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Found 15 results

  1. I know this question comes up periodically (okay, ridiculously frequently), and I wanted a feel for what people expect. Personally, I imagine there will be at least one post-movie season, possibly more, simply because Hasbro would probably see it as a waste to have a movie and not push the interest in the toys as much as possible afterwards (maybe even hoping to get new viewers of the show?). Nine seasons? Ten? Even more? It wouldn't surprise me.
  2. So I am really excited about the movie, seeing something so profoundly life changing for me up on the big screen. Specifically, I'm looking to seeing the Mane Six tested in a way they never have been before. Perhaps I'm setting myself up for disappointment but after the community has given me a gift in the form of these songs . . . . . . I can't help but picture my heroes actually doing something that will be a struggle for them and overcoming it in spectacular fashion. So let me ask you guys this, what are the stakes of the movie, the scale? I mean by the very nature that it is "the big damn movie" I would hope they wouldn't just make a two hour long episode. What do you guys think, or know (without spoiling), about how "big" the events of the film will be?
  3. Personally, I can think of two things I want to see, neither of which are too likely to show up. 1. A failed attempt at reformation (truly failed, not zigzagged the way they've done with Discord), with a lesson about keeping one's expectations in check. Perhaps this should be part 1 of a season premiere/finale. I think Chrysalis would be good for this, considering that deception is part of her nature. If done well, it would be a good subversion of expectations. It might be too cynical a lesson for the show, though, and would be challenging for them to pull off without going against the Power of Friendship theme. 2. A "where are they now" episode, where we see how all the places with solved friendship problems are coming along. I'd especially like to see how Griffonstone has improved. I think this is somewhat more likely, considering the mention in "Stranger than Fan Fiction" of a friendship summit in Griffonstone, but it might be difficult to give the episode value.
  4. With season 6 being set on (spoiler) exploring Equestria, What do you think will happen in season 6? Post all season 6 expectations here
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to tak about bronies. And specifically, about expectations that a new comer may have, after joining the fandom. I know at least several people, who were very disappointed, if not devastated by reality, after holding very deep and high expectations. Well, maybe they weren't expecting the friendliness of some ponies from mane 6, but at least your average Ponyville folks. And instead, they've got fairly cold reception, combined with nitpicks and other unspeasant things. Some of them eventually left, losing faith in bronies and the fandom. So, what'd you say about it? Are bronies overrated, and have you faced such attitude towards yourselves?
  6. This is a topic that kind of varies to anyone you might ask this question. If you ask bronies why they like the show, you don't always get the best answer. They always say "The characters are so fleshed out, the world is so big and colorful and the story is so deep." You know what my answer is? "It's cute, simple and brings a smile to my face." That's it. There are people in this fandom, that expect MLP to be this big complicated cartoon, like Avatar, or Batman, or whatever Anime you have, while it actually more resembles the Sitcom Friends then anything else. We shouldn't expect deep storytelling in a sitcom like friends. Yes, even there it happens from time to time, but it's not the norm. If you watch something like let's say the big bang theory, you see Sheldon being neurotic and everyone else will make some kind of reaction to that. MLP isn't that much different to that. If we get deep emotional scenes anyway, awesome. But if we don't, nothing was lost in the process. In short, i am just very entertained by the show for what it is. Sure, sometimes there are episodes i don't like, but that's really not often the case. So, what do you expect from the show and do you also think that we expect too much from it?
  7. I just like to tell about my typical expectations from MLP:FiM since I first watched it last year. For the most part light-hearted relaxing cartoon featuring cute characters, good morals, stories that deliver the morals, sometimes interesting adventures and some dark, serious moments on occasion. And a lot of good episodes and some dud episodes such as Dragon Quest. Are these good enough expectations and should I keep them?
  8. Then should I expect the same level of quality in shows like Spongebob and Family Guy all the time?
  9. Now I feel like there are several members in this community who are expecting too much out of FiM. What I mean by that is that there are are people who are expecting tons of episodes with more dark, epic, more serious feels to them. But I feel for the most part this is a slice of life show with some good messages that's less stressful than other shows with some few Disney style moments on occasion. I feel like most of the plots revolve around the situation of the message they are trying to tell. I feel that if we like this show it should just be enjoyed for what is and not for what it can be. There are shows like Gravity Falls which has dark and often more deep, epic, serious stories if that's what you're into. So are we expecting too much?
  10. As the title suggests, did you expect the community/fandom to be as it is? And did that change once you got into the community? I mean things like: The size of the community Everypony`s personality The way we interact with each other The reason people like the show In my case I did expect the community to be as big as it is, I was expecting everyone to be nice and kinda the same interests as me (liking the things about the show that I like) as for interaction I was expecting everyone to get allong well with each other. Once I got into the community I was pleasantly to see how nice everypony is, and how we all go allong with each other! I am amazed at how insightfull someponies are and see the little references in episodes that I don`t, and I learn more about the show every time I`m here and that in turn makes me like the show more and more! I`m really interested in hearing what everypony else expected!
  11. Just want to gather some thoughts on something I've thought about off and on over the last few months. So, I have an office job now. And it took me awhile, but I realized it was kind of familiar to me already despite only working retail beforehand because its very similar to a daily and weekly structure I'd more or less been programmed to be used to: school. Wake up, pack a lunch or ensure I have some money on-hand for the food truck, go to my desk, write, type and do some math, break for lunch, more math, more spreadsheets, etc and then I get to go home. A few important differences though that have just about broken my sanity after one year of this. No one cares about you or how you progress. No teachers are going to take an interest in how you're performing (even though they were paid to do so, some put a good face on it). No one is going to add any variety to things either. No incentive to do so, also, its a business. The same tasks are going to be expected. Every day. Forever. As long as you're willing to do it, you'll get money. If you can't handle it anymore, bye, we'll find someone else. Nothing changes after a year either. Each new school year there was some of the unexpected to look forward to. New teacher, new room, new classmates perhaps. Work has a stagnancy to it in comparison. That guy you can't stand over in the corner? Yeah, he's been here for ten years, get used to him. Don't like your boss? Well, that's a shame because he's been here for TWENTY years, best just get used to him too. Getting bored? Quit your whining. Don't like the jokes people tell when the boss isn't around? Well...that one I honestly don't know what to do with. I'm not one to look for conflict and I have a tendency to bottle things up so I foresee me eventually blowing up at someone or quitting and looking for a new job. I mentioned it to management but we're all adults now, don't rock the boat if you don't have to. Part of me feels embarrassed I'm still one to get offended by off-color humor but I think that stems from my association between work and school. Time and place for everything. Work is not the place for tomfoolery. But there are no disciplinary measures in place for such talk so it gets dispiriting. So, what to do? School is 12 years. Post-secondary was six for me and while structured differently, it still had feedback. Still had the semblance of people taking an interest in your destiny. Imparting knowledge to you, trying to keep you interested and invested in something. Now I'm facing 40 years of expected "work" and I'm feeling despair encroaching on every moment I spend here. School gives you weird expectations about what life has to offer. Enjoy it while you can kids, but know finishing it isn't the end and after its over things get less organized and, in my experience, less friendly. Thanks for reading for those who did. Um, coping mechanisms? Job recommendations? I don't know what I hope people want to share, but any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.
  12. I'm sure everybody has their own expectations for season 5 of MLP next month. I happen to have a few of my own, and I thought I'd share them with all of you. If you wanna talk about what I said with me, leave a little comment below or message me and I'd be glad to chat it up with ya.
  13. As we all know the new My Little Pony movie Rainbow Rocks is soon coming, I would like to share my expectations for vinyl scratch (the best pony ever) in this movie. 1.) She has a voice! as we all know most background characters don't have line, and seeing as thought shes on the cover of some books and has her own mini-movie I am really hoping she has some speaking lines! 2.) She helps Twilight and the gang in some way If Vinyl is a main character (or at least a talking supporting character) I hope she isn't a just seen once or twice. I hope she helps the gang over come the climax of the movie (whatever it is) Do you have any expectations? Please post them below, I would be interested in chatting about this subject with other bronies/pegasisters
  14. I honestly think this season of MLP has been amazing, I have liked all of the episodes save for "Rainbow Falls." Anyway, being somewhat of an analyst myself, I don't understand why some people are disappointed. I have see A LOT of shows go downhill (Spongebob, Family Guy, Simpsons, Pokémon, etc.) and I'm not seeing the decline in quality many others are. If you are disappointed in Season 4 can you please explain to me why? I'm not trying to be snarky or mean, I'm genuinely curious.
  15. I work at a Taco Processing plant, and I have coworkers with varying degrees of commitment to their job. Before I get into their levels of commitment, let me describe to you what we do: The tacos at our plant are pre-assembled by "intelligent" robot machines which are ideally supposed to construct the tacos flawlessly. They don't. Not always. This is where we (the workers) come in. The tacos that the machine makes are sorted onto a conveyor belt. This belt goes extremely fast, and it's our job to pack the incoming tacos into these little white boxes that will be packaged and sold in various places around the United States. It's also our job to weed out the tacos that have rips or tears in them, and to throw out the tacos that have the "bad meat" in them. Bad meat happens when chemicals from the taco meat vat don't mix together properly, resulting in a stinky pile of preservatives and a mixture of other chemicals. Yum. Anyway, I cannot stress enough that we have to work FAST. In the time span of 5 seconds, we are expected to get at least 15-20 tacos into our boxes (provided the tacos haven't been "tainted" or shredded by the machines). The amount of speed and efficiency that any given coworker has is their main source of pride in their job. Some workers pack the tacos quickly, and they strive to pack them quicker every single day. These are the over-achievers. Great workers, but they have a tendency to overlook shredded or tainted tacos in favor of impressing the boss with their speed. Some pack the tacos fast, but don't aspire to go any faster than their current speed. These are the "content-with-their-current-place-and-position" people, as I like to call them. These are probably the best workers at the plant, since they are better at weeding out the tainted tacos, and they work at a steadier rate, which means they don't get exhausted easily. Lastly, there are the packers who only pack at the bare minimum speed. These are the discontent workers, who either cannot or will not motivate themselves to perform their jobs to the best of their ability, which can result in feelings of bitterness and, obviously, discontentment. They're generally unproductive, and the first people to be put on the chopping block when it's time for company layoffs. My question to you is: What kind of worker are you? The over-achiever? The discontent and un-motivated individual? Or are you the type of person who works just hard enough to get a feeling of pride in your work, but not so hard that you stress yourself out? I think these are universal work mentalities, whether you're a student in school, a construction worker, or an executive at an accounting firm, so let me know your thoughts!