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Found 1 result

  1. I was sobbing into my pillow. Not just the sobbing you hear from anypony, I mean really bawling. "I don't want this to happen any more! I'm sick of everypony laughing at me! I'm not a joke!" Images of the popular ponies at my school fluttered in my mind like smoke over a fire. "Hello," whispered a dark voice. "Hello, Emerald Wave." I stopped and lifted my head. A black sillhouette of a stallion much taller than I stood right behind me. "Who are you?!" I gasped, covering my mouth with my hoof. "I'm here to take you to a place where the other mares won't disturb you... You deserve better..." I glared, trying to act brave. "I-I asked, who are you?!" I could see a white smirk. "Hm, nopony important." He looked up, and I saw white pinhole eyes. "Gah! Get away from me!" I whinnied and galloped down the stairs. I bashed right out the door. "Symphony! Symphony, where are you! There's something in my room!" I ran all over the yard, my house, but I couldn't find her. "SYMPHONY, WHERE ARE YOU!" I screamed, stomping my hooves on the ground. No answer. I groaned and covered my face. "It's hopeless," I admitted to myself. "It's hopeless, hopeless, hopeless..." When I uncovered my face, I saw I was in my bedroom. "What the heck?!" I ran out my bedroom door again, only to find I was in my room. Again. "Gah, this is happening!" I clutched the sides of my head in stress. "Emmy?" I was greeted by some gold eyes. "AHHH! Wait, SYMPHONY?! Where have you been?!" Symphony looked concerned. "Umm, I don't know, but I've been looking for you. You were laying right next to the Everfree forest... So I got, well, nervous." My mind couldn't explain what I was just going through. It was just then I realized that I was in my bed. "What the?!" Symphony looked at me confused. "Hey, Emmy, are you okay?" I simply nodded. "Yes, I'm... I'm fine... Just fine, I'm only tired," I lied. I then went to sleep. The morning went as usual, waking up, brushing my diamond-colored mane, washing my emerald face, eating breakfast, and walking to school. On the way to school, Symphony and I walked together. (Symphony is my little sister) On the way, it began to get foggy, but nothing else happened. "Emerald!" cried a familiar voice. I turned around, only to spot Candy looking at me. "Oh, hey Ca-" She cut me off with a nasty glare. "Hey?! After what you did?! You were creeping me out! You were, like, in my room! Last night! You looked like a shadow with stark white eyes and told me to come with you!" My eyes widened. "But... But, it couldn't have been me! It could have been anypony!" "Oh yeah? Prove it wasn't you!" she gnarled at me. I looked at the ground nervously. "I saw it too..." Candy went from rage to confusion. Symphony looked at me confused. "What shadow?" I looked at Symphony and sighed. "I'll tell you later." I couldn't concentrate during class. I kept glancing out the window, until I realized that Candy was looking at me. As I looked at my desk, I saw a note. 'What do you think that think was if it wasn't you?' it read. I grabbed the pencil in between my teeth and wrote her something back. Then I heard an angry voice yell from right beside my desk. "No note passing in my classroom, otherwise the note is read to the whole class!" I gulped and saw Miss Cotton. She took the note from my desk and galloped to the front of the room. At lunch time, everypony was gossiping about Candy and I. I stared down at my hooves. "Hey, Wave!" I groaned. "What do you want, Lily... I'm in a bad enough mood already." Lily snickered and whacked me across the face with her horn. "Is this, like, a play that's trying to scare us? Well, it's not scaring me!" I stood up and looked Lily right in the eyes. "Listen, I've had enough of you and your bullying, and, no, it's not a play, this is for real!" Lily laughed. "Yeah right, Wave," she scoffed, spit at my hooves, and galloped away to be with her other friends. When Symphony and I got home, it was really foggy. "I don't like this, Emmy..." Symphony hugged me tight. "Don't worry, we'll find something out... I hope," I whispered. Before I got to sit down in the kitchen to do my homework-- BAM! Something was coming from my basement... Like the door being pounded on. I held my breath. BAM! BAM! Symphony started to cry. I quickly picked her up on my back and went into the bathroom. BAM! More pounding from the basement. I quickly put my little sister into the cupboard. "Shh, stay here, don't make a sound..," I hushed. Symphony nodded. BAM! I looked at her concerned. "Symph, I'm gonna lock the cupboard door, okay?" She was hesitant. BAM! Suddenly, she nodded rapidly. I quickly locked the door and ran into the kitchen to get a knife, which I held in my mouth. I ran to the basement door, and slowly, cautiously opened it. The room was filled with a loud creak. I cringed, and hoped that whatever was down there didn't hear me. Nervously, I stepped down the stairs. "Who's down here?! This isn't funny!!" Silence. "AHHH!" A blood-rushing scream came from upstairs, then the sound of wood breaking. "EMMY!" I gasped. "SYMPHONY!!!!!!" I hollered, and galloped up the stairs and into the bathroom. The cupboard door was ripped right off of the hinges and smashed into pieces, and the lock was on the floor. Pill bottles and unused tooth brushes were scattered all over the floor. Paintings had fallen off of their nails. This was a mess. I didn't care. I fell backwards and sobbed. Sobbed about the mess. Sobbed about Lily. Sobbed about the note the teacher read. Sobbed about the black pony. Sobbed about Symphony. "I'M SO SORRY!!!" I bawled, my hooves and legs flailing all over the place. Suddenly I heard a knock on the front door. "GO AWAY! YOU'VE ALREADY TAKEN MY SYMPHONY!!" I buried my face in my hooves. "Police!" came from the door. "Oh! Sorry," I called, and ran over to the door and opened it. Two blue stallions wearing police uniforms stepped inside. "We are going to investigate to see what pony has kidnapped your sister." I simply nodded. One of the stallions was about 13, the other seemed to be 19. The 13 year old stallion caught my eye. Unlike the older one, he smiled at me. He had a breathtaking grin. With a shiny, lighter blue coat and a dazzling blonde mare, his diamond eyes fit right in. "What is your name, miss?" he asked. "E-E-Emerald Wave," I replied. "Coastal Sky," he introduced, and extended his hoof for me to shake. I took his hoof awkwardly and shook it. "Nice to meet you, Emerald." 'God, he's perfect!' I thought to myself. Coastal Sky gave me his number before he left. I was so happy, but I had to act casual. "Thanks..." When he left, I sighed dreamily. "No, I have to focus..," I said to myself, and trotted off to bed. I was awoken the next morning when the phone started to ring. I squealed in joy when I saw who it was. "It's Coastal!" I quickly picked up the phone. "Hello?" "Hey Emerald, how have you been?" "Oh, just fine, nothing bad happening yet." "That's good, hey, you wanna catch a movie?" 'Oh my god, he's ASKING ME OUT!!!!!!' I thought, but tried to stay calm. "Y-yeah! Yeah!" I stuttered awkwardly. "Great! I'll be there about now!" Suddenly the doorbell rang. I jumped and hung up, galloping downstairs. I bashed open the door with my hoof. "Hey, Coastal! How did you get here so fast?" "I'm a fast stallion," he bragged, smirking irresistibly. "Let's go!" he said. "Don't worry, if you fall behind, I won't run ahead." We then held hooves and trotted to the theater.