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Found 5 results

  1. So Celestia can just decide when to move the sun when she feels like it? And in the middle of the night? Doesn't creatures on the world of Equestria kind of DEPEND on the sun being accurate and on time?
  2. Well, just like last time I could really use some feedback on how to improve (not only to improve but it also helps with motivation). And maybe I am more likly to get some when only posting one video? Anyway here is my review.
  3. Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." What's that I smell? A controversial, polarizing episode you say? Well now, this should be fun! Yes, Rainbow Dash has finally joined the Wonderbolts, and as I very much expected, this is going to be a polarizing episode that people either love or hate, so without further ado, let's dive into "Newbie Dash"! First off, let's get the controversial aspects out of the way. I would describe this episode (as I already did earlier in this thread) as the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice of this season so far. It's undoubtedly flawed, there's no getting around that, BUT those flaws do not mean one cannot like or even love this episode. You just need to understand the flaws in order to do so. So what do I personally think is the biggest flaw? Well, it's not the Wonderbolts behavior, nor is it the fact that Rainbow Dash freaked out and made some poor decisions. Both of those can be justified and I will do later in my review. I think the biggest flaw is that Dash's poor choices came across as too impulsive and reactionary. We didn't always get great insight into WHY she was doing what she was doing beyond "she's freaking out and wants to make a good impression," so it left us wondering how exactly some of the things she was doing was supposed to make a good impression on the Wonderbolts (most notably her confusingly impersonating her friends). This made her actions seem stupider and far more cringeworthy than they were, so yes, some of her actions were sloppily executed, there is no getting around that. Really though, that was the biggest problem in the episode, and it wasn't one which, for me, ruined the episode. That out of the way, let's get into the good which saved this episode and made it a worthy start to Rainbow Dash's finally fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a Wonderbolt. First of all, the beginning was fantastic. This felt like a nice balance of how Dash should learn she becomes a Wonderbolt. Too much fanfare would have felt forced, so it was nice that it was something very much unexpected for her; as far as she was concerned, she was still going to be a Wonderbolt Reservist for the foreseeable future, so to have that suddenly dropped on her made for an elated reaction of surprised shock that was raw and genuine. The fact that both Spitfire and Scootaloo were there, however, also made it meaningful; Scootaloo looks up to Rainbow more than anypony else, so to have her share in this moment for her was wonderful to see, and likewise Spitfire has long been an idol of Rainbow's, so it was great to see her deliver the news that Rainbow was finally to become a Wonderbolt, and on a permanent basis no less. Overall, that was really the best way we could've seen Dash learn she was to become a Wonderbolt; nothing felt forced or too overblown, but at the same time it was an undeniably special moment, so clearly the writers put a lot of thought into that. Oh my gosh, what's wrong with your face?! The Mane 6 were really strong here as well, I thought, because they gave just the right amount of support without helping too much. All they could really offer was helpful advice, but at the same time they could only influence too much since, obviously, they can't be with Rainbow as she was working with the Wonderbolts. It's a nice sign that the girls continue to get older and won't always be doing everything together as they fulfill their own personal dreams, similar to Rarity opening more dress shops or the CMC pursuing their own personal passions and hobbies away from each other. But they were still there through thick and thin for Rainbow as much as they could be, especially Fluttershy who, having grown up with Dash and being as sensitive as she is, had to especially understand how hard it must have been for Rainbow to once again get the nickname Rainbow Crash. Rainbow herself behaved pretty much as she should have in this type of episode, some of her SPECIFIC actions aside. Yes she had cringeworthy moments, but again, they were understandable and justifiable. This is THE thing she has dreamed of her whole life. She never dreamed of being a savior of Equestria, she never dreamed of being an Element Bearer or one of the icons of the Magic of Friendship in Equestria, but she has always, always, ALWAYS dreamed of being a Wonderbolt. Therefore, her having butterflies in her stomach that made her an absolute nervous wreck was plenty understandable. She tried to be too confident, cool, and cocky, she tried to stand out too much, she tried to do anything she could to make a positive impression on ponies she'd always called her idols who were suddenly her teammates no matter how irrational it might be. It was her first days at work at what was essentially her dream job, so she can easily be forgiven for doing some stupid things. Lots of people in a similar position would and have freaked out similarly, because suddenly, the one thing you've dreamed about your entire life is a reality, and that can be mentally overwhelming. It did not help her nerves that she made such a bad first impression and kept thinking that she was this close to getting thrown right out. But in the end, Rainbow learned a fantastic lesson because of all of this, one which demands she take what she has learned as a member of the Mane 6 and apply it to her being a Wonderbolt. Being a Wonderbolt is not and was never about her shining more than anypony else; sure she had to have a ridiculous amount of talent to get there, something the Wonderbolts themselves more than recognized, but once you get there, you have to take that talent and what makes you special and channel it into making the entire group special, not just you. Rainbow has been learning this ever since she became an Element Bearer, the strength of a team, a group, how much stronger that is than any one single pony. So it was fantastic to see that she now HAS to apply what she has learned to the thing she has always dreamed of, and that is a lesson worth learning in her first outing as a Wonderbolt. Oh Rainbow, you don't have to try to act like an egghead, you were already one The Wonderbolts themselves, I thought, were very strong here, mostly because of the ending. Some of their hazing of Dash came across as mean-spirited at times, but the end made it abundantly clear that that's just what it was, lighthearted, ritual hazing, nothing more. Dash was the newbie, and they haze every newbie. They all have embarrassing nicknames because, in a group of the most talented fliers in Equestria, being reminded of your most embarrassing moments helps both bring ridiculously talented fliers back down to earth and also builds comradery between them all. They were also very different in their behavior, which nicely reflected their positions. Some of the regular Wonderbolts were more teasing to Rainbow while Spitfire, being the leader, was far more no-nonsense with her, even if she too still hazed her. Wonderbolt's who knew Rainbow more closely, like Soarin and Fleetfoot, were also more supportive and encouraging than some of the other ones were, and that was a nice bit of continuity. The end, where they all explained that they've all been where Dash was, completely justified their actions. They've all had her nerves, they've all been newbies, they've all had their embarrassing moments. This changed their actions throughout the episode from being mean-spirited and singling out Dash to simply being a routine part of her initiation. If they didn't care about her, they wouldn't be singling her out as the newbie but simply ignoring her. But like any rookie on a sports team, Dash is the newbie, so she has to go through the growing pains of being one as any newbie on the Wonderbolts would. The nickname isn't meanspirited like when she was bullied as a filly, it's supposed to be something she can look back on and laugh about. Some day, she'll be doing the same thing to other newbies on the Wonderbolts, and it won't be any more mean-spirited than the Wonderbolts behavior here was. Beyond that, it was very nice finally getting a sense for how the Wonderbolts work. They take their jobs very seriously because being the best fliers in Equestria doesn't just mean they're show ponies and performers. They're leaders among ponies and the pegasi, so being able to work together as a unit and team as smoothly as possible is supremely important to them, especially their leader Spitfire. They may all be special in their own ways, but when you're a Wonderbolt, you're one of many, not just THE Wonderbolt. Call backs to their history were nice, it was cool getting to see their barracks, training, and performance, and just cool in general getting to see the whole team together, not just one or two of them like we normally do. The fact that they gave Rainbow a pat on the back and told her to keep her chin up at the end was the icing on the cake, since, once again, it highlighted that they've all been where she was. They're only ponies, after all. They've all bucked up as Wonderbolts, they've all been the newbies, so they get it, she's nervous and freaking out. But that's not going to stop them from embracing her as one of their own, which they're more than thrilled to do; after all, they know she is ridiculously talented, even more so than the rest of them. She's going to be great someday with them, she just has to get the hang of it is all. Did... did the show suddenly become self aware of R34 and just decide to purposely give us R34 material? Cause that's what I'm getting from this episode Aside from that, there's not too much else to cover. Seeing Scootaloo get in some nice interactions with Rainbow was really nice, as always. The humor was a bit hit and miss. Some of the physical gags (like Pinkie's cotton candy bit) felt a little forced, and some of Dash's freaking out moments could be both cringeworthy but also hilarious (best example being her Mane 6 impressions; the action itself was very confusing, but hearing Dash impersonate all her friends was hilarious and some wonderful voice acting from Ashleigh Ball as well). I actually thought the Wonderbolt's humor was the funniest, weird right? I don't want this to sound mean, but some of their hazing was genuinely funny. Not so much the nickname Rainbow Crash, but the way they started treating it so normally got quite a few giggles from me. That and how annoyed they got at Rainbow at times, mostly because I never got the sense that they were going to kick her out. They were just annoyed at her because she was the newbie of the group doing newbie things, so yeah, I thought that was pretty funny. That's it, isn't it? Be honest writers, I mean, what else could it possibly be?! Overall, this is an episode very much worth liking, with some stuff to love even. It has a very nice message about what achieving your dream job might actually be like at first and how one shouldn't take ribbing so seriously, while also illustrating how sometimes our nerves can wind up making us our own worst enemy. Is it flawed? Yes, it is, mostly in aspects of its execution. But that doesn't mean I don't like it, nor think this isn't what Rainbow deserved in becoming a Wonderbolt. I think this is a moment that so many people will have hyped up in their heads that, in many ways, it was always going to disappoint in some way. It's been built up too much not to. But for what they did with it, I'm very happy with how Rainbow Dash becoming a Wonderbolt turned out. She had some growing pains to go through, but she made it! SHE MADE IT GUYS!!! She's a Wonderbolt, for good, and she knows it! That's why she was so happy at the end, and we should be to. This isn't just something that happened in the final episode of the show in some two minute epilogue. Rainbow Dash is, for good, a Wonderbolt, and we get to see that for as long as the show continues!!! I don't know about you, but for me, that fact alone is the epitomy of coolness, awesomeness, and radicalness. Rainbow Dash is a Wonderbolt now and forevermore; it's canon, won't be taken away, and we get to see Rainbow for as long as the show goes on get to live her dream, not simply achieve it. That alone makes this episode completely worth it and worthy of Rainbow Dash's dream finally being brought to life. That's all I got everypony; if you still don't like it even after reading my review, no big, to each their own. But this is the best I could do to defend this episode. Until next week everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* She didn't just achieve the dream; she's living the dream, and we get to see it. I'd say that's the walking, talking definition of 20% cooler, if I do say so myself
  4. It has begun... Just a teaser, but it actually looks pretty cool, but that may be because I expected them to focus on the old characters for the trailer, and the idea that this new movie will just be a retread of the past instead of something new is what's been keeping me from getting too excited. It's still a bit reliant on imagery from the Orig Trig, but if the sole presence of the new characters here is an indication that they really will be the focus, that'd be nice. What do you think? Excited now? Indifferent? Think this is gonna be another case of people getting too excited over the first trailer?
  5. Welcome back everypony to another "Batbrony Reviews." This week, oh gosh... so Discord finally had his "Lesson Zero" moment. One would've thought that it might've been in "Keep Calm and Flutter On" before this episode, but nope, this was definitely it. Poor dude went off the deep end from almost the first minute to the last. And ya know what... I didn't just like it, I LOVED it! This episode... oh my goodness, this episode. My one complaint is that it wasn't longer, just because I would have liked to get to see more of the Gala a second time around. But really, even as is, this episode is pretty much perfect. The pacing, although whirlwind-fast from start to finish, was outstanding, and they somehow managed to not only fit in an actual plot with a well-delivered message, but A LOT of little subplots and nice little aesthetic touches as well. Without further ado, let's begin. So to start, let's talk the main character, Discord. First of all, it's very much worth noting that this is the first time, in my opinion at least, that he's been the SOLE main character of an episode. He's been a main character before, but here, it was clear from start to finish that he was the primary subject. No one else had to actually learn a lesson, it was him alone, and while we've seen his chaotic nature before get him in trouble, this time things, although still similar, were also quite different. Discord did not cause trouble entirely because of his penchant for causing chaos; instead, he caused trouble because he was actually worried about his dearest friendship he has, that being with Fluttershy. That illustrates a remarkable amount of character progression for Discord; it's quite clear, now, that friendship, at least his friendship with Fluttershy, is the most important thing in his life. At the same time, the episode also handily illustrated how much he still has to learn about friendship, seeing as the entire conflict was driven by his possessiveness of Fluttershy, jealousy of Tree Hugger, and inability to understand 'sharing' Fluttershy with other friends. Granted, that might seem a bit confusing seeing as Fluttershy has been friends with the Mane 6 since she befriended Discord, but she was friends with them before she even met Discord, so perhaps that makes it easier for him to accept those friendships. Overall, him making a mistake like this makes a lot of sense, and Fluttershy knocking some sense into him at the end was a great delivery of the message and lesson he had to learn. Besides that, he was a riot, as Discord always is; from his insane house in Lord-only-knows-what-dimension (speaking of which, I'm impressed the mail pony even managed to get to his house in the first place) to the crazy antics he kept doing from start to finish, not to mention that terrifying puppet-dimension he opened, John DeLancie brought his A-game as always to this role and most certainly did not disappoint! All in all, this was a fantastic episode for Discord, and it was great to see him not only being hilarious in his chaotic, crazy way as usual, but also learn such a lesson as he did here. Next, let's talk about... well, everything else, since, as I said before, there was A LOT of other stuff in this episode. I loved seeing Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack bringing their sisters/surrogate sister as their plus-ones to the Gala, there were some really feel-good and cute moments in that little story-thread and it was one of the things that I would've loved to see more of if this were a two-parter episode. Twilight and Princess Celestia were very cute together as well, though I was awfully disappointed that Luna didn't even make an appearance. Ah well, at least Celestia was channeling her inner-Trollestia this entire episode, that was fun. For not really enjoying Maud in her initial appearance, I actually really liked seeing her here. I don't know, maybe she's actually grown on me since she first showed up, maybe it's that I actually really like some of the fan work she shows up in, but she was really funny here and it was cool seeing her brought back, even if she wasn't in it that much (she did manage to get a wicked burn in on Discord, after all). It was great seeing the Grand Galloping Gala again as well (though was it just me, or did it seem a little... empty, at times?), and I absolutely adored some of the dresses and suits, whether worn by main or background characters. Discord was swagging in his orange-suit-and-top hat, the Mane 6 and Celestia all looked lovely and I can't wait to see some fan art of their dresses, and even minor/background characters like Maud, Tree Hugger, Raindrops, and Lyra looked great. Overall, you know that all the little things in this episode worked splendidly when my biggest complaint about them is that I wanted to see even more of them! LOL, you do suck at flying Twilight! Hey! Soooo... how's your night been? Having a good time? Pinkie, what are you doing? Pinkie, stahp. I do so love bucking up state events! Especially that time I invited Chrysalis and her changelings to Canterlot. Wait, WHAT?! Oh, nothing. The Smooze itself did not disappoint, not in the slightest. It was simply a riot (not to mention a bit adorable as well in a... smoozy sort of way), and you could tell the writers were having a lot of fun with this guy. I loved that he wasn't actually a malicious, he's just a hungry... well, smooze that simply can't help itself, and that made for some hilarious gags. My particular favorite was when he got all over Rarity and Discord vacuumed off the ooze and her dress, IDK, it may be an old gag, but it was fairly hilarious given that Rarity would literally be the only pony at the Gala who would be so self-conscious of suddenly being "naked" in front of everypony. In fact, I'd even say that it might have been hearkening back to her line in the Season 1 finale when she didn't want Spike coming in while they were getting dressed for the Gala. Either way, it was a fun gag, and there were tons more with the Smooze, which I think we all expected but nonetheless was still great to see. I seriously loved this gag SO MUCH!!! I ship it The one thing I didn't actually really care for in this episode was our new character, Tree Hugger. Now don't get me wrong, she wasn't anything for me like what Maud was when she first showed up; seriously, Maud did NOTHING for me when she first appeared and I didn't care about her in the slightest back in Season 4. Tree Hugger was entertaining, to say the least; it was pretty funny seeing the writers run with the hippie-caricature like they did, her voice actress did a nice job in the role, and I'm fairly sure she was high-as-a-kite at the Gala (pretty much confirmed when she told Discord she didn't remember him). I can also totally see Fluttershy befriending somepony like this, so that worked fine as well. What I didn't like was that she was sorta Mary Sue-ish, and not just in her mannerisms. Fluttershy kept saying really weird stuff like "Oh my gosh, that's the funniest thing I've heard!" to reinforce how wonderful Tree Hugger was, and that felt off for both Fluttershy and the writers. For one, I highly doubt from what we saw that Tree Hugger is that funny, so I really didn't believe what Fluttershy was saying, and secondly, this was literally the writers telling instead of showing us that Tree Hugger's alright. Now yeah, we got to learn about her as well, but she didn't seem as amazing as Fluttershy often described her. My beef with this Mary Sue-ishness was only amplified when she stopped the Smooze. Not only did it seem like a terribly obvious plot-device to only make Discord hate her more and everyone else love her more (ZOMG GUYS, NOT EVEN CELESTIA OR TWILIGHT CAN STOP THE SMOOZE, WHATEVER SHALL WE DO?!?! Wait, here comes Tree Hugger to save the day! OMG, YOU SO COOL TREE HUGGER!!!... see what I mean?), but... come on, even for an episode as bizarre at times as this one, the bucking noises she made to calm it down were just WEIRDDDDDDDDD. I mean, seriously, what the buck was that? What the buck was she actually doing? And, I know her talent is supposed to be with rare animals, but she seriously figured out in 5 seconds what to do to stop the Smooze? I'm sorry, but she was such a Mary Sue at times that there were a lot of things I didn't like about her in execution. It just felt like the writers were trying too hard to both convince the other characters AND the audience that she's cool, and they didn't really need to; like I said, I found some of her lines enjoyable enough, so they just should've let her traits speak for themselves instead of having her save-the-day for no reason other than the plot demanded it. OK, rant over. I hope the length of this rant didn't suggest I hated this character, I really didn't. I'm just disappointed in her and the writers, is all. Seriously, though, HOW THE BUCK DID SHE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT SHE HAD TO DO THIS?!?! Was it all the drugs? Be honest, it was the drugs, wasn't it?? Overall, however, this episode was a treat. Like I said, this was Discord's "Lesson Zero" and man-oh-man was it as crazy as that sounds. The humor was great, the pacing phenomenal, the animation superb, the main and minor story threads both simply splendid, and it was cool seeing how far Discord has come as a character, but also how far he still has to go in learning how to truly befriend others. It makes you wonder about more disturbing questions, like how is Fluttershy going to teach him to accept losing friends; I mean, yeah, we're never gonna see that in the show, but we all know that Fluttershy is going to die someday. Well... she'll have to at some point before then teach Discord how to accept that seeing as he's an immortal being and all, and that's... kinda tragic to think about, seeing as, despite his age, he's so new to this. Just goes to show how much great character there is for even a guy as seemingly whacky-on-the-surface as Discord. Anyways, fun episode, wonderfully put together episode, I loved every minute of it. Season 5 continues its roll of good episodes with a real bang-up one this week, and I couldn't be happier. That's all I got everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* This was such a blast, and everypony had the time of their lives as I indirectly ruined their evening! I sure am glad nopony important got to miss out on all this fun!