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Found 762 results

  1. Sparklefan1234

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    Hello, everypony...Er...everybody. My name is Sunset Shimmer & I would like to welcome you all to the "Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike" thread! According to Princess Twilight Sparkle's letters, she & her friends in Equestria have been communicating with everyone for a few months now & it has been an "Enormous success in building friendships abroad!" to use her words. Now that that's out of the way, I hope that everyone enjoys this ask thread & has a great time talking to me & my friends from Canterlot High. Rules: Please keep your questions clean. No shipping questions.
  2. Sunset asking that Starlight is Twilight's student in "Mirror Magic" and Starlight saying yes indicates that this takes place before season 7. Do to the fact that Starlight was not in "Dungeons and Discord" could say after the mane 6 left to Yakyakistan Starlight went with Sunset to the EQG world and might have been a little confused about the difference between a friendship mission and a "overnight goodwill tour", and after returning being there for a few days she might have gotten a habit of using the EQG dialog such as hand which would explain why Starlight used the word hand twice in "Every Little Thing She Does". Which would make sense having "Mirror Magic" take place between "Dungeons and Discord" and "Every Little Thing She Does".
  3. Rikifive

    Movie Magic

    The action, the suspense, the mystery and plot twists! That's what this episode was about. Okay, maybe not that much, but it totally felt like it was a Daring Doo Scooby Doo X Equestria Girls crossover. There even was a talking dog named ScooSpike, who likes to eat, duh! Seriously though, it was a nice episode, can't really complain. Plot: It really felt like it was an episode from Scooby Doo. Not sure if references were intended, but they were visible. Nevertheless it was good enough. There was action and tons of explosions! The whole volcano collapsed, duh!!! This episode was less focused on the Magic of Friendship - it was pretty generic. Equestrian magic still feels kinda out of place, but at least the science hasn't go too far. The ending was less obvious, though still cliche, but well, that's what MLP is all about, so can't complain! Episode focuses on: Each character had their moments and it all was nicely balanced. Songs: None So generally, I liked the episode.
  4. Rikifive

    Dance Magic

    I don't see a thread for this, so --- Yell at me if I did wrong. I really like Equestria Girls Series, because that's where my pony adventure began. That's why I was hyped for the EQG Episodes! What are your thoughts about Dance Magic? As for me~ It's kiiiinda not the same anymore. I really liked it, but it was... slightly empty? Things were kinda happening too fast. It was noticeable, that some events were forced, in order to introduce next scenes, though after rewatching it, I think it's generally not that bad. We've got some cliche ending and stuff, but well, that's the typical pony happy end, so that's nothing I could complain about. I really don't mind that. Rarity yelled, Rarity cried, she's so cute when she's angry. It's still hard to get used to Sci-Twi - it's just not the same. She's a totally different character and talks much less. I really miss the normal Twilight Sparkle. To be honest, it's hard to get used to all of those new characters from Crystal Prep, but I'll give them time. At first I was like 'nuuuu there will be problems', but I see, that they can be nice.. I hope. This episode wasn't filled with action, explosions, nor even pony magic, that's true. Well, there was a tiny little bit at the end, but nothing significant - only pony tails and ears. Maybe that's better, as there was too much science going in third and fourth movie. Anyway, I really liked the episode.
  5. Rikifive

    Mirror Magic

    Magic, villains, destruction and ponies! - Yes, ponies! Mirrors or science - which one went too far? Seriously though, it wasn't bad, don't get me wrong. That's true there was one of the 'clichiest' (don't question that word) cliche stories, that could happen, but that's what this show is all about, so personally I can't really complain, what's more, I like how it usually goes. I can see why the 'happy endings' can be getting too obvious, thus boring for some people, but for the bad endings and stuff, real life is enough, so let's keep that balance. Literally, the first thing I was thinking of, when I saw where the plot is going was this one- Well, that went quickly! It seemed so obvious, yet I kinda thought it will not happen. Who would guess she'll get the magic to her hands and cause troubles? Oh right, that's what always happens. Oh those flashbacks... Once again we see somebody, who wants more power (fame in this case) then becomes a villain, destroys few things, gets defeated (-from some point of view) and receives a second chance in the end. A lovely well-known ending, that reminds me of the very first pony-content I ever saw - the first Equestria Girls movie. It brings back some memories... Personally I really love to see things getting better like this, so I think I got all I needed. Maaaybe Juniper's motives weren't super serious, but what we can expect from a normal human? She's not from the magical world with ponies, so while being that young and unaware of magic - could she really want to rule over the whole world already? For me it was good enough, what's more - pretty realistic to our world I can't deny. I know lack of all that magic can be quite boring, but I think I prefer this, than complete science, that doesn't make any sense. Though still, we got some, because where the magic came from in the first place? I don't think mirrors can do that. Just a random flow of magic randomly getting into the mirror at not random time? This is pretty suspicious! But well, if not that, then what this all would be about? Let's pretend it's a totally normal thing. Sunset Shimmer coming back to Equestria was something that made me interested - many people were waiting for that aaaaand while it's not really what they would like to get, it's still close enough! It was just a moment, but I agree I would love to see more of this. There's a whole story to tell about Sunset. I'd like to see her talking with Princess Celestia once again and stuff like this- that itself could be a nice episode or even a whole movie. The ending was cliche, that's true, but that's the ending I like, as I have mentioned before. I'm happy it ended up like this, not gonna complain. I don't mind how many times I'll get to see that kind of ending - it's always nice. So, generally - I think I really liked that episode. The more I think of all of those, the more I like them. At first I was kinda unsure of how it will go, but in my opinion it's going pretty well. I still feel the lack of normal Twilight Sparkle - for some reason I don't like Sci-Twi along with the whole Crystal Prep Academy from the very beginning (namely "Friendship Games"). That 'new' Twilight is absolutely different and more.. helpless? ~ unlike other characters, that are similar to their pony reflections. That's probably just me, I'm not going to judge anything, I just really can't get used to her. Anyway, that was a really nice episode in my opinion. Totally looked like the first Equestria Girls Movie, but with different characters and much shorter length. PLOT : Juniper Montage acquires a magical mirror and seeks revenge on Twilight and her friends for ruining her chances to play as Daring Do in a movie and become a star. Sunset Shimmer makes a quick visit in Equestria and brings Starlight Glimmer to the human world. Juniper imprisons girls in her magical mirror, which later grants her more power and complete obsession on being a star. Starlight tries to convince her, that there are other ways and revenging is something she may regret. She offers her friendship and shares her experience with similar desires in the past, which makes Juniper fix mistakes she made and release Twilight along with her friends. She receives a 'second chance' and becomes friends with the others in the end. FOCUS : Sunset Shimmer; Starlight Glimmer; Juniper Montage (as villain; later- friend) SONGS : None
  6. The Cynical Lone Wolf

    Legend Of Everfree

    I noticed the people in charge of putting up this threads have gone silent and with Legends of Everfree already up on Youtube(No, I will not share it) I decided to make this thread to discuss or review it. So what did you think of it? For those you haven't seen and waiting for it to appear on Netflix on Saturday, why you are you in this thread? This for people who've already watched it and it will be fuuuullll of spoilers. Oh also use the spoiler BBCode( the code is : <spoiler></spoiler>, just replace the "<>" with "[ ]"), just in case. ________________________________________________________________________________________ With that out of the way here are my thoughts My Review
  7. iLegovideo

    Equestria Girls

    Hey, guys. As most of us know, Equestria Girls has come out today and I thought I would like to do a review on it. I must warn you that there are spoilers. Tell me what you think. ~David
  8. One of my biggest peeves in reviewing is giving something a calculated score, because it's very difficult if not impossible to reduce the quality to such a mark. Plus, whenever many people see a score, they tend to not read the review at all and rely on the score/grade itself as proof for purchase. Nonetheless, if I were to grade the following based on the following items below, they would be the followings below the first rule. The grades are respective and separated to the following categories: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 MLP: The Movie Season 8 The Best Gift Ever Equestria Girls series, RR animated shorts, specials, and IDW comic/annual Main Comic Series* Micro-Series Friends Forever If you want to see my order of every FIM episode from best to worst (with grades), click here. Be warned: There are no reasons given for any of the grades, and they're all subject to change. Let's begin! Season 1: Friendship Is Magic: C The Ticket Master: C- Applebuck Season: B- Griffon the Brush Off: D+ Boast Busters: F Dragonshy: B- Look Before You Sleep: C Bridle Gossip: F- Swarm of the Century: B- Winter Wrap Up: A- Call of the Cutie: B+ Fall Weather Friends: B Suited for Success: A Feeling Pinkie Keen: D- Sonic Rainboom: B Stare Master: C- The Show Stoppers: F A Dog and Pony Show: C Green Isn't Your Color: B Over a Barrel: D+ A Bird in the Hoof: D The Cutie Mark Chronicles: A- Owl's Well that Ends Well: F Party of One: A+ The Best Night Ever: A+ ——— Season 2: The Return of Harmony: A- Lesson Zero: A Luna Eclipsed: B+ Sisterhooves Social: A+ The Cutie Pox: C May the Best Pet Win!: F The Mysterious Mare Do Well: F Sweet and Elite: B- Secret of My Excess: B Hearth's Warming Eve: B Family Appreciation Day: B Baby Cakes: C+ The Last Roundup: B The Last Roundup (edited): F The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: C- Read It and Weep: B- Hearts and Hooves Day: D A Friend in Deed: B Putting Your Hoof Down: F It's About Time: B- Dragon Quest: F- Hurricane Fluttershy: A- Ponyville Confidential: D- MMMystery on the Friendship Express: D- A Canterlot Wedding: C- ——— Season 3: The Crystal Empire: F+ Too Many Pinkie Pies: C+ One Bad Apple: F- Magic Duel: B+ Sleepless in Ponyville: A Wonderbolts Academy: A- Apple Family Reunion: B Spike at Your Service: D- Keep Calm and Flutter On: D+ Just for Sidekicks: D Games Ponies Play: F+ Magical Mystery Cure: C- ——— Season 4: Princess Twilight Sparkle: C- Castle Mane-ia: B- Daring Don't: F+ Flight to the Finish: A Power Ponies: C Bats!: D Rarity Takes Manehattan: B+ Pinkie Apple Pie: B+ Rainbow Falls: F- Three's a Crowd: C+ Pinkie Pride: A Simple Ways: C- Filli Vanilli: D Twilight Time: B It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: D- Somepony to Watch Over Me: F Maud Pie: C+ For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: A- Leap of Faith: C Testing Testing 1, 2, 3: A Trade Ya!: F Inspiration Manifestation: B Equestria Games: D+ Twilight's Kingdom: B- ——— Season 5: The Cutie Map: A+ Castle Sweet Castle: A- Bloom & Gloom: A- Tanks for the Memories: D+ Appleoosa's Most Wanted: F Make Friends but Keep Discord: C+ The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: C Slice of Life: A Princess Spike: F Party Pooped: C- Amending Fences: A+ Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?: C- Canterlot Boutique: B- Rarity Investigates!: B Made in Manehattan: C+ Brotherhooves Social: D+ Crusaders of the Lost Mark: A+ The One Where Pinkie Knows: C Hearthbreakers: B- Scare Master: B+ What About Discord: F The Hooffields and McColts: D+ The Mane Attraction: A- The Cutie Re-Mark: A ——— Season 6: The Crystalling: B The Gift of Maud Pie: C+ On Your Marks: B+ Gauntlet of Fire: A- No Second Prances: F Newbie Dash: F- A Hearth's Warming Tail: A The Saddle Row Review: A Applejack's "Day" Off: C Flutter Brutter: F+ Spice Up Your Life: C- Stranger Than Fan Fiction: B- The Cart Before the Ponies: F 28 Pranks Later: F- The Times They Are a Changeling: A Dungeons & Discords: B Buckball Season: C- The Fault in Our Cutie Marks: A- Viva Las Pegasus: B+ Every Little Thing She Does: D P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View): F Where the Apple Lies: B- Top Bolt: B To Where and Back Again: F ——— Season 7: Celestial Advice: B- All Bottled Up: A- A Flurry of Emotions: B+ Rock Solid Friendship: C+ Fluttershy Leans In: C Forever Filly: C+ Parental Glideance: A+ Hard to Say Anything: F Honest Apple: F A Royal Problem: D+ Not Asking for Trouble: B- Discordant Harmony: A- The Perfect Pear: A+ Fame and Misfortune: F- Triple Threat: B- Campfire Tales: C+ To Change a Changeling: B+ Daring Done: C+ It Isn't the Mane Thing About You: A- A Health of Information: B Marks and Recreation: A Once Upon a Zeppelin: A- Secrets and Pies: D Uncommon Bond: A- Shadow Play: A+ ——— My Little Pony: The Movie: B ——— Season 8: School Daze: B- The Maud Couple: C+ Fake It 'Til You Make It: F Grannies Gone Wild: A Surf and/or Turf: A Horse Play: A- The Parent Map: B+ Non-Compete Clause: D- The Break Up Break Down: A+ Molt Down: A- Marks for Effort: B+ The Mean 6: A A Matter of Principals: C- The Hearth's Warming Club: A Friendship University: B+ The End in Friend: B Yakity-Sax: B- On the Road to Friendship: A The Washouts: A A Rockhoof and a Hard Place: A+ What Lies Beneath: A- Sounds of Silence: A- Father Knows Beast: B- School Raze: B ——— Best Gift Ever: D+ Equestria Girls: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: F- The Fall of Sunset Shimmer: A- MLP Annual #1: C- My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Rainbow Rocks: D Equestria Girls Holiday Special: F- My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Friendship Games: F+ My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Legend of Everfree: C- Dance Magic: C Movie Magic: C- Mirror Magic: D- Forgotten Friendship: C ——— Rainbow Rocks Shorts: Music to My Ears: A Guitar Centered: C Hamstocalypse Now: C Pinkie on the One: D+ Player Piano: C- A Case for the Bass: B- Shake Your Tail!: C- Perfect Day for Fun: D Life Is a Runway: A My Past Is Not Today: A Friendship Through the Ages: A Main Comic Series: (Individual issues and overall arc are graded separately.) The Return of Queen Chrysalis: B a. Part 1: B+ b. Part 2: C- c. Part 3: B d. Part 4: B Nightmare Rarity: F a. Part 1: D- b. Part 2: D c. Part 3: D- d. Part 4: F Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair: B+ a. Part 1: B+ b. Part 2: A- Neigh Anything: B a. Part 1: B- b. Part 2: B My Little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy: D a. Part 1: C b. Part 2: D+ The Bookworm: C- a. Part 1: D b. Part 2: C Reflections: F a. Part 1: D+ b. Part 2: D- c. Part 3: F d. Part 4: F Manehattan Mysteries: A- a. Part 1: A- b. Part 2: A- The Good, the Bad, and the Ponies: F- a. Part 1: F- b. Part 2: F- Siege of The Crystal Empire: F- a. Part 1: D b. Part 2: F c. Part 3: F- d. Part 4: F- *The main comics have been so bad, until they clean up, I refuse to read them again. ——— Micro-Series: Twilight Sparkle: F+ Rainbow Dash: F- Rarity: B+ Fluttershy: F- Pinkie Pie: A Applejack: D+ Cutie Mark Crusaders: A- Princess Celestia: B- Spike: C- Princess Luna: C ——— Friends Forever: Pinkie Pie & Applejack: F Cutie Mark Crusaders & Discord: B Spike & Princess Celestia: C- Twilight Sparkle & Shining Armor: B Fluttershy & Zecora: A Rainbow Dash & Trixie: C+ Pinkie Pie & Princess Luna: A- Rarity & Applejack: D+ Rarity & Babs Seed: B Rainbow Dash & Soarin': A I wound up growing uninterested in reading Friends Forever, hence the short list.
  9. SmartCookie001

    Aria Blaze Fan Club

    Aria Blaze is one of the Dazzlings in Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks. She's not very popular but still deserves some love too. The rules are: 1. No spamming. 2. No inappropriate photos. (Suggestive photos are fine.) 3. Do not post a photo of another pony here, unless Aria is included in the picture. 4. Don't hate on other fan clubs. 5. Follow all MLP Forums rules. Now, here are some photos of her I found. Enjoy them! Have fun!
  10. ghostfacekiller39

    Sonata Dusk Fan Club

    So, here I am, just jammin' out to some Sponge at my computer and I check out a Skype group I'm in to see my friend @FadedSkies talking about this Equestria Girl who was actually pretty. My first thought was "An EQG that doesn't look like it's straight outta Planet 9? Dis fool be trippin' " but when I saw the character herself, I was actually pleasantly surprised. Seriously, she's kinda cute. Not quite waifu material, but she's pretty gr8. I don't know anything about her other than A.) She's not Rarity and B.) She's got a great character design for an EQG. Oh, and C.) She's going to be in the upcoming Rainbow Rocks film as a member of the Dazzlings Rules of this thread copy/pasted lel -No spamming post to become biggest fans even though this rule is redundant because that's what people do anyway -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums and make up a large amount of the population, please limit content to suggestive only unfortunately...well, maybe not, since she just proves that even a weird alien life form can look cute. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing do it, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate aw shucks, or showing things inappropriat. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash fan club, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack fan club. Feel free to post Rarity where you like, though. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" unless you're proclaiming that Rarity is better, because that is true. -I (do not) have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I (report you) deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. disclaimer swag Alright, yeahh. It'd be awesome if she actually was well written Dunno what I'm expecting, but meh. I made this, now peace.
  11. VitalSpark

    Sour Sweet (?) Fan Club

    Fan club for this girl who seems to be from Equestria Girls 3... Fan Club Rules: Worship the pink-haired archery girlSour Sweet. ??? Profit!
  12. Japanese company Kotobukiya has announced Bishoujo Statuettes on the Equestria Girls series are in the works. What characters would you guys like to see the most? Personally I'd want the Sunset Shimmer one.
  13. I thought this series was done for. By August of 2017 Equestria Girls had fallen so low that new content was being cheaply outsourced. A new series was reportedly on the horizon, but one look at the so-called "Summertime Shorts," which were so awkward and poorly-made that they almost resembled a bootleg version of the series, gave little reason to hope. Surely this was a series with nothing new to say, and which the company making it had no faith in. Some moderately satisfying music videos were being released at the same time, and yet, the simple fact that these were sharing space with such cheap junk was truly dispiriting. The new series, which premiered on November 2nd on the "Discovery Family GO!" mobile app, didn't necessarily bring big changes to the series' aesthetic or narrative styles. In a lot of ways, it was doing the same things that My Little Pony had been doing for years. But none of it was cheaply outsourced, and moreover, one big thing was different. It would take a while to really become clear, but what the new Equestria Girls series finally brought to the table was a renewed sense of focus. All of the various identities which the series had grasped at over the years were finally synthesized into a coherent whole, there was a consistent focus on expanding the characters and the world, and best of all, this series was more consistently entertaining than either branch of My Little Pony has been in years. If it's not quite as substantial as the best My Little Pony stories, it does an incredibly satisfying job of setting the groundwork. In all fairness, many of the things this new series does were first seen in those musical "Summertime Shorts." For all their simiplicity, those offered catchy songs which expanded on these characters, pushing them in directions which are different from their pony counterparts while still being recognizable. "Monday Blues" shows Sunset and Twilight's home lives, whereas "Shake Things Up" and "Coinky-Dink World" give Applejack and Pinkie, respectively, part-time jobs which are noticeably different from those of the pony versions of these characters. Much more than even the Equestria Girls movies, these shorts began to establish how these characters live their daily lives, and how they fit into the world around them. Indeed, establishing those relationships is much of the appeal of the new Equestria Girls, which in its first season has found several inventive ways to fill in the details of its world while also establishing a consistent style. This new series contains both simple slice-of-life vignettes and more intense stories about magical threats, and what's most impressive about it is how cleanly the magical and mundane aspects of the series fit together. Frequently, the girls will use their superpowers for mundane purposes, and exploring the effects of Equestrian magic on the world is given equal weight to simply learning about the lives of the protagonists. Refreshingly, there's very little emphasis on monsters of the week, and in the first season, only two of the shorts address Equestrian magic in any serious way. Instead, that's mostly left for the longer "specials," which attempt to provide higher stakes and more thematic substance. The series is more or less broken up into three different formats: one is the regular series of 3-minute shorts, another consists of interactive videos in which you can choose the ending, and the third comprises two 45-minute specials. The regular series features the least emphasis on continuity, but it also includes most of the significant additions to the series' characters and world. One titled "A Fine Line" establishes that some characters from Friendship is Magic aren't even real in the human world, whereas another titled "Display of Affection" introduces art as one of Sunset Shimmer's interests. Other episodes will simply create brief scenarios in which the characters can bounce off of each other and show off their charms, and yet others double down on the show's magical element to create more fantastical vignettes. Perhaps the weakest entries in this series come from an ill-advised detour to a beach setting, which remains quirky and even offers a couple of genuinely funny shorts, but which also has moments of uncharacteristic cutesy pandering and generally less creative scenarios. The strongest, meanwhile, are divided in subject matter: "The Finals Countdown" and "So Much More to Me" are both incredibly catchy music numbers which have unusually solid lyrical themes for this show, whereas "A Little Birdie Told Me" and "Last Day of School" build great punchlines from these characters' personalities. The vast majority are set inside Canterlot High itself, and we even see the girls going to class every once in a while, as in the latter two aforementioned shorts. Even their band gets the occasional reference, as the short "Road Trippin' with Granny Smith" is specifically about the Rainbooms getting to a performance venue on time. The show keeps a very loose timeline, which certainly make all of its disparate parts feel more cohesive, but it also presents scenarios in ways which make sense for the characters and the world. Magical problems come up only when they disrupt the Girls' lives, and most of the extracurricular activities seen are either simple enough to occur on weekends or specifically take place within the school. There's also vague hints of chronology: none of the shorts following "Last Day of School" actually takes place in the school, and all of them except "So Much More to Me" focus on the girls' jobs. Despite that, it's never entirely clear whether the Girls have these jobs during the school year or just in the summer, especially given that Rarity in particular still works even before the "Last Day of School" short, to the extent of getting something of a promotion. The "chose-your-ending" series, meanwhile, is genuinely surprising in how effectively it uses the gimmick. Despite featuring two of the weakest episodes in "Text Support" and "Opening Night," an unexpected number of the endings are genuinely funny or sweet, and there's even a running plot in several of them. Essentially, these chronicle a play being put on by Canterlot High, and there are even certain elements of character progression throughout, most notably in the form of Fluttershy being cast in a supporting part. Most of the main characters get their own episode, and although Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are left out, they're regularly featured in the various endings. Even in the aforementioned weaker instalments, the characters remain their charms, let down by the quality of the jokes rather than by poor behaviour. The plot is kept consistent by making all of the endings essentially the same, with the only difference being how the predetermined conclusion is reached. This unfortunately doesn't leave much room for character development, which is an issue shared with the regular shorts, but there are hints of it: several shorts depict Fluttershy moving past her stage fright, while "Stressed in Show" involves a minor moral about taking a break when work is causing too much anxiety. It all comes together in a far more coherent manner than it has any right to, and the play itself is genuinely endearing both despite and because of its amateurish nature. Alas, they were released on YouTube with a significant gap in between, despite all of those elements of continuity, which suggests an lingering carelessness on the distribution end. The success of short-form Equestria Girls is put in stark relief with the relative awkwardness of the longer specials, which on the YouTube playlist are both cut into five different parts. Both are deeply formulaic and predictable, and both touch lightly on themes which are never sufficiently developed. Despite this, both are fairly entertaining, even if their respective attempts at seriousness get in the way. The first is titled either "Forgotten Friendship: Sunset Shimmer's Saga" or "Most Likely to Be Forgotten" depending on where you look, and it's admittedly the series' most significant attempt at emotional depth in a while. Indeed, it's a more successful stab at melodrama than either the 2017 specials or "Legend of Everfree," and it has a lot of good ideas: forcing Sunset to return to Equestria, a relatively complex antagonist, and a genuinely charming supporting role involving Trixie. But "Forgotten Friendship" is much too formulaic to make good on most of those ideas, and hits way too many familiar beats for its stakes to feel legitimate. It's immediately obvious that the status quo will be restored by the end, and the special is never quite insightful enough to make up for that. Nonetheless, "Forgotten Friendship" finds a lot of entertaining moments in that interim, especially from the pony Twilight Sparkle back in Equestria and from Trixie in the human world. The latter is the character who gets the most development, whereas Sunset is largely the same person at the start that she is at the end. Early on, and especially in the insufferable first part, Trixie seems to just be her usual egocentric self, but by the end she's revealed a degree of insecurity beneath her mask of bravado, which in turn makes her decision to help Sunset out all the more endearing. Indeed, if "Forgotten Friendship" has a main theme, it's about moving on from failure. Trixie manages to do that, and becomes a nicer person by finding someone who can relate, whereas the villain, named Wallflower Blush, tries to overwrite her own failures with Equestrian magic. The problem with Wallflower is that her motivations don't make much sense. Early on, they simply seem selfish, because they mostly stem from jealousy of Sunset, although there's also a weirdly contrived thread about everyone ignoring her for no apparent reason. Later, those motivations become actively confusing, as in the ending she says something vague about erasing bad social experiences, which in turn raises the question of why she got so angry at Sunset in the first place. Furthermore, Sunset doesn't bring anything new to that theme, so focusing on her generally prevents the special from exploring its more interesting ideas. A bigger problem is that this is a story about memory which doesn't show much of the characters' history. Wallflower's own past is decently relatable, but in the vague strokes provided, it's unable to justify her actions to the extent that would be required to make her sympathetic. Meanwhile, this is the story to finally feature Sunset's reunion with Princess Celestia, but in execution the meeting is so bland that it would have been better not to have them reunite at all. We see Celestia forgive Sunset, but of course she would. "Forgotten Friendship" barely suggests any specifics of their relationship, so the reunion is ultimately meaningless. At the very least, Sunset's behaviour here finally provides a link back to her past as a villain, but it's clearly presented as a lapse which she needs to get over, and otherwise there's nothing new that we learn about her here. Despite all that's entertaining about it, "Forgotten Friendship" tells us nothing about Sunset's past, present, or future, so what's even the point? Why did this story need to be told? To some extent, the same can be said about the second short, "Rollercoaster of Friendship." The difference, however, is that this second short doesn't take itself seriously at all, so even though it's even messier and less developed than its predecessor, it tends to feel a lot more like self-parody. Like "Forgotten Friendship," this one uses many of the cliches common to both My Little Pony shows, but it's also constantly mocking those same cliches, and spends way more time on simple vignettes. The result is something which would probably have been better had it just chopped the best vignettes into individual shorts, but which is nonetheless consistently funny from start to finish. Indeed, it doesn't even have an unfunny section like the first part of "Forgotten Friendship," and the results are some of the most entertaining moments in the entire series. Some of these, like Sunset and Twilight struggling with a ring toss, go as far as to codify the personalities of characters who until recently had been lacking. Alas, like "Forgotten Friendship," the main problem is the villain, Vignette Valencia. On the one hand, she's very funny, making frequent tossed-off references to her own villainy, and her sheer vapidity and selfishness makes her come across almost like comic relief. On the other, though, the special makes frequent toothless attempts to project deeper themes onto her, which only ever drags the story down. For instance, she makes some comments about focus testing which don't get nearly enough focus to have any bite, and the ending tries to redeem her by suggesting she'd be a perfectly decent person if only she had real friends. Even if there's some truth in that, that ending is the first time Vignette shows any deeper motivation than pure selfishness, and the special largely fails to explore her past in any detail. She works best as a joke character, and the special would have done much better if it had somehow turned her reformation into a joke as well. Meanwhile, there's a very simple story about Applejack clashing with a very stressed out Rarity over weird things happening at the park, and while this is generally handled as well as it could be, it's too simplistic to be particularly compelling. Applejack's envy of Rarity isn't particularly sympathetic, and is drowned out by her genuine concern for her friends anyway, whereas Rarity's stress is frequently amusing but not given nearly as much focus or internal conflict as Applejack. Neither of the two attempt to listen to the other, and while that does make sense, it ultimately robs the story of nuance which might have made it more interesting. Nevertheless, we actually do learn more about Applejack and Rarity here than we did about Sunset in "Forgotten Friendship," even if it's just a little more detail on their respective efforts at career advancement, so that's nice. It's also a good example of how these shorts have given Sunset Shimmer more of a personality. Despite being arguably the most appealing part of Equestria Girls in the past, she's often been somewhat bland, as until the new series she simply wasn't given enough in the way of flaws or interests. The new series does a lot to fill in the blanks: we see her paint in "Display of Affection" and draw in "Super Squad Goals," which suggests that she's artistically inclined, which strikes an interesting contrast with the technological and scientific focus occasionally hinted at in prior materials. Meanwhile, "Rollercoaster of Friendship" finally codifies her anger issues, which had been vaguely implied ever since Friendship Games, and adds the new dimension that she has a mean competitive streak. All of these serve to give her a unique identity in the cast, which is impressive for a character who until recently was little more than a watered-down version of Twilight Sparkle. Speaking of which, Twilight consistently acts more like her pony self now than the doormat we saw in Legend of Everfree and "Dance Magic." Although the natural penchant for leadership is absent, all of her other qualities are evident, and even with a slightly more passive personality, she's still recognizable as Twilight Sparkle, which I couldn't always say about her in the past. It's fun enough to see her constantly producing new robotics projects, but we also see her obsessive love of learning and her tendency towards anxiety. Making her more closely resemble her pony counterpart is a good call for the series, as the characters of Friendship is Magic are strong enough to carry the show on their own, and keeping them allows the new series to import their charms from the original show. There are some differences, but they're all explicable when the girls are viewed as younger, less mature versions of the same people. Equestria Girls, then, has all of the advantages of a prequel with all the freedom of a reboot. Even some secondary characters get fleshed out a little more: Microchips, a random geek with bit parts in the earlier movies, demonstrates a quirky bravado in a couple supporting roles; Maud Pie has a short largely focused on her, and is as delightful as ever; Zephyr Breeze shows up on a couple occasions with his winningly obnoxious personality still intact. The latter two in particular highlight what I think is one of the most appealing parts of Equestria Girls: seeing what characters from Friendship is Magic would be like in a more mundane scenario. The current series has proved itself very willing to balance that with further development of the musical and magical aspects of the franchise, and that's why it seems so confident in its own identity. The new Equestria Girls is hardly perfect, and it's not yet substantial enough to attract new fans, but it's as charming as My Little Pony has been in ages. If Equestria Girls originated on shaky foundations, the new series finds a fresh identity for it without betraying what made the original series so special, and it also sets itself up with limitless potential. In a lot of ways, it's the fresh restart for these characters which Friendship is Magic has been desperately in need of for years now, and the short format works wonders for creating charming and funny scenarios without the burden of moralizing. Fans of the series' magical and dramatic elements will find something here, but fans of more mundane and silly stories have plenty to love as well. This is a series which has finally found itself.
  14. Sepul-Coloratura

    Spoiler Villain's backstory I don't buy

    This topic contains some spoilers from My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic (S1 ~ S8), My Little Pony : Equestria Girls series, My Little Pony : The Movie. Let's talk about every villain in the franchise since G4. I'll illustrate their backstory explaining why they became a villain. The red ones are the ones I don't buy. Season 1 Nightmare Moon : She was jealous of her sister rand she was lonely. Gilda : She is just a mean bully. Maybe a defense mechanism. Trixie : She was jealous of Twilight. Cloudsdale Boy Bullies : They are just dumb and mean. Diamond Dogs : They are hunters. Kidnapping ponies are what they do. Season 2 Discord : He is a spirit of chaos. It's part of his nature. He also does it for simple fun. He has no friends, so he has no sympathy for others. The Windigos : The force of nature. An embodiment of disharmony between ponies. Flim and Flam : They are businessmen with questionable morals. They are a scam who are only in it for the money. Garble : He is behaving so as a certain (wrong) way to bond as male youngster. For him, it's how to become friends. There are right ways to bond as males, in the show it was totally wrong. Queen Chrysalis : She is a predator. She also does it as a leader to feed her subjects. Season 3 King Sombra : He is a merciless tyrant. Hungry for power. Babs Seed : She was being bullied and now she is becoming a bully herself. Lightning Dust : She is a flyer with questionable morals. Equestria Girls Season 4 Rainbow Rocks Season 5 Friendship Games Season 6 Legend of Everfree Season 7 Movie Magic, Mirror Magic My Little Pony : The Movie Forgotten Friendship Season 8 Rollercoaster of Friendship
  15. By this point, I think it's a safe assumption that Discovery Family has released the last of the most recent batch of shorts. So, now is probably an ideal time to reflect on them all. Personally, even though I felt the first three (the ones that flashbacked to the Fall Formal) were a little underwhelming, they really picked up from "Monday Blues" on. I think the best things they did was showing us a handful of things that they simply couldn't in the TV movies, like we finally know more about the human CMCs and several subtle looks at Sunset's personal life. I also highly appreciate how we finally get a more slice of life look in the world of EqG, which is something I felt prior to now wasn't explored quite as far as it could be. My personal favorite is "Monday Blues", since it was just extremely relatable on every front and it serves as a fantastic reminder of why so many of us love Sunset Shimmer. But really, most of the music videos were genuinely meaningful, if not just straight-up catchy. Even Boulder Media soon found their footing and grew into a style that, while not identical to DHX's, has a nice, fluid charm of its own. It's easily the best collection of shorts EqG has turned out, with the amount of variety and entertainment value they brought to the table. So, what did you think of the set as a whole? Do you have any favorites in particular? Did they make you any more excited for the YouTube series we're getting in November?
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    Summertime Shorts animation

    What animation was used for the Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts?
  17. Since Rainbow Rocks seems to be a fan favorite of the Equestria Girls series myself included, and people seem to like the My Little Pony The Movie a lot, which one did you like more? This one is tough, so I'd say I like both about the same, but I'll lean more towards Rainbow Rocks right now, because I thought it took a few more chances, and I've seen it more times. But at the same time, I really liked the My Little Pony Movie a ton, despite some of the flaws it had.
  18. When Equestria Girls was first released into the public, some feminists condemned the movie for its stereotypical high school premise being a bad influence to its target audience of young girls. Say, if the makers decided to make EqG more "feminist" (to cater to those critics, and also to appeal to the "SJW"s of Tumblr and the like), how do you think the humanised ponies would be different?
  19. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    Is Sunset Shimmer a tomboy?

    It seems that with her biker outfit (in the first movie and the later animated series onwards) and her lack of focus on fashion and makeup (unlike Rarity and her friends) makes Sunset seem more like a tomboy, like Rainbow and Applejack. Do you think Sunset is a tomboy or not?
  20. NOTE: This story is not intended to be canon to the Equestria Girls series in any way. Please read with discretion. Sunset slowly got out of her car and walked toward her partially destroyed school. Half of the auditorium had been reduced to nothing but burning green ashes. Atop the ashes were the geodes belonging to Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Sky Scraper was trying to comfort Fluttershy, while Twilight was being consoled by her boyfriend, Sherbert Music-Guard. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were hugging each other and crying loudly. Several other students also appeared to be traumatized by what had just happened. Sunset kneeled before what used to be the auditorium and let the tears flow down her cheeks. She felt nothing but extreme guilt, sadness and rage. The next morning, Principal Celestia stood at a podium in front of the mass of green ashes. Portraits of the students who had perished in the explosion were hanging on the walls. Principal Celestia began her speech. “Fifteen students were killed at the Fall Formal last night when the auditorium was blown up by an unknown attacker. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Flash Sentry, Scootaloo, Sweetie Drops, Roseluck, Octavia Melody, Bulk Biceps, Sandalwood, Snips, Snails, Norman, Pixel Pizzaz and Indigo Wreath will be remembered fondly by all of us. They were amazing students and people, and were truly a credit to our school. Let us have a minute’s silence in their honor.” For the next minute, Sunset, Twilight, Fluttershy, Sky Scraper, Sherbert Music-Guard, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Maud Pie, Lyra Heartstrings, Vinyl Scratch, Photo Finish, Violet Blurr and the rest of the CHS students, along with many grieving families, remained solemnly silent. Then Vice Principal Luna stepped up to the podium. “It has been brought to our attention by Sunset Shimmer that this heartless attack was most likely carried out by Adagio Dazzle, a former student here at Canterlot High.” said Luna. “As a result, school will be canceled today. We think it would be best for you all to stay home, given the circumstances.” Fluttershy put a hand on Sunset’s shoulder. “Sunset, you did your best. There was nothing more that could have been asked of you.” Sunset sighed. “I know, but I can’t help but feel somewhat guilty for this. I just can’t believe Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie are gone.” “I know. I feel just as horrible as you do.” said Twilight. “I have a sinking feeling things can only get worse from now on.” Canterlot, a normally happy town, suddenly seemed gray and dull. Lyra missed her best friend and girlfriend very badly, and remembered all the fun times they’d had together. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle promised themselves that they would never forget Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle also pined for her big sister. Photo Finish and Violet Blurr felt empty without Pixel Pizzaz alongside them. Vinyl grieved for her best friend Octavia. Even Maud Pie was overcome by her emotions when remembering Pinkie. Sonata was horrified and immensely saddened by the atrocity her sister had committed. But no one was more miserable than Sunset. First she had vowed to avenge Applejack. Now she was determined to avenge Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and the others who’d lost their lives. “Well, Adagio, I hope you’re happy.” snapped Aria. “Why wouldn’t I be?” Adagio snickered. “I got my revenge. Canterlot High School has crumbled, and those Rainbooms are gone for good.” Aria finally lost it. “First of all, you only got half of them!” she shouted. “The remaining three are looking for you right now. And second, you killed twelve innocents! I thought you wanted to get rid of the Rainbooms, not murder innocent people just for the fun of it! You know what, I’m done following you around. I’m calling the police, and they’re going to destroy that fucking stupid stone and put an end to you once and for all!” Adagio grinned. She pulled the Incineration Stone out of her pocket, and pointed it straight at Aria. Sunset slowly walked through the downtown area, guilt still hanging over her head. In the distance, she could see Fluttershy and Twilight standing together, looking shocked. Sunset immediately ran up. “What is it?!” she asked, worried for her friends. “O — over there!” Fluttershy pointed to her right. Sunset looked and saw Sky and Sherbert kneeling before a small pile of green ash. Sky walked back to the girls. “It’s that purple siren girl, Aria Blaze. She got incinerated.” “Probably by Adagio to cover her tracks!” said Sunset. “Does anyone know where she went after killing Aria?” “A think she went that wey.” said Sherbert, pointing north. “That’d be taeward Heichwey Nineteh-five.” “Okay, then.” Sunset turned to Fluttershy and Twilight. “Are you girls up for going after her?” “If it means avenging our friends, then yes!” said Twilight firmly. Fluttershy nodded in agreement. Fluttershy’s and Twilight’s boyfriends hugged and kissed them goodbye and wished them luck. Then the three girls hurried back to Sunset’s house, got into her car, and raced off toward the highway. The girls listened to music as they sped towards the highway. But as they merged onto Highway 95, the music stopped. Moments later came the voice of a news reporter. “This just in.” the reporter announced. “There has just been a bombing at Camp Everfree. The camp’s counselors, Timber Spruce and Gloriosa Daisy, were both killed, and the perpetrator of this attack, a teenage girl named Adagio Dazzle, is believed to now be approaching Manebridge. We will elaborate on this story when we have more details.” “Holy shit, Manebridge is almost at the northern border!” cried Twilight. “We won't get there before dusk!” “We can if we take Highway 3.” Sunset replied with a smile. “You’re right!” said Twilight. “Why didn’t I think of that?” At the exit to Highway 3, Sunset swerved onto the northbound ramp. “Speaking of which, why would Adagio go after Camp Everfree of all places?” Fluttershy asked. “I saw her in the forest that night.” said Sunset. “Maybe Timber or Gloriosa saw her and she wants to destroy any places that could connect her to the explosion at the school. In any event, we’re onto her and if we keep going to exit 47, we’ll be in Manebridge before dusk!” As Sunset, Twilight and Fluttershy approached exit 47, the first exit for Manebridge, a loud explosion sounded out. “Shit!” Fluttershy exclaimed. “Did you girls feel that?” “Yes.” said Sunset. “Adagio is close by.” As Sunset was exiting the highway, Adagio finally stopped her car at a local diner. She went in, ordered a sandwich, and sat down in the back of the building. As she ate her dinner, she thought to herself, This is ridiculous. How could my plan have backfired so badly? Adagio finished the sandwich and walked out of the diner. But just as she pulled the Incineration Stone out of her pocket and aimed it at the diner, Sunset, Twilight and Fluttershy arrived on the scene. Sunset ran into the diner. “Everyone get out! This place is about to be blown up!” Like magic, everyone poured out of the diner. Adagio turned to face the three girls, pointing the stone at them. “Well, I guess it’s time to say goodbye to you three. Thank you very much for ruining my plans.” Sunset ran forward. “Oh no, it isn’t! Just for you — and me!!!” Sunset tackled Adagio and slammed her through the door. The Incineration Stone went flying through the air. “What?!? NO!!!” Adagio cried. The stone fired off one last time, and the entire diner was destroyed by a massive green explosion. “SUNSET, NO!!!” Twilight and Fluttershy cried out. They both sagged to the ground and burst into tears, just as Sonata, Lyra and Wallflower Blush arrived. Sonata was visibly very upset. “I’m so sorry.” she said. “I — I was too late.” “Sunset’s a hero.” said Wallflower through tears. “Yep.” Lyra agreed. “She killed the murderer herself.” “I — I can’t believe it!” Twilight whimpered. “Now Fluttershy and I are the… only ones left.” “I wouldn’t say that.” said Wallflower thoughtfully. “You’ve still got us. You Rainbooms have taught me so much about friendship, and helped me to open up.” “Sunset believed me when no one else would.” said Sonata. “I tried warning others about Adagio, but they all ignored me because they assumed I was still on her side.” “You avenged your best friends, and mine.” said Lyra. “We’ll help you through this. It’s the least we can do.” Years later, a large portrait would stand in the main hallway of Canterlot High. It depicts Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Applejack during their band’s, and the town’s, heyday. Below it, the plaque reads, “The Rainbooms — Six Brave, Strong and Kind Girls Who Discovered Friendship Few Ever Know”. Right next to it stands another portrait. It is of Sunset Shimmer, and its plaque reads, “Sunset Shimmer, the Heroine of Canterlot”.
  21. NOTE: This story is not intended to be canon to the Equestria Girls series in any way. Please read with discretion. So far, all of the Equestria Girls movies and TV specials have involved a villain who uses Equestrian magic to manipulate the students of Canterlot High. Although the final battle scenes are quite intense, the Mane 7 always ultimately defeat the villain, and there is a happy ending where the villain often gets redeemed. But what if things didn’t happen that way? What if, even when the villain is defeated, irreparable damage is done to the protagonists and to Canterlot itself? This story explores this alternate route, this not-so-happy ending. While reading this, you will likely feel saddened, angered, offended, disturbed, or possibly all four combined. Read ahead with discretion. It all started on the evening of August 27, about a week before Sunset Shimmer and her friends were due to start their senior year of high school. On this particular Tuesday evening, it was quite warm and sunny outside, despite being fairly late. So the Rainbooms got together in Twilight’s garage to practice. They were having a great time, until one of the strings on Applejack’s bass guitar snapped. “Aw, shucks!” she exclaimed. “Stop the music!” Fluttershy turned off the amp. “What happened?” she asked. “One a’ the strings on mah guitar snapped, an’ ah left mah spares at home. Ah’ll just be headin’ home to fix this thing up. Be right back.” Applejack took her broken guitar, got into her jalopy and drove off toward Sweet Apple Acres. About an hour later, Applejack had not yet returned. The remaining six girls were getting tired of waiting for her. “Where the hell is Applejack?!” Rainbow Dash groaned. “She was supposed to be back here ages ago!” “Well, maybe fixing her guitar took longer than she thought.” said Rarity. “Have any of you considered just calling her?” Sunset asked. She pulled out her phone and speed-dialed Applejack. As soon as she did, she was immediately redirected to voicemail. Okay, that’s weird, Sunset thought to herself. She spoke into her phone. “Hey, Applejack, where are you? It’s been a whole hour.” Sunset put her phone down and she and the other girls waited for a reply. But after another 15 minutes, there was no response. “All right, something strange is going on.” said Sunset to her friends. “Why has Applejack disappeared all of a sudden?” “C’mon, you know Applejack wouldn’t ditch us like that!” Pinkie Pie laughed. “She’s probably just pranking us!” “If she is, then it’s not a very good prank.” said Twilight. She turned to Sunset. “We’d better go look for her. Come on!” Twilight and Sunset climbed into Sunset’s car and the two of them drove off. In a short while, they could see Sweet Apple Acres in the distance. They were almost there when they saw something very strange in front of them. In the middle of the road was a pile of what looked like bright green ashes. Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom and Granny Smith were standing next to it, tears in their eyes. Sunset stopped the car and she and Twilight got out. “What is this?” Sunset asked, confused. Apple Bloom tried to fight back her tears. “Just — just look!” the red-haired girl cried. Sunset and Twilight looked and saw a terrible sight. Sitting atop of the pile of green ashes was Applejack’s geode. Twilight picked it up. “What’s this doing here?” she asked. Although he was generally a man of few words, Big Mac couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Don’t ya see what’s happened?” he snapped, tears flowing from his eyes. “Applejack was just drivin’ along when some green fireball came outta nowhere ‘n’ hit her!” He pointed a finger at the ashes. “That’s all that’s left of her and her car! She’s — she’s dead! Ah saw her die! We all did!” “Ah can’t believe she’s really gone.” Granny Smith said quietly. “Come on, let’s go inside ‘n’... let her rest in peace.” She, Big Mac and Apple Bloom turned and went back in the house. Sunset and Twilight felt emotions take over their bodies. Their vision blurred and they blinked furiously. They hugged each other and cried, and all they could think about was the fact that Applejack was gone… forever. Applejack’s funeral was held that Friday. The remaining six Rainbooms, along with nearly the entire Apple family, attended it. No amount of solace was had, for there were just too many unknowns regarding Applejack’s death. After the funeral, Sunset’s grief turned to extreme frustration as she asked herself the obvious question: Where had that green fireball come from? She sat down, opened her notebook and wrote a letter to Princess Twilight in Equestria. Dear Princess Twilight, It is with great sadness that I must tell you that my friend Applejack died Tuesday night. According to Big Mac, she was driving home when a green fireball came out of nowhere and hit her. All that remained of her and her car was a pile of green ashes. But her geode remained intact somehow. My friends and I are extremely sad and extremely confused by this. I just thought you should know. Your friend, Sunset Shimmer As soon as she finished writing that letter, a brief reply appeared right below it. Sunset read it and was shocked. I read your message. You need to come to Equestria immediately! -Princess Twilight
  22. NOTE: This story is not intended to be canon to the Equestria Girls series in any way. Please read with discretion. “First and foremost, I’m so sorry about Applejack.” said Princess Twilight as she and Sunset, who was now in her pony form, entered the Canterlot library. “It’s all right, Twilight.” Sunset replied. “I just need to find out what killed her. I know her death wasn’t natural, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.” “You’re correct in saying it wasn’t natural.” said Princess Twilight gravely. “That green fireball was definitely Equestrian magic. And I’m pretty sure I know where it came from.” Princess Twilight led Sunset to a shelf near the back of the library. The purple alicorn scanned the shelves until she found the thick black book that she was looking for. The cover read, “The Equestrian Encyclopedia of Weapons and Tools of Destruction”. “Okay, that title doesn’t sound good.” Sunset remarked. Twilight flipped through the encyclopedia until she reached the letter I. On that page was an illustration of a round stone with a giant X scratched into it. “The Incineration Stone.” Twilight explained. “Long ago, an evil and mentally disturbed unicorn used this stone to terrorize various communities in Western Equestria. The green fireballs that this stone emitted decimated entire towns and killed close to five hundred ponies. This unicorn was so powerful that it took five great sorcerers, led by Starswirl the Bearded, to defeat him in battle. The evil unicorn was ultimately killed, and Starswirl took the stone and hid it somewhere far away. But Starswirl never said where, and its fate remains unknown.” Sunset gasped. “That stone must have ended up in my world!” “Most likely, yes. That’s the only logical explanation.” Twilight replied. “And someone found it and used it to kill Applejack!” Sunset exclaimed. “But who? I’d better get back to my world. This is big, really big!” When Sunset returned to the human world, it was getting dark. The clock in front of the town hall declared that it was nearly ten o’ clock. Sunset figured she had better get some sleep, so she hurried home, changed into her pajamas, and crashed on her bed. She stayed awake for some time, pondering what Princess Twilight had told her, but eventually she drifted off and fell asleep. Adagio Dazzle crouched in the bushes near Sweet Apple Acres, making sure she wasn’t seen. Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk crouched right beside her. “Well, girls, we’re finally back in this piece of shit town.” she said to her sisters. “Now to get our revenge and assert our superiority once and for all!” “But how?” Sonata asked, confused. “Our pendants were destroyed, like, a long time ago.” Aria sighed. “Just shut the fuck up for once in your life, Sonata.” From her pocket, Adagio pulled out a stone with a giant X scratched into it. “This.” she said. “This stone shoots out green fire that can destroy anyone and anything. With it, I’ll devastate this town, and we three will take over.” Just then, Applejack came into view, driving home in her jalopy. Adagio sneered. “Well, well, well. It looks like we have our first victim. Goodbye, Applejack.” She held the stone, took aim, and fired. “Oh God, not them!!!” Sunset jolted awake, very disturbed and angered by the dream she’d just had. She would get no more sleep that night, and the next day she told her friends about the Incineration Stone, and the dream. “Oh, goodness!” Fluttershy remarked. “You don’t think the Dazzlings are back, do you?” “It could just be a nightmare.” said Sunset thoughtfully. “On the other hand, my empathy power could be starting to manifest itself in my dreams as well.” “Then what are we waiting for?” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “Let’s find the Dazzlings or whoever has this thing and bring them to justice!” “That’s easier said than done.” Sunset replied. “Literally anyone could be a suspect, not just those three.” “Well then, I suppose we’ll just have to question everyone.” said Rarity. And that’s just what they did. For the last week of summer until school started, the six girls questioned various people in the town. But everyone’s response was the same — they were sorry about what happened to Applejack, but had no clues to this mystery. The girls also kept an eye out for the Dazzlings, but never saw them. All this caused Sunset to lose sleep, and once the school year started, that impacted her grades as well. She stayed up later and later trying to catch up on missed assignments. Her friends helped her, but that didn’t reduce the amount of stress that was piling on Sunset. One Thursday night, Sunset was still lying awake in bed at two in the morning. She was feeling restless, so she decided to go for a walk around town. She didn’t bother to change out of her pajamas, merely throwing on a jacket. The night air did manage to clear her head somewhat, and she made it all the way to the outskirts of Canterlot. She reached the edge of the forest and was just about to head home when she heard an all-too-familiar voice behind her. She turned to see three girls standing in the forest. Just from the shape of their hair, she knew who they were: Adagio, Aria and Sonata. “It’s been nearly a month since Applejack’s, hmm… unfortunate death.” Adagio whispered slowly. “What are you, gonna launch another attack already?” Aria growled. “Not yet.” Adagio replied. “I haven’t decided when or how I’m going to take out the rest of those girls. I say we leave this town now, and return when the time is right.” “Fine.” Aria sighed. She and Adagio turned and headed further into the forest. Sonata, who had remained silent the whole time, waited a moment before following her sisters. Sunset was horrified at what she’d just heard. Her nightmare had to have been true! She hurried back home and crashed down on her bed. Once again, she didn’t fall asleep, but she was too terrified of what could happen to her and her friends to be tired. When she and her friends met up at school the following morning, she hurriedly told them what she had seen. Fluttershy promptly went into full panic mode and had to be calmed down by Rainbow Dash, and the other three were extremely shocked as well. “Oh, shit!” Twilight cried. “What are we gonna do?” “I don’t know.” said Sunset. “But we need to keep an eye out for them. If you see one of them, let me know and we’ll figure something out.” Sunset’s five friends solemnly agreed. Over the next couple of weeks, things gradually returned to normal in Canterlot, and before long, it was time for the Fall Formal. That night, the girls were getting ready at Rarity’s house. Rarity had made five gorgeous dresses for herself, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, and they were all very excited for the dance. Fluttershy was especially excited about going with her boyfriend, Sky Scraper. Sunset, however, had decided not to attend this year, as she was still feeling a bit put out. “Darling, are you sure you don’t want to go?” asked Rarity. “I made a fabulous dress for you too.” “That’s okay.” Sunset replied. “I just don’t feel like it.” “Well then, I… guess we’ll be off.” said Twilight. “Bye, Sunset.” She and the other girls piled into a limousine parked outside, and they set off for the school. Shortly after her friends left, Sunset was getting ready to go home when the doorbell suddenly started ringing furiously. Sunset opened it and saw Sonata Dusk looking terrified. “What the hell are YOU doing here!?!” Sunset cried out. “I bet you're trying to kill me!?!” “No, no, no!!!” Sonata shouted. “I’m trying to stop Adagio!” “Wait, what?” Sonata sighed. “Adagio ditched me and Aria. I don’t know where Aria’s gone off to, but Adagio’s about to blow up your school with this magic fire stone that she found! She’s on her way over there right now! I tried to talk her out of it, but she threatened to kill me if I got in her way again!” “Holy shit, we have to get there before she does!” Sunset exclaimed. “Get into my car, we’ll stop her!” Sunset and Sonata climbed into Sunset’s car, and they sped off as fast as they possibly could. Meanwhile, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie entered the school, followed by Fluttershy and Sky Scraper holding hands. Multiple other students were heading into the auditorium as well. Adagio was approaching the school, the Incineration Stone in her right hand. “Just another minute or so, and my revenge will be completed!” she cackled to herself. Sunset’s car screeched like a bat out of hell toward the school. She was going about 80 miles an hour, and Sonata was terrified that they would crash, but Sunset continued to accelerate. As the last of the students filed into the auditorium, Adagio reached the school. She pointed the stone at the auditorium, and a green glow emerged from it. Twilight, Fluttershy and Sky Scraper were a safe distance away. Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie weren’t so lucky. Sunset could see the school in the distance when an entire part of it was turned into a massive green explosion that shook the entire town. Her face went pale and she lifted her foot off the gas. She slumped in the driver’s seat and burst into tears. “NO!!! GOD, NO!!!”
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    Hello! Here are some doodles of mine /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ Ghostbusters! I also ponified myself.. Star Butterfly Equestria Girl'd: New work usually always in the works..
  24. I put all the characters I could think of. If your favorite isn't on the poll, feel free to tell me so I can put it on. :comeatus: Have fun.
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    Humor Visual Impairment

    This is just a short story that I wrote on a whim One day, Sunny Flare was at her locker organizing a stack of books. She was almost done when someone bumped into her and nearly knocked her off balance. She turned around to see Neon Lights, sporting his trademark solid black shades. "Seriously, Neon!" she snapped. "Watch where you're going!" "What?!" Neon shouted. "Who's there? Who turned out the lights? I must be hearing those voices again!" Sunny sighed. "Take off those shades! You've been blind ever since you put those goddamn stupid things on!" She was right. Ever since he bought his shades, Neon had believed himself to be visually impaired, and had no idea what was going on around him. But he refused to take them off no matter what. "Nah, shade-free ain't my style! My shades are a fashion statement. You ought to know that." "I know what a fashion statement is, and those shades aren't one!" Sunny snapped. "And you're not actually blind! Just take them off already!" "Sorry, no can do." Neon replied. "And don't blame my blindness on my cool shades. That's offensive." Sunny Flare rolled her eyes. There was just no way to argue with him. "Fine." she said as she walked away. "Enjoy your self-inflicted visual impairment."