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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there bronies and pegasisters! Just released my very first remix!! It is an EDM remix of Lost on the moon. it's not exactly the best.. but it's not my worst either! Take a look: YouTube: Soundcloud: Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment :3 I like to hear what others think!
  2. Hello fellow Bronies and Pegasisters! Ethritt here once again and this time I and my "production" Team are working on a new project that with your guys' help could become a reality!! It takes place long after the mane 6 have stopped their adventure due to age and the next to represent the elements of harmony are soon to be revealed! The main characters of this series is EthRitt, Static Dash, Heartsfelt, Arcwavyrn, Lapis Flash, and Bella Sparkle! If you are interested in help you can apply right here! Awesome ponies who agreed to help with this project: @static dash: voice acting @EthRitt: All @Overlord0909: Script, voice acting @Artimis Whooves: Script, Character development, possible animator @Dapper Charmer: Script @SilverStarApple: Voice Acting @SpectraDust: Character Design For animators: The animation is made in Flash (Adobe AnimateCC) soif you do not have it you may not be able to help here.. sorry Need any help? Just PM me! For voice actors: There's really not much to say here just as long as you have good voice acting skills! Need help? Just Pm ma and I will answer you questions. For Character development: Really all this is is making characters and villains for the show! You must be able to come up with names and cutie marks for all the characters. For Musicians: This is my favorite! As long as you have a soundcloud account and good skills in music you will be fine! I have already made some songs for the show please tell me what you think! If you have any question just PM me and i'll be glad to help! For script writers: I'm sure you know what this is. As long as you have good writing skill I'd be glad to accept you here! Have a question? Feel free to ask me with a PM!
  3. This topic wasn't working out so well... sadly I'm not taking requests any more.
  4. hello bronies an pegasisters! EthRitt here from the youtube channel pl4y hooves. I'm asking for help on what to do in my channel. Any ideas you can think of like song and animation ideas i would love to hear about!! P.S. If you gave an idea, when the video is uploaded to youtube i'll have your name in the description stating that you helped! Thank you!