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Found 6 results

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh, good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." First of all, my apologies for not getting this review posted yesterday, I was feeling tired and under the weather by the time I was able to write it so it just wasn't happening last night. That said, I am glad I waited and rewatched the episode, because I now feel much better equipped to review this one than after my initial watch of it. Let's not waste anymore time dawdling about and dive right into "Rock Solid Friendship"!!! So this review will largely be broken down by character analysis because I believe you can best review it by analyzing the three main characters in it, Pinkie Pie, Maud Pie, and Starlight Glimmer. So to begin, let us start with Pinkie... in this instance, a bit of an elephant in the room. It brings me no pleasure to write this, but upon watching this episode twice I have to say that this was the worst that Pinkie Pie has been written in the show since "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" back in Season 2. Those of you who know me will recall that that is to this day my least favorite episode of the show, so yeah, this does not bode well. The good news is that this episode on the whole is MUCH better than that one, namely because, unlike in that episode, the majority of the characters here are not vapid idiots, completely inconsiderate, or just plain OOC. The bad news is that Pinkie is, and when Pinkie is written badly, she is written BADLY. Pinkie Pie when written as a stereotype of herself is unbearable, and it feels insulting to the character, like the writers have forgotten that, despite being as hyper and energetic as she is, this is a character who has grown so much since the show began. The perplexing news is that really she was only written terribly for the middle 11 minutes of this episode; she's actually alright in the first 5 minutes when the conflict is getting set up and the last 5 minutes when it's getting resolved, it's only when she's creating the conflict that she is horrible. This somewhat makes sense since the biggest reason she was written so badly was simply so that a conflict would exist in the first place (much like in "MMMystery on the Friendship Express") and it is not excusable here anymore than it was there, in fact, even less so since this is Season 7 Pinkie. Not only should she be mature enough by this point not to cause such a bad conflict, it just doesn't make sense for her character on a number of different levels. First, Pinkie Pie has never considered herself to be a "friendship expert," so why does she here? I could see Twilight having that problem, but Pinkie embodied the Element of Laughter from the start, NOT Friendship. She's the fun expert, all things party and social gatherings and get-togethers and jamborees, that is her schtick! Heck, just last week we even saw how this has been a part of how she's grown more mature; she's really got stuff that she's into down to a science at this point, like that list of every pony in Ponyville's favorite desserts, and that just makes sense for a character like her, she should be on top of stuff like that in an over-the-top way that somehow makes sense for her. I don't even care if you use the excuse that this is because it involved her sister, because that brings up yet another reason why her behavior here doesn't make any sense. When has Pinkie ever felt such distrust toward Maud? From the first episode that Maud was introduced, Pinkie has done nothing but adore her and seems to have complete respect for her! If anything else, Pinkie was probably the least aware of anypony else that there was anything unusual about Maud's behavior; she always loved Maud for who she is and never showed the slightest inkling that she understood that others wouldn't get her. Heck, what about what Starlight and Maud were doing together even made Pinkie think they weren't getting along??? THEY WERE FLYING KITES TOGETHER WHEN PINKIE STARTED FREAKING OUT FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! On top of that, she is Maud's YOUNGER sister! We know that Limestone is the oldest of the Pie sisters, followed by Maud, and that Marble and Pinkie are twins, so why in Equestria would Pinkie belittle her older sister like that by being so clingy, protective, and doing just the most boneheaded, obvious behavior in the name of making a friendship work out that could only lead to running it into the ground?! Heck, this type of behavior seems more suited for Applejack than Pinkie Pie, we've seen her go to over-the-top lengths for her family tons of times, especially being protective a ton to Apple Bloom. Again, I don't care if the stakes were that Maud might move to Ponyville, because Pinkie has never even shown that she misses her family so much that she'd do anything for any of them to live by her. I mean, I'm not surprised she was thrilled by the idea, but at the same time, I cannot justify any of Pinkie's behavior in the middle of this episode just because she really, really, really wanted Maud to move by her. So many forced jokes (Lyra is a rock, really Pinkie??? Even when you're losing it I can't believe you'd seriously try something so stupid), so many boneheaded attempts at forcing a friendship to happen, and most of all, an inexcusable and unbelievable lack of faith in her own sister knowing when she'd found a friend, or even being capable of finding one. I get the set-up, I get Pinkie wanting Maud to move by her. And to be fair, the second Starlight pointed out her problem to her (hilariously, I might add) Pinkie realized her errors and resolved to fix them. But that doesn't excuse that a conflict existed when it shouldn't have, and this conflict was very, very, very painfully forced to the detriment of Pinkie. It is especially painful at this point in the show when any of the Mane 6 are written badly in the name of forcing a conflict because it just feels like they are being regressed and infantilized in the name of making a conflict work, especially when supporting characters like Maud and Starlight are involved who DO know FAR less about friendship than the Mane 6 do. Pinkie should have been able to make a healthy contribution to Maud finding a friend, heck, SHE DID when she encouraged Maud to hang out with Starlight, but then for whatever reason the writers decided that she needed to have a hundred brain farts just so a lesson could be learned. It was bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, and I did not like it at all. Pinkie Pie, I'm sorry, but you get an F here, or rather, the writers who botched you do. If you want to see Pinkie Pie losing it in a way that is believable for her character, there are far better episodes to watch that have just that, like "Party of One." Good Pinkie Bad, bad, BAD Pinkie! Very bad!!! Like... just don't... at all... please. Anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd... exhaleeeeeeeeeeeeeee. OK, rant over!!! Did you have fun everypony? Cause I sure did! OK, now that that is out of the way, onto the good parts of the episode. Because yes, unlike the irredeemable "MMMystery on the Friendship Express," this was a good episode all around. Not great, but good, and that is largely because the primary plot point, that being Maud finding herself a friend outside of her family, was executed quite nicely (outside of anything involving Pinkie Pie). First of all, it was pretty awesome and hilarious seeing Maud, oh I'm sorry, Maudalina Daisy Pie (which is amazing) getting her "rocktorate" that opening scene was just gold from start to finish, plus it's just damn cool that a kid's show would acknowledge the existence of doctorates as part of its canon and show a character actually earn one. But on top of that, Maud probably developed here more than she ever has as a character, and I liked that a lot. Really, it was necessary in order for her character to remain endearing at all, because just maintaining the status quo with her would be unbearable. Some of her bits at the beginning were confusing, like I have no idea how she wasn't slightly impressed by Twilight's Castle, even if it was just to be a joke. But all in all, the idea that she'd never found a pony who got her outside of her family was a good one and made sense (though I will ask how the Mane 6 don't qualify as friends for her? I mean, they seem to enjoy her, and they may not entirely get her, but they certainly seem to appreciate her for who she is, it's not like they just tolerate her, I mean, heck, Rarity was thrilled to see Maud and not just because she could help her find a gem!). Best of all, her interactions with Starlight were just plain fun, they had a very solid rapport with each other (I have some issues with some of it but I'll bring that up in Starlight's section). It was especially fun getting more of a glimpse of Maud's sense of humor, as well as insight into why she likes rocks so much while still coming to grips with the fact that rocks aren't enough for her, even if she does love them. I was happy that she's essentially living in Ponyville after this episode, and in a pretty cool new setting too, that underground cavern looked pretty snazzy (and hey, no rent, she basically got herself free real estate, unless of course she did have to buy the land, I wonder if that's the case, I mean, she clearly had to get it registered as a new address, we saw a mailbox there and everything). So even if Pinkie Pie was written so stupidly so as to make Maud look like the more mature of the two (which she was), that doesn't mean that Maud wasn't executed well, she was, very much so. Hopefully we'll get to see more of her around Ponyville now, cause when she and Pinkie have good rapport, they are awesome together. Finally, we come to Starlight, who was pretty solid as well. I have a few issues, but mostly with just some of the ideas surrounding her presence, not her execution here. First, that flashback connecting Starlight to Maud was as hilarious as it was deliciously evil; I have some problem with the idea that Maud wouldn't be concerned with pointing some pony to an object that could enslave others, BUT the execution was so good and snappy as a joke that I couldn't help but love it for what it was! As I said before, she and Maud have great rapport together and were very fun to see being friends with one another. It didn't feel like Starlight and Trixie do, where those two are clearly BFFs and Starlight very often has something to teach Trixie about friendship, this felt more like just a, ya know, friendship, where two individuals are just happy to share some interests with each other and spend some time together now and then. I like that because sometimes that's all a friendship is, just digging someone's company now and then, and I can also see that being the type of friendship Maud would desire. Although I don't exactly get why both of them said they didn't want to talk about feelings with each other when that's kind of exactly what they did when Maud explained to Starlight why she likes rocks, giving her insight into her own struggles with ponies, but whatever. The bigger issue I had with Starlight's presence was the episode never really explained WHY Starlight gets Maud. And really, why does she? Why does she get Maud and the other Mane 6 supposedly don't? As I said, I'm not quite sure why Maud doesn't even consider the Mane 6 to be friends. Does she think they just like her because she's Pinkie's sister? And again, what about Starlight makes her qualified to get Maud more than others? Sure they've both struggled with making friends, but for totally different reasons. Starlight just felt alone after Sunburst left her when they were younger, she never felt like ponies were judgmental about her. She has even today a fairly grounded and even-keeled personality, and I don't even get why she thought that liking kites was some kind of weird thing she should largely keep to herself (don't get me wrong, that bit with the kites was hilarious and I loved learning that it's something she really likes, but I still don't get why she acted like it was some big secret, I mean, they're kites, sure not everyone is into them but nobody thinks you're weird for liking kites, they're just bucking kites!!!). But overall, Starlight was fine here and had some great chemistry with Maud. I don't want the show to start having her befriend every major supporting character outside of the Mane 6, because I don't want her to develop her own Mane 6 and don't want the show to send some kind of message that "Starlight is better at some kinds of friendships than the Mane 6 are, because... reasons," but this one I can dig because it felt different from a lot of the other friendships Starlight has made. Overall, despite a few nitpicky issues, I really liked seeing little ol' Glim Glam here, and hopefully we get to see more of her, Maud, and their kites in the future! Oh, also, I completely agree with Starlight, jalapeno-red velvet-omelet-cupcakes sound terribly disgusting, c'mon Pinkie, what're you even thinking??? These two, I totally dig these two A few extra notes to wrap things up. What was up with that Rarity scene? Like, all of it. What was up with it? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did Rarity freak out when Maud told her that all of the gems there were common gems? I figure Rarity might know more about gems by this point than even Maud, and it seems like in Equestria that gems grow almost as common as apples, so it seems like a ton of gems would be common. I mean, she couldn't bedazzle the s*** out of so many dresses if they weren't. On top of that, there were so many gems in that cave that how could they not be common??? I mean, it was literally covered in gems ground to ceiling, there's no way they could be anything but common! I don't know, this is a nitpicky point, but it bugged me, because if gems were supposedly rare, it seems like Rarity would rather sell them then go to the trouble of putting so many on dresses. But in this world, I've never gotten that impression about gems, heck, Rarity's not even the only one who puts them on dresses, that's how common they seem to be in Equestria, so I have no idea why she was on the verge of tears when Maud told her that, even if it was for laughs. Confusing scene overall and in the end it had no major impact on the episode. The bit with Lyra and Bon Bon, while obnoxiously stupid as far as Pinkie Pie's contribution goes, was pretty hilarious on their end. Lyra's terrified face was too funny and she just seemed so confused by what was going on (although oddly accepting of the idea that she was supposed to be a... rock, but hey, I guess that's just how scared ponies get of angry Pinkie), and Bon Bon looked so terribly annoyed at Pinkie (plus I'm not surprised that she wasn't taking any of her s*** either, I mean, she was a monster-hunting secret agent at one point). The return to Ghastly Gorge and seeing the Quarray Eels make another appearance were both cool callbacks to Season 2, though I refuse to believe that Maud wasn't aware they were there when she was looking into moving there, she's too smart not to have thought of that. "Find your own mint pony, ya pink menace!" Finally, most importantly of all, DERPY HOOVES, BEST PONY FOREVER AND GREATEST GEM THIS SHOW HAS GIVEN US TO DATE, made her first appearance of Season 7, and it was most enjoyable indeed! She first showed up when Maud and Starlight were in the market, just walking around, but then she had her own little bit when Pinkie Pie threw a pizza at her and she gleefully chased after it (hey, at least she got a free pizza out of Pinkie Pie's stupidity, that's more than most ponies can say in this episode about what they got from Pinkie's OOC behavior)! I look forward to seeing more of best pony this season, and cannot wait for Derpy's next appearance. I apologize for all of these upcoming pics but I just had to post this as a sequence... Ha ha, best pony has pizza and you do not, BE JEALOUS, FEEL ENVY!!! Overall, this was the first episode of Season 7 that, for me, was just good. It wasn't great, it wasn't terrible, maybe it wasn't even very good, but it was solidly just good, and given how bad Pinkie was here, it really should be commended for even being that good. I did care about what was happening, I liked what ended up happening, and ultimately something was accomplished, Maud has a friend and lives adjacent to Ponyville, good stuff overall, even if the road there wasn't entirely smooth. That's all I've got for you this time folks, until next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* HOLY S***, BUCK YES!!!
  2. Well well well, everypony. Time for another new episode. Maud Pie is one of those unique characters who shows so little emotion, yet manages to be extremely lovable. So of course I wanted to jump for joy when I found out that she was getting an episode early on in the season. And once again, Maud failed to disappoint. But what really made me happy was seeing how Starlight was unexpectedly integrated into the story. Looks like Starlight and Maud have actually crossed paths before, in a strange twist of fate that led to Starlight's enslavement of her old village... But alas, now that these two have encountered each other once again, they have a cool chemistry going on. Maud tells Starlight that one reason she holds rocks so near and dear to her heart is that they can never judge; rocks don't care if you're different from everypony else. And that theme fits this pair so well... Maud is Starlight's Boulder who accepts her regardless of the regret that still tries to eat away at her. Heartwarming lesson at work here. My only real gripe about this episode was Pinkie Pie. Yes, good old Pinkie means no harm and only constantly bugged her sister out of love. But even I, a viewer, have trouble dealing with Pinkie when she's too hyper and in everypony's face too much. It just gets boring; Maud and Starlight (seemingly) have a moment alone with each other to bond, and then Pinkie comes in like, "OH MY GOSH AREN'T YOU TWO HAVING SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER? AREN'T YOU BECOMING THE BEST OF FRIENDS?!?" Then there was Pinkie's mysteriously out of character behavior that made her more like Twilight than anypony else. Seriously, doing scientific analysis on friendship is Twilight's job, not yours, Pinkie. Whatever, though. The good far outweighed the bad. I suppose I should call some attention to the cute little Bon Bon, Lyra, and Derpy moments, too. Some people will undoubtedly call these moments fan service, but you know what? I see nothing wrong with showing some love for these background ponies. Bring it on. Overall, nice episode that hopefully means we'll see a bit more Maud this season than we normally would, since she's now got a beautiful cavern abode on the edge of Ponyville. Seriously, I may not be a geology geek, but LOOK AT IT: Nice scenery in this episode, if I do say so myself. Anyways, I give this a rock solid 8.5/10. Apart from an overwhelming Pinkie, it showcased plenty of cute moments with plenty of beautifully deadpan Maud humor. Definitely an episode I want to re-watch a bunch of times. One more thing... these two are adorable together. I can already see the shipping starting to happen.
  3. Good morning, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." Well, well, well, that was a delightful episode,wasn't it? A very lovely introduction to the CMC this season, as well as a smashing follow up to their grand finale last season culminating in their getting their cutie marks. Without further ado, let's dive into things, this is "On Your Marks." So I think the best way to review this particular episode is to first and foremost highlight its pacing, structure, and themes. This episode, for covering as much as it did, was wonderfully paced and structured. They set up the problem nicely, and resolved it just as nicely as well. Nothing felt rushed or forced, but very natural in how quickly it was addressed. So what exactly was the problem here? Well, the CMC, quite naturally, need to figure out what they're going to do now. Not as far as their special talents go, no, they quickly remind themselves that their purpose as the CMC is to help others with cutie mark and special talent problems. The problem, they quickly realize, is that they're still fillies, pretty much limited to doing stuff in Ponyville, and there are only so many cutie mark/special talent problems in Ponyville. Suddenly this show wants us to look at ponies plots even more than usual. I don't know how to feel about that... Astonishingly, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo quickly realize the answer to this conundrum. They both have a lot of other activities they'd like to do, but also realize that the other two CMC might not be so crazy about them, so they resolve that they should be able to do some things on their own, away from each other. As the leader of the CMC, and the one (arguably) most reliant on the group dynamic (no surprise given how important family is in her life), Apple Bloom is most uncomfortable with this arrangement. She's not sure what else she could possibly want to do besides stuff with her friends (although this is a bit odd considering we saw her earlier in the episode quite handily handling some potions at Zecora's), and eventually starts despairing as to what her life will be when she's not with the CMC. Things get resolved nicely when her friends point out that she doesn't have to do things she's just good at, but things she just enjoys for the sake of enjoying them, and they close things by assisting a new friend they've run into overcome his stage fright and earn his cutie mark in dancing. Wait a minute... is this confirmation that Berry Punch and Cherry Berry are vintners? That's... AWESOME!!! Like I said, this episode stands out to me both for its pacing and handling of its thematic elements. It seems like DHX just keeps getting better and better at handling the CMC, and episodes like this prove that point. While it does get a little old at times that AB so often gets the lion's share of CMC focus, this problem made a lot of sense for her to have; like I said, she's arguably the most reliant of all the CMC on close social networks, between her friends and extended family, so it makes a lot of sense that she'd have anxiety at the thought of doing activities without them or others. It was nice as well that Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle figured out on their own what was the best thing to do, as well as the fact that they got different results. Scootaloo seems quite good at bungie jumping, whereas Sweetie Belle is not very good at crocheting, but they both enjoy those activities just as much all the same. OK, WE GET IT, YOU WANT US TO LOOK AT YOUR BUTTS!!! Even Sea Swirl and Sassaflash seem uncertain how to feel about this The first new song of the season was quite nice, nothing spectacular or very memorable, but a nice sequence all the same. I would be remiss if I did not mention that it is very, very clear at this point that puberty is hitting Michelle Creber and Claire Corlett HARD!!! I mean, their voices are so low now; gone are the days of Sweetie Squeak. It's sad, but it's not like they don't still sound good in the roles, and it kind of gives the impression that they're getting older. It's just weird still that Scootaloo sounds the most like she did when the show started out of all three at this point. There were some creative and fun looking new supporting and background ponies introduced, most notably Tender Taps, good, typical CMC humor, and all in all the episode just had a nice, relaxed, Ponyville slice-of-life feel to it, despite, as I've mentioned quite a bit, hitting on some important themes. I don't have a whole lot to say about this one, but what I do have is nothing but praise. This was a great start in the season for the CMC, and I can't wait to see where they go from here. Until next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  4. Princess Luna has proven to have quite a collection of interesting powers, those of which include her ability to disguise as anything, animate or inanimate, her ability to dreamwalk, and of course, her ability to raise and lower the moon (and the stars, I believe, although not including the sun). However, along with those obvious powers are her slightly more subtle ones. I put this short list together: 1. Ability to conjure up past memories of dreamers and put them on display for that dreamer (For Whom the Sweetie Bell Tolls) 2. Ability to conjure up experiences that may be fearful to the dreamer. Basically she can give ponies nightmares (For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls) 3. Ability to link the subconscious minds of those who are dreaming (Bloom and Gloom) 4. Ability to switch dreamers from non-lucid dreaming to lucid dreaming (Bloom and Gloom, Sleepless in Ponyville, and For Whom Sweetie Belle Tolls) 5. Ability to keep ponies from waking up from their dreams??? (Bloom and Gloom) 1 and 2 are very easy to understand and explain. Luna must be able to tap into the minds of those whose dreams she walks into, giving her godlike qualities. Basically, she's a lucid dreamer that can walk into the minds of anyone she wants while still possessing lucid qualities. 3 was something that I found very interesting. Towards the end of episode 4 of season 5, *spoiler alert* Luna brings Applebloom to the "dream version" of her clubhouse with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. The thing is, all three of them (or four, counting Luna) are dreaming, but are able to see each other within the dream. So basically, all three of them were sharing the same dream. 4 is very common theme in Luna's dreamwalking episodes where, at some point, she tells the dreamer that they are just in a dream so then realization hits them in the face and immediately causes them to go from non-lucid dreaming to lucid dreaming. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not believe it is possible for someone to go from non-lucid dreaming to lucid dreaming just on their own. I guess this is the whole reason for Luna stepping into ponies' dreams: to tell them that they are in a dream and that their dreams mean something. 5 is something to be determined. Shortly after Luna makes her beautiful entrance into Applebloom's dream, she briefly mentions how fears of something can make you feel like you were in an endless nightmare. Connecting this with number 1, this could definitely be a possibility. But I believe the bigger question to ask is, does Luna have complete control over the sleeping mind? She's able to manipulate the dreamers' dreams to show them anything she desires, however it is still undecided whether she is able to keep the dreamer from waking or not. In Scootaloo's dream, Scootaloo begins to wake up while Luna was still counselling her, in which Luna has to end her counselling there and leave her dream. However, in Bloom and Gloom, Applebloom's dream doesn't end until Luna says "Good idea". In which case, either Applebloom ended her dream or Luna ended it for her. So what do you think? Do you believe Luna has the power to lock Equestria in eternal slumber?
  5. Welcome back everypony to another "Batbrony Reviews"! OK, well this is definitely a... hard episode to talk about. I've changed my vote once already from 'liked it' to 'loved it', but I'm going to change it back to 'liked it' as soon as I'm done writing this review. There are I things that I really loved about this episode, and things that I... well, just didn't really care for. Let's start with the... I don't want to say bad, but, how about, let's start with the 'meh'. The episode got very repetitive. There, I said it, and I'm certainly not the first person to say it. Now, don't get me wrong, it got repetitive in very creative ways; each dream sequence was increasingly more nutty than the last, and it did become clearer and clearer that Apple Bloom was in a dream. But it was so clear that she was in a dream after the first one that, I don't know, it felt like at least one dream sequence could've been cut out. Or, better yet, they could've instead shown all three of the CMC with fully developed dreams, instead of simply following Apple Bloom's POV the entire episode. Then, at least, the dream trope might not have gotten tired so fast. Again, the dreams themselves weren't poorly executed, but they just got very repetitive all the same. That's probably my biggest complaint about the episode; watching it, something just felt wonky about its execution. Now then, let's talk about what I loved. Despite some problems in the execution, I loved the writing here, really, I did. For one, it's very clever of the staff to tie things up with the CMC and Luna by basically concluding a deliberate story-arc in the CMC dream episodes that has spanned 3 seasons. That's very, very clever actually, and smart writing. I also liked that, given that it centered on Apple Bloom, who is, more or less, the de facto leader of the CMC, this particular dream episode, unlike the previous ones, focused on their constant questing for their cutie marks, in this case their fears revolving around them and, more generally, their futures. This sort of anxiety about not knowing what comes next, with all the possibilities that life presents to one, is especially suitable for children like the CMC to experience, knowing so little about what the future may hold for them. Those themes resonated more and more as the episode continued, and I thought they were excellently written and well-delivered. The CMC were very good here, I thought. They didn't exactly do much since the entire episode was, simply, a confrontation with their fears and anxieties in a dreamscape, but still, this seemed like something they would worry about. Their voices have definitely changed, especially Apple Bloom's and Sweetie Belle's; you can definitely tell that Michelle Creber and Claire Corlett are starting to go through puberty. Some people mentioned Scootaloo as well, but I disagree; her VA, Madeleine Peters, is 19 now, I doubt her voice is changing that much at this point. Besides the fact that they were cute and funny in their usual way, along with the fact that they confronted a problem that seemed very suited for them, I don't really have too much to say about the CMC given how repetitive the episode got and how much of it was in a dream. They were characterized fine, I liked the lesson they learned, and Scootaloo getting to fly in a dream was too cute (even if it was brief), but other than that, not a whole lot to say. As a quick aside, it's very cool for Babs Seed that she finally got her cutie mark, and I do hope we get to see her again sometime later this season. Good to see these silly fillies once again up to their usual shenanigans As for the dreams themselves, I'm really just gonna comment on the aesthetics more than anything since it was clearly a distortion of the CMC's reality. The animation looked very lovely most of the time, there were definitely some very trippy visuals as we've come to expect from the dream episodes, and some of those visuals made for some very funny visual humor. Big Mac talking as extensively as he did was probably the trippiest part of those sequences (and most amazing, to boot), along with Apple Bloom's shadow that everyone (myself included) was wondering the entire time if it was Princess Luna or Starlight Glimmer. The shadow being AB's own shadow, that is, her anxieties and fears, more or less, was a very cool bit of writing. However, what was not so cool was when Sweetie Belle's dream cropped up. :okiedokielokie: Not because of the dream itself, but because it was advertised by DHX prior to Season 5's premiere. I have a working theory now that M.A. Larson is slowly but surely corrupting the rest of the DHX staff and turning them all into belligerent trolls, because whoever greenlighted marketing that scene knew EXACTLY that they were just teasing us and setting us up for a MAJOR disappointment! I'm not mad, in fact, it's an excellent bit of trolling if I do say so myself, but it still got me like a sucker punch to the gut. Yeah, those bucking teases and trolls at DHX knew exactly what they were doing Princess Luna was, well, Best Princess as usual. She was definitely in the episode for a solid 5 minutes, and I loved getting to see her so extensively. I've made it no secret that I adore her design, and it was really cool getting to hear how much she's changed since "Luna Eclipsed". I know some people complain now that she's not as fun sounding as she was in that episode, but I like it and it makes sense too that she'd be much more gentler and soft spoken as time has gone on after that incident. She did a great job delivering the message, and there were, as in the previous dream episodes, allusions to the idea that maybe some of these very same experiences the CMC are going through, Luna herself has struggled with in the past (especially the theme of not accepting yourself for who you are and letting your anxieties eat away at you). It was a little predictable that she was gonna show up, and I do hope very much we get to see her more this season in other settings outside of dreams, but all the same her appearance here was very pleasant to see. She even got in some pretty funny jokes and one-liners before the episode ended. :comeatus: I do so love watching how these ponies' crazy dreams play out :comeatus: Finally, I'll just comment on some more aesthetic touches. As I said, the animation was gorgeous as usual, especially in some of the crazier dream sequences. The short lullaby that Applejack sang was completely unnecessary and pointless, but it sounded lovely all the same and didn't do any harm either. Overall, while this may not have been an episode I loved in every respect, there were things that I loved about it, especially the writing, and it's definitely one that demands a second viewing, if only to piece together the exact sequence of events going on in this episode. Can't wait to rewatch it, and still very happy with how Season 5 is going so far. Till next week, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  6. So, another vector made. This time it's a vector of Apple Bloom from a certain scene when she is singing in the song from Season 3 Episode 4. (yes I am aware of the toolazytoedit error to top left of the ribbon) Here is an avatar verision, feel free to use it And here is the link to a High Quality verision: