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Found 12 results

  1. Does anybody else love to use under powered weapons in FPS games? I always have fun using really weak weapons just to make things challenging. I love using revolvers as a main weapon or awful weapons. It forces me to work together with others and play to objective to get points. Using weak weapons helps me to feel like an average soldier and not some super man who runs around with an MG mowing down everybody. I also tend to use it as an excuse for losing a match. In strategy games as well I really enjoy playing as tiny nations who start off weak. I absolutely love playing as Canada or Australia in any WWII game and micro manage like crazy to see if I can turn the tide of the war. I have never made it through a game as Germany or Russia just because they feel too powerful and easy to play as.
  2. While I know a plethora of people who aren't the biggest fan of BDobbinsFTW and his continuous preaching on his YouTube channel, I believe his recent video has actually brought up an interesting point about modern gaming and how Call of Duty has possibly affected the way that first-person shooters will be handled for years to come. In the video, along with quotes from developers and using examples, he explains how Call of Duty is such an expansive and successful franchise that other games trying to compete with it like Halo and Battlefield, have to sacrifice part of their own identity in order to leech fans off of the franchise. Every game has a focus group, a small band of gamers to play the game early and tell them what works and what doesn't; the problem is that these focus groups will play Call of Duty in the majority of cases, so when they play a game that isn't enough like Call of Duty, that becomes a criticism of theirs. I could explain more, but honestly the video does an incredible job of explaining all the information and it is a great watch:
  3. Are there more gamers here waiting for the game? I'm really excited for it .
  4. Can anypony recommend any good First Person Shooter games? Preferably for PCs (maybe Xbox 360 or Wii U). (and free to play or at least try). Preferably for PCs. (and free to play or at least try). I'm interested in trying some, so some suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  5. The upcoming release of Doom 2016 could lead to inspire developers to make more FPS in the classic style (classic arcade shooter) like: - Big ass bosses and tons of different enemies. - Lots of weapons without being constrained by the "only 2" gameplay. - More non-linear levels. - getting bonus, health and ammunition for killing enemies or finding secrets. - straightforward action. Anyone else excited? Do you want more classic FPS style games?
  6. I tried looking for a topic like this. I haven't found one so I thought.. this will be the first one??? Anyway. I would love to find some of you guys that play the game: CrossFire. It's a FPS Military Game. I've played since 2010 and I've only met one person on here that also plays off and on, which makes me sad. I want to play with all of you that plays CF. Screenshots:::::::::::::::: ^ OLD IMAGE BEFORE CAPTAIN RANK. IGN: Dr.Murdershy If you play cf, add me ingame! add me on skype also!: jcstormchaser_ name: Little Miss Rarity. ^ name changes every now and then. Note for Jeric, Aquila and whoever mod sees this. I couldn't pick the GAMING Tag for some reason?
  7. Hello everyone. It seems that there is no topic regarding this game since I've looked around the forums for a topic like this, but as said, there is none. So, with that being said; I am asking all those that have steam and have Counter Strike:Go Source. Would you guys recommend the game? Some of you may recognize CrossFire. I used to play the game all the time but it got infested with hackers, and the company who runs it is careless. So, I've been thinking about buying CS:GO on steam so that I have another FPS game to play other than COD BO2. Add my steam: I'm hoping that I can get useful advice about if the game is worth it. Oh and here are my computer specs. My comp is an HP Pavilion G7 Laptop. 17" Screen display. PC Sepcs: CPU: AMD A4-3305M APU. Processor: AMD A4-3305M APU DUAL CORE. 2.0 Ghz. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD G480G RAM: 4 GB Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit (x86) All have met requirements except CPU. I'm not too sure on how to address that issue. I'll probably have to lower graphics which is fine. I could run world of tanks on my computer just fine on the low set graphics.
  8. So today I stumbled upon this Source Mod called Battleground 2 which is a FPS set American Revolution! I thought I'd share it and see if anyone would be up for some Musket to Musket Combat? Here's my steam account in case anyone's up for a match!
  9. I want to find a new FPS, but I need it to be free. Tell me your favorite FPS!
  10. Does anyone want to make a FPS game with me? If you dont know how to make a one, dont worry, i can teach you how to make one! If you are interested: Add me on skype: KRAKELINGCATcarnage
  11. My new WW@ Fps Multiplayer game is done! It would be really awsome if some people would test my game with me If you want to test my game with me add me on skype (I wont put the download link for on this topic yet since i dont want bots to steal my game and using it for their own) My skype is listed in my profile
  12. Hi im looking for people who want to test/review my game if anyone wants to test/review my game add me on skype, pm me or post a comment in the comment section and if you find it ok i will put your name in the credits of the game testers/reviewers