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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. As you all know, I'm trying to sell some things from eBay I have, and even though it would've been taken to Octavia's Hall, its not feasible because my tablet pen had vanished and was never found since then, and my tablet will not recognize any tablet pen replacements even with a correct one, which makes it impossible for me to do artwork at all. And yes, some of the products I currently sell so far has shipping costs as unlike in the states, Free Shipping is very costly in Puerto Rico, compared to normal shipping costs that are less expensive, mostly in the states (outside of the US is pretty high as import taxes are quite costly unless the government can tackle this issue). Here are the items that I'm currently selling on eBay. I'm sorry if I have nothing relating to MLP (and I have MLP DVDs but not intent on selling them), but these are all I can offer so far so hopefully you guys are willing to buy the items I have on sale. I understand if advertising is against the rules, but again, no tablet pen means I cannot do artwork, and the mouse will do no good at all. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a site online to sell my MLP Funko Collection to save up for a down payment for a house when I soon ask my Special Somepony to marry me . I'd prefer NOT to sell on eBay as they charge fees for listing items and I'm not paying to list them with uncertainty that it would sell or not. Also my mom informed me that the likelihood of the figures selling or the value of the set may go up once the MLP Film is released next year, So I was also wondering if that may be the case as well.
  3. I'm a Nintendo Gamer, and I buy a lot of Nintendo products. One of those products are little pieces of joy called amiibos. For those who don't know, Amiibos are basically Nintendo's semi-answer to games like Skylanders or Disney Infinity. I say "Semi-Answer" because these little figures don't work with a specific game and nothing else. Instead, when you tap these figurines on your Wii U gamepad (Or on your New 3DS' Touchscreen if you have a New 3DS) You can unlock secret content in certain games, whether it'd be costumes for your Mii's to use in Mario Kart 8 or virtual fighters you can train in Super Smash Bros. Despite my dislike for games like Skylanders and DI, I have a very large fondness for Nintendo's take on toy gaming. Perhaps it's more on the fact that, amiibos aren't required to unlock stages in Smash Bros. or extra tracks in Mario Kart 8. The stuff amiibos unlock are very minuscule things in the games they function with, and the fact I can use them in more than one single game is icing on the cake. Plus, let's face it; It's nice to have little figures of Nintendo characters sitting on a shelf while you play. But, myself, as well as other collectors, have been dealing with an issue since these little things came into the market. That problem is scalping. With items like this, it's inevitable that certain figures will be hard to find. However, the current problem is the people wanting to sell them back to us, making them almost rare be default. Whenever a new batch of amiibo come out, certain people buy the figures in bulk and sell them again on sites like Ebay and Amazon, often 3 times the normal retail price, which is 13 bucks a figure. Unfortunately, especially with wave 4 amiibos on the horizon in the US, 40-60 dollars per amiibo is becoming the norm, even for more recognized characters like Wario and Charizard. It goes without saying that, in needs to stop. It needs to stop soon. By purchasing amiibos from these basement-dwelling neckbeards on the internet, it's simply encouragement for them to do this over and over again. I understand why collectors would bite the bullet and purchase amiibos at way higher prices than normal. They're incredibly charming and enticing, and fun to use. They're a good edition to your Wii U and 3DS titles. However, in my case, I'd much rather just remain hopeful that Nintendo will restock the figures and save my money. Purchasing these figures for 40-60 dollars is nothing short of ludicrous, and I refuse to support such a practice, especially when there's still the matter of purchasing the games that work with them to begin with. They too run for 40-60 bucks a pop, and buying a figure that really won't do much to enhance the experience for the same price just isn't worth it. In conclusion, yes, I like amiibos. In fact, I own twelve of them, because I enjoy their charm and the little things they add to compliment certain games. However, the scalping issue that's been going on since the beginning has only accentuated, making collecting the toys a tough hobby for arbitrary reasons. Though, I think if we just keep our money in our pockets, the issue will eventually simmer down a bit, and hopefully restocks will occur in the near future. I think a lot of us would like this hobby to be less strenuous, and to do that, we need to just wait it out and be patient. It's a hope, but I think it's much better than giving some weirdo on the internet 85 bucks for a Little Mac amiibo that works nowhere outside of the game his figure is tailored to. I'm not kidding about the 85 bucks thing, by the way. That's literally when he runs for.
  4. Like the title says. Had an... unpleasant experience last week when a package i ordered arrived... without what i ordered inside of it! Luckily, i took precautions and filmed the unpacking of the parcel, so i had proof and evidence and got a full refund. I'm just bummed about all the time wasted waiting.
  5. Find weird things on E-bay and post them here
  6. Over the course of my pony plushie pursuing, I've gotten three Dash plushies thus far. A small streamer haired one from Toys R Us (an impulse buy; since I worked there, I got discounts), a completely custom-made one from Amazon, and one from a booth at BronyCon, this year. I am happy to announce that, now that I have my new job at Hannafords Groecery Store and am getting completely regular hours, I was able to drop $150 for this awesome-sauce Spitfire plushie from Ebay. And the best part? It was the only one available, as it's made by someone who makes these all custom-made, and apparently, with no or few repeat creations <3 Picture got taken down and marked as 'Sold Out' as soon as I got my receipt. I will make an edit to both the OP, and make a new post, for when it arrives Which should be in just two or three days, due to speedy shipping benefits.
  7. Okay, I know that there are reference links to use for the Amazon sites that you get a small bit from if we purchase something from there using said links. But I don't shop from Amazon, in fact rarely do I do any shopping online. But when I do, I go to ebay. My question? Do you have links for ebay that can do the same thing? I wouldn't mind going out of my way to hit the referral link to help out in any way. Also, and this is just me being curious, how does that link referral thing for Amazon actually work here? Clickable counters? Tagged entrance? Pegasi Magic?