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Found 1 result

  1. The Equestria Hunters Cyborg Pulse (Brains Inventor) Firestarter (Fire Warrior) Viral Virus (Plague Alchemist) Heh heh, well gentlemen we do have time on our hands to do an ask thread. Now do we. ​Absolutely, we hunters of Equestria will be more than willing to do a thread to take any question from either good or bad doesn't matter. Don't you agree Firestarter. I couldn't agree anymore and Viral what are you doing? I am testing to see if my special plague bombs are up to taking out those pesky Equestrian girls!! Heh heh, they really annoy me!! Just shut up Viral! We all know you complain a lot, yet you are pretty intellectual with your work. Hee hee, I couldn't say more Cyborg. Unless you get the dang formula wrong. What was that you said, you blazing fool!! Now guys! We have questions needed to be answered! There is no need for such nonsense like this! ....Fine! Just as long if he doesn't question my intelligence. So, I won't throw a potion at him to put his birthday candle out! Birthday candle!! Look at you wearing that mask, looking like a pelican! Why you I'll-- ENOUGH!!!!! ...... ......He started it. *face palms* *sighs* Yet I have to treat them like a spoiled child. Just quit it already! We are wasting time arguing like this! If you don't do as I say. Then I will have you heads is that CLEAR!! ..Yes Whatever.. *clears throat* So, everyone just ask us your questions and we will certainly answer them. {Waiting for questions}