull nor a push leaves either object at their electrostatic equilibrium, and the magic wielder must be able to maintain this discordance in order to maintain the spell. "What about teleportation spells? Combat spells? Shield spells? Or even spells such as Starlight Glimmer's 'Talent Thief'?" All fair questions. Teleportation is actually not possible in the sense that it would instantly transport a target (or targets). Instead, it is possible that a pony can discharge energy into the air, super-heating it to open something of a pocket dimension that occupies a similar physical space as the original, Equestrian dimension, but does not allow the Equestrian dimension's inhabitants to perceive the contents of the pocket dimension. In addition, this physical plane allows the pocket dimension's inhabitants to perceive the Equestrian dimension, but it does not allow them to interact with that dimension; therefore two objects are allowed to occupy the same physical space. This is why teleportation does not appear to have an instance of another pony teleporting into wall and dying of asphyxiation, and it is also why the magic user does not need direct line-of-sight to the target like other magical spells. Afterwards, the pony simply repeats this spell to rip the veil apart and travel back to the more physical plane of Equestria. Remember how in The Ticket Master when Twilight suddenly teleported herself and Spike back to the library and how she was unharmed yet Spike had burn marks? As for most offensive combat spells, such as lightning, fire, et cetera, all of which merely require the magic wielder to heat the air a little. For defensive combat spells, such as shields, the opposite is true; cooling the air would cause the ambient alicium to grow solid, creating a shield as strong as the pony's mental fortitude. Starlight Glimmer's signature spell may very well merely alter that particular pony's neuro-chemical configuration, which would cause them to potentially remember what life with their talent, but it would leave them without the mental aptitude to ever perform said talent again, that is unless their marks return to them. Twilight's mishap with the broken spell in Magical Mystery Cure is similar to the Talent Thief spell, except is alters the target(s) neuro-chemical make-up more extensively, up to the point that the target(s) truly believe that that is their talent and have been performing it their whole lives. "Wait! How come Discord, Tirek, and Zecora can use magic?" Discord and Tirek both have horns, which would put them under the same jurisdiction as horned ponies. As for Zecora, she is a bit tougher to explain. It is my belief that horned ponies are able to naturally contain more alicium in their bodies than other pony races, and that the majority of it is concentrated in their horn, which is why magic comes so easily to them, as electricity is better controlled if it has a shorter travel distance (from the brain to the tip of the horn, where most of their alicium is). Zecora, being a zebra, has no horn, which would indicate that she perhaps has no additional alicium outside that of a normal pony; however, most of what drives a pony's magic is mental force of will. It is possible that through meditation and mental exercise, she has honed her mind to utilize magic to the extent of most Unicorns and possibly further. By the same token, this means that non-horned ponies can also learn to use magic, but simply do not know due to the lack of devotion to overcoming the handicap of not having a horn. "What about pegasi and earth ponies and their innate magic?" Pegasi have a "passive" form of magic that allow them to walk on clouds, which I believe is something that they actually have control over. In some instances, we can see pegasi grabbing clouds and moving them into place and at other times, we can see them flying clean through them as if they were nothing. Still other times, they may crash through them or even into them, taking the cloud with them. Pegasi appear to have to be able to control when they want to stand on these clouds, at a young age having to mentally brace themselves when they land to land on the cloud rather than go through it. Because of their naturally light-enough-to-fly frame, this does not take nearly as much effort as other races, who require a Unicorn "cloudwalker" spell in order to achieve the same effect. The act of having to mentally brace themselves gradually decreases in effort with each successful landing, until the pegasus does not even think of it anymore; it becomes as natural as breathing. This is why during a moment of panic in which a pegasi can not mentally focus, such as careening out of control during an aerial stunt, the pegasus may either go through the cloud (in which case they likely do not notice the cloud before hitting it) or they impact with the cloud and take it with them (in which case they notice the cloud, and their instincts scream "I'm going to crash!" and so they do even if their logical side tries to say otherwise). Earth ponies appear to have a form of passive magic as well, but theirs is far more difficult to explain. The easiest way to explain it is that since it is not limited to one particular body part, it disperses over a much wider area of their body, which can allow for all sorts of various, somewhat passive abilities to form. Take Pinkie Pie and her "Pinkie Sense". It is altogether possible that she is able to sense the various resonances of the world around her at a much greater amplitude than normal, which allows her to sense when an "impending falling object" shall... fall. Obviously, this is just Pinkie's own ability, but the basic principle is the same; earth ponies appear to be more in-tune to the world around them than the other types. A Point Raised by Buck Testa: "The show has described its source on a number of occasions actually. Magic comes from resonance enacted by emotional/mental constructs. The more in tune you are with one of these constructs, the more in tune with that type of magic you can tap into." This is undeniably true. I was going to originally include this in the article, but thought it might add too much length to the subject. Now I realize my mistake! The reason that emotions can resonate with a magic wielder's own power is due to harmonic frequencies that can act on water molecules as well as other liquids (see "Sources"). Different affinities have different emotions attached to them, which resonate at different frequencies, which in turn cause light energy, that is the visible aura, to emanate around the object and the wielder's concentration of alicium. While still a metallic substance, while alicium is in its liquid form, as in in the body, the properties of "water resonance" apply to it as well, allowing the signature colored glow to be seen. This is why certain ponies can temporarily or even permanently alter their magical aura's color; their personality and affinity with (a) certain emotion(s) changes, and thus the water molecules (and alicium) resonate differently to attune to that frequency. In addition, the "water resonance" principle is why strong emotions can empower a spell and make it more effective, regardless of the spell's nature. The water molecules as well as the alicium resonate more vibrantly to the current magic wielder's emotional affinity with the particular emotion experienced in that moment, which is why focus is all the more needed in magical use. Take Cadance for example. Her affinity is clearly love, be that in romantic form or otherwise. Bearing in mind that during the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot, she was magically inferior to Celestia (and by logical reasoning, Chrysalis as well). Through nothing but two ponies' magic, combined with pure love, which was her strongest affinity and emotion at the time, she expunged not only Chrysalis, but every other changeling in Canterlot as well, sending them beyond the horizon, which is a minimum of three miles, given the Earth's curvature (assuming the world of Equestria is of similar size to Earth). This is a feat possibly beyond even that of the Elements of Harmony at the time. In summary, a magic wielder feeding into their strongest emotional affinity can readily magnify their spell's potential, as they align their water molecules and the alicium in their bodies to match this emotion, which amplifies their mental fortitude. Real-World Implications: While alicium does not exist in this world, or at least, nothing like it to our knowledge, water is of absolute abundance and can be influenced by electricity, magnetism, and frequencies. Humans can not perform psychokinesis in any shape or form, but within the next hundred years, it is possible there will be some form of electronic implant available that could run off the voltage of our current electrical fields while boosting or otherwise augmenting their power. In a hundred years, we could very well be lifting objects with our minds, and even sooner is possible as well. Sources: Magnetic and Electrical Effects on Water — Water and other liquids behave similarly, and this applies to liquid alicium per the theory. This is also what allows the magic user to wield magic in the first place: being able to manipulate the energy of themselves and the object(s) in question. Equilibrium and Static Equilibrium — Our current understanding of mechanical physics leads us to the conclusion that during psychokinetic use, an object is struck out of its equilibrium, causing it to move. Goat Horns (and treatment of injured horns) — This is why "flicking" a horn or otherwise clasping on it would disrupt the pony using magic. Water Crystals and Emotions — This is the reason why magical auras are different in color, because like water can change due to emotion and mental auras, so too can other liquids, according to theory. Because water is not contained in everything in the physical world, but alicium can potentially, this is what allows magical auras to be visible and allows for magic to work on all substances that we have currently witnessed. This is also what allows emotions to amplify a spell's power. So, what do you think about all of this? Have some questions about my theory? Comment below!