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Found 14 results

  1. Yepsi pepsi, I made some riffs or whatever. I will probably improve it more later. Anyway, enjoy!
  2. This is part of a collaborative project I did with another youtuber. It is my first dabble into rock music and I had a lot of fun DL link and complete song are found on the youtube page
  3. Edit: Stuff removed because of reasons. Also re-did the music but I can't share it here yet.
  4. This is a short cover I did of the Eggman boss music from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
  5. Here is short metal thing I did for trying out how stuff sounds. :3
  6. This is just a short cover of "Attack Sharply", the Stage 2 boss theme from Thunder Force IV (a.k.a. Lightening Force [sic]). It ends pretty abruptly.
  7. Link: clicky This is a cover I made of the song Nattens Ledestjerne by Ildjarn.
  8. This is a cover of sWitch from Painkiller. Link: clicky Version 2 (harsher noisy guitar tone): clicky Guitar tone not as good as in the original song...hard to know what amp/cabinet settings they used and so on.
  9. Random 1-minute metal thingy I did. Link: clicky I am more interested in comments on the mixing/sound rather than the composition, assuming there are users here who can give feedback on it...such as guitar/bass EQ and whatnot.
  10. A cover I did of "He's Back!" from the game Duke Nukem II, which has a nice mostly synth-metal soundtrack. MP3 link: And here is what the original music sounds like: The lead guitar in my cover seems whiny. Leads always end up whiny... :okiedokielokie: The FM synthesis electric guitar in the original, although not realistic at all, still sounds better.
  11. Links: * clicky (old version) Newest versions (a few edits, different mixing): * latest * latest - with the song's original vocals added I did an instrumental cover of Twilight of the Thunder God by Amon Amarth. I mainly did this for testing sounds and's nowhere near the studio quality of the original song, but I'll get there eventuallyy as I work on a lot more music stuff. I have done simpler metal covers of other music such as video game songs. The Twilight of the Thunder God song is difficult to do because of all the gigantic distorted guitar sounds in it... Also, this cover doesn't have the guitar solo. What can be improved (compared to the original song): * Guitars need to sound more massive. * Figure out how to make a (good-sounding) solo.
  12. Ok, I normally hate metal. Just not my type of music. Sorry metal lovers. But I logged into my xbox today, and saw this advertised on it and checked it out, and holy cow this is awesome! It's 17 min, but definately worth it, and you'll want more. This guy (who is really good) plays the songs to video games dating from start to present day, in metal style. It's a tribute to 40 yrs of gamming I guess. But it covers many like pong, pack-man, dig-dug, legend of zelda, mario, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and many others. Check it out if you feel like watching something awesome.
  13. I am wondering what is your first song you've ever learned on any instrument that is played in a band. My first ever song, was a song that had no bass in it, it was Seven Nation Army by White stripes. I played it easily, it is just two hits on the A string, one hit on the tenth fret on the A string, one hit on the seven of the A string again, hit once on the fifth fret of the A string, then one hit on the third fret of the A string, and lastly for that part a hit on the second fret of the A sting then rinse and repeat. Then comes some more notes, the third fret of the E string hit that eight times, after that hit the fifth fret of the E string and go back to the beginning. Or you could replace the tenth fret on the A string with the fifth fret of the D string. And that was my first song I learned on my Bass guitar what was yours?
  14. So, as you could have already told, I have no life and love to make music out of my no-lifedness. So, as per usual, I did that. Made more music. So... um... here it is. The Great Adventure Of The Really Awesome Dude. Feedback, please? I need to know if that guitar plugin is worth continuing using. I, for one, like it. A lot.