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Found 38 results

  1. Hey you! Yes you! Do you like ponies? Do you like robotic-ish things? Ever want to see them come together or have seen them and want to chat about it? Welcome to the Mecha-Ponies Fan Club! A club dedicated to all posts and discussion about our favorite pastel equines in a roboticized, mechanized, cyberized, digitized or generally futuristic & Sci-fi manner. Crossovers w/ other sci-fi media are even welcomed. Now with any of our fine clubs, there are some rules, so prep yourselves. Rules: 1. Don't spam. Try to keep things relevant (It's robot ponies, how hard could that be?) 2. (This really should go without saying) Don't post images that are graphically violent or NSFW in nature. Let's keep the images to an all ages (or at the very least TV-14) level. 3. Don't come here to post negative comments. (If you don't like sci-fi cyber ponies, then I'm pretty sure you have better things to do with your time than to be here talking smack about them). 4. Forum rules still hold application here (Don't see why or how that would change now). Abide by the rules, and we can keep this club going for a nice long while, and everyone can have a good time here. With the requirements and protocols stated, we can now have some fun. The possibilities for you are near infinite in scope. For a few examples, you can post ponies as: Let your imagination & curiosity run wild! As of Universal Century 1-10-15, the future is now in your hooves. But first a word from our sponsor Now then Run [command] Get to posting my friend's! [/command] .EXE
  2. This is fnaf music that i have made Here’s what i have so far 4402066E-06F6-498A-877F-E3C15F2EC54C.mp4 F81F7C74-74E8-42A9-B8FE-5D01492FE80E.mp4
  3. This was a commission for a friend. The Action figures in the background are his. This was made from a Pinkie Pie brushable.
  4. My first fan art!!! You can also see it on diviantart
  5. Firstly, lemme just say it's great to be back. Did I enjoy my hiatus? No. I didn't. I was forced by my own will to finish a plethora of fanfictions that I almost gave up on. (I didn't. You can find them on my fimfiction page). Anyway, today was my birthday. Happy birthday me. With that birthday came a very special surprise from Scott Cawthon, creator of the FNAF series and his all new, "Sister Location". Let me be clear, I hate the game, not you or the guy who made. Now, for those who don't know, I was a FNAFer before I became a brony, so I've got a lot of respect for the Five Nights franchise. This? This is something else. Firstly, and I will try to steer clear of spoilers, the game is completely revamped. There is nothing that resembles the first games. This game could've been a separate entity of its own. Why Scott decided to beat a dead horse is completely unknown. He should have gone with something a little more original. The mechanics of the game are all fresh and 3D-like, but that comes with problems. The camera is a piece of crap. The entire time you play it, you're fighting it. Move the mouse up? WHOOPS. Glitches back down to the bottom. This goes on, but you eventually get used to it and move along. My main problem is with Night 2. No, I haven't beaten it, but I'm not sure I ever will. The game requires you to reboot 8 different rooms by holding down a button. Sounds easy, right? No. Instead, there's "Funtime Freddy" in the room with you, waiting around like some kind of creep. Naturally, this being a fnaf game, you've gotta spam the voice box (like FNAF3 for those familiar) and distract him. He'll go away for about 2 seconds before you have to do it all again. I have no problem with that. The real problem is where you get to the very last reboot, become jump-scared, and then have to do everything over again while listening to the twenty minute intro all over again. Good job, Scott. Good job. (keep in mind I did this for a good 3 hours.) Unstoppable cut-scenes are the pinnacle of fear. Not to mention lost progress. (this is coming from a guy who plays classic 90s games regularly) All in all, the game is boring, buggy, innovative, but not a FNAF game. You want a good game? Go play Outlast or the Resident Evil 7 Demo a thousand times. Stay away from this mess (he better fix the game) Anyway, sorry for that rant, I know it was uncalled for. We'll be returning to our regular, daily brony tales tomorrow. Stay tuned! Thanks! -RealityPublishing
  6. Hope You all Enjoy. Took 2 months to make and was a lot of fun to make this. This was made in Source Filmmaker and was animated by myself!
  7. What's everybodys favorite shipping from Five Nights at Freddy's or FNAF for short? I realy like Freddy x Bonnie cause it's super cute! :3
  8. Within the past weeks, Scott has released a teaser for his latest project, which turns out to be another FNAF game, but different. What do you think this game is going to be about? For me, I believe that it's going to take place in another restaurant, but that's as far as I've gotten.
  9. You're stuffed into a suit at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza by the above poster. What's the first thing you do as an animatronic and what do you do to the poster?
  10. Hello, I am starting a new topic today: What do you think of the living tombstone's music? Or do you prefer another Brony music artist?
  11. So at first i thought it was just about fnaf4, even though the connections were vaigue. then i saw someone analyze it, now i see it's a frustration, or vent, song about the fandoms he's been in, including mlp. So tell me what you guys thing about it.
  12. Just wondering if anybrony else is as obsessed as I am with this awesome game? *ahem* Toy Chica is far better than Mangle *ahem*
  13. Continue the FNAF song! Only 1-2 verses per post, please. Don't know if this is actually gonna be famous or not, anyway.... Song: Just Gold
  14. The Puppet and Mike Part 1.0 will be released soon. Aside from the Puppet and Mike series, I'll also be doing a Purple Guy Comic Series. Some may be based on other comics already made, so I acknowledge and credit them too. (I attached the one I based one of mine on below) This comic series will have Purple Guy as a kid and as an adult. So please don't get confused :3 Anyway, here you go! The first two images show the comic I based the fourth one on. The third and fourth ones are the ones I did.
  15. Part 0.5 of Puppet and Mike. Mike is a night guard who must act as a father to a toddler Puppet. Handling a job the other animatronics won't do, Mike is incredibly stressed with his job, especially on top of his night guard duties. Despite that, he and Puppet have amazing adventures in the pizzeria, although Puppet can cause trouble anytime. The pictures below the comic are just extra drawings I did. Thanks for reading
  16. So apparently Scott Cawthon is planning to release a Five nights at freddy's rpg. Any thoughts?
  17. Okay, first, I should probably put my Tumblr here, so you can see an example of my (albeit somewhat rushed) art (contains swearing): The recent posts would probably just about represent the quality I would be able to make posts at, at least for a while. This USED to be an ask blog, but it was a really stupid concept, and I was trying to make art with a mouse and PaintNET, which isn't a good idea. Okay, so, first, as someone who is fairly new to digital art, I feel I need something to give me experience, and my initial thought has been "Why not start another ask blog?" I have 2 concepts in mind that I could work on A: A blog based off of an "Old-Timey" (black and white/filtered with some stylization) characters (I'd personally love to try to use Scootaloo here, but it wouldn't really fit at all) Or, B: A completely different idea I had, in which a somewhat grown up Scootaloo takes up working as a Security Guard in a FNAF-esque setting, with Dash becoming the "phone guy" of the series. These ideas could also be critiqued, but are not the main focus of this thread. My question is: do you think I should start one/would my art function with either of the ideas, and if so, better with option A or B? I ask this here, because I don't have a lot of followers on tumblr (no big surprise), and would like some input on this.
  18. I know this still has to do with MLP, but what if some brony actually got inspired by the Five Nights at Pinkie's video and turned it into an actual game?
  19. I'm rather interested in the lore of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. When the third game came out, I went and wrote a song for it. I was mainly inspired by MandoPony and his astonishing work. The song is called Hear My Calls. It revolves around the old theory that the purple man is the Phone Guy. And as you probably know, the main antagonist is the Purple Man inside a malfunctioned springlock animatronic suit. The song is literally just Springtrap telling the guard that he used to guide him (As, again, Phone Guy), but now he is royally screwed. The chorus and voice near the end was done by good friends of mine, and the rapping was done by me. I'd just like some critiques--it's my first attempt at a full original song and I want to know what I can do to improve. c:
  20. So for those of you who have already dived into FNAF 4, what do you think? I downloaded the demo yesterday and it's AWESOME!! It changes the formula from the other games where here there are no cameras and you can't see anything outside your room except with a flashlight down the halls. What I love about this game is it gives you chills by letting you only hear what's outside your door without giving you the chance to expect it like with the cameras. All you can do is run to each door and if you hear breathing CLOSE IT! If you shine your light you're dead! You have to do alot of multitasking in order to survive and check every area of your room constantly. Surprisingly once you get the hang of it there are less chances for you to die and it becomes a really fun experience Now once you get to a certain night things really change dramatically. I haven't played the Golden Freddy/Fredbear levels myself since I only have the demo, but just seeing Markiplier play them gives me the feeling they'll be incredibly hard for me to pass So some tips for new players so you don't die too much If you only hear footsteps outside your door DON'T CLOSE IT. It's still safe to shine your flashlight, only close it if you hear breathing (really tune your ear for this, it sounds like someone's letting out a big breath onto a microphone, sometimes it's loud sometimes subtle so watch out) Don't just check the doors, check the bed behind you and the closet religiously (the closet really once you get towards the end of night 2 or 3 and you see it's opened slightly, that's where Foxy's hiding ) With Foxy don't worry if his face leaps out from the closet door, just shut it for a few seconds and open it to see if he's crept back to being a cute plushie In later nights you can't wait that long so just come back frequently. If you notice the lights are flashing, turn around and look at the bed, even if you just checked make sure you get rid of all the little mini Freddy demons over there so Freddy himself doesn't kill you. All I can say for Golden Freddy is from what I've seen, as soon as you see him in the hall, close the door immediately! Also Chica's cupcake may attack you Phew so that's just me leaving some wisdom for those of you who haven't played yet. Have fun and don't die! If you have played, what do you think?
  21. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! GOSH DARN IT SCOTT!! Right basically the trailer for FNaF 4 has been release, I was one of the people who were annoyed and upset that there was going to be a 4th FNaF game and when I saw the trailer had been released I was ready to be disappointed... HOLY...UGH! This trailer has changed how I think about this new FNaF game. Here's a rundown: You're no longer in a restaurant or horror attraction, you're in YOUR HOME! (the characters home) Looks like you'll be playing as whoever bought the salvaged items from the FNaF 3 fire auction. You look into your closet, on your bed (probably under) and down the halls of your own home and see terrifying, re-amped FNaF animatronics. The main 4 have been showed in teasers but it only shows Freddy and Bonnie.. oh and a creepy springtrap doll.It also shows foxy's head and some other dolls but that's about it with the animatronics. So this looks like its gonna mess with your head more since you're now somewhere relatable, in a home. This could be playing on the times as a kid you thought monsters were in your home but who knows. I've probably missed somethings out so please excuse me for that I want to know what you think about this if your FNaF fans or not since it has caught me off guard so much!
  22. OK, so let's think about this, apparently people say that FNAF has too less content or is too boring to be on a console, but what about an arcade version? The game is perfectly suited to arcades. An arcade version, with Screens on the sides showing the jump scares, specifically designed by scott and with an actual computer camera inside, would be awesome. Is it too expensive? It would be brilliant. A lot of games, such as Doodle Jump, Angry Birds and even Temple Run have got their own Arcade Games, and FNAF is acessible enough. Could it work?
  23. Some of my most recent sketches. I've been trying to do some with 2 characters in one piture; which is harder to do then you would think :/. Tell me what you think of them.
  24. There is some really obvious evidence in FNAF2, foxy cannot be the perpetrator of the bite of 87 because Mangle replaced him and he was in parts and service!!! It was his/her fault!!! Why didn't anyone realize this in the first place?
  25. I do I love fnaf I heard they are making a Five Nights at Freddy's movie!!!! Do you think they might even make a TV series? In my opinion no but it would be cool if they did! Also if you think it should not be a TV series explain why Also DO NOT BE RUDE because if you are I am not giving you a brohoof