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Found 769 results

  1. Same rules as my pony shop, but instead, gonna do Equestria Girls bases. All bases are my own, so don't request outside bases please. My bases can be found here: If you want a particular base, you can choose one from the folder or I can pick one for you. Just make sure that you say so in your request, along with any clothing choices you want. If you don't mind, then I will pick them. At the moment, there aren't any anthro bases but watch this space as I will be adding new bases to the folder all the time. Finally, when you make your request, please include a picture reference of your OC and state whether your OC is male or female, if it's not obvious. Please be patient; requests do take a long time to complete as I have to draw everything from scratch. List 2. 1. djdashie3 2. Twilight Witch 3. Yumekai 4. RDFan89 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  2. ghostfacekiller39

    Sonata Dusk Fan Club

    So, here I am, just jammin' out to some Sponge at my computer and I check out a Skype group I'm in to see my friend @FadedSkies talking about this Equestria Girl who was actually pretty. My first thought was "An EQG that doesn't look like it's straight outta Planet 9? Dis fool be trippin' " but when I saw the character herself, I was actually pleasantly surprised. Seriously, she's kinda cute. Not quite waifu material, but she's pretty gr8. I don't know anything about her other than A.) She's not Rarity and B.) She's got a great character design for an EQG. Oh, and C.) She's going to be in the upcoming Rainbow Rocks film as a member of the Dazzlings Rules of this thread copy/pasted lel -No spamming post to become biggest fans even though this rule is redundant because that's what people do anyway -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums and make up a large amount of the population, please limit content to suggestive only unfortunately...well, maybe not, since she just proves that even a weird alien life form can look cute. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing do it, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate aw shucks, or showing things inappropriat. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash fan club, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack fan club. Feel free to post Rarity where you like, though. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" unless you're proclaiming that Rarity is better, because that is true. -I (do not) have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I (report you) deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. disclaimer swag Alright, yeahh. It'd be awesome if she actually was well written Dunno what I'm expecting, but meh. I made this, now peace.
  3. Sparklefan1234

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    Hello, everypony...Er...everybody. My name is Sunset Shimmer & I would like to welcome you all to the "Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike" thread! According to Princess Twilight Sparkle's letters, she & her friends in Equestria have been communicating with everyone for a few months now & it has been an "Enormous success in building friendships abroad!" to use her words. Now that that's out of the way, I hope that everyone enjoys this ask thread & has a great time talking to me & my friends from Canterlot High. *Please keep your questions clean.
  4. One of my biggest peeves in reviewing is giving something a calculated score, because it's very difficult if not impossible to reduce the quality to such a mark. Plus, whenever many people see a score, they tend to not read the review at all and rely on the score/grade itself as proof for purchase. Nonetheless, if I were to grade the following based on the following items below, they would be the followings below the first rule. The grades are respective and separated to the following categories: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 MLP: The Movie Season 8 (ongoing) Equestria Girls series, RR animated shorts, specials, and IDW comic/annual Main Comic Series* Micro-Series Friends Forever If you want to see my order of every FIM episode from best to worst (with grades), click here. Be warned: There are no reasons given for any of the grades, and they're all subject to change. Let's begin! Season 1: Friendship Is Magic: C The Ticket Master: C- Applebuck Season: B- Griffon the Brush Off: D+ Boast Busters: F Dragonshy: B- Look Before You Sleep: C Bridle Gossip: F- Swarm of the Century: B- Winter Wrap Up: A- Call of the Cutie: B+ Fall Weather Friends: B Suited for Success: A Feeling Pinkie Keen: D- Sonic Rainboom: B Stare Master: C- The Show Stoppers: F A Dog and Pony Show: C Green Isn't Your Color: B Over a Barrel: D+ A Bird in the Hoof: D The Cutie Mark Chronicles: A- Owl's Well that Ends Well: F Party of One: A+ The Best Night Ever: A+ ——— Season 2: The Return of Harmony: A- Lesson Zero: A Luna Eclipsed: B+ Sisterhooves Social: A+ The Cutie Pox: C May the Best Pet Win!: F The Mysterious Mare Do Well: F Sweet and Elite: B- Secret of My Excess: B Hearth's Warming Eve: B Family Appreciation Day: B Baby Cakes: C+ The Last Roundup: B The Last Roundup (edited): F The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: C- Read It and Weep: B- Hearts and Hooves Day: D A Friend in Deed: B Putting Your Hoof Down: F It's About Time: B- Dragon Quest: F- Hurricane Fluttershy: A- Ponyville Confidential: D- MMMystery on the Friendship Express: D- A Canterlot Wedding: C- ——— Season 3: The Crystal Empire: F+ Too Many Pinkie Pies: C+ One Bad Apple: F- Magic Duel: B+ Sleepless in Ponyville: A Wonderbolts Academy: A- Apple Family Reunion: B Spike at Your Service: D- Keep Calm and Flutter On: D+ Just for Sidekicks: D Games Ponies Play: F+ Magical Mystery Cure: C- ——— Season 4: Princess Twilight Sparkle: C- Castle Mane-ia: B- Daring Don't: F+ Flight to the Finish: A Power Ponies: C Bats!: D Rarity Takes Manehattan: B+ Pinkie Apple Pie: B+ Rainbow Falls: F- Three's a Crowd: C+ Pinkie Pride: A Simple Ways: C- Filli Vanilli: D Twilight Time: B It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: D- Somepony to Watch Over Me: F Maud Pie: C+ For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: A- Leap of Faith: C Testing Testing 1, 2, 3: A Trade Ya!: F Inspiration Manifestation: B Equestria Games: D+ Twilight's Kingdom: B- ——— Season 5: The Cutie Map: A+ Castle Sweet Castle: A- Bloom & Gloom: A- Tanks for the Memories: D+ Appleoosa's Most Wanted: F Make Friends but Keep Discord: C+ The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: C Slice of Life: A Princess Spike: F Party Pooped: C- Amending Fences: A+ Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?: C- Canterlot Boutique: B- Rarity Investigates!: B Made in Manehattan: C+ Brotherhooves Social: D+ Crusaders of the Lost Mark: A+ The One Where Pinkie Knows: C Hearthbreakers: B- Scare Master: B+ What About Discord: F The Hooffields and McColts: D+ The Mane Attraction: A- The Cutie Re-Mark: A ——— Season 6: The Crystalling: B The Gift of Maud Pie: C+ On Your Marks: B+ Gauntlet of Fire: A- No Second Prances: F Newbie Dash: F- A Hearth's Warming Tail: A The Saddle Row Review: A Applejack's "Day" Off: C Flutter Brutter: F+ Spice Up Your Life: C- Stranger Than Fan Fiction: B- The Cart Before the Ponies: F 28 Pranks Later: F- The Times They Are a Changeling: A Dungeons & Discords: B Buckball Season: C- The Fault in Our Cutie Marks: A- Viva Las Pegasus: B+ Every Little Thing She Does: D P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View): F Where the Apple Lies: B- Top Bolt: B To Where and Back Again: F ——— Season 7: Celestial Advice: B- All Bottled Up: A- A Flurry of Emotions: B+ Rock Solid Friendship: C+ Fluttershy Leans In: C Forever Filly: C+ Parental Glideance: A+ Hard to Say Anything: F Honest Apple: F A Royal Problem: D+ Not Asking for Trouble: B- Discordant Harmony: A- The Perfect Pear: A+ Fame and Misfortune: F- Triple Threat: B- Campfire Tales: C+ To Change a Changeling: B+ Daring Done: C+ It Isn't the Mane Thing About You: A- A Health of Information: B Marks and Recreation: A Once Upon a Zeppelin: A- Secrets and Pies: D Uncommon Bond: A- Shadow Play: A+ ——— My Little Pony: The Movie: B ——— Season 8: School Daze: B- The Maud Couple: C+ Fake It 'Til You Make It: F Grannies Gone Wild: A Surf and/or Turf: A Horse Play: A- The Parent Map: B+ Non-Compete Clause: D- The Break Up Break Down: A+ Molt Down: A- Marks for Effort: B+ The Mean 6: A A Matter of Principals: N/A The Hearth's Warming Club: N/A Friendship University: N/A The End in Friend: N/A Yakity-Sax: B- Equestria Girls: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: F- The Fall of Sunset Shimmer: A- MLP Annual #1: C- My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Rainbow Rocks: D Equestria Girls Holiday Special: F- My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Friendship Games: F+ My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Legend of Everfree: C- Dance Magic: C Movie Magic: C- Mirror Magic: D- Forgotten Friendship: C ——— Rainbow Rocks Shorts: Music to My Ears: A Guitar Centered: C Hamstocalypse Now: C Pinkie on the One: D+ Player Piano: C- A Case for the Bass: B- Shake Your Tail!: C- Perfect Day for Fun: D Life Is a Runway: A My Past Is Not Today: A Friendship Through the Ages: A Main Comic Series: (Individual issues and overall arc are graded separately.) The Return of Queen Chrysalis: B a. Part 1: B+ b. Part 2: C- c. Part 3: B d. Part 4: B Nightmare Rarity: F a. Part 1: D- b. Part 2: D c. Part 3: D- d. Part 4: F Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair: B+ a. Part 1: B+ b. Part 2: A- Neigh Anything: B a. Part 1: B- b. Part 2: B My Little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy: D a. Part 1: C b. Part 2: D+ The Bookworm: C- a. Part 1: D b. Part 2: C Reflections: F a. Part 1: D+ b. Part 2: D- c. Part 3: F d. Part 4: F Manehattan Mysteries: A- a. Part 1: A- b. Part 2: A- The Good, the Bad, and the Ponies: F- a. Part 1: F- b. Part 2: F- Siege of The Crystal Empire: F- a. Part 1: D b. Part 2: F c. Part 3: F- d. Part 4: F- *The main comics have been so bad, until they clean up, I refuse to read them again. ——— Micro-Series: Twilight Sparkle: F+ Rainbow Dash: F- Rarity: B+ Fluttershy: F- Pinkie Pie: A Applejack: D+ Cutie Mark Crusaders: A- Princess Celestia: B- Spike: C- Princess Luna: C ——— Friends Forever: Pinkie Pie & Applejack: F Cutie Mark Crusaders & Discord: B Spike & Princess Celestia: C- Twilight Sparkle & Shining Armor: B Fluttershy & Zecora: A Rainbow Dash & Trixie: C+ Pinkie Pie & Princess Luna: A- Rarity & Applejack: D+ Rarity & Babs Seed: B Rainbow Dash & Soarin': A I wound up growing uninterested in reading Friends Forever, hence the short list.
  5. All of these are commissions I've done in the past. #1- Original character reference sheet #2 and 3- MLP/Gundam 00 crossover. Making gundam armor fit pony bodies is rather difficult, but I managed! #4- Some Equestria Girls stuff. All the outfits are my design (except Rarity's). This one was rather fun; super0girly and all that (note: the Twi-Twilight here is "Sci-Twi")
  6. Japanese company Kotobukiya has announced Bishoujo Statuettes on the Equestria Girls series are in the works. What characters would you guys like to see the most? Personally I'd want the Sunset Shimmer one.
  7. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    Is Sunset Shimmer a tomboy?

    It seems that with her biker outfit (in the first movie and the later animated series onwards) and her lack of focus on fashion and makeup (unlike Rarity and her friends) makes Sunset seem more like a tomboy, like Rainbow and Applejack. Do you think Sunset is a tomboy or not?
  8. Since Rainbow Rocks seems to be a fan favorite of the Equestria Girls series myself included, and people seem to like the My Little Pony The Movie a lot, which one did you like more? This one is tough, so I'd say I like both about the same, but I'll lean more towards Rainbow Rocks right now, because I thought it took a few more chances, and I've seen it more times. But at the same time, I really liked the My Little Pony Movie a ton, despite some of the flaws it had.
  9. Justin_Case001

    Episode 9 - EG vs EQG

    Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? This EQG thing. ...what? Oh, no, not the actual franchise. No, I happen to be a big Equestria Girls fan. Didn't used to be, but now I love it. In fact, I denounced it pretty heavily in the beginning, so....I'm a big fat hypocrite, and I don't care. Twilight cracked corn and I don't care. I love Equestria Girls to pieces. So sue me. What grinds my gears is literally the abbreviation EQG. Why the "Q"? So, this is probably just an OCPD thing (which I have), but it seems to me that the abbreviation should be two letters. Two words, so two letters, right? Why does Q come along for the ride? I have always abbreviated it EG. Equestria. Girls. E. G. Makes sense to me. But it seems like the majority go with EQG. It bugs me. You don't abbreviate My Little Pony to MLIP, or MLPO, do you? You don't abbreviate Friendship is Magic to FRIM, do you? You don't abbreviate The Next Generation to TNEG, or Game of Thrones to GAOT. So what gives?! It's not just Equestria Girls, either. This tendency happens any time there is a Q. The letter Q just gets sucked into abbreviations. Why is Q so special? Who the hell does Q think it is?! Where does Q get off?! Well you know what I say? F*CK Q. That's what I say.
  10. I noticed the people in charge of putting up this threads have gone silent and with Legends of Everfree already up on Youtube(No, I will not share it) I decided to make this thread to discuss or review it. So what did you think of it? For those you haven't seen and waiting for it to appear on Netflix on Saturday, why you are you in this thread? This for people who've already watched it and it will be fuuuullll of spoilers. Oh also use the spoiler BBCode( the code is : <spoiler></spoiler>, just replace the "<>" with "[ ]"), just in case. ________________________________________________________________________________________ With that out of the way here are my thoughts My Review
  11. Considering how mixed people's opinions are about the Equestria Girls franchise, would you still watch MLP:FiM if Equestria Girls happend first? As for me, I'm pretty sure I would still watch MLP:FiM since I enjoy Equestria Girls so much.
  12. Will Megan From My Little Pony (G1) Be Introduced Into Friendship Is Magic Via Equestria Girls? Here (in this short video) I explain how she could be finally intrdouced into G4 of MLP, known as Friendship is Magic, via it's connected spinoff, Equestria Girls. Comments are Welcomed
  13. SmartCookie001

    Aria Blaze Fan Club

    Aria Blaze is one of the Dazzlings in Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks. She's not very popular but still deserves some love too. The rules are: 1. No spamming. 2. No inappropriate photos. (Suggestive photos are fine.) 3. Do not post a photo of another pony here, unless Aria is included in the picture. 4. Don't hate on other fan clubs. 5. Follow all MLP Forums rules. Now, here are some photos of her I found. Enjoy them! Have fun!
  14. Odd Ball

    Alternate Universe Ideas

    We saw in MLP: FiM that different worlds exist from Canterlot High to the dark versions of Equestria from The Cutie Remark. What kind of alternate Equestria do you think could exist? I came up with concepts that are different from the original Equestria down below. Feel free to make your own. In an alternate Equestria... Spike changes back and forth from filly to baby dragon thanks to Twilight's magic hatching him. Diamond Tiara is a Pegasus and Silver Spoon is a unicorn. Sweetie Belle is really Screwball, who just wants to have a normal pony life. Discord is married to Derpy and both take care of their hybrid pony/draconequus children. Pinkie Pie is the princess of friendship and has her own chocolate castle that will never melt. Applejack owns a baby hydra. Fluttershy is a friendly changeling who takes love from worms. Rarity's dream is to be a ice skater. Rainbow Dash has a part time job as a waitress at the Cloudsdale Hayburger Queen. Twilight used a spell to turn into a Smooze to teach a friendship lesson, but she hasn't been able to change back into a pony since.
  15. I'd be very much surprised if we see her in the YouTube series, which is coming out next month
  16. Considering that some Equestria Girls characters look somewhat like trees from their hair colours -- green hair looks like leaves, while pink, purple, and blue hair look like flowers. Sometimes I also like to imagine Wallflower Blush and Lemon Zest as sapient trees because of their green hair, or the entire EqG humanoid race as a race of plant aliens as a result. If it were up to you to decide which Equestria Girl or Equestria Boy would you "dendrify" and decorate for a Christmas holiday, who would you choose? (Art by dm29. Compare Fluttershy's flowery colours with that of a jacaranda tree:)
  17. invisibleinkdoodles

    Invisibleinkdoodles's Art Doodles

    Hello! Here are some doodles of mine /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ Ghostbusters! I also ponified myself.. Star Butterfly Equestria Girl'd: New work usually always in the works..
  18. So the Dazzlings/Sirens have been stuck in the human world for over a thousand years. How have they not obtained enough power in that time to take over the human world yet?
  19. Hey, guys. As most of us know, Equestria Girls has come out today and I thought I would like to do a review on it. I must warn you that there are spoilers. Tell me what you think. ~David
  20. This question is so mysterious, that even I can't answer it, I'm hoping you bronies can.
  21. Artist: ilaria122 (It was a request from me)
  22. For those of you who don't follow Hasbro's other well-known IP the Transformers, it's a show about heroic Autobots battling against the evil Decepticons. They possess the ability to transform into vehicles, weapons and beasts. In this series, Starscream usually serve as Megatron's second-in-command, only to plot to overthrow his master and become the Leader of the Decepticons(This usually results in him getting the tables turned on by Megatron). However, during my day, I though "What if Starscream existed in the Equestria Girls universe not as Megatron's second-in-command, but as a student of Canterlot High? Description: Starscream is a male human with Black shaggy hair and grey skin with a small goatee on the bottom of his chin.. His clothes includes a Red Jacket with White Sleeves, a Black and Yellow Shirt, Blue Pants and Black Boots. During Sunset Shimmer's days as the number one bully of Canterlot High, Starscream served as her second-in-command. But one day, Starscream tried to overthrow her and become Canterlot High's number one bully. IT backfired when Snips and Snails caught him off guard and he was ejected from the group. Since then, he vowed revenge against Sunset Shimmer, only to have it taken away by the Twilight Sparkle of Equestria. During the events of Rainbow Rocks, Starscream was jealous of Sunset's rejection by the other students of Canterlot High, accusing her of claiming all the glory for herself. Sunset wrote off Starscream as delusional as did the rest of her new friends. After Sunset Shimmer help defeat the Dazzlings and regained the trust of the school, Starscream took it upon himself to start building himself up as the number one bully of Canterlot High, though he came close to losing it due to the events of Forgotten Friendship. As he rose to power as the number one bully of Canterlot High, Starscream intimidated most students with fear even more so than what Sunset once did. Many students are too afraid to report Starscream to Principal Celestia or Vice Principal Luna. The seeker's spread of doubt across the students has given him a power even more so than Sunset Shimmer. He now focuses his goal on humiliating Sunset Shimmer for revenge, and going as far as to take over all of Canterlot high. The two that Starscream enjoys intimidating are Snips and Snails. IT is also revealed that Starscream has a rivalry in sports with Rainbow Dash. The seeker always enjoys a good physical challenge and does whatever he takes to annoy the young Wondercolt. Usually, this results in a heated contest between the two. Sometimes Rainbow Dash prevails, and sometimes Starscream wins out. An ideal voice actor for this character would obviously go to Steve Blum, who previously voiced Starscream on Transformers Prime and Transfomers: Robots in Disguise.
  23. HEre's how the dream went. It started with Sunset Shimmer falling behind on her grades, and she begins to panic. Under my avatar Danged Spell, I volunteer to tutor her in getting another A and redeeming herself in the eyes of the teachers at school. But one day on the big test, something goes wrong and Sunset turns into her Demon form for no reason. She even struggles to get control. Twilight and her friends were able to break her loose. But the school board demands that Sunset Shimmer be expelled, unless the Principal were to lose her job. This causes Sunset to return back to Equestria in tears. As the Twilight of Earth and the others ponder a world without Sunset, I learn who was behind it: Cozy Glow: Super Intendent Neighsay's daughter and student of Canterlot High. I try to help her, but she loses control and fires some sort of magical beam right at Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, turning them into Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon. They go at each other like hate was in their eyes. Without a second thought, Earth's Twilight contacted Sunset and convinced her to return to save the Principals. Meanwhile, I try to comfort Cozy Glow and get her to stop attacking other uncontrollably. When Sunset returns, she is overpowered by both corrupted principals, with the students and teachers of both Canterlot High and Crystal Prep getting battered down. It takes Sunset and her friends all their magic to save both Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna from their nightmares. But as everyone celebrated, Super Intendent Neighsay came by, furious by the damage both Celestia and Luna did, and even more furious that Students and Teachers of both Canterlot High and Crystal prep got involved. By his and the School Board's orders, every student(Including myself) of Canterlot High and Crystal Prep were expelled from the school system, every facility member fired, and both schools were shut down. I called out the Super Intendent and even pointed to the neglect he caused his daughter, even going as far as to expel her, who apparently is ashamed at her father. But Neighsay turned the other cheek as if he had lost his will to love. With both schools shut down, magic is now completely unchecked.
  24. I know Human Twilight likes Timber Spruce & all,but does anybody think Flash Sentry has truly given up on his crush for Princess Twilight after Sunset's pep talk & instead focus on getting back with her? And if Sunset is trying to get back with him,but he still misses PT? Also,is EG Sunset the same one appearing in The Movie or is EG is not canon at all? Sorry for the questions,just trying to wrap my head around the idea Flash x Twilight is dead
  25. PathfinderCS

    Favorite MLP G4 Villain Song

    So, we've have a lot of songs that have graced us between Friendship is Magic, Equestria Girls, and the motion picture. Heck; even the comics have tried...with mixed results. In any case, one of the highlights generally touted about has been the music, and amongst that has been the various villain tunes out there. As such I wanted to ask you a question: which is your favorite villain tune, and why is that? A poll is included, and this spans the franchise as a whole; not just FiM. Note: Added a few of the antagonist songs as well; though if I missed any feel free to let me know. ^^;; In any case my favorite is essentially a tie between This Day Aria and Open Up Your Eyes; with Under Our Spell close behind. Those two songs feel like they have a LOT of weight behind them, and just feel epic in general.