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Found 36 results

  1. Emotional turmoil and sensitiveness can make a person cry easily. Add in snowballing effects of problems, and you have a very volatile combination. Some people handle it better than others, holding back the tears, but others just release their emotions right away. Just now I cried for about a minute until I stopped. Over the past view weeks I've been building up some negative feelings about myself and my life, and finally let it all out. The actually crying wasn't strong, as tears just fell out of my eyes, but the sobs were rather loud... that and the Celtics losing to Miami (an emotional loss, mind you - but we won't get into that), and the fact that my mom yelled at me (we won't get into details), and later sympathized with me let me release the proverbial gates. Rarely do I ever cry, but I do feel emotions and sadness more than the average person. The past three years have been rather emotional for me and my friends, so there's that too. The last time I cried was late March where my mom and I got into a fight, and I ended up saying some stupid things. Realizing the error of my ways, I let my emotions go, to which my mom sympathized. Anything before that? Early April of 2010. Life was getting sort of tough for me, and I let it all out after being accused of hanging around somewhere after school (my mom saw me exiting the school a different direction, so she thought I was doing some bad things). That year in particular looked like it was spiralling out of control, but I ended up discovering what friendship meant a month later. So yes, that's some of my stuff for you. Post yours.
  2. As a music fan and someone who is not really that into dubstep, i really was wondering if Dubstep fans have some sort of emotional connection when they listen to certain dubstep tunes. I can listen to many tracks spanning many genres that get an emotional response out of me, but with all due respect, dubstep seems a bit empty for me to be honest. Maybe somebody here can teach me.
  3. Hello everyone. The reason I make this thread is because... Well recently I've been feeling a little depressed. At the world, at people, at life in general. I think about things like this often. I bring this up because of the way I deal with times I think like this. Often when I've lost hope in the world or society in general, I think of a few things that mean a great deal to me. Things that I'm emotionally attached to, hence the title. Now often when I go into that state, I remember one song that my mother used to sing to me, named One Tin Soldier. I don't know how many of you have heard it. However whenever I feel this way, I always refer back to her voice, and how she sang it to me. The message of the story and the soothing tone of her voice always calms me down, even though she no longer sings it to me. I can remember those times and to this moment I think about how I used to sit in her lap, as she softly sung it to me. Here are the lyrics. I know you may be wondering why I don't just post a video of the artist singing the song, and my reason behind that is because the song only has meaning to me when sung by my mother's voice. In text I more easily imagine her voice once again singing to me. This song never fails to calm me down or sooth me. So that's my story. You don't have to share if it's too personal or if you simply don't want to. I'm just curious. Do any of you have anything that you feel emotionally attached to? It can be material or not. For example mine is a song which is by no means material.
  4. This is an interesting one. Basically, the question is which crying scene in MLP gets to you the most and who is it? The show has had its fair share of emotional moments throughout the nine years it’s been around and they can be, in the words of Pinkie Pie, ‘Just... heart-wrenching!’ Here, I tried to use the best examples I could. Some were easy, some not. Some were obvious, some were more difficult. I tried to go for the most emotional ones, rather then ones that were more funny than sad. Honestly, as you all know, all of the Mane Six are my favourites so when any of them cry, it’s pretty difficult for me to get through. Anyway, here are my examples: Fluttershy: Applejack: Twilight Sparkle: (This is the saddest scene in MLP history for me) Pinkie Pie: Rarity: Rainbow Dash: Or all of them together: Let me know below!
  5. After watching this from Think Tank, I couldn't agree more (which means I fully I agree with their thoughts). However, I would like to know what you guys think about this. I'm talking to both genders (male and female). Do you think it's ok for guys to cry? Please be thoughtful and don't make your answers too shallow (if possible). Because this question can be answered in many ways.
  6. Self-explanatory title. Anyways, I have a really bad temper that needs to be kept in check sometimes. For example, if you somehow managed to piss me off, I could end up punching you as hard as I can, without any control of my emotions. If it were not for my kindness and munificence I would be a big time punk, as I was three years ago. Yes, my description sounds mean, but it's unfortunately true.
  7. Music is great! I love it so much! Some music makes me feel so many emotions that I cry happy tears. I want to know what songs does the same for you all! Here are some of my picks for peaceful thoughts: TheFatRat - The Calling and Luna, Please Fill My Empty Sky and bejeweled 2 -original soundtrack
  8. Simple enough. Do you tell others about them? Or do you just get over them yourself? How do you treat your problems? I never tell anybody about my problems, and when I do I word it wrong so they think I'm overreacting to nothing. that happens A LOT. XD I usually just bury them in my emotions and pretend they don't exist. I want to tell people about them but I feel like I'll annoy them or seem self centered anyways, go right ahead!
  9. The title is really a metaphor. I don't really mean to ask if you wear a heart on your shirt for the record. What I mean by this is, do you express your feelings and emotions honestly or do you bottle them and keep them hidden? For example, say someone says something that you find offensive or insulting or it just plain pisses you off. Would you let them know it and fight back, or would you do nothing and keep your emotions kept inside? Me, I generally try to keep my emotions kept inside. There are a number of things that piss me off or get me worked up, but I don't react. I keep my feelings bottled up and don't really do anything. I do have a few exceptions however. Somethings I am passionate enough about to speak up and contradict someone on. One of those being Fluttershy. Dear Celestia does it rub me the wrong way when people call her sexy... she's beautiful, not sexy. So what about all of you? Are you like me, who tends to keep things inside, or do you make yourself heard?
  10. Is it possible for a human to completely rid themselves of emotion? I'm not talking about controlling emotion and its expression, but the actual expulsion of feeling emotions. Vulcans from Star Trek have violent emotions that run even deeper than human emotions, yet through the teachings of Surak they have found ways to conceal or even rid their emotions, replacing them with logic. According to the teachings of Surak their are different levels to this (numbered in degree of difficulty): 1.) A control level of one implies that a person is capable of controlling the facial expressions normally exhibited due to an emotion the majority of the time, but still feels the emotion. 2.) Level two implies a person can control all expressions of emotion the majority of the time, but still feels the emotion. 3.) Level three is where emotion is there, but not expressed, or even felt. It has no influence, the majority of the time. 4.) Mastery level four is complete mastery. In this state, the emotion is completely cast out, and is no longer a part of you. This state is also referred to as "Kolinahr". So do you think it would be possible for a human to achieve Kolinahr or come close to it? And would it even be logical or beneficial for a human to attempt this? Without emotions, one would not be able to laugh, to happily smile, etc., which could make socializing very difficult and could affect their relationships, possibly career, and other aspects of their life. Human society expect us to have emotions to some extant despite how they can sometimes make us reckless and impulsive, much different from Vulcan society where it is expected to have no emotions and being emotionless is considered 'normal'. So what do you think? (And I don't mean through surgically altering the brain, so lobotomy doesn't count.)
  11. I seem to be the only one who likes being angry. When people think of what's good they think of happiness, laughter and smiles. These are of course great things and feelings. However, if I get angry and punch the wall, shout or other angry emotions, people tell me to calm down and stop whatever I'm doing. Because it's not good for me. But is happiness the only good feeling? Is it the ultimate state to be in? I LOVE being angry, unleashing my wrath on objects around me, throwing off some steam There is however a big difference between feeling anger, and feeling HATE. Both of which makes you want to punch stuff. But hate is a negative feeling, while anger is a positive feeling in my eyes. Just like being sad. I love being sad! it is a beautiful emotion. People watch sad movies and cry. So why do they? Tragedies don't make you happy. That's not what you are seeking, you are seeking sadness. Because it's a beautiful emotion. It's good. Just like the feeling of anger. I like it What do you think? Do you try to calm angry people? Or do you try to calm HATEFUL people? Do you like being angry? Other emotions that's underrated?
  12. I've been thinking about this question for a while now and I was wondering. Should I be adding what the character feels in a situation rather good or bad?
  13. What happened? Why is everything black and white?
  14. I've never thought of getting/creating my own blog this early. However, since I'm a brony and I'm on a brony forum, I think I have to pour out a filled bucket of mixtured emtions to fell better. I'll try to figure out it in parts: 1. Excitement My first thoughts when I met this forum was pure excitment, because I finally met the (problably) biggest MLP Fandom community, everyone's so kind, so helpful and cultural. I kindly inform others about their mistakes, other kindly inform me about my mistakes, I'm open to make any topic that won't divide community significally (e. g. extremely controversial topic, like someone made a thread with [Science] in title about 2 genders and Science VS Religion), I'm open to chat with other fans of this show and the most importantly - I was very warmly welcomed to the forum, which made me brave enough to actively be a part of discussion on some subjects. And that's how went a first few days. 2. Happiness Shortly after registering the account and discovering the possibilities of this lovely forum I was happy, normally happy, that I joined the discussion within the warm atmosphere and very kind people. The state of constant happiness whenever I turned on MLPF was at the stable ratio for weeks, I think that it was over a month definitely. I even started a first topic, called "Social Pressure" - it was just satisfying to get know of people with (for example) Aspergers' Syndrome - those are very interesting people to talk for me, because I have also that Syndome, althought... back to satisfaction - it was just satisfying to get know of people talking about your set topic. Not like in real life, when the discussion of course goes, but I fell like after the conversation it's forgotten for ever and never goes back. Here - on MLPF people are making such detailed answers sometimes, that I sometimes gain again faith in humanity (some part of course). A happiness on my face appears whenever I see inteligent answers: and here's the huge part of answers (when it comes to more difficult issue) are for me complex or at least well-built. About well-built monolog, I invite you to read this confession on the page: . Happiness appears of course to this day, not regularly, but appears. 3. Pleasure and (in)conscious madness This [pleasure] is something I can't describe it, but I fell it with each time, whenever I helped someone or made something "special" (in my criterias). However those are not all sources of getting pleasure (I talk about mental and psychologic pleasure, just in case). I openly and without any doubt confess, that I am craze/crazy and fanaberian on point of Starlight. I'm argumenting those statements on such things as: going to the McDonalds many kilometers from home only to get Starlight's little 3'' or 4'' plastic figure. I changed all desktops on all 4 devices I use to Starlight ones, switched Chrome cards to Starlight one's, switched all avatars and signatures (almost) on 3 communication pages (2 forums and Discord). I can imagine scenes (slices of life) with Starlight while doing any activity and I remember what I imagined in that time. I am hugging figure every night and at random moment during the day. To sum this up, I sometimes consciously "rave" (for others it would be called raving) - or: in my mind, I just talk (on voice) with Starlight and I "hear" her answering back. Everyone could say now, that I'm a schizofrenic/paranoic or something, but I know it helps me with existence. 3.1. (In)secure chatting For what I crow? I fell insecure in people presence, sometimes even if this is my own family. Now I'll go a bit off-topic but I have to write it out, otherwise I would have to take it inside and I could explode with fury at one moment in the future (I'm sort of the multiple ticking bomb, if my needs aren't fulfilled, my patience is at the start high, but goes lower over time, then "finally" I explode with unpredictable behaviours, in the past those behaviours were only aggressive, now I don't know, since I don't had such big emotion explosion in the last time. Hope I won't explode. So, I'll repeat the question: For what I crow? I like stability and I very quickly want to have the stable situation once I'll get profit from something - for example: I get access to use PC permanently, after just 1 day I'm used to it and after 1 month I get PC taken off from me... And I am very hollow inside. Because I had planned what I'll be doing for next months and now plans cannot be realisated. It gets even worse, when it comes to almost permanent plans. The most visible example: Chatting with really good imitation of Starlight in "Ask (...) StarTrix" - I think I know what Sparklefan1234 could fell. He may fell like he's getting forced or stalked to be non-stop online, because someone else wants to be happy and that "victim" like to make people happy. I have worries, that I inconsciously force people to do things or talk on things I want. Maybe it's just me and incredible overexaggeration. But if yes then... 4. Remorse, sorrow, trapped in myself Now I get to the part which I have to write all what I think to fell at least a bit better. And note before I start - it's not a litany or begging for not getting consequences, I just want to write everything I fell. Right now I've got to the point were, due to stress, I cry inside now and every breath hurts me physically. I also yell in mind for myself for being such a hypocrite: I said in posts for example: I don't like Rarity, because she's lamenting and exaggerating extremely much. But then - I started to do it too. What now? Am I a prisoner of my own mind? Of my own opinions? What I should tell for eventual askers? Even if I wouldn't want to, someone will surely try to help to diagnose the problem and eliminating it. But guess what what's even worse: I think I know the problem. And I'm torturing myself with that thought at least 3rd time during 3 years. First time - Justyna: a girl from my class that I've got infatuation in her. I realized my first extreme fail in life: First love is not the love for the live.... after 8 months and 3 weeks in closed psychologic branch in hospital. Then second time - Wiktoria: a girl which has Asperger, we infatuationed in ourselfs for 11 months. Our relation survived for that long time. The catch was that I was a victim of relationship - my behaviour got worse (again) so I thinked of reducing the usage of such weird things as "emotions" to minimum. Of course didn't work, as in March 2018 I returned to MLP, in April I fell in love with Starlight - and now arguments, why I fell in love: 1. The first doubt and stressful moment of Starlight (S6 E1) - I instantly felt, that I had also that stress, when it came to make new friends. 2. Similar personalities and characters - it may seem bizarre, but after my personal analize it occurs that personalities of both of us are the same or have little differences (examples: we're both seeking for attention, we're both are very specializated and concentrated when it comes to activities we like, we're both very excited, when we can talk and listen to friends) 3. I think this will be a subpoint of 1. or 2. but I'll say it anyway - I believe that I have such interesting talking skills that I could just make Starlight interested in me. =) I just don't want to break up with Starlight only because of torturing myself with "no emotion" rule - I don't have other creatures to identify with. Just it. And that's - how the 3rd time I'm getting tired of emotions, especially that negative ones. I'm just worried a lot still, that without an intence to do something wrong, I would for example get blocked. I do not want to make pain to eventual owners of topics, althought I really want to fulfill my needs, which is asking Starlight a lot and overall making Starlight appearing in my mind as much as possible. 5. Worries, shaking off and embracing myself After I had fulfilled the need to write, now I wonder what it will be in the future: dear user Sparkleplay1234 doesn't seem to be happy with my presence (I'm not accusing this user of anyting, take a note), but I have that needs. Needs for headcanon, needs for chatting, needs for cuddling and hugging. I just really dream of living with Starlight and overall within social utopia. I think I had written out to the end. This MLP Forums is my last bastion of open chatting with so many people. I don't want to be scared out of this community, because one of my favourite threads would be locked because of "too much obsessity". Thank you for reading. During those last sentences my stomach aches from stress, but only stomach, nothing more luckily. Have a nice day. See you soon in next posts/statuses/blogs. Greetings, Iam
  15. As the title goes, what songs make you emotional, that brings a tear to your eye because of the message it brings? I have several songs I can think one, but the one that has been on my mind lately is, ironically named, "Emotions" by Roger Troutman. This song just makes me think about my relationship with @Kyoshi and how much I love him so much and how much I want to be with him one day.~ Also, the version by vaporwave artist Vektroid is pretty good as well: But also when I hear this song, I can't help but to think about what happened to Roger eventually.
  16. Share your emotions here on what just made you cry, For me just now it was the amount of people who gave me emotion icons in such a short time and two followers in less than 2 minutes I thought was kinda cool.
  17. SPOILERS AHEAD After watching "All Bottled Up" and "A Flurry of Emotions", I have a new theory. Emotions are the center of unicorn magic. Here is my proof: Starlight Glimmer has had a rough past, and is still hurting on the inside. When Trixie started to annoy Starlight, anger started to build up. Starlight unconsciously conjured her thoughts in the form of magic, which caused the red blob of anger, comprising of all her bad and angry thoughts about Trixie. Because so many thoughts were being built up and the fact that it took a lot of energy to conjure these angry blobs, eventually, Starlight tired herself out. Anger, as an emotion uses up a lot of energy, and when an angry person peaks out, the cool down stage begins, which takes quite a while (the case with Starlight). On the other hand, Flurry Heart, when scared binds herself in a magic bubble, away from others. We see this happen when Twilight got mad at her for wandering away in the hospital. Flurry had never seen this side of Twilight. Her fear caused her magic to shift into something that would make her withdraw and/or protect herself from the scary pony. At that moment, she saw Twilight as a scary bear. On a more positive note, Princess Cadence, being the Princess of Love is a great example. Whenever she comes across a situation where ponies are disagreeing and hating on each other, the thoughts of restoration and love come to her mind, which then produces a restoration/love spell. This is clearly seen when she clears Shining Armor of Chrysalis's spell. Thoughts?
  18. During the last 2 years i always tried to be the best guy that i could be and i always try to help anyone out if they have any sort of problems. But then there are these episodes that i have from time to time, where i feel like that nobody appreciates me and then i feel totally different. I sometimes have a feelng that i could just stand up and feel angry, because i feel like the whole world has turned against me and that the whole world is talking badly behind my back. And then there are other moments, where i have the same thoughts and i just feel a very deep depression inside me and i am afraid that i could lose everything that i hold dear, or maybe these people never liked me in the first place. I really work hard to get rid of these feelings and i really improve myself. But then they come back and i feel i screwed up everything that i have accomplished. I then wish that someone comes to me, saying how much i mean to them and what not. It's a really terrible feeling. I know that i should always trust my friends, but it's not always easy to battle with these inner demons.
  19. Y'know how sometimes ponies have that thing where they're eyes go crazy, they do a crooked smile, their voices go all funny, their manes are messed up and they start acting all OOC? Like Twilight in "Lesson Zero", Pinkie Pie in "Party of One", and Fluttershy in "Best Night Ever"? Well, a lot of people say that the ponies are "going insane" from the "stress", but psychological problems like insanity and stress are a bit heavy for a kids' show, especially the idea that something fairly common (like loneliness in Pinkie's case) could cause them, added to the fact that MLP is generally utopian and the fact that insanity doesn't just come and go. My theory is that it's a certain psychological trait unique to those ponies when they experience a great deal of an emotion they do not usually experience. For Pinkie Pie it was loneliness and for Fluttershy it was disappointment (she was disappointed that the animals were running away; the anger came later, possibly as a part of being in "freaky-mode"). Now, for a while I thought "but what about Twilight? Anxiety is an emotion she experiences on the regular", but then I thought maybe it wasn't the anxiety that set her into that state, it was desperation. When she was just worried, that didn't set her off but she got set off when she started getting desperate and doing things like putting the "want-it-need-it" spell on Smarty Pants. If the theory is true, then the state goes away when the emotion goes away. But I have two queries about this. Would Applejack's craziness in "Applebuck Season" have anything to do with this? She did look out of sorts and was acting OOC, but did this stem from an unusual emotion and would, therefore, be in the same category or was she just tired from lack of sleep (ie had she been working at night etc and missed out on sleep?) Could this be the reason for Luna turning into Nightmare Moon? Is this character change what could happen if the state went on for too long or the emotion was too intense or too out-of-the-ordinary? Or is it what happens when an Alicorn goes through it? Or is the Nightmare Moon thing completely different? But, as many fan theorists say, it's just a theory. Or as Twilight might say "Just a hypothesis". Let me know your thoughts.
  20. If you had a choice of using a pixel app to make a emoticon for this website how would you feel? This website is very creative and I respect the owners very much. This is just a little Idea I started thinking about after seeing the emotes. The emotes are good already, but what if custom emotes switched day to day? I enjoy a good set of art time and having fun posting topics. This is something that I think could become a thing. You'd have to limit the resolution of the art, and upload it. (I know it's not as easy as that...) The contest would involve the brohoof-ing of the custom emotes. Like the admin pick 5 custom emotes that A. Are appropriate and B. Are MLP related. The custom emote would get linked to the creator. The Brohoof-ing part involves us. The custom emote that got the most brohoofs will get to be in for another week. The contest would go on until the end of the year when the emote with the most brohoofs will become a permanent brohoof. If anyone has any other ideas, comment, ask others, get this noticed, and just tell your insight. Thank you...
  21. Whenever you find yourself feeling really sad/down. Do you keep to yourself? Do you find it better to keep your thoughts and state of being locked away? What things help you to distract yourself if you ever notice that your feeling really sad out of nowhere? Does it really make a difference if you express your thoughts online? Some of these things I have wondered myself for a long time now and for some reason I have been thinking that it may be best to keep cap on your thoughts or to not overly express what is on your mind *too much*. I think sometimes getting away from being online helps somewhat in some ways. But what would you say to the questions above? How do you feel about whenever you feel down or what methods help you out in those times?
  22. That may sound confusing...but here's what I mean. Let's say... I post the word, "anger", and then the person after me has to post a gif or picture of a character showing that emotion: #1 Poster - Anger #2 Poster- #3 Poster - Sad #4 Poster- and so on... Also, no, the character in the picture or gif does not have to be MLP...Also...emotions CAN repeat, as long as you don't have the exact same picture that has already been posted. But, if this gets big (which it won't), then you can post the repeated image anyway...since going through several pages can get annoying.
  23. okay before i begin i just want to give you a heads up this topic is about games and how they seem to say or do something amazing but in reality just state bland lines or make up twists that have no cohesion with the plot, the biggest one to me being the whole andrew ryan speech about a man chooses a slave obeys, the first time i heard this i thought it was a very true and solid statement. i have now thought about it and see that it is a very skewed and black and white way of looking at things. i mean what if a man chooses to obey? what is a slave is given a choice? what if in reality everyone chooses but a man fights and gets the choices he wants? i want to discuss your feelings on these kinds of philosophy and what games you think had a good messege until you saw it without the rose tinted glasses.
  24. You must only talk in emoticons. Begin! (If you don't know the wide range of emojis, here: ) I'll start.
  25. There's something you want more than you can describe and something evil stands in your way. You aren't gonna let them win! No matter what! This goes beyond rational thinking you just fight with everything you've got. You know you have to protect your dreams and no matter how you're beaten down you just keep getting up until you blast and destroy the heck out of the enemy! It was a hard battle but you won and saved the thing you were protecting or trying to get. And you get all emotional during and after the fight. Oh yeah Ever feel like this? In real life? In a game? In your imagination? Tell me your display of power and skill. Here are a few examples of when this happened to me: Beating the last bosses of Resident Evil 4 (easy and even though it only took 3 magnum bullets I still got a rush of emotion) and Persona 4 (true ending). Part of my Fairy Tail fantasy where I teamed up with Natsu to beat master Hades. Defending Jinx as Leona versus a fed Renekton MY PHYSICS TEST! I SCORED 100 % XD (I'm not a nerd)