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Found 296 results

  1. -It took me half of the first season to become a brony -I didn't hate Mare Do Well -I found the Crystal Empire extremely disappointing -I prefer Celestia over Luna -I hate Just for SIdekicks with a passion
  2. All right, fillies and gentlecolts, you asked for it, and here it is! Er... well... um... I guess you didn't ask for it... BUT IT'S HERE ANYWAY!! THE MEGA POLL. You know what to do. Chop chop. If you feel like making a post as well, I'd love to know what your top five/bottom five are. Here's mine: From most awesomest to least awesomest... The Perfect Pear The Mane Attraction Amending Fences Wonderbolt Academy Shadow Play And from least stinkerous to most stinkerous... Newbie Dash Princess Spike Non-Compete Clause Feeling Pinkie Keen (Just because of the letter) Hard to Say Anything And there you have it. Mods, you would honor me greatly if you would consider pinning this. I really, really want this to take off. I want enough people to vote so that we can get enough data to start to see the fandom trends. Thanks.
  3. Hello, my fellow bronies and pegasisters. I would really like to know all you guys favorite episodes and moments from those episodes that makes them so great. My favorite episode was without a doubt Sonic Rainboom. The beginning with Fluttershy's Yay was awesome. Rarity Flying was even more awesome. Rarity's self-satisfied laugh when she flies up to the sun for the first time was EVEN more awesome. And still, while i watch the Sonic Rainboom itself, i still get shivers from the epicness. I still watch that episode atleast every other day.
  4. I'm sure other's have discussed what they'd like to see in future episodes. I'd really like to know more about the 8 magical items that were referenced in the episode where they meet Starlight Glimmer. I'd also kind of like to know more about what's beyond Equestria.
  5. With the show having come to a conclusion, we can now get some insight onto how well the initial viewings for every episode and the averages for every season went. And the results are pretty interesting.
  6. Everypony is different in some sort of way. Whether its hobbies,personalities, or something out of the ordinary Now we are bronies and that makes us unique, but what else is there? It can be anything. Politics Experiences Friends This is where you shine! Show your colors and be yourself. SHARE ANYTHING that you think makes you unique! Ill start I love to climb trees at random times ( i continue conversations as i climb) i sometimes use knifes instead of forks to pick up my food i tend to create large RP universes which mash up all my favorite things. I take the Transformers and Everypony from Equestria and put them in the same universe so they can have all sorts of adventures. Pretty crazy right? Enough about me YOUR TURN! what makes u unique?
  7. With the season 7 premiere minutes away, how do you like to watch newly released episodes. Through stream, video or TV? Video is best for me, don't like to watch via stream because a.) I get distracted by the people in the chat or b.) the video might crash on my end. Plus on top of all that the quality can sometimes dip unlike video where unless there is a problem with my connection the video will play smoothly.
  8. Now that Season 9 has officially finished airing, what do you think were the best and worst (or, if you prefer, your favorite and least favorite) episodes of the season? In the poll above, you can vote for as many or as few episodes for each question as you wish, although many people traditionally have given a top 5 and bottom 5. At the bottom of each question, there is also a "None / Prefer not to answer" option. Also, feel free to post and explain your choices. Later on, I'll post the top 5 episodes that I liked most this season. Thanks for voting!
  9. Lets post here some paused moments of episodes that looks funny! also edit if you want (Image retired from the clip: "Friends Are Always There For You")
  10. Now that Season 8 is officially over, what do you think were the best and worst (or, if you prefer, your favorite and least favorite) episodes of the season? In the poll above, you can vote for as many or as few episodes for each question as you wish, although many people traditionally have given a top 5 and bottom 5. At the bottom of each question, there is also a "None / Prefer not to answer" option. Also, feel free to post and explain your choices. Later on, I'll post the top 5 episodes that I liked most this season. Thanks for voting!
  11. Well, here it is. My least favorite episodes ever of MLP. I know that I already posted portions of this list in a post in a related topic, but I didn't comment on the episodes themselves as a whole. Fair warning, I may not go into enough detail for some people here, because with some of these episodes they're just so terrible that being blunt about it is the only way to adequately explain just how much of a dumpster fire it was. Also, fair warning, I may also get a bit... over the top at some points. But trust me, it is MORE than justified. 10. Power Ponies. Oh wait I think I miscounted in that one thread. This is actually a Season 4 episode. I thought it was Season 5. Color me surprised that this trope-filled, contrived disaster was in such a great season. The whole concept to me felt like a reason to commit the copyright-violation rendition of f***ing seppuku. It's so obvious who everyone is supposed to be here that I'm honestly surprised that neither DC nor Marvel didn't sue Hasbro for this... It doesn't help that the plot of this episode felt so limited, nor that the entire premise was because of some sort of magic spell in a f***ing comic book with no real reason to be there. Not much to say here other than it just being boring and cringy in general. 09. On Your Marks. I wasn't specific in my original post in this topic, but yes, this episode was an absolute nightmare to watch, and I couldn't even get through it, the episode was so bad... I honestly don't understand why this gets a pass, but Somepony to Watch Over Me does not. Apple Bloom was more than definitely out of character here, like she honestly WASN'T in SpoWOM. She's NOT generally the worrier of the group, and in fact she's normally more of the leader if anything... But here she becomes f***ing paranoid for no really logical reason over a cutie mark that isn't really that hard to understand to be honest. The whole thing frankly felt like pointless filler to me, with no real place here. And this is only ninth... 08. What About Discord? What hasn't been said about this atrocity, other than "why isn't this in the top 5?" Well, unfortunately, the answer is that the quality of the worst of the show is still much worse than even this was. First off, Discord had NO REASON to feel left out whatsoever. He literally got a MUCH better episode EARLIER IN THE SEASON. Not even to mention that he should be GRATEFUL that he's Twilight's good graces to be frank. Secondly, Discord here seemed really, REALLY selfish. To the point of literally causing chaos for no apparent reason other than JUST BEING BORED? WHAT? With Discord there's at least more of a point usually... 07. Cart Before the Ponies. What a travesty. This episode was clearly not planned with much if any forethought towards any portion of the audience over the age of 6, and that's stretching it. The whole thing ends up with the depth of a pancake. A predictable mess that revolves around what might be one of the WORST premises I've ever had the displeasure of watching unfold. It really doesn't help that this episode has the characterization to back my reasoning for me to now consider it the worst episode in the sixth season over the overlooked catastrophe that was On Your Marks. Not even to mention that this episode was beyond boring. Not the most boring episode in the series, but among them surely. 06. Non-Compete Clause. I know this may actually seem like a high placement to some, but I will say that this episode deserves every bit of criticism that it gets. Rainbow Dash and Applejack are both made so out of character, so egotistical, that the singular thing alone makes the episode bad. What makes it one of the worst is a premise that basically goes AGAINST the show's entire message! This kind of premise was done not so badly and executed decently in "Fall Weather Friends" back in Season 1. Why can't that be made to work here? We know they have a competitive streak, but come on. This goes beyond that... It goes into the territory of self-absorption! We all know how bad that is... 05. Spike at Your Service. Oh no. NOT THE ABSURDLY META "YOU SAVED MY LIFE SO I OWE YOU MINE" PLOT! Seriously, this type of plot never makes sense, and never works. Here is no exception. First problem, this is the FIRST mention of the "Honorable Dragon Code" which is supposedly SO important. Second, Dragons are NOT honorable. In any way whatsoever. That's literally their most obvious character trait... Third, the plot itself was an overused trope that never even worked in anything ever before to begin with. Fourth, Spike in this episode is so f***king petty, and actually SELFISH in his pursuit of making himself feel better about AJ "saving" him... 04. The End In Friend. Why did they need to make another episode just like the atrocity that was Non-Compete Clause IN THE SAME SEASON? Who wanted this? Oh I'll have their f***ing head. Nobody really learned anything (and RD should have already LEARNED beforehand anyways that being a d***** to your friends is NOT a good idea, regardless of how they're treating you). Nothing really happened of consequence. Also, quite literally, the entire episode's runtime after about 5 minutes felt like it was devoted to RD and Rarity having prolonged temper tantrums because the other does or says something that offends them. This episode gave me a headache before halfway, and made me want to punch something a ways before it even ended! 03. Magical Mystery Cure. More Like "Malicious Musical Cancer." Yes, I'm going there. I think that watching this episode has the potential to cause brain tumors, or at the very least aneurisms (Oh I know that part from experience). This episode was a rushed nightmare that even wouldn't have done as a two-parter due to an absurd lack of coherent anything behind it. Literally nothing made sense. I had no idea what was even happening most of the time aside from seemingly random songs. This episode would be the worst, but the thing is that, yes, I will admit that it would have made a plausibly okay two-parter. But it would likely still suffer from the same issues from what I can gleam. SO F*** THIS PILE OF C*** FOR BEING SO BAD! 02. Hard to Say Anything. I think I really don't need to comment much here, but I will anyways. This episode is the most cringe-worthy, most fanfic-y thing I've ever seen. I could swear this episode started as a bad fanfiction before it became an episode. The whole thing felt so f***ing fake. Forced doesn't even do it justice. This ship is straight-up FAKE at this point (of course, with the Season 8 follow-up episode, my opinion of the ship drastically improved). Not to mention this episode was very, very boring for anyone not interested in the worst ship I've ever seen. Like nothing happens except the focus on that totally garbage ship. I say this, as you know, with the context of how I felt at the time being that "I CAN'T TOLERATE THIS CRINGE FOR ONE MORE NANOSECOND!" 01. Fake It 'Til You Make It. This episode is so abysmal, so terrible in every way that it's hard for me not to see it as downright offensive. Fluttershy was the most OOC that any character has ever been at any point in the entire series, Rarity once again repeats her infuriatingly stupid mistake of getting the wrong person for her job (even after Honest Apple, and even knowing Fluttershy), and the premise in of itself is just... WHY? Whoever thought of this needs a f***king lobotomy. I'm serious. This was a piling heap of garbage, and there's no way I can be lead to believe that anyone sane would have produced this without an a public apology afterwards. At least Faust did that when she f***ed up. But unfortunately the writer had as little common courtesy as they did writing ability...
  12. This might be considered a lazy post. Are the new seasons worth watching? I stopped at 7, and kind of just stopped watching after I heard about all the new characters that were being added, although that isn't the reason I stopped per se. Have you guys enjoyed the new stuff? I guess I'm just feeling a bit timid about giving the new stuff a try!
  13. Every episode focusing on Pinkie Pie ever since PPOV was nothing new at all to her. All she got were just more episodes only focusing on her (and a few with Rainbow Dash), and every time she gets an episode for herself, all the main characters always have to appear with her as well! That's right, there STILL isn't a single episode where she is the only member of the Mane Six to be seen whatsoever. Other characters got all that new stuff that Pinkie didn't get. For example, Spike had a role in The Breakup Breakdown without any of the other main characters; so did Starlight in To Change a Changeling; and Rarity in Forever Filly. We even got to see Applejack and Rainbow Dash's respective parents last season. Even Maud got to make a brief appearance in one of those episodes, but not Pinkie! >:( I just hope the writers will stop giving us useless Pinkie Pie episodes like these for next season.
  14. Ok idk where to post this but this seems like the appropriate spot to do so. I am wondering about streaming sites other than daily motion. Daily motion has too many fake videos and I can’t find episodes anywhere else! I am trying to catch up since I haven’t been here for a while.
  15. With season 8 on the horizon, I thought I'd share my own personal rankings of each season, from my favorite to least favorite. I wasn't sure where to include the My Little Pony Movie, so I included it with season 7. Season 1 The Best Night Ever The Cutie Mark Chronicles Sonic Rainboom Party of One Swarm of The Century Feeling Pinkie Keen Suited For Success Winter Wrap Up Green Isn't Your Color Dragonshy Over a Barrel Friendship Is Magic Stare Master Call Of The Cutie A Dog and Pony Show Fall Weather Friends Apple Buck Season A Bird In The Hoof The Show Stoppers Boast Busters Griffon The Brush Off Bridle Gossip Look Before You Sleep Owl's Well That Ends Well The Ticket Master Season 2 A Canterlot Wedding Lesson Zero Read It And Weep The Return Of Harmony The Last Roundup It's About Time Luna Eclipsed Hurricane Fluttershy Sweet and Elite Sisterhooves Social Hearts and Hooves Day A Friend In Deed Ponyville Confidential May The Best Pet Win! Family Appreciation Day The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Putting Your Hoof Down Hearth's Warming Eve Baby Cakes MMMystery on the Friendship Express Secret of My Excess The Cutie Pox The Mysterious Mare Do Well Dragon Quest Season 3 Magical Mystery Cure The Crystal Empire Sleepless In Ponville Too Many Pinkie Pies Magic Duel Keep Calm and Flutter On Wonderbolts Academy Apple Family Reunion Games Ponies Play Just for Sidekicks One Bad Apple Spike at Your Service Season 4 Twilight's Kingdom Pinke Pride Filli Vanilli Rarity Takes Manehatten Flight To The Finish Equestria Games Daring Don't Princess Twilight Sparkle Maud Pie Castle Mane-ia For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils Bats! Twilight Time Three's A Crowd Simple Ways PInkie Apple Pie Trade Ya Power Ponies Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 Inspiration Manifestation It Ain't Easy Being Breezies Somepony to Watch Over Me Leap Of Faith Rainbow Falls Season 5 Crusaders Of The Lost Mark Amending Fences Slice Of Life The Mane Attraction Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? Rarity Investigates! Tanks For The Memories Make New Friends But Keep Discord The Cutie Re-Mark The Cutie Map Castle Sweet Castle Scare Master Party Pooped The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows The Lost Treasure Of Griffonstone Brotherhooves Social Canterlot Boutique Hearthbreakers Appleloosa's Most Wanted Made in Manehattan The Hoofields and McColts Bloom & Gloom Princess Spike What About Discord Season 6 A Hearth's Warming Tail The Saddle Row Review The Fault In Our Cutie Marks Gauntlet of Fire To Where and Back Again The Times They Are a Changling Top Bolt The Gift of the Maud Pie No Second Prances Stranger Than Fan Fiction On Your Marks Every Little Thing She Does The Crystalling Spice Up Your Life 28 Pranks Later Viva Las Pegasus Buckball Season Flutter Brutter Where the Apple Lies P.P.O.V (Pony Point of View) Newbie Dash Dungeons & Discords The Cart Before the Ponies Applejack's "Day" Off Season 7 The Perfect Pear Shadow Play It Isn't the Mane Thing About You A Royal Problem Forever Filly Secrets and Pies (One of the funniest episodes) Fame and Misfortune All Bottled Up Celestial Advice Parental Glideance Rock Solid Friendship Once Upon a Zeppelin My Little Pony the Movie Fluttershy Leans In Hard to Say Anything To Change a Changeling Discordant Harmony Campfire Tales Daring Done? Triple Threat Uncommon Bond A Health Of Information Marks and Recreation A Flurry of Emotions Not Asking For Trouble Honest Apple Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Forgotten Friendship Friendship Games Legend Of Everfree Dance Magic Mirror Magic Movie Magic Better Together Shorts Summertime Shorts Choose Your Own Ending Shorts Equestria Girls (2013)
  16. Hello and welcome to the discussion thread of all things Naruto! I, myself, am I huge fan of the series and I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well. Feel free to discuss everything about it!
  17. Sup brahs? Yeah, it's another episode idea post, big whoop! The big whoop about it is, this post is exclusively for Applejack episodes! Either AJ alone, or combo episodes with other main characters (ex: Applejack and Pinkie). So if you have any episodes that has AJ as the main character, or one of the main characters, post 'em here! In the meantime here's mine: * Little Farm of Horrors – Applejack and Twilight attempt to fight off a disease that's been plaguing Sweet Apple Acres before Shining Armor and Princess Cadance visit. * Lord of the Sings – When Pinkie and Applejack get sent by the Cutie Map to Vanhoover, crowds of fans argue on who has the better music: Coloratura or Cheese Sandwich. * The Green Apple – After Applejack gets sick, she refuses to stop doing her chores, which starts to worry her family. * There’s No ‘I’ In Team – The Cutie Map summons Rainbow Dash and Applejack to Baltimare to help their Equestria Games team the meaning of being a team. * The Replacement – The Cutie Map summons Twilight and Applejack to Fillydelphia to help a member of the Fillydelphia Hoofball Team who threatens to quit the team because he always takes bench. * Moving Out – When Big Mac decides to move in with his special somepony, Sugar Belle, Applejack does all that she could to stop him. * Try At A Ton – After Applejack gets injured before the Equestria Triathlon, Rainbow Dash decides to take her place and do all she could to make sure she wins for her friend. After we're done here, feel free to let me know which character you wanna do next! In the meantime, how about your AJ episode ideas?
  18. Ok season 4 is over, why not pick your 5 favorite episodes of the season? Please pick only 5 on the multiple choice poll. I made the 2 parters single choices as they'd otherwise throw things off and you DID see them each on the same day (didn't you). After a little bit we'll be able to see the results for the whole forum. If you forget which episode goes with which you can check the wiki here: Also please reply back (after taking the poll) with your 5 picks and WHY they were your favorites. Bonus points if you can list your least favorites as well and why they let you down. Thanks all!
  19. This poll is for how many episodes each of these characters you think are gonna play a leading role in season 7 - including episodes that's shared with another character. Let me know what you got in the comments!
  20. It was hard but.. "Rarity takes Manehatten"! Know why?: -A Rarity episode! Cuz' season 3 did a great job with THAT. -Good music. -Nice plot. -Good lesson. -A magical experience.
  21. I was wondering just now will there be more seasons after season 3? I was curious because they decided to only make 13 episodes this time around. What do you guys think?
  22. If you saw my AJ episodes post, you know what to do here! Episode ideas, but exclusively for Rarity, or Rarity and other members of the main cast! Now here are my Rarity episodes, but hopefully you'll have some Rarity episodes to share this time. I don't wanna be selfish and just share mine, so please share yours! Even if you don't think they're worth sharing, I'd like to see them! Starting off with bad episodes would train you to thinking of better ones! Anyways, here's mine! * Holder’s Boulder – When Rarity visits the Pie family farm by request of Limestone Pie to decorate Holder’s Boulder, it mysteriously goes missing the next day, and Limestone believes it to be a curse. * The Manehattan Project – A rival store runned by Suri Polomare opens across the street from Rarity's Manehattan expansion, so Rarity pushes her employees over the limit to make sure she doesn't lose business to her. * Crush Depth – On Hearts and Hooves Day, after Spike finally decides to ask Rarity out, she hesitatingly declines it. After seeing Spike get rejected, Sweetie Belle decides to take her place out of pity. * The Cloudsdale Colts – When the Cutie Map summons Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity to Cloudsdale, they try to help a quartet known as the Cloudsdale Colts reunite with their leading vocalist who is promised a record deal to go solo. * Roasted Sister – When Sweetie Belle decides to sign up for Equestria Idol, Rarity becomes worried that her sister would become roasted by the judges, so she decides to cheat by having Starlight take control of the judges. * All Work and No Play – With Rarity’s three boutiques all becoming a huge success, Rarity has been too busy to hang out with her friends and family anymore. Even when the Cutie Map calls for her, she knows her business comes first. * Reserve this spot for a Twilight/Rarity episode once I think of one.
  23. I really feel like we need too see Spike and Twilight when they were younger. Their relationzhip has always given me the impression of them being brother and sister. But I'd still like too see how Shining Armour and their parents reacted too Spike. And how Spike became Twilight's servant. Because as it stands it doesn't seem like he actually has a say in it. In that regard Spike feels like a slave. I posted this elsewhere originnaly but I'll post it here also: I've always felt that Spike and Twilight's relationship was a bit weird in the show. Sometimes in the earlier seasons Twilight would act like a mother towards Spike. But for the most part they seem like they have more of a big sister/little brother relationship. A lot of the times Twilight gets annoyed with Spike it feels more like a sister getting annoyed with her little brother. And sometimes it feels like Twilight only values him as a servant. In Spike At Your Service when Spike went too dedicate himself too Applejack Twilight's reaction felt like one less of concern and more of "Slaves stepping out of line again! Time too teach him a lesson!". Though I guess Spike has been treated better in recent seasons.
  24. Each episode contains the following five choices in the poll: I HATE IT! >__< I dislike it! …meh… It like it! I LOVE IT <3 Over the seasons, the choices (usually the first and last) were personalized to add a bit of flair, usually by an administrator. But because episodes have been released early in Canada, I chose to upload the threads so people can comment on the episode in a thread rather than just a status update. In addition, I decided to personalize them all with show references and jokes to make the mood lighthearted. However, creating amusing, cute, or funny poll options is a really hard task, and repeating a joke means you're running out of ideas. In short, I can't do them alone. I'm gonna need some of your help in creating them. They can be any episode, but right now, I'd prefer only the next four: Discordant Harmony The Perfect Pear Fame and Misfortune Triple Threat You can make as many amusing options as possible. The only thing I'd like to ask from you is to avoid character bashing. P.S.: This blog will likely be periodically updated and bumped when we get closer to future episodes.
  25. OK, going to try to add these as the season goes by. We'll see how it goes on my keeping it up, especially as busy as my Saturdays usually are. Well I watched the two premier episodes and was impressed. The first episode was pretty good, I loved the characterization and flashbacks with Celestia, and although it was not a total Celestia episode, I really can't complain. Also, I think the fact that it was a Slice of Life episode tying up some of the last seasons ending made it even stronger for me. I much prefer a resolution on screen than an off screen assumption. Some parts of it seemed to drag a bit, and Twilight spazzing out over and over got annoying, although watching Celestia do it utterly made up for that. Although some may have wished Starlight had went away, I am glad she is being allowed to stick around under her own choice and not shoved off in some weak attempt to return to the original cast. Although i am still pretty neutral about her, removing her just because would bother me a lot more than keeping her on. Overall I really enjoyed it and think it was a great start to the season. All Bottled Up was a bit weaker for me personally. I loved that Trixie plays a prominent role and am even more thrilled that she is learning actual magic... and seems to be more talented at it than was given original credit for. However, her characterization was kind of aggravating to me overall... she has already shown she thinks very highly or Starlight and considers her her best friend.... so why act that way towards her? I get that she gets caught up in the moment and can have that arrogance streak at times, but to act like that towards your best friend just kind of felt way out of place. I am glad it got solved at the end, and the way they did it picked the episode back up for me, but still I found it way out of place. And speaking of out of place... the should have dumped the entire Twilight and gang scenes period. They could have saved that for its own episode and let this one center on Starlight and Trixie. The entire scenes just felt like absolute filler for me, and as such made the episode feel like filler in progress.... The song was dull and forced, the scenes felt shoehorned in, and it just felt like something there meant to kill half the episodes time slot. They could have just said they went to a retreat and i would have been fine with that. That being said.. the pretzel gag at the beginning was golden, mainly because I was eating pretzels at the time... so I almost choked on the irony and laughter. In conclusion, it was not a bad episode at all.. just sort of out of focus and had some things I think would have been better left out. I did like it for the most part though and look forward to EP3. OK, not really... I tend to dislike babysitting episodes of anythings, so we will see how it goes. Celestial Advice 8/10 All Bottled Up 7/10 (originally 6/10... but looking at it a bit more I kind of rethought my score)