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Found 169 results

  1. (Also, whatever is right with her) What I’m about to tell is, actually, obvious, but for some reason it was never mentioned in any Applejack analysis I’ve ever seen: Applejack ain’t honest. For whatever reason, the creators of the show have decided, that honesty is an important part of the magic of friendship and gave that trait to Applejack. And then… they failed to establish it. You remember the second part of the pilot episode: a big part of it was spent to five scenes establishing elements of harmony as traits of Mane Six. BronyCurious (I believe) stated in his analysis of the episode that it just wasn’t enough time to do it properly. In general, I can only agree with him, but going into details we can see that not each of those five scenes suffered from time limit equally. In my opinion Fluttershy’s kindness and Rainbow Dash’s loyalty were revealed decently. Maybe, they could be revealed even better with more screentime, but they were already good enough. Pinkie’s laughter and Rarity’s generosity weren’t revealed as fortunate as those mentioned above. But in these cases writers still managed to make a turn with help of healthy self-irony, though. I mean Twily’s reaction when Pinkie (for the first but not last time) broke into song: “Tell me, she’s not!” – “Yes, she i-is!” Or Dashie’s final statement in sea serpent scene: moustache would grow back! BTW, great scene though: ridiculous on one hoof and hilarious on other. It’s a useful tactic: if you are landed in an awkward situation, be the first who laughs. That way others will laugh with you, not at you. That’s exactly what writers did there. But the attempt to reveal Applejack’s honesty was a complete fail. When Applejack started to talk about “honest truth” many viewers said: “What?! What does honest truth have to do with anything happening in this scene?!” But this was expected. We all know that honesty is valued as such only then, when revealing the truth has consequences you better avoid. So, to show honesty, we need those consequences. This means we need another conflict. Ergo, we need whole another subplot, which has to be developed throughout several scenes. And there lack of screentime strikes! Not being established properly, the element of honesty never appears further in the show. No, really: Applejack isn’t particularly honest. She lies occasionally, as we all do, and for the usual reasons. What’s really bad is that she sometimes lies to herself. That is the farthest thing from honesty you can ever have. Sad but true. Furthermore, as soon as in the first season we have several episodes built upon Mane Six being in their elements. We have Rarity being generous in “Suited for success”, we have Fluttershy being kind in “Bird in the hoof”, we have Pinkie Pie being full of laughter in “Griffon the brush off”. We even have an episode, where those elements came into collision: “Green isn’t your colour”. But we have not a single episode – not in the first season, nor in the whole entire show – where Applejack's honesty would be the driving force of the story. In the contrary, we have two episodes where the main conflict is generated by Applejack’s lying: to her friends in “Last roundup” and to herself in “Applejack season”. Well, it’s perfectly understandable: honesty has been number one priority in children’s didactics for the last nine thousand years. After all, parents and teachers don’t want children to lie to THEM. But it means there’re already too many stories out there that teach children value of honesty. Also, let’s admit it: honesty isn’t most valuable virtue in a real adult life. At some point we all have to learn when and how it is appropriate to lie. So once again, it’s perfectly understandable if the creators of the show don’t really want to address this issue. What I can’t understand then is why in Celestia’s name they’ve chosen the trait they have no interest in exploiting further whatsoever?! Thank Celestia Applejack has another trait we love her for. It’s her reliability. She is very supportive and always tries to be reliable to her friends. Right from start, in the beginning of “FiM, Pt.2” she says: “She ain’t no spy! But she sure knows what’s going on, don’t you, Twilight?” With that one sentence she admits Twilight importance, reveals it to others, asks Twilight to trust them and offers her support. Later on she refuses to leave Twilight alone in Everfree Forest. In “Ticket Master” all five try to bribe Twilight for the extra ticket but only Applejack tries to give Twilight what she actually needs at the moment: food. And in the end she is the first who apologises. In “Dragonshy”, when Twilight decides to stick to the plan and bring Fluttershy along, Applejack takes care of the matter without questions. And later on Applejack saves Twilight in avalanche. Not to mention “Applejack season”. This list can go on and on, but there is one another example of Applejack’s supportiveness I’d like to mention. I will do it another tome, though, when I’ll talk about “Boast Busters”. The final question is: why creators of the show didn’t make reliability Applejack’s element of harmony? It would fit perfectly, wouldn’t it? Original post.
  2. Recently, people have said that rainbow dash (best pony ever) isn't a very good choice for the element of loyalty. That she is more suited for honesty. But I wanted to post a few objections to this, and hear if you agree/disagree. 1.she turned down the shadow bolts (isn't that their names?) Offer of fame for her freinds. 2.came to celestia's defense after discord's insult. 3.relentlessly persued applejack to bring her back in the last roundup. 4.admitted to the pranks in griffon the brush off to defend pinkie. 5.willing to give up her dream in wonderbolt academy for the sake of her friends. And that's off the top of my head. I want to defend dash's title as element of loyalty, if you agree or disagree then reply. Just please be resonable with your responses.
  3. Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic are the Elements of Harmony, but what if there was another one? It's crossed my mind a few times, and I'm honestly not sure. I'd have to be an attribute to friendship, most definitely.
  4. There have been tons of theories about the possibility of a seventh element. Many people think the seventh element might be Sunset Shimmer, Starlight glimmer, Spike or maybe even Starswirl. But the question is, would this seventh element be a good idea for this to have? If the show staff put it into the show how would play out and would it change up the story too much? If Spike was the seventh element then most likely not. He's been in the show since the beginning so him being an element wouldn't change anything too much but the others would most likely add a huge change. Post what you think. Is having a seventh element a good idea for the show staff to add?
  5. A question that some of us have asked at one point or another is why did the EoH petrify Discord but banish NMM? And even though it is a kids show, we haven't had many references to death in Equestria. Or perhaps we have. Here's what I'm thinking. When creatures die in Equestria, the don't decay back into the earth. Instead, they turn to stone. That labyrinth in Canterlot during return to harmony wasn't a garden, it was a cemetery, filed with ponies whose natural lives came to an end. But then you ask "What about the Cockatrice? It's gaze turns things to stone." Or does it? Maybe the Cockatrice gaze, much like that of a similar creature, the Basilisk, actually kills creatures, and being turned to stone is the result of a beings life ending. So essentially, the EoH didn't imprison Discord, but actually killed him. Makes sense considering Discord is the embodied opposition of the EoH. How can it undo the very antithesis of it's function. That could be like hot trying to convert cold into something else. So why was Luna banished instead of killed? Because as implied in the series, she's immortal and more than all likely a demigod. Creatures like that are probably immune to death itself, perhaps even interacting with the spirits of the dead, much like the theory that in magical mystery cure how Twilight died of Starswirl's spell and Celestia was the one who interacted with her in the netherworld. So then why could the Eoh & cockatrice stare be reversed? The deaths they cause are unnatural, caused by magic, and magic can be reversed and undone. There is still a life force within those statues, rather than the ones in the garden who ran out of life. But why do the statues look so young then? Well this is just headcannon speaking, but reverse aging. Animals here tend to live youthful lives until their last few years, unlike we humans who begin a slow painful decline starting about 2/3's in. Ponies seem to age like us, but do the opposite of our animals, where the last few years would be filled with frail aging, they being to get younger, living out the last years in their prime and being immortalized at their best when their final day comes. I'm not even sure ponies can even be killed by conventional means, as they have been shown to be incredibly durable, Rainbow Dash being the best example. She's flown through glass without getting cut, tore though solid wood, even smashing though stone while only ending up dazed and sore. Even flying at supersonic speeds gave her a broken wing rather than splattering her across the ground. Twilight Sparkle survived a variety of objects falling onto her, most notably an anvil and a piano from 2-5 stories up, things that would kill a normal horse. Even Derpy survived a point blank lighting strike, maintaining consciousness, barley being fazed and ending up only mildly singed, doing pretty well considering lighting bolts are hotter than the surface of the sun and can stop ones heart instantly. So maybe ponies can only die natural deaths? Maybe they can heal at accelerated rates? Maybe only magic and supernatural powers can end their lives? From what the show has shown us so far, this all does seem to be the case. Any thoughts, opinions, ideas for or against my theories?
  6. I was wondering. If there were no unicorn to represent magic, would that role fall on an earth pony or Pegasus?
  7. After Suskel's pretty neat thread of "Which pony can live up to another element of harmony best?", I thought up an interesting question that I wanted to ask you all. Which Element of Harmony would Spike, Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant, most fit? I'm not going to answer juuuust yet, I wanna see what everyone else thinks first and give a fair-looking poll to start with. This is not about if Spike became one of the ponies, no no. This is purely about which Element specifically would fit him best.
  8. In the Season 9 trailer why don't the Student 6 not all have the same elements from at the end of School Raze? Only Yona and Silverstream are the only ones that have the same elements being Honesty and Laughter from the season 8 finale. School Raze Gallus was purple=Magic Smolder was blue=Loyalty Sandbar was yellow=Kindness Ocellus was white=Generosity Season 9 Trailer Gallus was blue=Loyalty Smolder was white=Generosity Sandbar was purple=Magic Ocellus was yellow=Kindness Why are they different?
  9. I've posted the first chapter of my new fanfic, The Meaning of Harmony, on both and FimFiction. I'll link to the story here, for those interested in reading it. Summary: After Sunset Shimmer gets plagued by a recurring nightmare she returns to Equestria, where she discovers that Twilight has been having similar nightmares. Together with their friends, the ponies are tasked with finding the Forges of Harmony and bring harmony to Equestria once and for all. Shipping Warning: This fic will be SunLight, meaning Sunset x Twilight, in later chapters. If you dislike that pairing or shipping in general this might not be a story for you. If you read the story, please consider leaving a comment/review on it so I can learn how to improve. It's okay if you don't like it, but I'd like to know how to get better and constructive criticism can help me do that. Thanks! On FimFiction: On
  10. If the show were to introduce the concept of "switching Elements" so often brought up in the fandom, what would be the most fitting and believable way from them to do it if everypony had a different Element? Here's what I think: Pinkie Pie= Honesty. Rainbow Dash= Laughter. Rarity= Magic. Twilight Sparkle= Kindness. Applejack= Loyalty. Fluttershy= Generosity.
  11. Was thinking about the theory that the Young Six might become the next set of Element bearers. The Pillars didn't literally pass on their elements to the Mane 6, but display a different aspect or facet of the same fundamental idea - so for example - Pinkie (whose element is Laughter) and Somnamula (whose element is Hope) both show different aspects of a common idea (Optimism). As we see at the end of S8, each of the Young Six are ALSO associated with one of the six elements, Silverstream being the most obvious candidate for Optimism of course, but not really laughter OR hope. Enthusiasm, perhaps? So what element do each of the Young Six express, and how does that relate to the elements of the mane 6 and the pillars?
  12. Is the season 8 finale "School Raze" hinting at something in the future regarding the Student 6? I have a feeling that is a distinct possibility; thanks to this scene from the finale: Note: Image has been spoilered Look at that! The Tree of Harmony saves the Student 6 (and Starlight) from the vortex, and they each have a distinct glow reminiscent of the colors of the Elements of Harmony. From the looks of it (and the screenshot is less than ideal for this...): Twilight Sparkle - Gallus Pinkie Pie - Silverstrem Applejack - Yona Rainbow Dash - Smolder Fluttershy - Ocellus Rarity - Sandbar Of course the students are too young to take on such a mantle just yet and the Mane 6 are more than capable right now, but the Tree of Harmony took a special interest in this group in "What Lies Beneath" and it seems to me that they have an important part to play in the future. While the Elegamt of Magic being linked with Gallus might seem strange; he does seem to have the best potential for leadership, which I think is what the Element of Magic (or Pillar of Sorcery) mostly represents. What do you think? Am I thinking too much into this?
  13. Roleplay Link: Click Here Darkness slowly covers Equestria as it is announced that The Two Sisters and The Elements of Harmony have disappeared. As the darkness grows King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis work together and enslave pony kind. As the two evil rules began their rule, a rebellion a raises lend by Lady Zecora. Zecora gave the rebellion a prophecy that 10 special creatures will ban together to become the new Elements of Harmony, defeat King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis, free pony kind, and find the two sisters and the old Elements Of Harmony. Canon Characters (must try out for these spots) King Sombra @ Queen Chrysalis @ Lady Zecora @Star48955 The New Elements Of Harmony Rakon The Element Of Courage @Kulstor Doctor Whooves The Element Of Knowologe @Kulstor Ocean Whiplash The Element Of Freedom @:: Mysterious Soul :: Techno Universe The Element Of Creation @Techno Universal Mysterious Soul The Element Of Bravery @Queen Chrysalis Servant Starbrust The Element Of Empathy @CentipedeGhoul Kabra'za The Element Of Hope @Strong Copper Crystal Moonlight The Element Of Spirit @Star48955 Open Slot Rebellion Enslaved Ponies Big Mac @ Forms Name: Age: General description: Family: Likes: Dislikes: Fears: Best Friend(s): Friends: Rival(s): Other: (( Everyone @nx9100 is my Admin, so If I'm not on he can approve your charcter for you.))
  14. Heyo fellow pegasisters and bronies. Here is a discussion on the future of our beloved show and fandom. It was earlier this week when my close friend Kellie and I started talking about the show. She had told me that they already have plan on how to end gen 4 and start gen 5. I post the schedule of what should happen below and character concepts. So the we will still have elements of harmony, but as different species. Twilight is an earth pony, Fluttershy is unicorn, Pinkie is a Pegasus, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack stay the same species; but this could easily change along with their designs. Personal I love applejack's design it's pretty. Tell me your thoughts, @WiccanAssassin
  15. We have all know, that Twilight is now an Alicorn. Yay's all around, she has been made a Princess. It has also been established that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are thousands of years old. Which makes sense that now Twilight has the ability to live longer, and her longevity is thanks to her newfound/given Alicorn powers/magic. So that begs the question: What will happen to her friends? Obviously she will outlive her friends, so what does that mean for the Princes of Friendship? What will happen when the rest of the Mane 5, and holders of the remaining Elements of Harmony, die? She became the Princess of Friendship not only by her own merit (of course) but by the aid of her friends. So as she grows in power as an Alicorn Princess, and outlives the other Element holders, what happens? My theory is that after the other 5 pass away, she will sort of... absorb them. Not their souls per say, but the Embodiment of their Element, so she is able to use all the powers of the Elements herself without the others. Makes sense as she grows more in power and again, outlives the other 5. They are the ones who helped her reach her transformation to Princess-hood, but after their passing will continue to serve her in the form of their spiritual embodiment of the Elements. Which in turn would logically make sense that Twilight Sparkle would reach the zenith of her Princess Alicorn magical powers, and thus be on the same level as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. At the very least, the level of Princess Cadence. She could continue to serve as the Princess of Friendship and (IMO) Diplomacy, now able to access each Element now stored within her from the souls of her passed-on friends. What do you guys think?
  16. I would like to now present my very first FIMfic: "Harmony's New Heroes" It is a 4 parter. and I will post a new part every Saturday night. Here it is on Fanfiction: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (Final) Here it is on FIMfiction: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (Final) Please note that my username on is different than on here. That's okay right? Anyways Enjoy!
  17. What of the Elements of Harmony were real do you think people would use it and on who?
  18. Remember when the map called for only the Mane Six? It was because they're connected to the Elements of Harmony. However, the Mane Six haven't been using the elements for three seasons, and maybe the elements want to come back but with different holders! The elements used to be connected to Celestia and Luna, but ever since Nightmare Moon's banishment, they haven't been used ever since, and the Mane Six became the new bearers of them. What made me think this is that first Starlight got called by the map, and then Spike recently! If some of us are correct, and Trixie gets summoned by the map in To Change a Changeling, it would really start making suspicions! I saw somebody say Starlight and Spike only got summoned by the map because they're close to Twilight; but if Trixie gets summoned, that theory would pretty much end! So basically, I'm starting to think that the Elements of Harmony might come back sometime in the future, but with new holders: Starlight, Spike, and Trixie for the first three! Who would be the other three? It could be the CMCs, or it could be Maud, Ember, and Thorax! Any way could go, but it depends on who gets summoned by the map in the future! I'm pretty sure people would rather have the CMCs, and would wanna see them as heroes of Equestria, and they are more main characters than Maud, Ember, and Thorax! But Maud, Ember, and Thorax are good friends with either Starlight, Spike, and Trixie; so either way goes! But the main question is: who's gonna get summoned by the map next that is not a Mane Six?
  19. Part of a series where my daughters construct puzzles of ponies. We've already completed the Mane 6. Now comes Princess Celestia. Hope everypony enjoys! Please let me know what you think of my Celestia or any of the other ponies! Thanks!
  20. So, anyways, looking at this panel from the Recent IDW comic on the legends of magic... Do you think they're going to introduce new elements/virtues that the six represent? We got 6 Virtues here that represent the six as well as the legends of magic after all (Sorcery for Twilight, Courage for dash, strength for AJ, beauty for Rarity, healing for fluttershy and hope for pinkie)
  21. so Here's a question; the legends of magic in the show, while also exemplifying the EOH traits of the mane six, seemed to exemplify OTHER traits almost as much if not more as their primary virtues; Rockhoof was more about determination and hard work than Honesty (or honest... AT ALL), Mistmane was about inspiring others and bringing out the beauty/good in them just as much as generosity, and while laughter is supposed to represent hope for what pinkie taught twilight, they emphasized that much more than Laughter for somnambula. Likewise Flash was about courage just as much if not more than Loyalty. Do you think its possible they might be trying to play up other virtues of the six for this season, and if so what do you expect for Fluttershy and Twilight? (Presuming they're meadowbrook and Starswirl)
  22. As somepony who supports gender equality, I've stated before that I would like to see more Stallions and Colts get more focus in the series to show how much the series has transcended it's target audience. One idea would be to have a certain episode (or two parter) have a situation that requires six male characters to wield the Elements of Harmony and save the day. Which six stallions would you put on your team to save the day? I'd have: Shining Armor: Magic Big Macintosh: Honesty Cheese Sandwich: Laughter Fancy Pants: Generosity Soarin: Loyalty. No clue about Kindness. I would pick Zephyr Breeze provided that his character shakes off enough of his jerky flaws before he can be worthy enough.
  23. So, think there'll be any form of the EOH in the movie, even in a spiritual successor kind of way? (Like how rainbow power was just EOH in another form) Sia's got six multi-colored hearts as her cutie mark to allude to the mane six and princess Novos has a necklace of seashells of that same color on in one scene, so they at least seem to be keeping a theme of using chromatic symbolism of the mane six. (Though, that being said, the colors don't actually match up to the mane six's coats, since the colors are Red, blue, orange, green, purple, blue-- There's no green EOH or green coat colored main six)
  24. Just re-watched that episode and this really bothered me - Applejack represents the element of honesty and is so well-known for that trait. Sometimes she's honest to the point where she gets in trouble for it ("Honest Apple"), the whole plot of "Where The Apple Lies" is discouraging Apple Bloom from being insincere. Don't get me wrong, the episode is awesome, but I don't understand why such a character would suddenly take up an attitude that is the exact opposite to what she stands for. Specifically, I am referring to the scene in which she attempts to convince Pinkie that construction is underway in the barn. I know it was for the greater good, and she was doing it to hide the fact that the others of the Mane Six were planning a surprise party for Pinkie Pie, but still. What is everyone's thoughts...?