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Found 34 results

  1. Exactly what the title says. After you come home from a day at school, work or whatever you do during the day (That does not include being on the interwebz). Which websites do you check in first with? Mine are the following: Equestria Daily, Mlpforums, Youtube, Tumblr and Newgrounds (sometimes).
  2. Just started a Ponies Around the World Discord server! Seeing as Equestria Daily's BIG PATW event is just around the corner, I figured it might be a neat idea to start a group for traveling, adventure, exploring, and Ponies Around the World. Join Here: Ponies Around the World is an event started by EQD where you bring your favorite pony toy, merch, etc. and take a photo of it at some significant landmark or place, whether it be famous or off-the-beaten track. Each year, hundreds of photos get submitted! The Idea: Share your "Ponies Around the World" images! Post your adventures! Give feedback, stay up to date, and get behind the scenes info on the "Equestria: Into the Wild" film Talk about hiking, traveling, and the outdoors This group is an experiment, so I'll see how it pans out, lol. It is affiliated with the Everfree Hikers facebook group.
  3. So I came by to this interesting topic from Equestria daily discussing about if mlp's villains really need to be a threat? or can they be define in a different way depending who you are dealing with? read more from below. So what do you guys think?
  4. I just found it on EQD and haven't actually come across any, but what do you think? Personally I think they look weird. They still seem a bit cute, despite having flaws. They do leave much to be desired though.
  5. VIEWERS BEWARE, YOU BE IN FOR A SCARE Wow, that added no depth to the entry whatsoever. Huh. So where in the world was RealityPublishing? It's been a week an literally no one missed him! Not even the PonyCrush people! Well? I've been sitting around playing Fallout: Tactics, writing more fanfictions, force feeding Boku No Pico to my note-taking accomplice, and waiting in line for Blackjrxiii's newest hit (It features Applejack. I'll dig anything with my fiance' in it). Pretty busy week if you ask me! I'll try to post more frequently now that Season 6 is done and over (eck. That episode deserves an entry of its own). In fact, I managed to finish an entire four-page fiction in about two days! I polished it up (as best as I could) and shipped it off the next morning. I had to draw sketches, create covers, and everything! Sure, it took a lot of work, but I think it was all well-worth it. So what was the fiction? It was roughly a 28-hundred word short story featuring Pinkie Pie and metaphorical reflection. I personally thought it was one of my better works, but what do I get in return? About 80 views, 1 Like, and 2 people climbing on my back about errors that were non-existent. Now, to be fair, I don't mind criticism; in fact, I think it's one of the best things a writer could ask for. You can improve on it and strive to be a better writer, (which is what I did). The problem is that out of two people pushing the backlash, I was only able to extract a single piece of information that was actually useful. Strange, huh? Though, I'll have to give credit to the first person who commented, because he got me thinking. The statement he described was: "I'm not sure if this is a sad Pinkie, or an unhinged Pinkamena" The story I wrote was a metaphor and had neither of the two. All the characters of the story were just placeholders to better fit the message that I, the author, was trying to tell; it was all for the better visualization. Unfortunately, it seemed as though people didn't understand that. Sure, it could be that I wrote the fiction in one day and they just didn't get it, but I believe there's another alternative. . . Fans who read these sort of works come in with a pre-existing headcannon that they expect the fiction will perfectly align with. When it doesn't, they don't like it. It's as if fan directly compares the show or their beliefs with the fiction presented; it just doesn't work. Yes, we know that Pinkie Pie is a fun-loving pony, and even the simplest of stories can reflect that, but when the character is automatically classified to what the reader wants it, the moral or intention of the author is destroyed. Writing is a tool to speak the words of talented writers, not fit the demands of a reader. Perhaps it's just me being blind to the definition of "fan fiction" and maybe I should go on to write more, "Twilight rides a bus and Pinkie Pie was there" fictions which seem to be getting a lot of attention. This brings me to my second point. Scenario Fictions, as I call them, are what give fan fiction a bad name. They feature next to no originality and they still are able to breech the 1,000 view mark or receive more attention than they certainly should have. It's like the LeafyisHere or Pyrocynical of fan fictions. No effort, more views, more attention, more fame. You want to make a Scenario Fiction? Let's go through the steps. Step 1: Watch the latest episodes (hard work, I know) Step 2: Take whatever was good about the episode or whatever you thought could've been different, and put your own spin on it. Such as. . . -Spike goes mad with power (Gauntlet of Fire) (Link: ) -Thorax the Babysitter (To Where and Back Again) (Link: ) -Derpy eats a glowstick (Link: ) And last but not least, - Twilight eats stuff and Spike has to get Colgate to do something? (Link: ) Step 3 is watch the views roll in. Anyone can be horse famous now! No, I have not read any of the fictions above, but I don't think I really want to. You could say they get the views because people want a laugh or two, but for something like this to attract over a thousand fans? Seriously? And that leaves me to my last objective. ROMANCE FICTIONS Y'know, I wouldn't have so much a problem with these if it weren't for the fact they are more populated than the entire population of Eastern Asia. Let's be honest, about 95% of us would have an emotional relationship with one of the mares if given the chance. Problem is, people can't keep that to themselves. Oh, no. They decide to write more fictions than an immortal Mark Twain could. I honestly don't know what's so "special" about these quote-on-quote "ROMANCE" fictions. And no, I don't hate the writers or their work. I just hate the fact that people would rather subject their eyes to something as morbidly stupid as a Twixie Fanfic than an original IP made by some junky surrounded by CRT TVs. That pretty much raps that up. My friends and I watched the original MLP movie, so I'll be writing about that sometime in the near future. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! But here's my outro, So call me salty! -RealityPublishing (UPDATE: Because of my "misstep" in fanfiction, I'll be applying for Writer's Digest. Wish me luck!)
  6. It was just announced a few hours today that EQD is now hosting their own own mlp forums. Source: I'm not quite sure what to make of this news, as I've always thought of the MLP forums as the place for MLP forums (jeez, I wonder why), and while I've only made an account just recently on this site, I'm still annoyed that now EQD is trying to, I don't know, steal the traffic of this site? The whole thing's just really weird, as it looks like it's only going to further divide the fandom into subfandoms rather than bring it together as one community. Anways, as the MLP forum community, I'm wondering what you think about this news.
  7. Wow! Making a post on an off-day? I must be really dedicated! Actually... yeah. I am. ... Anyway! I interrupted my break because I noticed a lot of drama popping up about the """NEW""" Equestria Daily Forums! Now, just a quick disclaimer, I have nothing against EQD even though they denied my month long's work of fanfic anthology galore... But enough of me, let's talk about the situation at hand! For those who don't know, (which is about 2% of you) the famed "Equestria Daily" created a forum devoted to their one and only, MLP News site. What do I have against this? Nothing, but everything. Why make an extra forum site if the community already has one? We've got this site, and they've got their "Morning" and "Nightly Discussions" that take place every day. So why try to tap into the forum community? Growth and greed. Maybe not greed, but it's pretty darn close. I get that they want to create a closer community for meetups and gaming hubs, but isn't that what we're here for? Why create a subdivision of an otherwise reputable network if you already have a prominent one sitting right here? It's like the Washington Post trying to develop games in order to promote their newspaper! Remember those old McDonald's games? The ones on the NES designed to make you purchase their big macs? That's exactly what this is! Poniverse is a large community, spanning across several, dependable networks providing music, conversation, radio, streams, and gaming hubs. What does Equestria Forums have? The same thing minus the streaming, but that's beside the point. The fact that Equestria Daily wants to create a subdivision to promote an already solved problem is suspicious, and in my eyes, a bit greedy. As if dominating the news market wasn't enough, why the forums as well? The design of the webpage is a bit premature, but that's expected. My main pet peeve is just how close EQF and EQD are. It's like they're all in one webpage. Wanna click on that blog page? Whoops! Back to EQD. There are just so many portals taking you back to EQD that it doesn't really feel like a solid forum. On MLPF, however, you barely know it's a part of Poniverse. It makes the whole experience seem more independent. Like Poniverse is just there for the extra support, unlike EQD where they breathe down your neck. Will I be joining EQF? Unless this site gets shutdown for some reason, no. I find this whole situation extremely controversial and overall greedy. But if you want to run along to the other side, go right ahead; I won't look at you any differently. (Again, I have nothing against Equestria Daily or their crumby forum site.) -RealityPublishing (Tomorrow's Tale is still coming. Sit tight for some Adobe Flash Crash issues )
  8. Now I want to vent out something else. I don't need to explain any further but the sites I mentioned in the title? There are nothing now but hateful comments regarding season 6. Look at this. This is isn't exactly the first time that I've seen it happen on Season 6. In fact I suggest looking at the different announcements regarding the other seasons. I will never understand and accept why people just go spit on the episode before we see it with our own eyes. I used to frequent these sites, but now there are these kinds of comments everywhere I go. Here are just some examples. Fire all the writers NOW Kill every last one of the characters because they're all out of character Cringe, cringe and more cringe. The use of this word makes me want to kill someone. NO JEST. Morals are all screwed up aka Newbie Dash The show is degrading and the movie will be the final nail in the coffin, period. I could probably name a few other types if I can remember them now. Bottom line is: the entire fandom is starting to really want all of these things to happen. WHY? I DON'T KNOW! Why cannot we just enjoy this show again like we did in the past?
  9. Compared to how much EQD entries there were in previous years, there hasn't been many this year. It's mostly in the 2000s.
  10. Is there one? If not have the admins considered one to be made?
  11. The YEAR, was 2015 After 10,000 have attended Bronycon, the members of the 13 million worldwide went to settle back to their normal, everyday lives. Bronies who were known by their OC and artist names went back to being addressed by their regular aliases. Spitfire was no longer Spitfire, she was now Janet Anderson. Hoity Toity was no longer Hoity Toity, he was now Joel Pearson. As they continued with their everyday routines, some finished high school, college, got married, had kids, and so forth. Many suffered hardships, losing friends, payment problems, business failures, being betrayed and ridiculed.... ...Until one day, everypony on the planet had their eyes facing in one direction. All began to walk in the path they stared into. It wasnt long before other people began to notice members of the fandom sporting their backpacks filled to the brim with necessities and pony merch. Some wore costumes, hiding their identities to the public, some wore fursuits, hiding their voices from the public. These groups went from singele individuals, to pairs, to dozens, to hundreds walking at once. Others wore casual clothing spioritng their favorite charatcers and accessories. Alone, they were ignored by the public,but when they joined, the attention of the locals was on them. When other fandoms, as well as the non fandoms approached to speak to them. Their only responce was "We must. Make it." Three weeks later, news of the travelers reached the media of several nations. Reports of ponyfolk walking in groups first came from the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Austrailia, Germany, Russia, Brazil, and then India, China, Israel, and South Africa. Thousands of the pastel people were trotting, at once. As more outisders approached them, they were immobilized, unable to stop their march towards their...ambition...the othersiders were not sure what the bronies goal was. As before, all they could say was "We must. Make it."... ...its been ten years now. Miners at the Siberian oil mines worked until they noticed something unusual. Far off in the distance, day by day, they noticed grass was growing. Grass, healthy green vegatation was laying next to the dunes of snow that surrounded it. As the locals went down, what they saw was magical... ..The Bronies, thought to have been lost five years ago made their own civilization. They had their own home Where they ate brony fruit on the brony trees planeted on the brony soil. These people, of different religions, races, languages, and orientations walked thousands of miles to form their own mark on the earth. Riddled with Brony Architecture, Brony Politics, Brony Councils, Brony Transportation, Brony Farms and Brony Art, "Ponyville" as they called it, was as functional as if it were a major city on earth... ...on a land that wasnt theirs. The Russian Government was alerted of the pastel people occampanying theirs, stakes were taken to take it back. At noon, where the weather was 20% cooler, they struck. But they were not prepared for this. The royal guard used their magic to counter the likes of the Armed forces and the KGB. After monitoring everything, the brony scientists fought back with a sonic rainboom eliminating a fraction of the military. When the Government gave in to the bronies demands, the leader of the fandom stated "We will love and tolerate, but we want the right to our friendship through the ages." During that day, the world let the rainbow remind them that together they will always shine. The people of the brony fandom had their land marked on the world map with a population of 13 million. And thats how Equestria was made.
  12. So Eqd just posted that Zap2it has set a date for episode 14 of season 5, 12th of September. The article is here: Are any of you skeptical about this? Do you trust Hasbro? But more importantly are you all HYPED? Because I know I am.
  13. So I saw this on Equestria Daily. It appears to be a collectible card game that looks about as close to Pokémon as you can get. It looks cool as buck, but I doubt you could play it with anyone without buying another deck so the other person can use it, as this looks sketchy as a drug deal in Chinatown. Hopefully if this gets popular they'll make a digital version like Pokémon. Heres the link:
  14. As title implies, what do you think of the comments section of EQD. Like some of their reactions to stuff and others. Personally, they can be hit or miss. On one hand I can find some funny posts, but on the other hand, there are those people who jump to conclusions and think the show or fandom is dying or something. So discuss away!
  15. So, recently on Equestria Daily, this post went up: I didn't read the fanfics mentioned or anything, but the cover picture really caught my attention. It's Twilight decapitating a Changeling. Green blood everywhere. I'm not queasy looking at it or anything, but it surprises me that this got to be on the front page of EQD, given the gore. Now, that picture is the cover picture for the fanfic as well, so the post is being representative of its source. At the same time, EQD is a very popular and very famous site. I'm sure some of MLP's target audience has found it, and many people from outside are likely to form opinions about our fandom based on what they see there. Sethisto and the other EQD people have great power, and thus great responsibility. When they wanted to feature sexually suggestive art on their "Drawfriend" posts, they'd just give a link with a warning ("NSFW" or "Saucy", I think it was). So why did this picture not only get into the post, but become its cover picture? I'm curious what you all think of this. Should EQD be responsible for filtering what's submitted for "decency" or some similar criterion? Should they just be as representative as they can of the fandom, come what will, and leave PR out of it? Other thoughts? Also, bear in mind I'm not saying that people shouldn't make this art. I'm just doubting whether it should be featured so prominently on such a widely accessible site. Here's the image, in case it gets taken down or anything. Warning: gory.
  16. What makes our community really special is the amazing, talented bronies who draw, act, collaborate, create and contribute to making our fandom that much more awesome. Many of us came for the show but stayed for the fandom and what an amazing one it is with all that we’ve made of it. This year, BABSCon has your hook up for over a dozen guests you know and love, including YouTube stars, Internet legends, radio hosts, and fandom talent. #HorseFamous? We’ve got ‘em! Master producers Sherclop Pones and FiMFlamFilosophyjoin us as Special Guests this April for all things animation! From the realm of YouTube hail the multi-talented ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Solrac (YapLap), DustyKatt, ACRaceBest, Saberspark, and Catie “Boxxy” Wayne. Special Guests Sethisto and the rest of the Blog Ponies from Equestria Daily will be here to tell you why Trixie/Rarity/Spitfire is best pony. You’ll be able to lend an ear to none other than our lovely Special Guest Kira “Rina-Chan” Buckland to hear all about voice acting and more. Also joining us is Apple Cider from the Bronyville podcast as well as Silver Eagle and the whole crew from Ponyville Live! The talented hands behind our exclusive Golden Gates plushes, Equestria Plush returns this year, as do the shadow box rockstars, The Paper Pony. The one and only Chelis joins us for a spin of the yarn and dangers of the written word. Running our cosplay contest is the fabulous Lochlan O’Neil (aka Too Rad Cosplay) and Everfree Motorsports is sure to excite. Be sure to catch your favorite bronies at the one and only Bay Area Brony Spectacular, April 3-5, 2015. They’ll be with us for all the festivities and friendship we have to offer, so come be a part of the action. Meet your favorite stars here at BABSCon! You can join us by registering at Hurry, April is closing in fast and you don’t want to miss your chance! We also like to give a shout out to our Hearts and Hooves Day #LoveBABS contest! We had a bunch of great entries and it was really hard to choose but we have some good ones! For best photo we have @idquid who took a cute picture of Golden Gates and Big Mac at the Golden Gate Bridge, and @kolshicako who drew an awesome piece with Golden Gates and Poniko from JapanPonycon. The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area. In our first year, we became the second-largest MLP con anywhere, and we’re back for our second year April 3–5, 2015 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact for more information! • • •
  17. As you will see here, we know that it isn't certain that Season 3 will have exactly 13 episodes, but not said that it will have more. "I heard that there are only 13 episodes in the next season, can you confirm this, and if so do you know why?" "Not true, we are still working on Season 3. Thats all I will say." Discuss.
  18. I don't know if there has been another topic on this but...this is something that has been really bugging me for a while. I've always hear both the good things and the bad things. But...there's a lot of people who think that EQD is so Celestiadamned elitist and biased, that it's almost as if the site was corrupted on the content it shows. I'm sorry if I said it wrong, I really don't know how else to put it, especially because it's all a matter of opinion really. But...this is something that I posted recently on another topic, but I'll put it again, so as to make myself more clearer. I don't know just HOW elitist is EQD to be honest. It's the site I frequent the most, and one I'll never stop visiting, as much as the others that I visit almost as much as EQD. I know getting in EQD is hard, but...I think, that the reason they get so many bad things is about there choosing, is because there isn't as much things as people would like to have, considering just HOW MUCH there is in this community. But honestly, I don't believe handling a site like EQD is easy. I don't know just how many people handle it, but it's probably not only not easy, but it's also not easy where and how to choose. After all, again, there are SO many things PER DAY that who knows just how much it would take to get them all right. I think they are a bit allowed to be somewhat biased, especially on the popularity thing, because they have to try to put the best, as if it was a true news site, coupled with the music, fics, art etc. And it's not easy to check it all in time to make everything in a somewhat scheduled update, which even now it's not exactly as a precise as a clock. But then again, this is me. I don't really know. Hell, this could be me just being innocent. fact, that kind of content can almost compliment, in a way. Think about it. Sites normally try to put what is general to all, and the stuff that DOESN'T appear in other sites. So, what one site doesn't show, the other can. It's already difficult to have everything important and good on one site. So, what EQD shows, may not appear on Derpy Hooves News (which I think is the other important site for news, excluding the Round Stable, that is news only), And viceversa. Besides, EQD is the one site that shows more variety in category variety. So, they have to have stuff that is from all of it. And I'm sure it's not that easy. To be honest, I don't know if this is the correct way to look at it, which is why I ask people to to put their thoughts, and what they think of it. Maybe it really IS all of a matter of opinion, and I'm just overthinking it. Or maybe I'm just too innocent. I really don't know .
  19. I was looking through the descriptions of his pony material, and not one of them has an Equestria Daily post. Not even Nightmare Night, which has 3,000,000+ views has one. So, my question is, is Glaze acknowledged by EQD, or does he just choose not to put the links in the description?
  20. Has anybody (or 'any-pony') seen this article ( on Equestria Daily? Everybody give a cheer (and 'every-pony' give a neigh), Luna is headed to the International Space Station. Where else would you like to see Ponies go? A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame perhaps, maybe a Pony topiary garden in the center of a Roundabout or in Central Park of NYC, or perhaps naming a strip of Route 66 after one of the Ponies (or at least decorating it to "Pony" it up). Be certain to give Congraduations for this outstanding achievement in "Pony-dom". "Stay 'Pony' My Friends."
  21. Earlier today, with Knighty's help, Equestria Daily published its new layout. Read my feedback below (C&D'd from the announcement itself): ———
  22. I wasn't going to stay out of this year's "Talk Like Zecora Day," so I'm gonna have as much fun this time as I should've last year! Check 'em all out below. Happy reading! ——— Link #1: Hello, everypony! DQ here to start this day early! Don't dare attempt to give me the orange! Breaking the code would be such a cinch! Go out there and untie that conservative knot. We all watch this show simply for the plot! I don't care if you're from America, Europe, or Aussie. Come join the herd to rhyme today, my fellow brony! Last year, this holiday I mostly stayed out. Once tomorrow's over, I'll admit my rhymes, brain, and sillyness made out. No way this brony will pout. I won't be hit like an Arizona drought. Zecora, my z, 'tis no challenge for me. There's a reason ponies call me Mr. Dairy Queen! ——— Link #2: Today, we all talk like big Z. And it all starts with Call of the Cutie. Lookin' for your cutie mark today, eh, Apple B? But don't worry. you're supported by two other fillies. First comes out Rarity's sister, Sweetie. Next we all see hyper Scooty. Together, you'll become the CMCs. Laughing last at Spoony and Diamond T. Next, Rogers writes Fall Weather Friends. But AJ and Dashie don't lend Twilight a hand. Egos so big, will winter's snow billow. They have more lead than AJ's pillow. "It's okay," Twily says, "I'll always love you." "But never face the wrath of forty-two." ——— Link #3: On September 4th, it's Talk Like Zecora Day. But it's also our first compilation of cosplays. About time, too. Brony cosplays here got little Internet recognition. Today, they get rewarded for their amazing dedication. There's so much attention to detail, from the texture of the fabric to the feathers in Celly's wing. I hope they all pursue a career; these 'plays gives their talent an excellent spring. 1. Dash's cosplay featured looks absolutely stunning. Watch out, bronies, because she has a pose that's, oh, so cunning. 13 & 15. From her crown to her beautiful hair to the texture in her midnight blue clothing. Princess Luna marvels creatives with wisdom, strength, and authority. 28. Don't look now, everypony! Rarity has prepared herself a trap! She's going to Baltimore to fight some nice, giant crabs! ——— Hey, hey, everypony! From the halls of Canterlot's Restricted Library. The true story why Celestia turned Twilight into an alicorn. But it's not because Twilight was to be reborn. It's another transformer. Celestia's new alicorn was supposed to be Shining Armor! Want me to cut to the chase? Okay! Vinyl, drop the bass! You see, Celly always liked SA. From his beautiful haircut to how he eats his hay. Bold, determined, and strong. She even loved his burnt corndogs. He was with the Royal Guard for several years. She was close to bringing him here. Where, your voice said, feeling hoarse? Why, in the Royal Court, of course. But when they talked, Celly realized Shining can't be an alicorn at all. The problem? He was two sizes too small. Of course, she never admitted that. 'Twas too crass. But she always admired his cute little ass. Will SA be an alicorn someday? Hmph! Maybe if eats hay with lesser steroids. Alas, Shining the Alicorn wasn't meant to be. Thereby finalized via her Royal Decree. So, she called for a backup plan. His sister was to be an alicorn in a twenty-year span. Celly knew Twilight was going to bumble. But she hoped she wasn't going to be like Sunset and disgruntle. Eight months ago, her wish came true. Now Twily is royalty, too. Now, Twily, Luna, Celly, and Cadance are one big family. "My most faithful student, now you're ready." ——— Two rhymes responding to Link #4: Best pony? Are you serious, Sethy? I can tell that you're kidding. Everypony is better than Trixie. Trixie, you fight so bad, you're immediately owned. You do magic trix, and everypony groaned. You turn Spike into a defenseless little pup. The best trick you ever did was an early Winter Wrap-Up! After today, this brony will lay down the rap. Kurt Angle and I have have one thing in common: We'll make you tap! - Hello again, my friend, Sethy. It is I, the self-proclaimed Mr. D-Key. My, my, my, your OP started a pretty big commotion. Once I layeth the smackdown on you, Trix, I'll get a prrromotion! Trixie is best pony? HA! Don't dare make me laugh! You're an even bigger background pony than Applejack! You scared Ponyville so badly, you stole away its color. But witty Twily beat you so much without even lifting a finger. Yet, she didn't do it without help. Everypony teamed up together… To save Ponyville from your reign of terror. Before Magic Duel, you were a really big loser. Princess Celestia doesn't DARE want you as Ponyville's newest ruler. Your rep was so bad, Celly didn't invite you to the Gala ball. Luna beat S3&K twenty moons straight. You're still stuck on the barrel! Are you kidding me? You're considering putting your magic show in the bin?! In the offseason, Scootaloo dedicated her love for you by buying a Trixie rubber chicken! Where is it? Why, in the CMC clubhouse. Apple Bloom is currently there trying out cutie mark hoedowns. Admit it, Trixie, you were never Great and Powerful. You were always Sorry and Pitiful. Then, now, and till the end of time, you will NEVER be best pony. That title forever belongs to Derpy! With that, I conclude My Little Show. And that's the bottom line, 'cause DQ said so!
  23. Click the link below. Be sure and have you speakers on. And don't forget to click the picture in the article. It's probably the best one I've seen as of right now. It really is worth a read. I hope you don't plan on going to bed....
  24. Well guys, it seems we're getting close and closer to the final reveal of Equestria Girls. As I said last time, I was impressed on the later details of EG, however, now I'm having second thoughts about this. Now, it REALLY looks like a parallel copy of monster high. What do you guys think? PS: Turns out, this will be direct to dvd instead of the theaters!
  25. Not sure if this was seen on EQD yet but: "Way back in November of last year, we started up a Music of the Day series to help out the swarms of musicians who weren't being posted here on Equestria Daily. The goal was to give them at least a small bit of traffic, and hopefully help motivate them to keep on improving over time. It has largely been successful in it's goals, and we saw a large amount of new music entries because of it. But instead of that, we thought of a neat idea in August about a site that lets you, the community, decide on what music is awesome via an alternative to Music of the Day, with the secondary goal of displaying all the new pony music as it came in. After a call over to our coder buddy Hypermark who wanted a new project to bash his head against, EQD Music was born! Head on down below the break for a full FAQ, or just go experiment with it yourself! Update: Until we are done being flooded, Music of the Day will remain, expect it for about another few days to a week! What does it do? It's easy! You can upload any pony track you wish from Youtube, label it from a selection of genres with Acoustic and Electronic being the primaries, and then send it in for moderation. Once it is accepted (no quality control outside of greater than 1:00 length and it having to actually be a pony track), it will display on the front page to be voted on by the community. Top lists will be generated daily, with weekly and yearly following shortly after. What about my Youtube Traffic? This site is supposed to be Google level simple, and focused on retaining the musicians Youtube traffic as opposed to moving it off site. Because of this, we wanted to avoid accounts altogether, linking instead to the actual Youtube song page for the usual comments/subscriptions/ect. This aspect is experimental, and we may end up integrating an account system and community features later on down the line, but we would prefer to keep the beam focused on Youtube's already massive musician army and their swarms of subscribers. How will this effect music on EQD? Outside of Music of the Day migrating over there, spotlight music posts will be business as usual. You are free to submit to both the EQD submit box, and EQD Music. For now, these sections are not shared, so be sure to send it to both if you want your music on both. As time goes on and things stabilize (and the site hopefully doesn't explode too bad), we will most likely start using it as an extra source of input for the spotlight music posts here on EQD. Will new music be lost in the flood? As with sites like Derpibooru, there will most likely be a pretty large amount of older pony music invading the site initially. We have two and a half years to cover after all! EQD gets anywhere from 15-30 new tracks a day, so once EQD Music catches up, we will hopefully avoid too much of a flood from there on. Use it to catch up on stuff you may have missed! We were originally going to limit it to music from 2013 onward, but decided against it. Large text walll ^^ Huh? Beware here comes another So what does this mean for smaller to mid size musicians trying to get your music into EQD? Well its going to get tough again. There's a lot of Q&A on my little remix in terms of why this is happening and what realities of this situation are, Many of them actually rather eye opening: Biggest issue is that EQDMusic right now is very buggy and is being used as an archive to not to highlight new music but also for all music (like derpibooru) and right now there's little fucntionality other than what briefly hits the front page. Also its the popularity system again with old classic tracks all over the front page. Sure, it's in beta but it's a mess even according to many EQD staff's own words. The other thing is that Seth is organizing this new site while the listeners are trying to get rid of the "anything goes" of music of the day (their words not mine) by upping the standards, as a lot of "bad tracks" are making it onto EQD. They'd like to have an EQD spot mean something again (not necessarily a bad idea). So what may occur is that a lot more tracks won't make the cut again. Instead of having the listener make the choice on what's good on MOTD it's back in the listener's hands, and the standards are going up again. Anyway read the thread it's a good eye opening read. After you've digested it, it comes down to what are your thoughts about rolling back MOTD despite so many musicians wanting to get on EQD and whether the new site is even designed to function in any way to help those same musicians or not. What are your thoughts? Again if you make music this is important stuff.....