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Found 9 results

  1. - Hug is for friends! - Kissing is for lovebirds or if you just want to randomly - Kill is for the pony above you that you hate or you are mad - Revive is if you want to revive a fallen person - Dead is what you must post if you have been killed until somepony revives you - Explode is if you want to quit playing for good - Fus Ro Dah is Glomp, Kiss, AND Kill!! Just do one of the 7 actions the title says you can do! Hug, Kiss, Kill, Revive, Dead, Explode or FUS RO DAH!!! Have fun yall!! P.S. I got the idea from Shankveld's Marry, kiss, or banish to the moon.
  2. If you want to hear the tune go to this link! Tell me what you think down below!!!!
  3. Just in case anyone has forgotten this unsettling moment from season one: First off, Spike posits that a pony can spontaneously explode without apparent cause. Secondly, Pinkie Pie - a pony we know to possess the science-defying "Pinkie Sense" - suggests that an additional explosion could immediately follow the first. Though this may appear to be pure conjecture, there is something disconcertingly convincing about it all. Needless to say, this concerns me. CAN ponies explode twice? You'd think once would be bad enough... But two explosions is roughly twice as many explosions as one. <_< How often do double explosions occur? Are they more likely to occur in the company of a little purple dragon?? And, dare I ask? If a pony survived the initial explosion long enough to endure the second, is an even greater THIRD explosion not outside the realm of possibility?!?!? But let's look differently at this unexplained phenomenon: Can double explosion be weaponized and used to combat a future MLP villain? Is this the ponies' TRUE ace in the hole? Was this deceptively insignificant moment from season one actually setting up the advent of THE most powerful weapon the ponies have in their already impressive arsenal of friendship?!
  4. Fluttershy has always had a timid personality, but we all know that under it is her evil one. ^ That's what made me want to create this wallpaper. Resolution: 1920x1080px Vector by: Font used: Proxima Nova Light
  5. I am pretty new at drawing. I have tried my hand at drawing a filly version of AJ (came out looking like scoots). I have also done a few fluttershy drawing because she is dah bestesist EVER! I have drawn only ponies and now I have drawn some accessories on said ponies, but now I have drawn background stuff. I.E. explosions and distance affects. Please, anyone with art skill or just a critic, point out flaws and if possible inform me of a way to do it better.
  6. Hey there I have been trying to add a signature for quite a long time and it will not work. Everytime I try to past the file it keeps only coming up with the link to the picture not the actural picture can some one please help me with this because it is really frustrating.
  7. i drew Internet explorer pony out of boredom last night and it took about an hour or so, im working on the 60 follower pic as we speak, and im also working on a pokemon team for someone named Sparky (mod of moondust tumblr) so stay tuned guys! also what do you think of IE?
  8. Hello when i get my new computer parts in im looking 4 people to be in my group people i can trust that will be honest to the group
  9. They say there is a forest beyond worse than the Everfree. A place of confusion and chaos, where Discord can't rule. A place where science can't explain anything. A place where... well, you get the point. It's the Woods of the Condemned. We start with our heroes, The mane six and Derpy, eating cupcakes at shugarcube corner. "Cupcakes stink!" exclaimed Derpy, eating her first cupcake. Pinkie just looked at her with a disgusted grimace. "I think they're wonderful Pink-Bwaah!" Said Twilight when she was interrupted by a loud explosion. "Woah..." Rainbow Dash said in awe at the huge explosion. "I'll go check it out!" She was never seen again... A week later, at the same time, the gang heard another explosion. "Alright, everypony," Twilight stated, "When Rainbow went in alone, she disappeared. If we all go, there is a chance that one of us will survive. Alright?" Everyone agreed simultaneously except Fluttershy. "Alright, Let's go!" Twilight said. The gang had to pass the Everfree Forest in order to reach the explosion. Fluttershy got too scared and ran away. She was also never seen again. They found a hole, looking like it came from an explosion. they all jumped in. What will happen? When made, search The Woods of the Condemned. Part two. To be continued if famous or at least widely wanted.