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Found 4 results

  1. Showcasing the game to new folks, meeting other developers, learning from their experiences, making friends, and dancing my legs off. That's the TL;DR of my Orlando Overdrive experience this past weekend. Battle Gem Ponies had a booth right in the middle of the indie game hallway leading to the bar & dance floor of The Geek Easy. Turns out the whole brony thing wasn't a passing fad, and lots of people still smile when they see marshmallow horses with super powers. Check out this week's devlog to see how the indie showcase went. 👾 -
  2. Basically exactly what the title says. Is anypony from here going to the Edmonton Comic Expo? The reason I ask is because at the Edmonton Comic Expo this Sunday there will be a panel with Tabitha St. Germaine and Andrea Libman. So I was just curious if anypony was actually going. It would be fun to actually meet some other Edmontonian bronies and maybe have a little meet up for the panel.
  3. Sooooo the Eurogamer expo is on in london next week and I am pretty exited about being able to play games like Black ops 2 Farcry 3 Halo 4 (full list of games here) Any of you guys going want me to get any info on any of the games? - FP
  4. I was at Fan Expo Canada today, and I'm here to share with you some of the things I saw there. I didn't take many pictures, so I'm gonna have to describe things using words. Fan Expo 2012 started on Thursday, August 23 and will end on Sunday, August 26. Fan Expo is a convention mostly consisting of comic books, science fiction, anime, and video games. There were celebrity panels where you can get autographs and ask questions. Probably the most notable celebrity there was Stan Lee, the legendary comic book creator. There was a Hasbro booth at Fan Expo, but it was disappointing if you were a brony. They had no pony merchandise there. There were booths in the Artists Alley that sold pony products, such as plushies, pillows, buttons, hats, and shirts. I got a Rainbow Dash plushie there for 80 dollars. That was the only pony product I bought that day, but I may buy more. I took a picture of the plushie to show you all what it looks like. Many people dressed up. Mostly of the cosplays were comic book and science fiction characters. There were some My Little Pony cosplays there. I saw several Rainbow Dash cosplays there. I was partially cosplayed as the Wonderbolts. If you were also at Fan Expo, feel free to post your thoughts and comments.