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Found 31 results

  1. Does she have some sort of assassin-level fighting skills or something? There's a lot of crazy monsters living in there.
  2. Has anyone noticed that the Everfree Forest hasn't been mentioned by name recently.
  3. Can i please get some one to review and give me some tips on my video id rely appreciate it.
  4. "Another day, another dungeon!" –Daring Do. I have had a lifetime passion for the outdoors, hiking, and the mountains. That led me to create the "Pony Northwest: Ponies Around the World" video (a.k.a. 'Massive 2-year Pony Hiking Project,' as called by EQD). Later on, I organized the online brony hikers community, Everfree Hikers. Combining my love for My Little Pony and hiking can be tricky (being seemingly unrelated subjects), but I found that bringing and taking photos of the ponies along on my hikes helps to connect them together nicely. Map of all my hikes in my lifetime. 2015: Purple 2014: Green 2013: Gold 2012: Red 2011: Blue Pre-2011: Pink Here are just a couple of the photos I've taken on my hikes and travels. I have hiked in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Alberta, California, and, (soon to be this summer), Idaho. I can't wait to get back from college to go hiking! Garibaldi Lake; Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. Three Sisters from McKenzie Pass; Willamette National Forest, Oregon. Bird Creek Meadows; Mount Adams Recreation Area, Washington. Mountain Goats on Burroughs Mountain; Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. North Sister from South Mattieu Lake; Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon. Purple Trillium on Little Huckleberry Mountain; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Mount Adams from Sunrise Shortcut Trail; Dark Divide Roadless Area, Washington. (Read about the current threats to the Dark Divide here.) The Adams Glacier tumbles off of Mount Adams' northwest face; High Camp, Mount Adams Wilderness, Washington. The Painted Hills; John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon. Dry Creek Road; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Between the summers of 2014 and mid-July of 2015, I created a little video featuring nearly all of the places I've brought the ponies along. This summer I hope to film a timelapse video featuring the ponies in beautiful landscapes for EQD's annual Ponies Around the World event. I love sharing these adventures with people, especially helping others find new and exciting adventures. I love helping by providing recommendations for good hikes–especially those around Mount Adams, the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and the greater Washington state area. Mount Adams Reflection from Takhlakh Lake; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Daring Do at Moraine Lake; Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. The Mighty Robson Glacier; Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. Newberry Caldera, Paulina Lake, and East Lake from Paulina Peak; Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Oregon. Emperor Falls along the Berg Lake Trail in the Canadian Rockies; Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. Mount Robson from the Berg Lake Trail in the Canadian Rockies; Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. Mount Jefferson from Triangulation Peak; Willamette National Forest, Oregon. The Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Mount Adams, Mount Adams Recreation Area, Washington. Hellroaring Overlook and Mount Adams; Mount Adams Recreation Area, Washington. Columbine on Little Huckleberry Mountain Trail; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Iceberg Lake and the Mazama Glacier on Mount Adams; Mount Adams Recreation Area, Washington. Cascade Pass; North Cascades National Park, Washington. Mount Adams from Muddy Meadows; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Lower Falls of the Lewis River; Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. Paulina Lake from Paulina Peak; Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Oregon. Tatoosh Range from Panorama Point; Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. Mount Adams from the Goat Rocks; Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington. Mount Adams from the Highline Trail; Mount Adams Wilderness, Washington. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. And finally the prettiest element of nature, Fluttershy. Art by Alasou.
  5. I want to talk to someponies about the latest Doctor Who Epispde, and the love/hate relationship with Steven Moffat all Whovians can relate to.
  6. Alright, so I wanted to start a topic on what you guys think is the funnest multiplayer game you can think of. Now whether it is a game you play on the couch next to your friend or on the network across the globe, as long as you can play with other people, it fits the category. Me personally I have always enjoyed the pride and true of couch gaming, that's why my favorite multiplayer game in my opinion is "Gauntlet Legends" for the Nintendo 64. It is an old game yes, but Gauntlet Legends has been my childhood for years and I remember playing this game with all my favorite relatives. The game lasts a very long time, you can choose up to 4 types of characters increasing the replayability, each of the levels and the gameplay overall is balanced nicely to be fair, and the game is littered with secrets and puzzles to complete. I love this game and will be forever etched into my heart.
  7. Hello! My suggestion is simple: We need a section for fan clubs that don't revolve around ponies. I, for one, have created two fan clubs. The problem with them is, I dunno if they are where they should go! On one hand, they are fan clubs, but on the other they are not pony related. What I ask is a way to show where such threads would go. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! P.S: The fan clubs I made are and
  8. I've been thinking about this, the rest of equestria has ponies taking care of the weather and other things, but things happen on their own in the Everfree forest. But does that mean there would be no weather in equestria without the ponies, or that the ponies manage the wild weather and things would work on their own without them just like in the everfree forest?
  9. If you want to hear the tune go to this link! Tell me what you think down below!!!!
  10. Hello, names Red Blade and this is my tale. I was given to the New Lunar Republic when I was very young. In fact, when I was a foal. But the pony I was given to was a very special. It was the Princess herself! Princess Luna was surprised by my arrival at her tent, at least that's what the maids tell me. She was there, just sitting there in plain peasant clothing. She never really felt right with all the royal garment on all the time. To be honest she felt like another peasant amongst the crowd, but obviously she was not. And so I grew up believing that she was my mother and my father died in a brutal battle against some race I can't remember. But like all good things they must come to an end. That end sadly happened on my graduation for the Lunar guard. 16 years later, Lunar Guard Graduation.....
  11. So any favorite animated shows or movies(or maybe anything) that you thought had really beautiful animation? I recently just finished a movie called "5 Centimeters Per Second" and I thought everything about the animation was just..breathtaking. No seriously just look at how gorgeous this movie looks! So beautiful.
  12. Ok so about yesterday I remember I was online and I apparently was looking for amvs to watch. So I accidentally stumbled upon an article that was about Hayao Miyazaki and so..I read it just to see what's it about. So the article was basically about Miyazaki talking about his view on the anime industry. Apparently he thinks that it's "suffering because it's full of Otaku" . (Now please notice that the word "Otaku" does have kind of a different meaning in Japanese.) But then again this article was a bit interesting. You can read the rest of it here: As I was reading more of it, he also mentions that people in the industry "don't spend time watching real people" and how they're "humans who can't stand looking at other humans." While there are some things I could disagree on,then again, I can actually see his point. As someone who also draws and writes short stories, I like to be creative and sometimes use everyday activities as examples for my stories. Although I am quiet but at least I try to be involved with fun activities and try to socialize with others. So what do you think? Is the anime industry...lacking some things? Or maybe is it..declining? Discuss below!
  13. DonShine

    Help Pingus! *Note - tis an adventure story that is about a cute lil pony taking on the dangers and tribulations of equestria.... whatever they may be.... Shameless Self Promotion cause I have no Idea how to work tumblr and its tag system thingy.
  14. My favorite songs right now are Problem by Ariana Grande and Human by Christina Perri. I was wondering if anybody else knew these songs and liked them so I'm just wondering......what are your favorite songs? This is my first post so please be nice in the comments. Thank you!
  15. What do you think is in the box? Predict what it is and at the end of the season we can give cookies to those who were right. Only the chocolate chips to those who were close. Early guess is some new form of the Elements
  16. This is my first fanfic and i always wanted to write about tigers, and i'm a little disappointed there are no tigers within the Everfree Forest so here i am, writing a story about a day of a life for a tiger. Though I love Ponies i have always found the tiger to be majestic animals and worth respecting, here is the first part of the story. Part 1 Deep within the heart of the Ever-free forest dwells a small family of orange to greenish skinned colored tigers. A large female is attending to two cubs within a small cave. A large male tiger is dragging a large deer carcass with his teeth and drops the deer carcass in front of the rest of the family. The female tiger chuckles playfully ',you win this one, but the next one i hunt will be bigger', the male tiger responds 'we will see about that'. The atmosphere starts to change, the male tiger takes a deep breath,' i have not seen our pack kin in many moons i think we are the last of our kind', he snarls as he promises to find out why. He takes another deep breath as he looks at his 2 cubs and feigns a small smile, 'is there something that you wish little darlings', they joyfully scream ''rabbit, rabbit, we want rabbit''. The male tiger gently hits them on the head reprimanding them,'' you have had rabbit for 3 moons now show restraint''. But he caves in and slowly shakes his head when he sees the disappointment in their faces, he minds them that this is the last time for many moons they will have rabbit. They discuss where the next hunt will take place, the male tiger entertained the idea to bring the children along but the female tiger shook her head reminding that they may be the last generations of Ever free tigers and if something happens then the lineage dies with them. The male tiger sheds a tear and sternly nods, 'i will then get a feisty rabbit and bring it home and then, then you young ones will get the practice you need'. The cubs give the father a bright smile and they wrestle each other with the mother watching ensuring that the 2 does not injure themselves. They figured that even though there are a few groups of rabbits that dwell within the forest for some reason the rabbits that also traverse in the forest too in a moon have decided to move elsewhere. The male tiger remembers that he tracked a few rabbits within a cottage near the ever free forest. His wife shakes his head in disagreeing reminding him that if the Ponies in Ponyville see them they may panic and call for help from the other ones from the surrounding lands. Long ago the Everfree tigers used to hunt the ponies that would foolishly enter the woods, though this family has never dined on pony flesh before, they imagined that many of the ponies are too stringy to make a good meal. This caused a huge stir and out of fear the ponies would send search parties to 'take care of them' but for some reason not only has the search parties stopped but no pony has ever decided to step into the Ever free forest again. They agreed to never make contact with the civilians of ponyville under any circumstances and to avoid any contact with them within the Everfree Forest. For many generations Nopony has ever seen an Ever free tiger they have heard rumors of existence, so it would be a very rare chance for anypony in Ponyville to see a tiger. The male tiger stands his ground stubbornly not willing to change his mind, his wife sighs and just asks him to becareful, the male tiger nods as the female tiger comes closer to embrace him and they curl their heads together. As he exits the forest and heads closer to the cottage he reminds himself that the last time he tracked the surrounding grass at the cottage he saw a yellow pegasus with 3 butterflys with Cyan bodies and pink wings on her flank, singing and feeding the animals he was enthralled with her singing voice. For a moment he thought he was almost spotted and hid at a foliage and returned to forest when he was sure all the ponies disappeared from his sight. He shook his head telling himself that will never happen again he was going to be cautious. But at the back of his mind he was still concerned about his kin and promised himself once he returns he will start investigating. He starts to arrive at the cottage and he sees a rabbit is not too far away, he thinks to himself 'let's just get this done and over with ', he hides within the foliage. to be continued
  17. I believe the Castle of the Sisters WILL become Twilight's new palace...and I have speculated this for months. Remember the commercial for the Princess Twilight Sparkle toy??? At the end she says to the girls "Let's fly to my palace!" To me it makes sense, given its connection to the mane 6 as well as it's location to Ponyville...and let's not forget how underneath it lies the Tree of Harmony with the "mystery box." And every princess must have a kingdom to rule: Celestia has Canterlot and Cadance has the Crystal Empire. Perhaps this means that Ponyville will now become a major power in Equestria...possibly due to the box. Anyway this is just MY opinion. I would love to hear what you think.
  18. If the sisters had their own castle in Canterlot, then why have a castle in the Everfree forest? Or vice versa, why occupy Castle Canterlot when they already have Castle Everfree? Why did Celestia abandon Castle Everfree? If it was because of Luna's banishment, then why not reclaim the castle after her return? Heck why did the ruling authorities of Equestria have a castle in the Everfree forest to begin with? Why place your castle in an area that has potential dangers to the subjects who try to visit?
  19. As fans, we probably don't think much of the EFF, because weather and animals caring for themselves isn't scary to us. But HOW and WHY does it care for itself? There at least seems to be some sort of dark element to it. Just look at all the creatures we've seen come out of it. The timberwolves, the cockatrice, the manticore, a dragon, and the mirror pond. And, scary in a different way, the parasprites. It's seen as creepy and unnatural, and it seems what really protects the ponies is that it's a kid's show and couldn't show a savage attack. What got me thinking about this was a Scootaloo fanfic I'm doing, where my own interpretation of why she's an orphan is that her parents were attacked and killed while flying too close to the forest at night. It certainly operates differently than apparently all the rest of Equestria. Of course, it's not like it's all bad. Zecora lives there, and she apparently has no problems, but it may just be that she's smart enough to know not to lower her guard. At the very least, SOMETHING'S eating the parasprites, or else they'd be multiplying out of control. So do you think the forest is evil in some way? Or does it seem unlikely that the forest has claimed a lot of victims behind the scenes of the show?
  20. It's been a while since I've sketched anything pony so I decided to freehand Fluttershy. I love this style of drawing! Same as always. Sharpie on pencil, colored in with colored pencils. I don't even have that much experience in doing this. This is probably the fourth freehand sketch I've made like this in my life. It took me about 3 hours to do. I know there are some imperfections. Like that right eyebrow...I'm a perfectionist. It messes with my head that it's there. But I wasn't going to redo the whole thing! My lack of supplies also kinda speaks for itself here. Some backstage tools were a ruler and a DVD to do the curve of her head. I also abused guide lines. The more I do this, it seems, the better I get. So this is kind of my shoutout to The Stare Master episode. I hope y'all like my drawing. I'll post more like this when I find the inspiration to do more stuff like it I told those fillies to stay out of the Everfree they're doomed... I have to find Twilight! She can help me! But I've looked all over Ponyville...and I can't find her anywhere! What do I do?!
  21. "Bwoshit, he put 'C.Discord' in his title D; All his posts with that opening are freaking long!" Yup. You're all boned. This is probably the biggest fucking topic I've ever made. Note: For when we get to the 'The Beginning of Harmony/Luna's Betrayal' & and 'Evolution of Modern Equestria' parts, you'll need the Official Equestria Canon Map for reference. All you really need to pay attention to is the 'Ruins' on the map, which is The Palace of the Royal Pony Sisters, later known as the Ancient Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. You'll also need to pay attention to the Everfree Forest's shape, a little. -- Our friend Sharp Staccato just earlier made his own topic about his head-canon for Equestria's history. I've had my own for quite some time, and I even talked about it in a topic about something related, a while back. Now, I'm making an entire topic dedicated to flushing out my idea in full. Enjoy. -- ~Pre Equestria~ Thousands upon thousands of years ago, there was almost nothing. In most parts of the land, there were no inhabitants other than ancient beasts and creatures that lurked in the land's forests, bogs and open grass land. But eventually, ponies of all three races came to the land from a far away place in the hopes of establishing a home, and began to make small settlements in it's open grass land. Despite this rich land however, the ponies lived in fear. Timberwolves and other creatures lurked outside their doorsteps, and were a constant threat to their lives. It was clear that the vast forests would need to be pushed back, if they had any hope of forming a permanent home. Over time, as technology advanced, the ponies were able to cut down sections of forest and create a wider area of safe grassland, allowing their settlement to grow in size. As time passed further, their settlement grew and grew, gaining more and more land, and more and more inhabitants. However, the ponies soon became segregated by species due to their abilities, and what those abilities meant to the other two groups. Referring to themselves as 'tribes', the pony groups worked in relative harmony with one another, albeit only due to it being crucial for their survival. Unicorns brought forth day and night, pegasi controlled the weather, and the earth ponies grew the vast crops needed to sustain them all. Everything seemed balanced and stable at a glance. That is, until one particular nasty winter befell them. The winter, hate and starvation would split the groups apart, and ultimately force them to relocate to a new area in this vast land. *Insert events of 'Hearth's Warming Eve'* The tribe leaders having experienced what it means to care for others and not to hate, the powerful winter spirits known as Windigoes were pushed away from the region. Uniting their three species in this new found promise land, later to be known as 'Equestria', the unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies put up their new flag. The depiction of two pegasus unicorns (an ancient race thought to only be legend by some) circling the sun and moon was christened on this new flag, and together, the groups forged the foundation for a kingdom. But unfortunately for the united tribes, Windigoes were not the only spirit to be fearful of. ~Early Equestria/Discord's Reign & Defeat~ Not long after uniting together and founding 'Equestria', all of pony kind was given siege by the Spirit of Chaos, Discord. Discord, a nearly omnipotent spirit with the power to warp reality had roamed the planet freely, causing chaos and strife among living things since the beginning of time. He had taken notice of this emerging civilization, and decided to grip down on it with his now piqued interest. It didn't take long for the warriors of a very young Equestria to fall to the beast's powers. Taking the throne and ruling the entire land with ease, Discord sat upon his throne and laughed as all pony kind suffered under his chaotic reign. His reign would last year after year, reaching a little more than half a decade, before the events were put in motion that would put an end to his chaos, forever. Unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies were not the only equines in existence. Though rare and thought to be myth by many, Pegasus Unicorns, also known as 'Alicorns' were an ancient race that predated any of the lesser ponies. It is often said that unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies were all descended from these beings. Magic more powerful than even the greatest of unicorns, once, alicorns sat at the world's head as the most powerful creatures in existence. And now, though their numbers dwindled, very small groups of these creatures still remained. Two alicorn sisters, one with a pink mane the color of the morning horizon, and the other with a blue mane the color of the approaching night, stumbled upon Equestria in their search for a home. Horror befell their faces at the anarchy that ran rampant throughout the land, and, having a powerful sense for good and everything that was righteous, the two sisters engaged the King of Chaos at his throne. They had to dethrone this creature, if it was the last thing they did. Though their magic powerful, the strength of Discord was too powerful, and the sisters were repelled with moderate ease. But even as their bodies gave out on them, both magically and physically exhausted, the sisters did not give up. If their power was not enough, then they would find a way to defeat Discord, elsewhere. In that ideal, the desire to bring harmony and peace to the chaos-torn Equestria, the two sisters discovered six magical gem stones that shone the colors of a rainbow. Quickly realizing the power they possessed, the sisters combined their own power with that of the gems, and faced the Chimera of Chaos once more. Completely cocky, Discord's overthrowing was absolute. Laughing and boasting at the attempts of the alicorn sisters approaching his throne once again, the beast was caught by surprise when the combined magic bathed him in a spectrum of light. Pure, concentrated harmony clashed against his own chaotic being, and the forces cancelled each other out. The result being that the Draconequus turned to stone, petrified for all eternity. These gem stones were forever more called 'The Elements of Harmony'. All the harm Discord had caused, vanished, as his serpentine body turned to stone. The two alicorn sisters were from that day forward treated as nothing less than heroines, goddesses, even. ~The Beginning of Harmony/Luna's Betrayal~ Equestria and it's pony inhabitants breathed a sigh of relief when peace was returned to the land. The two sisters, known as Celestia and Luna, were made the rulers of Equestria for their heroic deed of saving the land from chaos. The flag of Equestria that bore the image of two generic Pegasus Unicorns was changed to have the image of Celestia and Luna circling the sun and moon. This version of the flag remains to this day. The two regal, gentle sisters took control over the sun and moon respectively, and their kingdom began to flourish in a way it never had before. A majestic castle was built in honor of the sisters to the South of a magical and dangerous forest, known to locals as the 'Everfree Forest'. This castle would become known as 'The Palace of the Royal Pony Sisters'. With a river right next to it, homes popped up at the palace's base in no time. For quite some time, harmony was maintained in Equestria, and slowly but surely, civilization began to creep outwards. However, something else crept as well, and it wasn't the expanse of ponies. Envy steadily filled Princess Luna's heart. Night after night she watched in tortured silence as the ponies of her kingdom laughed and played under her sisters' sun, then slept through and shunned her own glorious night. This feeling built and built, until finally, it exploded, with horrifying results. Princess Luna, her heart corrupted by jealousy and envy, transformed into Nightmare Moon. Turning on Celestia and blaming her for her own suffering, Nightmare Moon engaged her in a deadly duel of fate. Light clashed against darkness, and Celestia engaged her sister with tears in her eyes, knowing whomever won this fight would determine the future of Equestria. Peace and harmony, or never-ending night. Buildings were destroyed and ponies were injured in the process as the ancient alicorns clashed with one another. Princess Celestia could barely hold back her misery at not only the destruction occurring around her, but also for her sister's feelings. Though misguided, Luna's envy was not groundless. Celestia had never even passed a thought to how she may have felt, and it was those thoughts that would plague Celestia for the next thousand years... Having no other way to stop her, and no other way to stop the carnage of her people that was happening in the cross-fire, Celestia reluctantly wielded the power of the Elements of Harmony once more, and ended the battle the only way she could. By banishing Nightmare Moon, her own sister, into the very moon she once controlled. ~Evolution of Modern Equestria~ Celestia was now the sole ruler of Equestria, and took on responsibility for raising and lowering both the sun and moon. She stood to face the destruction of her and Luna's castle, as well as the large settlement that had been created around it by her grateful subjects. She knew she had to help her subjects rebuild, and to help them get back on their feet. But the painful memories of Luna and her horrible deed would haunt her, if she remained there. And so, Celestia relocated. North of The Palace of the Royal Pony Sisters, past the Everfree Forest and across a twisting river was a mighty mountain, which stood at the center of Equestria. It was here that Celestia laid down her plans for the foundation of 'Canterlot', the crowned capital of Equestria. Celestia knew that from here on out, her subjects would continue to spread out farther and farther across the land as time passed. Living in Canterlot, which would be built into the side of the mighty mountain, the princess would have an eagle-eye's view of her entire kingdom. And so, with her subjects following her in toe, The Palace of the Royal Pony Sisters, crippled from the fight Celestia had with Nightmare Moon, was left forgotten on the south side of the Everfree Forest. The houses of straw and wood disintegrated with time, but the stone ruins of the castle remain to this day. Now, a thousand years later, the Everfree Forest has grown, spread out, and engulfed half of the castle in woods. The abandoned castle has been aptly renamed 'The Ancient Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters'. As soon as Canterlot was built, it's towering castle finished, Celestia watched with pride and joy as settlements began to pop up over time, far and wide. Eventually, only within the last hundred years in fact, 'Ponyville' was created and founded not far from the base of Canterlot. Equestria entered the modern age in no time, and transportation grew more and more efficient. Railroads and paths snaked along the frontier, connecting town after town. New settlements in the more arid regions of lower Equestria have been becoming more popular, lately, with Appleloosa being the most recent town to be founded. ~The End~ :3 Hope you all enjoyed. 9,000 words later, I think I organized this behemoth into a fairly accurate portrayal. For the people who actually read all the way through, I can't thank you enough =D
  22. This is what Lauren Faust said, word for word, within an interview inside, 'The Elements of Harmony: The Official Guidebook' : As for why the forest was so uncontrollable, I point all my fingers at Discord.
  23. The Everfree Forest is one of the more interesting locations in the world of MLP: FiM. For all intents and purposes, it is the only known place in Equestria that is 'outside' Celestia's rule, in the sense that ponies do not regularly make a habit of going in there at all, and have little influence on it's inhabitance. I decided today, while walking around at the park and waiting for my sister to be done what she was doing, to make a serious analysis of the forest's inhabitant creatures. This will easily be one of my longest posts to date <3 Please Note: You will find that some of these creature's explanations do contain some of my own personal head canon, since the show explains very, very little about them. However, my head canon is logically formed based on hints from the show, so it shouldn't be too far-fetched to believe. You know, hopefully -- Parasprites 'Oh monster of so little size, is that a Parasprite before my eyes? Tales of crops and harvests consumed. If these creatures are in Ponyville... you're doomed.' Deceitful by their charming and irresistible appearance, Parasprites are best explained as self-replicating locusts. Always ravenous, yet one of the smallest creatures of Everfree, the Parasprites' self-replicating abilities are tied with it's hunger. The more an individual Parasprite eats, the more it can replicate. This follows suit with each replicated Parasprite, as well. Being able to replicate asexually and rapidly in this manner can result in a swarm of Parasprites, all coming from a single parent Parasprite to begin with, within a few hours or less. Despite being an A level pest that can eat an entire town's supply of food within no time at all, Parasprites are not harmful to ponies in the least. In fact, when they're individually content, they love nothing more than to sleep with, on or next to ponies. All in all, Parasprites and their individual appetites are harmless. They are a pest and a nuisance solely due to their insatiable self-replicating ability, that can run a town dry of food exceedingly fast. Worthwhile note: Parapsrites are not unlike 'Tribbles' from the Star Trek series. Both are bizarre little creatures that are adorable in appearance, and even act affectionate, but take over and replicate dangerously quickly. Extra: by TheUlasht -- Manticore 'A Manticore! We've gotta get past him!' Half-lion, quarter-scorpion, quarter-dragon, the Manticore is the brute of the Everfree Forest. It's massive fangs and claws, backed with powerful limbs, can rip through almost any enemy that dare get in its way. Despite it's intimidating appearance however, a Manticore is only truly deadly when it is angered. Unfortunately, Manticores have a habit of being easily angered, and when it becomes such, it is libel to rampage and attack anything in it's path. Alternatively, a calm Manticore usually poses little threat to ponies, unless it is provoked. Whether being a large cat that prefers to mind it's own business, or a horrific beast bent on destruction, the Manticore is one of the larger and more battle-equipped creatures of the forest, and sits near atop the food chain. Worthwhile note: The Manticore is fully capable of showing gratitude to those who aid it, and is even willing to allow them to do so. The creature's apparent intelligence is something that is still being studied. Extra: by TheUlasht -- Cockatrice 'A cockatrice! It's a frightening creature with the head of a chicken and the body of a snake. Now, come on!' The Cockatrice deserves the title of 'Scourge of the Everfree Forest' for more than one reason. Not only is this small but incredibly dangerous creature feared by every other living thing in the forest, but it is not even it's own sustainable species. A Cockatrice is only born when the egg of a chicken is accidentally incubated and hatched by a snake or toad, rendering the creature a freak of a nature that is rare in of itself. At birth, the Cockatrice is given the permanent ability to turn creatures to stone by making solid eye contact with them; it is for this reason that the Cockatrice is avoided like the plague by all creatures big and small. Unlike the Manticore, which boasts tremendous power but only uses it when provoked, the Cockatrice is a small creature that bullies around other creatures, turning them to stone simply because it can. The creature is so dangerous that it has no natural predators, something that votes in it's favor, as it is a rare occurrence in nature. A typical Cockatrice's life-span is unknown. Worthwhile note: The Cockatrice's petrifying gaze is not permanent. The creature has the ability to reverse the effect at will if it so desires, and the process can be negated and cancelled mid-way if the creature looses it's concentration. Extra: by TheUlasht -- Timberwolves 'I turned, and there before me stood the Timberwolves! I've never run so fast in my life.' The only existing predator in the Everfree to hunt in large packs, the Timberwolves are a danger to ponies, and like the Manticore, are near the top of the food chain. Made entirely out of enchanted wood, leaves and twigs, the Timberwolves are aggressive and incredibly territorial. Few other creatures outside dangerous loners like the Cockatrice would dare to tread into known Timberwolf territory. Whereas most other predators of the Everfree Forest are solitary hunters that do not pick out a precise section of the forest to regularly hunt, the Timberwolves, being pack animals, do. Their existence in the forests surrounding the mountains of Canterlot and the Everfree Forest was first noticed before the founding of Ponyville, in which a mare picking Zap Apples was attacked by the beasts. Since that point, Princess Celestia deemed them a serious threat to pony-kind, and made it a priority to alter the territorial reach of the Timberwolves, to push them deeper into the Everfree Forest and away from the forest's edge, where they may have continued to attack ponies. Worthwhile note: Though their hunting territory has been pushed back into the Everfree, the Timberwolves have been allowed to exit the forest seasonally, for when their howling is used as a sign for the coming of the Zap Apples. -- Bog Hydra 'Is...that a...HYDRA!?' Most of the Everfree Forest is just what the name implies; a forest. However, Froggy Bottom Bog is a less dense, and -usually- less dangerous place than the rest of the Everfree. But the bog is connected to the forest, and can thusly house danger as the forest itself. The Hydra exemplifies this fact better than any other creature, as it prefers the marshy bog, where it can hide underwater and stalk it's prey before attacking. Having an average of four heads, the creature has been known to have up to seven, and in rare cases, even nine. Each head possess it's own functional personality, and antics like laughing at another head's misfortune is commonly noted. The Hydra is quite possibly the most dangerous solitary hunter in the Everfree, alongside the Cockatrice. It's completely massive and has multiple heads, all of which have razor-sharp teeth. The creature has the ability to strike with lightning speed just like a cobra, and will gleefully pursue it's prey for the sport of it, for quite some time, before it may lose interest. Worthwhile note: The Hydra is known to possess a powerful odor that accumulates on it's body from living in the swamp's mucky water. This smell is the one and only tell-tale sign that a Hydra is stalking up from behind you. Extra: by TheUlasht -- Ursa 'Wait, you brought this here? Are you out of your little pony minds!?' The Ursa are a group of gigantic celestial bears, whose' fur resembles the night sky. Like cave dragons, which dwell all over Equestria, these bears usually haunt massive caverns located on the ground. Some Ursa will even use abandoned dragon caves as their own, and vice-versa. Ursa are split into two specific categories: Minor and Major. Ursa Minor Also known as Juvenile Ursa, these bears are usually shades of blue. They are very young, and are comparable to children and teenagers. Not dissimilar from Manticores, Ursa Minor's are easily angered, especially if they are awoken from sleep. They too will go on a rampage and attack anything in their way, regardless what it is or if it can fight back or defend itself. Ursa Juvenile's usually live with their parents: Ursa Majors. Ursa Major The largest beasts in all of Equestria, Ursa Majors can be the size of a small to moderately sized mountain. These creatures have absolutely no natural predators. Not even the largest of dragons will dare pick a fight with an Ursa Major, even if it was backed by several other adult dragons. Fortunately, these behemoths prefer the underground, and the insides of hollowed out mountains. While Ursa Minors may occasionally rampage outside in the open, Ursa Majors are usually not seen, for they rarely leave their caves. Worthwhile note: Not much is known about Ursa's specifically, but it is believed they have a great deal of magical influence, something that their night-sky appearance hints towards. -- Unoted Creatures: Dragons: These creatures have been shown to live everywhere, and more specifically, the volcano region shown in the show. Call me lazy, but this is my excuse for not making them an entry. Sea Serpents: Though listed as living in the Everfree, the only one we saw was sentient, could talk, and was sophisticated like ponies. Aka, not a wild animal per say. So again, my excuse for not listing them. Phoenix, Windigoes, etc: Not listed as living in the Everfree Forest. Hope everyone enjoyed <3 You may now commence with thoughts and feelings and whatnot.
  24. There is a real witch of Everfree Forest. She has been there for as long as any pony can remember. Or at least that is what the legends say. If you beleive them the forest itself bears her name. So are you brave enough to reach out to a black magic pony said to rule the forest? Come enter the forest, leave behind a note with a question and she will respond. Do you seek to learn the dark arts? Then brave the forest to seek her instruction. Or are here looking for something else? Have you braved to the deepest part of the forest to find her cauldron on the Sabbat grounds and ask her to grant your wish to give you your hearts desire? Then speak up let's make a deal, hammer out the terms, remember everything has a price and you better be ready to pay. Link to OC database: The looks of the witch 'Everfree' and her enslaved forest spirit companions
  25. So! We know from interviews with Tara Strong that Princess Twilight won't be abandoning her friends. We also can figure it's pretty likely that Twilight's wings are permanent; she's not going to revert to a normal unicorn unless the writers are criminally stupid. At the same time, she probably can't just move to Canterlot; that'd require moving all of her friends there too, lest the dynamic be upset. After all, we could move some of the Mane Six to Canterlot: Rarity could open up a new fashion shop catering to high class ponies; Rainbow Dash could officially join the Wonderbolts and be stationed in Canterlot; Pinkie could open up a new bakery/party planning business. But Fluttershy would be much harder to justify, while Applejack all but impossible. And yet, Princess Twilight can't just live in the Golden Oaks Library in Ponyville and pretend her life is all normal. For good or for bad, she's a Princess now. She can't just resume her life from where she left off. That's not only absurd, but it would waste the grand opportunity they have here to introduce positive change to the show. DHX aren't about to do that. So we're stuck. She can't move to Canterlot--or anywhere else for that matter, because the same things that keep her from going to Canterlot keep her from going to The Crystal Empire or Manehattan or Los Pegasus or wherever else on the map you'd like to throw a dart at. She can't stay where she used to live in Ponyville either. She has to stay with her friends, while at the same time living somewhere befitting of her station. So where the heck is she going to go? Weeeeell... there is one place. It's a bit of a fixer upper though. The Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters has been left empty, presumably for over a thousand years since the original defeat of Nightmare Moon. Its where the Elements of Harmony lay dormant until Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six awakened them. It's only natural that this be her new home. But how would that come about? Well there's a number of possible ways, but here's one: A new threat arises in the Everfree Forest, something deep and dark and mysterious, possibly responsible for what makes the place so wild to begin with. Princess Twilight and her friends are naturally roped into smacking it down, the first test of her royal duties. They deal with this threat in some way, probably involving a bit of magic, some use of the Elements, and some good old fashioned friendship. At the end, the Forest, while not wholly tamed, is at least partially rendered safe, from the castle through to Ponyville. The castle itself could be rebuilt in a snap through the aid of Discord, who likely would be involved in helping deal with the threat to begin with, though given his abilities I'm going to assume the writers will hand-wave some excuse for why he can't just zap the threat gone. Alternatively, the Elements of Harmony could be used to restore the castle. Whichever the case, the castle would be rebuilt by the end of S4E2, and from S4E3 on, Princess Twilight lives here, just outside of Ponyville. She'd have Zecora as a neighbor, and the castle could easily have some mysteries within that could be brought up for a story or two. Celestia and Luna could even come into play with some interpersonal drama of their own over Twilight living in the castle once left in ruins. It'd give Twilight a home fit for her new station in life, while keeping her close to her friends. The series could move on, having most of the same elements, with some new stories and possibilities from the changes in Twilight, while preserving the friendships. Friendship would continue to be Magic. She'd just be living somewhere else.