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Found 2 results

  1. Does it count as cross-posting if it's from a completely unrelated forum? I posted this on another forum that focuses on creepypastas. Sadly, the forum isn't terribly active, so I haven't gotten a response despite posting it, like, a month ago. Well, here's my issue, if you can call it that. I'm aiming to start up a review show on creepypastas. I've created this character, Count Capellini, and this is sorta the format of the show: talking over still frames. Since it's primarily written word, I think that this style is fine. Here's the introduction: In this video, I echoed the voice and lowered the duplicate tracks in order to give a “demonic” effect. I think this was cool to do for the intro video, but I’m debating whether or not to do it for the reviews, too. My first video that I’m planning is probably gonna come in around 30 minutes. I’m wondering if the under-pinnings will be distracting to listen to for that amount of time. Should I just go with the straight-up voice without any duplicate tracks? Or does adding the demonic tones give it character and depth? And yes, it is supposed to sound slightly campy and flamboyant. One thing I was considering was to have this voice in the video do the review and maybe amplify the lower-pitched voice to narrate quotes. I thought that might break up the monologue a bit and give listeners an audio cue of when I've switched to a quote. (A minor peeve of mine with YT is when content creators let the visuals do the talking when it's primarily talking. I like to listen to stuff like this almost as podcasts, sometimes, but stuff like that takes you out of that illusion.) But let me know if that sounds dumb or something. I have sort of a semi-sample that I did, maybe I can post it for comparison. As for right now, though, my computer's borked and I'm on my partner's computer, so it may be difficult for me to upload that audio right now. But I'll try if anyone needs to get a better idea. I appreciate your opinions! Thanks!
  2. a before and after picture of my Banshee, Even though i can see improvement, id like it more if id drawn it on the computer and made it look epic!!! but idk how to start in digital art tumblr: if you know any good starting digital art programs that i could start with that would be very awesome!!! please don't hesitate to tell me! I wanna make awesome cartoons like the tumblr accounts, Hotbloodedpinkiepie, Princess Molestia, and My little chubbies :3 PLEASE HELP!!!