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Found 1 result

  1. As EqBeats' days are counted, the next best place to publish pony music seems to be However, I do have a couple of questions about it: So music has to be uploaded in a lossless format. I'm perfectly okay with this, but I have yet to find a song that can be downloaded in a lossless format, preferably FLAC. I know that that used to be possible. Has this feature been removed, and does only offer lossy downloads, or is there simply a setting on the musician's side whether or not to offer lossless downloads? Because that'd be pretty critical for me. Also, it seems like has moved away from the pre-defined genres (the main reason why I originally didn't want to publish there) and adds anything that's in the tags of the uploaded audio files to the list. Am I right? Is this feature here to stay? And what happens if there are multiple genres in the Genre tag which is perfectly standard for Vorbis comments, for example Synthpop; Italo Disco? Does alter tags, and if yes, in which ways? Is it okay with all standard Vorbis comments, maybe even the proposed additional tags (such as Lyricist, Arranger or Original Artist), or does it delete anything it doesn't know (and be it month and day in Time which are standard for Vorbis comments, too)? I mean, I could go look for myself since I should technically have a account now, but I'd like to hear some answers from those who know for sure.