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Found 17 results

  1. So I was just sitting here having a couple eggs for breakfast and thought, hey, this would be a fun thread for the forums! So like the title do you like your eggs cooked? Scrambled? Fried? On toast? Omelette? What is it? Me, I like mine sunny side up and a little runny, and then I like to dip my toast in it!
  2. I mean think about it...they have wings, feathers, love sticks, build nests...why not have the ability to lay eggs? Yes, yes, I know they’re not technically birds, they’re ponies, but it’s still a fun theory.
  3. Queen Chrysalis couldn't have laid all those eggs on her own. Who did she mate with?
  4. Because I like egg salad! I made this out of boredom, because I can. lol
  5. ranul


    if this is the wrong section i am sorry but what would you do with 15 dozen eggs Got home last night and found 180 eggs left at the front door .
  6. ATTACK OF THE CHICKENS(ZELDA) Starting with A Link to the Past, attack a chicken as much as you can and an entire army will get their revenge on you METAL GEAR-VANIA Have Castlevania Symphony of the Night on your PS1 memory card and he'll reveal the game on your memory card. This works with other Konami games including Azure Dreams, Suikoden, and Vandal Hearts. The Gamecube remake also brings this back, this time with Legend of Zelda Windwaker, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Eternal Darkness CLOUD JOINS THE PARTY(FINAL FANTASY TACTICS) A sidequest that is activated after finding a certain Zodiac Stone, you can get Cloud from Final Fantasy Tactics to join your party, complete with most of his Limit Breaks from the game. The PSP remake of the game follows up on this by re-including Cloud, as well as Luso(FFTA2) and Balthier(FFXII) LINK AND SAMUS IN SUPER MARIO RPG Both Link and Samus make appearances in Super Mario RPG, sleeping in some inns before/after(respectively) facing battles with their foes BATTLE CUTMAN(MEGAMAN X8) If you have a save file of Megaman X Command Mission on your PS2 Memory Card, you can unlock a battle with Cut Man from Megaman 1 STARFOX REPORTING FOR YOUR MASKS A line of masks in your inventory in Majora's Mask will appear to represent the Starfox crew+Pigma SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH THE G-DIFFUSER Appearing in F-Zero X, James McCloud in F-Zero is pretty much the same character from F-Zero. Since his appearance in F-Zero X, he's since become a staple ROOM OF GABEN(HALF-LIFE) The God among PC Gamers has his face plastered in a room in Half Life...which is kind of creepy RESIDENT GAMECUBE(RESIDENT EVIL REMAKE) In the Gamecube Remake of the original Resident Evil, the MO Disc Reader was changed to resemble the Gamecube(as a nod to the game's exclusivity). Unfortunately since the recent HD update of the game isn't available on any Nintendo consoles, the GC resemblance has been removed STARTING THE CONSOLE(NINTENDO GAMECUBE) Holding the Z Button with one Controller will make an alternate sound when starting up. Do it with all four controllers and you'll get another start up tune
  7. Anyone Have a Account? i'd love to see your dragons. here are mine: <a href=''><img src='' style='border-width: 0' alt='Adopt one today!'/></a> <a href=''><img src='' style='border-width: 0' alt='Adopt one today!'/></a> <a href=''><img src='' style='border-width: 0' alt='Adopt one today!'/></a> <a href=''><img src='' style='border-width: 0' alt='Adopt one today!'/></a> (dragons or eggs, all is welcome.) and i don't know if i am breaking the rules or not, but hey, i tried.
  8. What's up, everypony? The name's Alex Night and I've started to catch the Let's Player bug for a while now, so I decided to try my hand at YouTube and taking just a small break from Twitch. I've already got a few projects started along with some projects already done, but there is one project that I'm really pushing for in terms of involvement from both me and my viewers. It is called the Pokemon Sacred Gold Egglocke challenge. Pokemon Sacred Gold is a ROM hack of Pokemon Heart Gold where the Pokemon have changed in many different ways to create a more challenging experience like buffing some of the weaker Pokemon or how all of the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four have six Pokemon to use against you. For those unfamiliar with Egglockes or Nuzlockes, it's essentially a self-imposed hard mode. There are two (three) basic rules to the Nuzlocke portion that are mandatory. 1. If a Pokemon faints, then it is considered dead and must be either released into the wild or put into a "dead" box for archival purposes. It cannot be revived and used again with the exceptions of HM Slave purposes. 2. You may only catch the first Pokemon that you encounter in each Area/Route. So, if you happen to encounter an Abra which has a habit of Teleporting on its first move and it gets away, then tough luck. You can't have a second chance. 3. You must nickname every Pokemon that you catch/receive as a gift in order to create a more emotional bond with your Pokemon. Now we come to the part of the Egglocke rules which is where the viewer/subscriber comes into play. 1. Every Pokemon that you get, including the Starter Pokemon, serves as a token to swap for a random Egg pulled from the PC box that is provided by the viewers/subscribers. 2. Now because the games as they are now hatch Pokemon at Level 1, I have to enable a one-time pass for creating 999 Rare Candies only for the sole purpose of leveling up the hatched Pokemon to the same level as the Token Pokemon that was swapped for it. Any Rare Candies that I may find out in the game are used immediately for legitimacy purposes. Optional Rules: There will be a duplicate limit for the eggs where I cannot get 3 of the same Pokemon during my run. So, if I were to hatch a fourth Charmander during my run, then I would have to pass over that Charmander for a new egg. I want to be as fair to everybody during my run which is why I put a high enough limit, but given that Gen 4 has plenty of Pokemon to choose from I don't think I'll run into too many duplicates. So obviously I need people to send me eggs to even get this project started. I even created a YouTube layout for the game which I'll be more than happy to show for you guys. The video link here will take to the first episode where I explain all of this in video form and it also explains how to create an egg and send it to me. Since I prefer to be on the mods' good side (particularly Bababa's), all the stuff that you need is provided in the video description. Keep in mind that I'm still working on my commentary and that I may let some curse words out from time to time during my videos. I'm trying to cut it down to a point where I say some silly word in its place, but just giving you a fair warning. Other than that, let me know if you guys have any critiques about the video or about the layout as feedback is greatly appreciated.
  9. I remember from my old Dungeons & Dragons books that Pegasi were actually egg laying creatures. So do you think the same applies to MLP's Pegasi? I mean they already have wings resembling those of birds, that's one avian trait. We have yet to see how Pegasi or Equines in general give birth in the MLPverse. Too crazy a theory or kinda makes sense?
  10. I was at home looking across the street where a parking lot of a high school was. I felt odd about the four kids standing around this van across the street. I, and my friend come closer to the window to observe what might be happening around this van because his car was about 3 meters from this van across the street. As soon as we both come closer to the bay window facing the parking lot. A FUCKING FLOCK OF KIDS COME RUNNING OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE FLEEING ACROSS THE STREET INTO THE FIELD! And I'm just like "wut?" Just witnessed a ton of kids (20) on bikes cycling and kids running. What madness is this? It's fucking cold outside. After a few minutes, I had noticed I needed some green onions for my soup I was cooking. My friend and I go into his car to go to the grocery store. When we are about to drive off, I noticed my neighbour looking a little frustrated, I exit the car and asked him if something was wrong. He had explained to me how he had just got egged. I was shocked, and came to the conclusion that those kids obviously smoked his house with a shit ton of eggs. He said he was going for a walk, and I pointed into the direction where they fled. Anyways, we left our neighbour to do his thing, while we scouted the neighbourhood for those knuckleheads.We couldn't find them in 10 minutes, but we speculated where they might be, eventually we came across the notorious group of teens and we parked the car, and eventually got out. We were worried if they were going to egg the car at first, but we came up with a short plan of action. We saw one just alone as the others started to advance in their quest for shenanigans. We approach the singled-out teen and called out to him and went with a charade that we were supposed to meet up for some egging. Accepting one person's trust we move forward with the others who at first were avoiding us because they were probably paranoid that we were possible prosecutors. *chuckle* We later move on the group of kids (12) and start introducing ourselves, I was roleplaying with the name "Chad", and noting names, schools, and grades. One kid wanted to test me to throw an egg at the house, since our story was about meeting up with a friend to egg some houses. I pretty much ignored his challenge and called him out saying, "Are you fucking kidding man, my hands are cold as fuck bro." Not really calling him out... but whatever XD. After that, we talked a little and retreated with our information, and headed back to my neighbour. I saw him later in his garage, I told him about revealing their identities, but he declined to do anything on his behalf. We had talked and I became closer with my neighbour (great guy), and he decided to let it slide. The next time, he said he would scare the shit out of em' or something. No one is going to learn if fire isn't fought with fire! So my actions to confront them were wasted, but I did it in good spirit to help my neighbour! -Some of the kids broke off the main group. That's why we only encountered 12 later. -In fairness some of the kids were bystanders just watching the other guys throw eggs. -Yes, I got green onions to finish my soup.
  11. So........ If you had these three choices for breakfast every morning, (Which some of us do. Not me, but some of us. XD) Which would you choose? 1. Eggs. They go with everything, and you can make them in twelve different ways. (Give or take. :3) You can make omelets with 'em, you can eat em with sausage or bacon, or even make an egg sandwich. All around fast, filling breakfast in little round balls. 2. Pancakes & Waffles. They taste delicious. You can sprinkle 'em with brown sugar and eat 'em like a taco. You can put anything from blueberry syrup, to chocolate syrup. (Not that I recommend that...) You can use butter and powered sugar, or add extra spices and just eat 'em straight off the stove. Not the greatest cook time, and not the healthiest, but delicious non the less. 3. Oatmeal. By far, the most overlooked breakfast food, Oatmeal is what it is. Oats. You can make it en-mass for multiple people, or pop a bowl in the microwave for you're self. You can use cinnamon and a host of other spices, brown or white sugar, butter, or fruit to give it you're favorite flavor. Great for the mornings when you miss you're alarm clock. Not the most glamorous breakfast food, but "A great part of a complete breakfast." Or another one... Which will YOU chose???
  12. I find that I really, REALLY like pickled eggs, but it appears most people have a, erm, differing, opinion. So, what do you think of the vinegar filled chicken reproductions?
  13. So today I started off my Easter picture, I have new pens and thought this would be the perfect time to use them! It's not finished yet, but I thought you guys would like to see my progress. I'll probably end up watercolouring this one. I hope you like how she's looking so far!
  14. DA link Guys, honestly. What else was I supposed to do; scribble "cooked" all over the shell? Gosh. Testing my new digital camera by the way.
  15. In your opinion, which do you think came first? The chicken or the egg?
  16. WE SHALL BE TALKING IN THE ROYAL ADDRESSING IN ORDER TOO SHOW OUR LOVE FOR YOU KURTISS. Unless, you know you would like us to maybe be like Fluttershy, I-if that is okay with you... But in all fare, everypony on mlpforums would like too state how awesome you are Kurtiss! Also notice how this is topic "669". :megusta: