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Found 6 results

  1. Ponyfinder - Age of Adventure Equestria is a land of magic, joined by the allied Crystal Empire in more recent history, a nation built upon the principles of Harmony, Unity, and Friendship. Where ponies and other races may join together for a common cause, bringing about grand cities and close-knit towns. Where ponies may discover their destiny and pursue their dreams, show by a cutiemark that guides their lives. Following the three Divine Lights that are the holy sisters Celestia and Luna, joined by the crystal princess Cadance who are the avatars of their goddesses. Yet this land is also a place of danger and uncertainty, with a long past where legends and folklore can prove true with the appearance of many threats long forgotten. Also, not all believe in the ideals taught by the Divine Lights, that of Harmony and Friendship, selfishly following their own path without concern for others. With power to be gained and ancient secrets discovered not all is as it seems. Princess Celestia's sacred light hiding many things over the millennium she ruled alone as well as time before with her beloved sister. The Times of Discord, that of Eternal Night’s Fall, the Tyranny of the Shadow King, this and more that have revealed themselves to but a few. Now, with such examples as the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony and heroes older still record in lore, adventurers and others have come forth in to find adventure and fortune. To gain fame or infamy, uncover knowledge and lost artifacts of the past, to fight monsters and villains that others would tremble in fear at. Will you follow the call? That of adventure in an age where friendship is taught yet darkness and regrets can be found, of dangers and monsters, secrets and mysteries. So much can be found for the curious and strong of heart, the timid and the brash, the elegant and the hardworking. Character List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be adding rules and information on the roleplay as time goes on. Playable Races: Earthbound (Earth Ponies), Unicorns, Pegasus, Gem Ponies (Crystal Ponies), Zebras, Drakehooves (Dragon Ponies, Eastern, Kirin), Leather Wings (Bat Ponies)*, Sun Ponies (Desert Ponies, Saddle Arabians), Short Legs (Think Flufflepuff, particularly with certain feats, or other shorter legged/smaller ponies), Hippogriffs, Doopleganger (Changelings), Flutterponies*, Sea Horses (Sea Ponies)*, Ghost Ponies*, Chaos Hunters*, Griffons (Only the Predator, Cheetah, Prey, Scavenger, Sea, and Snow aspects), Coven (Goats), The Impure (Donkeys), Purrsians*, Ruminants (Deer)*, and Big Mao (Pandas)*, Luminous Dragons (Dragons like Spike), Gem Gnoll (Diamond Dogs). *Limited, PM me if you want to play this race. RULES: 1. Only the races provided by the Ponyfinder resources I profile in the link are allowed. 2. Only the rules/information given in the following links, taken from the Ponyfinder Campaign Setting: Dawn of the Fifth Age, D&D 5e, Unearthed Arcana, and some 3rd Party with permission. Main resources can all found here. though Unearthed Arcana and other 3rd Party can be looked for. 3. Alignment will be handled as shown here. 5. We will be using the Focus and Foible system to generate ability scores. First, choose a Focus, an ability score at which you excel. You receive an 18 in that score. Next, choose a Foible, an ability score that is your weakness. You receive an 8 in that score. The other four, roll 1d10+7 four times. There are no rerolls, but you can decide where each of these other four scores go. 6. Standard equipment and gold for 1st level characters. 8. You can buy no item for more then half your starting gold, and are advised that you balance purchases between weapons, armour, and other items based on class. You can pick one common magic item, if it can be afforded. 9. Players will need to use an Editable Pathfinder Character Sheet, as provided here. 10. Characters of evil alignment will not be allowed, also certain classes may well have negative stigmatism attached to them such as necromancers or clerics of the death domain. 11. The use of dark magic is strictly forbidden by Equestrian law, with few being allowed to even study it. Dark magic counts all magic with the evil descriptor as well as potentially other spells, so if you're uncertain please ask. Use of dark magic will slowly corrupt and turn evil a character, no matter how good one's intentions were. 12. These rules may be added to at anytime but before the beginning of a session.
  2. Judging by this article on EQD, ( it seems season 6 will finally satiate that hunger for exploration I know some bronies (myself included) are craving. Now note I took this 100% at face value and have no clue of it's authenticity. How do you feel about this? Do you like the idea of exploration? Do you want it to be like current episodes and stick with the SoL-type explorations like "Made in Manehatten", or the adventure-type ones like "Griffonstone"? Or perhaps you would rather keep it in and around Ponyville? (to each their own I guess)
  3. So in a couple of year from now we should be getting imagery of what a black hole looks like. I wanted to ask the question on what are current thoughts are on just how a black holes look. So, what is it you think a black hole looks like? Do you believe it will be the same as what we've been exposed to so far? I believe it looks something like this: For all we know it could look like something we've never seen before.
  4. Hey there everyone! There is a new game on the horizon, "No Man's Sky", and it's looking to be one of the most anticipated games of 2014. Procedurally generated, the game promises an infinite play space with billions of planets to discover. The focus seems to be on a classic sci-fi, wonder, and exploration, showcasing vibrant colors and diverse flora and fauna. Here is the reveal trailer: Personally, I'm extremely hyped for this game. The technology of the procedural generation is groundbreaking, and the ambition is commendable. I'm extremely curious as to what my fellow forum users think of No Man's Sky, and if you have any questions about the game I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
  5. This is why I joined, lol, so please comment
  6. DA link. Remember I've been working on a CSI-type MLP fanfiction project? I was particularly inspired by NCIS, especially for the different specialties and expertise fields. To stand out from others, especially the canon FiM show, I decided to put in several non-pony agents. I initially intended to have only 5 Elements of Exploration as well, but since I found out Boldness, I had to add it TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO PONY HAS GONE BEFORE. Gender (f or m) and race are shown between brackets. The races are: all 3 pony breeds (ter=earth), deer, griffon, mule, bison, zorse, donkey, dragon. I believe it's easy to figure out which one is which. The names clearly show my fanboyish taste for puns and references. The four marked with an asterisk(*) are cultural references; one for music, one for TV, two for a franchise I'm a fan of. If you manage to get them all, you're SO AWESOME. o3o Since NCIS was my major source of inspiration for this, that's the tone I'll be going for: a mix of drama, suspense, humor, and science. I'm open to suggestions to make things interesting. ---------------------------------------------- Luna, freed from her jealous and ambitious NMM form, decides to gather a team to make sure such things don't occur and disrupt Harmony again. She's aware that, although the Elements of Harmony harnessed by the mane six can RESTORE balance, something has to be done to PREVENT it from being disturbed in the first place. This becomes especially apparent after a simple fight between the CMC fillies undoes the spell that once disabled Discord from wreaking chaos. But she doesn't want to build a school and teach ponies to investigate. No; she wants her agents to already have the skills required to carry out investigations. Such individuals are indeed very rare, and therefore have to be carefully selected among the population of Equestria. But Luna cannot afford to take her time; you never know when chaos will strike next, nor where. So Luna gathers six Elements required for exploring the unknown, six gemstones to harness a different characteristic. Each gem is attracted to whomever has the strongest affinity to its Element, just like the shards of the Elements of Harmony. Then, in order to assist the main agents in their investigations, Luna starts looking for "secondary" agents. These are chosen with the utmost care as well, this time with the main agents' help. And thus is born: ELIT - Equestria Lunar Investigative Team AGENTS FIELD - Elements of Exploration, personalities -Lead: Figurehead (f dee) - Discovery hardy, commanding, humorless -Intel: Goggle Search (f ter) - Curiosity methodical, adaptable, nosey -Mscl: Drakehart (m grf) - Boldness straightforward, tough, gullible -Scien: Echo Logic (f uni) - Knowledge clever, quick-witted, inflexible -Medic: Rubber Duck (m mul) - Observation peaceful, experienced, talkative -Psych: Feather Spiral (m peg) - Creativity sensitive, imaginative, jumpy ASSISTING - traits, pastimes -Secret: Sundown (f peg) - diplomacy, poetry -Secur: Bailey Rubb (m zor) - planning, painting -Tech: Pro-Tech Shaun (f don) - order, gaming -Transp: Anna Tholia (f dra) - navigation, travelling -Entert: Viscra Maelstrom (h uni) - insanity, DJing -Archiv: Oldscroll (m bsn) - awkwardness, epic prose RELATIONSHIPS INTERNAL - type, characters (component) -<3 Rubber Duck - Sundown (peace) -<3 Feather Spiral - Viscra Maelstrom (art) -(+) Figurehead - Drakehart (humorlessness) -(+) Goggle Search - Bailey Rubb (method) -(+) Feather Spiral - Sundown (creation) -(+) Rubber Duck - Anna Tholia (travelling) -(+) Echo Logic - Oldscroll (knowledge) -(+) Goggle Search - Pro-Tech Shaun (neatness) -(X) Figurehead - Rubber Duck (tough vs peaceful) -(X) Goggle Search - Feather Spiral (nosey vs sensitive) -(X) Echo Logic - Feather Spiral (inflexible vs creative) -(X) Drakehart - Echo Logic (blunt vs cynical) FAMILY - character, relatives (relations) - Goggle - Quik (sis) - Echo - Astro (sis), N'Tommo (bro), Simple (moth) - Duck - Bent (fath), Coatin (moth) - Feather - Seaside (sis), Moony (fath), Hartsia (moth) -Sundown - Sunrise (bro), Sunlite (moth) - Bailey - Chiix (sis), Tommy (bro), Bach (fath) - Pro-Tech - Reed-Imp (sis), Atrack (moth) - Viscra - Color (bro), Reinbau (fath)