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Found 3 results

  1. We all have to learn a thing or two in this life but some of the most valuable yet often painful lessons come from learning them the hard way. Two recent lessons come to mind for me. I have been practicing driving for a while so I can get my license, I have been taking lessons but have also been practicing with my aunts boyfriend (we will call him Ray both because it is easier and that is his actual name) who knows a lot about cars. The car I have been practicing in is a 1994 Lexus LS400 which while it has been put through its paces is still in relatively good condition and will be my car once I get my license. Ray gets a back injury leaving the car out of use for 2 straight months, I try to start the car after all that time only to find out that the battery is dead. It gets jumped but is not left running long enough to keep a good charge so it has to be jumped again. After this second jump Ray was recovered enough from his back injury for me to practice with him again which we did. I also took his advice and had the car run for at least a half hour 2-3 times a week which I did but the battery died AGAIN. I skip one day, just one after I let the car run for 3 days in a row for at least a half hour and it still died. I bought a jumper box in case but it turned out to the wrong one, luckily Ray came with me and I returned the wrong one and got the right one. A few days later I used the box to successfully jump it and ever since then have started the car every single day for a half hour without skipped a day EVER no matter what. I learned the hard way to never ever EVER let an older car sit without being started for prolonged periods of time. I also recently learned at work a few days ago that you can't buy hot food with an EBT card (food stamps). A customer asked me if he could buy fried chicken on food stamps and since I witnessed customers buy as well as rung up several customers myself for every junk food you can think of with their efforts to pay with food stamps going through with no problems aside from the cards often getting de magnetized from frequent use/wear and tear. Since I had no reason to assume otherwise I said "yes" and he comes through my line a few minutes later with a Family Meal Deal, tries to run his EBT card to pay for it and it dosen't go through, it not going through scared the shit out of me because I thought something was wrong with the computer. It took my manager coming over and explaining it to me to make me realize that I was completely wrong meaning that with no other means to pay the food had to be taken back to the Service Deli.
  2. Yes, it's true. The man behind the most terribly written AAA game to come out in years is now sticking his nose where it most certainly does not belong: A series that still has a standard of quality. Mass Effect is, by far, my favorite game series. Through the series' highs and lows, I've always been able to count on the series stellar writing and engrossing characters to make it an experience worth having. Now, the lead writer is the guy who thought a sudden, shoehorned romance between Master Chief and Cortana was a good idea. The guy who disregards series canon so violently that he repealed the human/covenant peace treaty without even so much as explaining why. The guy whose idea of originality is copying the plotline of Halo 1, but with added plagiarism of the ending of Assassin's Creed 2, and a zero personality antagonist. The guy who couldn't write a half-decent line of dialogue if his life depended on it. THIS GUY has the future of Mass Effect in his hands.
  3. Well, not so much :3 I don't actually plan on reviewing the movie. I do, however, feel like talking a bit about this movie, inspired by the book of the same name written quite a few decades ago by the fabled Dr. Seuss, and why I really enjoy the messages it has to offer. Hell, perhaps a few of you fence-sitters will give the book and movie a try, yourselves, after patiently reading through my yacking. For those of you who don't know, 'The Lorax' was a children's book written and published by Dr. Seuss in 1971. It told the story of a greedy man, known only as 'The Once-ler', who had an insatiable vision to create the ultimate consumer product. This product, known as a 'Thneed', was advertised as 'a fantastical thing that everyone needs', of which had 'a thousand uses'. In order to achieve his dream, The Once-ler destroyed an entire ecosystem (a forest, in this case) to harvest the trees' raw materials needed to create his thneeds. Though the guardian of the forest, The Lorax, tried to stop him, he had no success, and the entire forest of the once beautiful Truffula Trees was chopped down, forcing the animal inhabitants to leave. With no more raw material to produce his product, the Once-ler's fast-growing, 'Too Big to Fail' business crashed and burned. Alone and miserable as he regretted his actions, the Once-ler aged into a reclusive hermit, living at the top of a single tower left over from his once thriving, polluting factory. Years later, when a boy from a nearby town stumbles upon the tower after hearing legends of the 'Legendary Once-ler', the Once-ler explains that it's his fault the forest around them has become a desolate wasteland, and gives the boy the very last Truffula seed, saying 'Truffula Trees are what everyone needs'. A year following the books' release, an animated television special was released for the book. It stuck close to what the book presented, making few liberties and being very loyal to Seuss' original style. In the book and animated television special alike, the Once-ler was never given a visible face or body. Only his green gloves. Symbolism for the idea that anybody could be a 'Once-ler'. Someone who allowed greed to consume them. Decades later, last year in 2012, a brand new animated adventure was made for the book. For the first time, the Once-ler was given a face and personality past his greed and later regret. The movie follows a boy from 'Thneedville', a completely plastic city void of nature and trees, and harboring perfectly happy people. After discovering the Once-ler through his grandmother (voiced by Betty White, fuck yes), Ted learns of the history of this once beautiful paradise, and the rise and fall of the Once-ler's dream. The Once-ler is depicted in a great way in this movie, imo. While he was one big symbolic, faceless individual in the past, he is now relateable, identifiable and a great contrast to create a full-circle to what he was in the books. His progress from a completely harmless individual with an honest dream to a ruthless tyrant corrupted by greed is believable, and is followed-up by the emotional realization that he has destroyed an entire ecosystem, and he regrets his actions for years as a hermit. He then assists Ted in replanting the last Truffula seed, which will one day regrow into the forest the Once-ler once destroyed. A rather accurate example of the Once-ler's corruption process, using the popular 'alignment' meme nine box style found all over the internet. The reason I adore this book and the fantastic movie created for it is that, of all Seuss' books, I feel this one was the perfect one to remake into a film for modern times. Don't pollute the planet? Don't allow greed to grow your dream at the expense of others? Promote the well-being of the planet by planting forests? Yes, please. These are messages that can't possibly be promoted enough, especially in today's day and age. So yeah, that's about it Can't think of much else to add. Oh, asides from, the movie has some great music. Every song in it is pretty awesome. Just try the ! The movie can be found on Netflix, and in any sort of store that sells DVD's, for the most part. I encourage people to give it a try; it's a cute movie that has tons of humor, and a great theme. Be sure to give that animated special or even the book itself a try, first, if you're curious of getting a feel of what started it all. -- Quote ~ Dr. Seuss Art ~ Duckboy, DeviantART Some other cool art while I'm at it: 'Lorax - Stature' by LierMagician, DeviantART 'Peace of mind' by mizuk0, DeviantART 'You Done Good Beanpole' by Professor Pemzini