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Found 19 results

  1. This RP is for Equestrian Empire OCs and Cast Characters ONLY. If you have any questions about Equestrian Empire or how to join, see the rules here or PM me or any staff. Now onto our regularly scheduled programming... It's that time of year! Twilight Sparkle's birthday is today! Pinkie Pie has a super special spectacular surprise party planned for her alicorn princess friend. Somepony is going to need to keep Twilight occupied while Pinkie gets the castle ready. Will that pony keep the surprise or will the secret get blown? This RP is open to all comers. I will need one or two ponies to volunteer to keep Twilight away from the castle while Pinkie and the others set everything up for the party back at the castle. RP Link Current Cast Twilight Sparkle - Derplight Sperkle Distraction Princess Luna - NightTerror Nebula Party planners/Guests Pinkie Pie - Unicorncob Applejack - Red Cedar Doctor Whooves - Kulstor
  2. Link to OOC: @@Aeros Sine Twilight Sparkle flitted back and forth around her library, making sure all was ready for her lesson. Her checklist of items was sitting on the table with multiple checkmarks all over the place. Pencils were lined up perfectly on the table next a notebook on the other side, waiting to be written all over. Twilight wanted this to be perfect. A piece of chalk on the board was only a centimeter over the edge of the chalkboard. Twilight's horn glowed as it was put back into position. "Alright. Pencils, check. Chalkboard, check. Chalk, check," Twilight muttered to herself in concentration. Each mention of check marked another checkmark to the list. "Looks like I have everything ready to go!" She exclaimed happily. "Now where is my pupil?"
  3. Out of the Forest and into the Ponyland OOC Balsam @, @@Eloquence,@@Fresh Nonsense, @@Unicorncob, While out looking for plants and berries, a familiar spot would catch the deer's attention. Balsam had made his way towards the edge of the Everfree Forest purely out of memory, and a bit of luck. "There," he would point with a foot toward a meadow that seemed to mark the border of the forest. "I think this is where I was when I found my least I think I remember. There should be a grand pony settlement nearby. I think." Looking back towards the forest he would continue walking till he ran face first into the base of a large stone statue. "OW!," the buck would exclaim as he immediately fell onto his flank. His jaw would drop as his glasses would fall from his face as he got a decent look of the pony that graced the top of the statue. It had both a horn and well as fangs. Fumbling, he would put his glasses back on and rise to his hooves and back towards the forest slowly. "W...what kind of pony is that!?!" he said in shock. "I don't recall any of the elders mentioning something like that. Perhaps we should just turn back around. I'm sure we'll find another pony settlement that doesn't have dwellers that have fangs."
  4. 1x1 RP with Twilight Sparkle(me) and Starlight(@@Aeros Sine). Twilight Sparkle has a new lesson in friendship with Starlight. Will Twilight make sure her new pupil actually learns this lesson properly, or will it crash and burn with unintended consequences? We will see... Link to RP:
  5. One night, the Natural Museum of Canterlot was broken into. The Royal Guard came to investigate and found the culprit while the pony was escaping. The pony was not captured because they suddenly disappeared into thin air, to the amazement of the pursuing guards. The curator calls upon the service of Daring Do to solve the mystery since she has donated some artifacts over the years to the museum. What will Daring Do find out in this adventure? The is an Equestrian Empire RP. You must have an Equestrian Empire approved OC or cast character to participate. Cast Daring Do - Derplight Sperkle Copper Strikes - DwhitetheGamer Ivan - Maryxhooves Anchors Aweigh - 95% Chance PathfinderCS - Sojourner and Autumn Link to RP:
  6. OOC: Daring Do found herself in the middle of the Canterlot Natural History Museum. She wished she was here on any other business than the one she found herself in, but Lined Gallery insisted she come right away. The letter she received did seem to be very urgent. Daring got to Canterlot as soon as she could. What she found at the museum was troubling at the least. More Royal Guard ponies than usual were stationed throughout the museum. It seemed there was a couple per gallery. Something really strange must have happened, Daring thought. Daring Do decided against her full disguise on this trip. She just wore her usual adventure jacket and hat. Though she added her author glasses to somewhat disguise herself from curious ponies. Her full author get up wasn't as necessary since she has made several donations over the years to Gallery as herself. "Ah yes, Miss Do. I'm so glad you made it." Lined Gallery said as he rushed to greet Daring. "Good to see you again Dr. Gallery. Now you had a problem with theft recently? Why just leave it with the Royal Guard to take care of it?" "I figured you would ask that. Usually, I would leave this to the fully capable Royal Guard," Gallery said as he led Daring through the museum. "It's just that this case seems to be out of their hoofs." Daring was led to what looked like the crime scene. Shattered glass littered the floor as the display case was broken to get what was inside. What surprised Daring, however, was that it took place in the Starswirled the Bearded wing. Now, why would Lined Gallery want me for this then?
  7. @@Derplight Sperkle OOC It was pitiful, really. Rainbow Dash watched her friend, the princess, shmancy-pancy, favored student of Princess Celestia...fall flat on her face, time and time again, due to not knowing how to operate her wings, even nearly crashing right into a helicopter, which no doubt would've caused her serious injury if Rainbow hadn't pushed her out of the way. This wasn't some new revelation; the cyan mare knew long ago of how pathetic Twilight's flying ability was, but she simply had been too preoccupied to bring it up with her, and she knew the princess could be very busy given she was the feathering princess. She almost pitied the mare, really, considering her laments about her title among other things. She sweated the details too much, that much Rainbow believed. So what if her title didn't amount to anything discernible yet? Rainbow believed in her friend to be important, and she could only wish Twilight would take the same lesson to heart. Oh well, baby steps. Maybe she could get Twilight to relax with an actual casual flight with her. Come to think of it, despite being excited at the prospect at the both of them being so called 'flying buddies', she'd barely gotten opportunity to fly with her, and even when she did she was so busy worrying about a test that she'd failed and feeling like the stupidest pony alive that she barely enjoyed it. She needed to fix that straight away, and perhaps she could give Twilight a few pointers on flying while she was at it. Being able to share her passion with someone who wasn't Fluttershy (and therefore unable to appreciate it) excited her, so hopefully she could lure that bookworm out into the skies for a breath of fresh air with Yours Truly, The Coolest Pony in Ponyville to accompany her. As a result, Rainbow kept her eye open for where Twilight might be from her perch from the sky for what felt like an hour but what was really fifteen minutes, her eyes carefully scanning the ground for any sign of her purple alicorn friend. When she did manage to spot her, trotting over to her castle, she lunged. More specifically, she spread her wings, leaped off the cloud she had been lying on, and then divebombed the ground in front of our lovely princess, her hooves jarring out at the last second as she made a skidding landing straight in front of her, practically coming nose to nose with her with a wide, daredevil grin on her face, signature for her. "Hey, Twilight!"
  8. Hello, my question is fairly simple to me: Is the Equestrian Empire section of the RP area like I think it is, or is it a place that is similar to Everfree Empire in the sense that the RP threads don't necessarily connect with each other?
  9. This RP is for Equestrian Empire Cast Characters and approved OCs. Ahuizotl is at it again. The fiend has snuck into the Crystal Empire and has stolen the precious Crystal Heart! Daring Do must stop the villain before Ahuizotl does something dastardly to the relic. Will Daring Do be able to stop the villain in time? Can she do it alone? Cast List 1) Daring Do - Derplight Sperkle
  10. @@Eloquence OOC Today wasn't a deviation from Rainbow's normal routine. For the newly named Wonderbolts reserve, the cyan mare had yet to shed her particularly nasty habits - mainly regarding her sleeping through the day, letting clouds drift her by. She would be hogtied if she let somepony judge her for such a routine; being awesome constantly all day was exhausting and she needed her version of "beauty sleep", which acted to recuperate her awesome levels so that she could allow it center field twenty-four seven. It was all very scientific and she was sure a bookworm such as Twilight could come up with some equation for it if it weren't for how stuck she got on the difference between coolness, radicalness, and awesomeness (concepts that, to Rainbow, were very easy to distinguish between). Either way, she required some sort of respite and recharge, so that way she could carry on being awesome on some other occasion. It wasn't that Rainbow was afraid her awesome meter would deplete if she stayed awake the whole day, but rather that it would take longer to recover from it, so it was better to sneak in all the nap time that she could acquire. Besides, on a day as, dare she think it, gorgeous as today was, it wasn't as if anypony required her immediate attention. Sure if some disaster struck Equestria or whatever Rainbow would shed her nonchalance in a heartbeat, especially if her friends were somehow caught up in it. Rainbow was nothing without her loyal spirit and that loyalty extended to the world that she lived in. At the moment, though, she didn't even have weather duties to attend to, and she had no reason to believe that anypony was calling for her at the moment. Maybe she could check in on Scootaloo later and see how she was doing, but even that wasn't of immediate concern and she knew the little filly to be tough enough to handle herself for a while. No, Rainbow had absolutely no reason to feel guilty for sneaking a few Z's, and if anything everypony else should be grateful that she would extend the time to do so, so that they would be subjected only to the top level of her awesomeness at any given time. This particular cloud she happened to be resting on, she managed to find by pure luck. She snuggled into it, ears lowered, her nose letting out a soft sigh as her hooves buried within its soft tufts. This was the nicest cloud she'd managed to acquire and she wouldn't give it up even if Celestia pestered her for it. The absolute perfect sleepingplace. 'This is the life,' she thought dreamily, eyes shut.
  11. OOC Thread ((@@Pulchritude, @@Love, @, @@Aeros Sine, @, @)) It was a fine day in Ponyville, the pegasus ponies having scheduled a week-long dose of sunshine, starting yesterday, and Silver Spoon trotted to school in a good mood. Miss Cheerilee was having a week off, which meant they would have a substitute teacher. Substitute teachers are always fun. You can swap names with classmates, and they don't know the difference. You can tell them the afternoon recess bell is actually the going home time bell, and all skip out of school early. You can play all kinds of tricks on them because you know the school better than they do. She chuckled, imagining the hapless temporary member of staff. Arriving at school, Silver Spoon saw several of her friends and classmates filing into the school building already. She must have been running slightly late. She followed them in and was about to take her usual seat when she decided, no, substitute teacher… she took Sweetie Belle's usual seat instead. A hush descended on the classroom as the teacher came through the door. Silver Spoon looked around at the others, wondering how they'd react.
  12. So you need to create a separate page for your character in order to use them in RPs in the Equestrian Empire. I was wondering, are you allowed to make a Equestrian Empire page for your character without an Everfree Empire page and use them in an Everfree Empire Roleplay?
  13. Spike the Dragon Morning. The sun was starting to rise over the horizon and a certain dragon was awake at this hour. Packing. Why would you ask? Well up until about a week ago, Spike had been indulging too much on his gems that he so secretly kept somewhere in the crystal castle. He knew he was but he didn't care, they were too good not to think about. Twilight told him that it was starting to get a bit plump now, the cute kind. Spike dismissed the whole notion saying that it was only temporary and he was still in more than good shape to still do choirs and the like. That was until he had trouble getting out of bed two days ago. Yep, he knew it. It was official. He had to start getting more active...and find more gems but mainly the first one. Before Twilight said something to Dash, no doubt she'd try to make the dragon exercise his tail off. "Let's see...Map. Check. Snacks to go on the road. Check. A letter to Twilight explaining why I'm gone and couldn't cook breakfast? Check." Spike went over the checklist of over things such as the choirs he need to do today. He got finished with half of them in the span of a couple of hours before the sun started to rise. That way, he should be good to hunt for gems until lunch time, maybe an hour after that. It was likely he wasn't going to be needed for anything and Twilight said she was going out to eat with gang later on even so he may be bombarded by questions of where he had been up until noon but he needed this. Those sweet gems made his mouth water! Especially the green gems, he savored those most of all. After packing everything up inside his bag, he threw it over his shoulders then took off down the long hallway. As Spike gotten outside, he closed the door behind him then took off toward town seeing a few ponies ready to set up shop at the square. He waved to a few of them as he made his way to Whitetail Woods which was beyond Fluttershy's cottage then his next stop, the mountains. It had been some time he been up there because of the crazy events that seem to only happen in Ponyville which everypony seemed to be used to though Spike felt that he'd never get used to knowing the way to his room and the front door of his new home. Spike pulled out the map to show him to his usual spot on the mountain where he had the most success finding the gems that he liked so much. Although little did the small dragon knew, there was another like him he was going to meet today. A meeting that would change his life.
  14. @@Skycoaster, OOC thread: It was a lovely night in Ponyville, with the skies clear because of the work of the Pegasi beforehand and the moon casting a bright shadow upon the roads and the buildings. Everyone was clearly snoozing away, with the exception of one little pony, who, on her own, had ventured out, taking a peek at all of the houses surrounding her. Not a stir anywhere - which means nopony else could stop her from going out on her own. Ordinarily, some of the townsponies (especially the mayor) kept a close eye on her, but tonight was the night in which Scootaloo would finally manage to go out on her own, and in doing so, accomplish a dream and put her mind at ease once again: flying. With nopony advising her or ensuring her safety, it meant that she could accomplish this without causing a stir, and by the morning, she would be able to show her friends how far she'd come. Show Rainbow Dash how far she'd come. Indeed, she'd faced this conflict before, but back then she had the reputation of the entire group at stake, and her friends' judgment to go off of. She could understand why they hadn't been all that sympathetic at the time; they'd been working on a routine together, only for Scootaloo to become so consumed with changing it. This time, though, the circumstances were different as Scootaloo didn't have that alternative anymore. Now, she could work on her own, and nopony would have to deal with her disrupting the flow of a routine, or working herself ragged so the very next morning they barely had time to rehearse it. Without her friends around, she had nopony to annoy with her personal struggles. It was just her, and the ground below her. What would lifting herself a tiny bit off of the ground accomplish? Scootaloo didn't think that would get her anywhere, and that was perhaps why she was met with so much failure. Maybe if she brought herself to a high place and dived off of that, her Pegasus instinct would kick in, and once it did that, she would finally manage to do what the rest of her species could at her age: fly. Once she flew, she had nothing left to prove. Finally, she would've accomplished and shouldered the weight of her species, and nopony could doubt that she was the second-coolest Pegasus in all of Ponyville (with the coolest obviously being Rainbow Dash). It was this line of thinking that brought her to a cliff near the edge of the village, her hooves scraping over the edge of it and her heart hammering. 'Okay, Scoots,' she thought to herself. 'This is it. There's no turning back now.' She glanced down the cliffside. If she'd been lucid, she probably would've noticed that the stretch downward seemed infinitely higher than it did a day ago, that something was amiss, but right now, all she cared about was getting these stupid wings to work. These stupid wings that brought her so much teasing, these stupid wings that kept her from matching with her idol, these stupid wings that likely got her abandoned at such an early age. She could get them to work. And she wanted them to work now. With a deep breath and an audible gulp as the last signs of hesitation, she took the plunge.
  15. Diamond Tiara It was daytime in Ponyville, and a good day to boot. The sky was completely clear of clouds, and according to Ponyville's Weather Team, it wouldn't rain for some time. Thusly, it was business as usual, and ponies went about their usual routine. Shops were open everywhere, and those who weren't currently looking to buy something were either out with their friends, or just enjoying the sun while it lasted. It would be an understatement to say the streets were busy; there was hardly a place in Ponyville that wasn't filled with the sounds of the clip-clop of hooves or the intermingling chatter of Ponyville's residents. Diamond Tiara, who was wandering around Ponyville's market, was no exception; she was out and about like any other pony. Unlike other ponies, however, she wasn't on her "usual routine". Her friend Silver Spoon had been grounded for one too many bad tests, leaving Diamond Tiara with nothing to do while her gray coated friend served out her sentence. Inwardly, she considered herself lucky; she had been failing tests too, and her teacher Miss Cheerilee had decided to make a personal house call after she found out that Diamond Tiara had been throwing away her bad results instead of taking them home. She grew nauseous at the thought of that meeting; it had taken an excessive amount of pleading with her father to make sure she didn't receive a similar sentence. As it was, her allowance had been taken away until her tests improved, leaving the filly without a bit to her name. Still, she hadn't been banned from going outside, and anything was better than being forced to stay home, so she went outside. It did little to help, though; stuck wandering the town aimlessly and reduced to eyeball shopping Ponyville, seething would be too kind of a word to express how she felt. As she angrily trotted past the shopping stalls, however, she was so caught up in her foul mood that for a few seconds she failed to look where she was going. As she rounded the corner to a nearby building, she suddenly met face to shoulder with another pony. The collision caused Diamond Tiara to stumble back wildly a few steps. For a split second, she tottered precariously on one hoof, before finally losing her balance completely and falling over onto the sidewalk with a dull thud.
  16. Something precious has been lost, and the two most unlikely of ponies will have to band together to get it back. They may not be friends... in fact, they may hate each others guts... but this is bigger than that now. Essentially, an RP where the only objective is to return the tiara safely on DT's pretty little head. Sounds simple, right? Well, "fate" is not going to be kind during this story, and many, many things are going to get in the way of that goal; it may be blocked, guarded, or switch places entirely. But we won't stop until the tiara's returned...or we all end up in bedlam. With DT and Scootaloo working together, anything's possible.
  17. New, so just looking for 1x1's for now. Let's put heads together and make something work!
  18. Daring Do is going to the Castle of the Two Sisters in search of the long lost Orb of Chaos. There will be twists and turns with traps all around. Who knows, even Ahuizotl may be lurking in the shadows. This RP is open to all who are interested. Characters 1) Derplight Sperkle - Daring Do 2) Astral Legend - Astral Legend 3) Kulstor - Rakon 4) EquestrianScholar - Mythos Gray 5) Golbez - Gilda IC:
  19. OoC Thread The Doctor wiped the sweat from his forehead with his foreleg, standing back and looking at his new sign. The Doctor's Odd Jobs Need some help? Inquire inside! I'll take on most work, and prices are negotiable. "Well, that's brilliant," the Doctor said to himself. "I suppose this has been a long time coming." Smiling, he turned and entered the door to his home. As he reached for the handle, he let out a relieved sigh. "Suppose there isn't much left to do. It's getting really late, so maybe I should just catch up on some sleep. Business can start tomorrow." Feeling content, he trotted upstairs quickly and laid down on his bed. His house was fairly small, with the downstairs consisting of a kitchen and a living room. The upstairs was one room with a bathroom on the side. It was made that way to take up less space... Not that the Doctor understood. Ponyville was only a small town, so why did they need to conserve? It was pointless. But, of course, he'd learned that questioning the traditions and methods of the locals was usually fruitless. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. ** The next morning, he awoke fairly early. After a quick shower, he made himself some eggs and bacon, along with a particularly strong tea. "Today's the first day of business. Let's see how this works out."