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Found 22 results

  1. Edit: I have restarted the game on page 14! See rules below, and jump to the last page to add your voice to this fun tournament! Who is the best pony on these forums? Let's have a little tournament and see who wins! The rules are pretty simple: Add one (1) point to a pony you want to win. Subtract two (2) points from your least favorite pony from the list. Example: Pony 1: 5 Pony 2: 5 Pony 3: 5 Pony 4: 5 ------------- Pony 1: 6 (+1) Pony 2: 5 Pony 3: 3 (-2) Pony 4: 5 If a pony reaches zero (0) points, they are out, and cannot be brought back. No double-posting, and watch out for simul-posts (or ninjas)! Here's our starting list! Applejack: 50 Fluttershy: 50 Pinkie Pie: 50 Rainbow Dash: 50 Rarity: 50 Twilight Sparkle: 50 I'll start things off! Have fun, everypony! Applejack: 51 (+1) Fluttershy: 50 Pinkie Pie: 50 Rainbow Dash: 48 (-2) Rarity: 50 Twilight Sparkle: 50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 1 - September, 2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applejack is the winner, by a final score of 32-0 over Fluttershy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 2 - IN PROGRESS! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go to page 14 to play!
  2. Spin off of a certain game here, except we're using the background ponies. Same rules apply though. +1 from 1 pony. -1 from another. Once one of the ponies reaches 0, they are Eliminated from the match and you'll have to vote for somepony else. Last Pony standing will be the sole survivor and the new MLP champion of the world. Ready? *Ding Ding Ding* Lyra Heartstrings:10 BonBon:10 Vinyl Scratch:10 Octavia Melody:10 Colgate: 10 Carrot Top: 10 Berry Punch: 10 Derpy Hooves: 10 Doctor Whooves: 10
  3. we are down to the semi finals voting deadline is November 29 9 am
  4. we are down to the final 4 the winner of the first match will advance to the final and the loser of the first match will advance to the semi final and the winner of the second match advance to the semi final deadline for these matches is November 27 9 am
  5. We are now down to the last 6 episodes the voting for this round ends on November 25 9 am
  6. deadline for these matches is November 23 9 am we are done to the last 8 episodes 2 season 1 episodes 3 season 2 episodes 1 season 3 episode 2 season 4 episode
  7. we are now down to 12 episodes remaining in this tournament 4 on the winners bracket and 8 on the losers side voting deadline is November 21 at 9 am
  8. there are 24 episodes remaining in this tournament 8 on the winners bracket and 16 on the losers bracket the deadline for these matches is November 17 9 am m.s.t. season breakdown season 1 2 winners side and 5 losers side season 2 2 winners side and 5 losers side season 3 1 winners side and 1 losers side season 4 3 winners side and 5 losers side
  9. the first match is the last match from round 6 of the losers bracket the rest are from round of 16 in the winners bracket the deadline is November 15 9 am
  10. the first 2 matches are from round 5 and the rest are round 6 matches the deadline for these matches is November 13 9 am this time there are only 9 matches
  11. first 6 matches are round 4 matches and the other 4 are round 5 matches the deadline for voting is November 9 9 am
  12. voting for these matches ends on November 7 at 9 am
  13. this is the next round of the losers bracket voting deadline November 1 9 am thank you to all the vote
  14. the first 5 matches are round 2 matches the other 5 are from the losers side of the draw round 1 voting for these matches ends October 30
  15. The voting for these matches ends on October 26 9 am
  16. the first 3 matches are round 1 and the other 7 matches are round 2 deadline for voting is October 24 9 am
  17. (I was told to make this topic here for now by Artemis, and if anything the Admins will move it as they see fit.) Welcome to a little something I like to call "Word to the Wise, Keep Your Eye on the Prize"! I'm asking for any and all aspiring fan fiction writers to step up to the plate, whether rookie or expert. If you're new then along with a fun time you'll gain experience, if you're a veteran then you'll get to put your skills to the test! This is not only a game, but a personal dojo in which you can hone and view your potential. If you've ever seen the show Survivor or the animated parody of it, Total Drama, it's kinda like that. For the next day, (Or days, depends on how fast or slow the process goes) I'll allow anyone to register. Once the games begin, nobody will be able to join but they may get a shot if this is successful and I decide to do it again. So, every week I will provide a topic, theme, etc. that you all must write a short My Little Pony fanfic about (Min. characters: 5,000 Max: 25,000). I may also add a special twist or constraint to each round. If a majority of contestants are not finished within the alloted time I may extend the deadline. However if all finish earlier, then the round will end earlier as well. After I've received everyone's stories through Private Messaging I will send them to all contestants to read. I'll supply ample time so you may read all of the stories submitted. Once read, you shall privately message me a vote onto who you think had the best story, and no. You can't vote for yourself. The winner will be notified and then message me who they want eliminated from the game. That person shall not be allowed to compete any longer and the winner is immune from elimination for the next round. The next round begins. This will continue until two competitors remain, in which they will write a final fan fic each. After which, all previously eliminated contestants will vote for an ultimate winner. Now let it be known this will not be easy. You have to remain dedicated, able to write a relatively large amount of work without cracking under the pressure. You'll also have to be able to dedicate yourself to reading ALL fan fics entered. If you do not meet the deadline, and I do not allow extended time then you and all others who were late will be at risk of elimination, and all who completed their stories will be safe. Finally, let it be known that alliances may be formed, as this type of game entails. I am fine with that as long as you still follow the rules. If this becomes successful I may host it again some other time. So, please register if you feel up to the task. If you have any questions then ask away. So, work hard, improve upon yourself and most importantly, have fun! Registered Competitors: 1. Delernil
  18. Due some dubious circumstances (not really, you just found an almighty button with a note attached to it at the bottom of your cornflakes box) you were given the task to entirely eliminate an animal genus (this includes any mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, amphibes and insects) from the Earth's surface, to restore the worlds equilibrium. Otherwise our planet will explode, because...REASONS! Which would you choose?
  19. I would like to thank Bhending the Rules for making me aware of this yesterday. There is this really interesting quiz at this website that helps you decide by process of elimination who your favorite characters are and in what order. I had a lot of fun taking it and I thought some of you might too. Feel free to take it and to share your results and how accurate they were. Here's the link And here are my results if anyone is curious. I'm only sharing my top 20 just because. For the record, there are about 55 characters in the quiz, so your favorite will definitely be there even if they aren't on my list here. Have at it! I look forward to seeing what you get 1 Rainbow Dash 2 Pinkie Pie 3 Applejack 4 Rarity 5 Princess Luna 6 Fluttershy 7 Scootaloo 8 Twilight Sparkle 9 Discord 10 Zecora 10 Spitfire 12 Lightning Dust 13 Princess Celestia 14 Sweetie Belle 15 Spike 15 Apple Bloom 17 Dr. Whooves 18 Derpy 19 Nightmare Moon 20 Soarin' I didn't realize I had Scoots or Lightning Dust so high. Interesting. It seems accurate, except for the fact that there's no Cloud Kicker or Blossomforth :(. Apparently the background characters I like aren't important enough. Sad day...
  20. So we had the Mane 6 Elimination. (Fluttershy Wins!) It was fun! So I said there should be an Antagonist Elimination! A couple of ponies agreed with me, so I will comply! ^RULES^ Each time you post you must +1 to a pony's score and -1 to an others. You can not add & subtract from the same pony's score in one post. Once a pony hits 0, they are eliminated and their name must be removed from the list. You can not vote for that pony anymore until the next round starts. Game is over once there is only 1 pony remaining. (which we all know will be Discord) On game completion it is up the the next poster to reset all pony values to 10. Assuming the game lasts that long. Copied and Pasted from Mane 6 Elimination ^ Babs Seed (10) Diamond Dogs (10) Diamond Tiara (10) Discord (10) Flim and Flam (10) Garble (10) Gilda (10) King Sombra (10) Nightmare Moon (10) Queen Chrysalis (10) Silver Spoon (10) The Great And Powerful Trixie (10) Prince Blueblood (10) Lightning Dust (10) First Death!: Garble (YES!)
  21. Nothing fancy like I had the Royal Rumble topic. Live on PPV 8pm from the Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI. Here we are, the final PPV before Wrestlemania 28. Will we get new champions? Will The Rock show up? Will someone unexpectedly enter the Chamber match in place of someone else? The Card: WWE Championship - Elimination Chamber Match CM Punk © vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler World Heavyweight Championship - Elimination Chamber Match Daniel Bryan © vs. Big Show vs. The Great Khali vs.Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett vs. Santino Marella Ambulance Match John Cena vs. Kane Divas Championship Beth Phoenix © vs. Tamina Snuka Discuss!