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Found 35 results

  1. So I've been playing so much BF3 lately and I'm absolutely in love with the game. It's more of a team/squad working together game other than eliminating enemies straight away in some FPS games I played. So I just wanted to ask the community that if you played FPS games before, which one would you consider the best or favorite in your favor/opinion? (Of course my choice is BF3) For those who don't know- FPS- first person shooter (in this case) BF3- Battlefield 3
  2. With all of the junk that some people spout about it (Overwatch players who claim it's a clone. It's nothing even close. It's like calling Call of Duty a Halo clone, pretty much...), I feel like some of you should at least know of it. Put this thread here because I think there should be at least somebody else on this forum that actually plays this game, and maybe it can be discussed here. I play it on steam, and in-game (I WILL change it to something much better and less nooby when I get the crystals... If only I didn't already spend some on the Infiltrator Pip body skin...) I'm xPurplexx. I mainly play Androxus, Grohk, and Makoa, though recently I've been playing some Ruckus, Mal'Damba, and Drogoz (So that way I can cover most possibilities on my team composition). I've also played a good bit of Pip and Kinessa.
  3. This thread is for talking about the game Call of Duty Warzone. So what do you like about Call of Duty Warzone? What do you dislike about it? Have you played it yet? It's a free game, so if you haven't played it I recommend giving it a try!
  4. Just as the title says, should movies and other media, (such as television), adopt a higher frame rate? Movies currently use a standard of 24fps and little variation has been introduced. Recently, Peter Jackson used 48fps in The Hobbit, and was met with reports of the film looking "weird." Are we simply not used to it? Would a higher frame rate bring about a better experience, or would the resource requirement be too much, (as the argument against it usually is)? In video games, the higher the frame rate, the better, (usually 60fps or higher). Would the same apply to films and other media? Or do you think films should continue to use 24fps?
  5. ID software. Most known for making such classics as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, you'd have to have lived under a rock for the last 25 years or so to not know of this developer's accomplishments. They were pioneers in game development, creating the legendary id tech proprietary game engine, which many engines today are based off of. Wolfenstein 3D was a simple maze shooter, but it was still something. Then Doom came along and really pushed the fps genre into mainstream attention. The game was also a technical marvel, as limitations of computer hardware at the time made game development harder. But iD worked with the limitations given to them and made a game that was ahead of it's time. The game used various techniques to work with the limitations and the result is a game that is still played and modded to this day. I won't go into the various techniques the game used but look into them, it's really interesting stuff. Really showed how Doom worked with the limitations. Quake. Ah yes, Quake. What Doom did for the FPS genre, as well as PC gaming, oh yeah, iD also pushed the PC as a legitimate gaming platform as well, but what Doom did for FPS and PC gaming, Quake did for multiplayer. More on that in a bit. Quake was also a technical marvel at the time, both graphically and, well technically, it was incredible. 3D environments, models, multiple floors, mouse look, fast paced gameplay, it was an incredible experience. It's engine is still influenced today, most engines used today are based off of Quake 2's engine. Now, multiplayer. This game was revolutionary for online multiplayer. It's fast paced gameplay made for fun deathmatch. And then when Quake 3 came out, it was a standard. It started the esports craze which continues today. Were it not for Quake 3, Cod multiplayer wouldn't be a thing, most FPS wouldn't have taken off, and all the multiplayer focused games wouldn't be a thing. The gaming industry owes a lot to iD Software, and that is why they're the most influential developer. They created an amazing engine, which is still improved and modified, kicked off the online multiplayer craze, and popularized the FPS genre. Their legacy will be remembered for years.
  6. Welcome to the Doom Thread! Recommended reading: The most misunderstood game of all time The Masters of Doom Where can I get it? On Steam of course! But you only really need DOOM.WAD and DOOM2.WAD, because you will be using source ports to play. Source ports? What are those? Doom was released in 1993 and it was made open source in 1997. Since then many people created new versions based on that code - we call these versions source ports. There are many of them because they all try to achieve something different. Here are some of the more commonly used ones: Chocolate Doom - This port tries to keep it as close to the original (vanilla) DOOM.EXE as possible. If you are looking for a retro feel, give it a shot. PrBoom+ - This port Increases the resolution, removes many limitations that the original had in terms of map size and adds new features for mapmakers. Many map packs require it for playing. GZDoom - This port adds even more features for mapmakers, more scripting options and 3D lighting effects. If you are unsure which one to get, go with PrBoom+; it has the classic Doom feel while making it possible to play newer and bigger mappacks. So how do these mappacks work? Doom was one of the first if not the first game which was designed with modding in mind. All game data is in WAD files (WAD stands for "Where's All the Data?"). The game requires a so called IWAD file to run, which are the official WAD files, and after that it's possible to add user made PWAD files which can change levels, textures and other stuff. There are a huge amount of WAD files out there for Doom, but I collected a list of great megawads for your convenience. (Megawads are wads which replace all 32 levels in the game) Scythe Smaller, shorter levels. Scythe 2 Alien Vendetta Deus Vult 2 Epic 2 Egyptian themed, huge levels. Speed of Doom Huge levels, fast paced action with tons of enemies. Going Down Clear out an office building floor by floor. Many interesting gimmicks. Sunder A really nice looking and really difficult wad. How to get it working:Extract your source port of choice into a folder somewhere. Install Doom1-2 on Steam, find its folder and copy DOOM.WAD and/or DOOM2.WAD into your source port folder. If you start your source port it will find all the wad files and will let you choose which one you'd like to play. If you want to play a megawad, just extract it anywhere, and drag the wad file onto the exe of your source port. If asked, select DOOM2.WAD as the IWAD to use, all the megawads listed above are based on Doom 2. If you are familiar with the console, you can also start the game like this: yourport.exe -iwad DOOM2.WAD -file path/to/your.wad If you want to play megawads but don't have Doom, you can use Freedoom. It serves as a free software alternative to the commercial Doom files. It replaces all textures and sprites. The replacements aren't nearly as nice as the original ones, but it is free. Just use it in place of DOOM2.WAD. Can I make my own maps? Sure! Take a look at Doom Builder 2, a very easy to use level editor for Doom. Doom didn't allow rooms to be placed over rooms, which simplifies mapping a whole lot. You can literally draw the layout of your level. See the tutorials page on how to get started. I'm interested in programming and I'm curious about the inner workings of Doom. You should read Fabien Sanglard's great article about how the Doom engine works! He also has articles about most other games by id, Duke Nukem 3D and other classic games. The Doom Wiki also has a wealth of information. So Doom has an active community? Very much so! There are still mapping competitions, collabs, etc. going on, and great megawads come out every year. Doomworld and its forums are a great place to read about classic Doom. Also some tumbler pages about Doom: And check out alice88, who drew all the cute Doom pics I've posted everywhere in the OP.
  7. Do you think there will be an FPS game where you fight off alien invaders in a steampunk version of the early 20th century?
  8. Over the past couple years we've been experiencing more and more variety in shooter games. From the Days when just about every shooter released was set in the WW2 theater to completely made up sci-fyi futuristic shooters. My question for you today is, which have you taken more of a liking too? Do you like the current theme of sci-fyi, or would you rather it keep with the times as they are now or before? I personally really liked the historically correct shooter games, at least the ones that used that as a template for their entertainment. We have so many sci-fyi shooters today, just like we had so many WW2 shooters in the past. Where do we go from here? We've pretty much covered all paths of our human life cycle. It'll be interesting to see if a company can make a unique and new shooter from what has already been used by the market, to great extent. -Lunar Echo
  9. So hi, I have not been playing battlefield for a while but today I did and I realised that I had like 21 battlepacks. I did not really know what they where but it appears to me that ea is selling these things. So is there any way I can sell them again, you now kinda like CS:GO. I mean I don´t play that much and if I can make some money on it, it would be awesome! Thx for reply
  10. Star Wars: Dark Forces is the best gaming duology ever an amazing pair of FPS games from the late 90s. I really like these games. Like, a lot. The first Dark Forces was kinda a Doom clone when it came out, but it really improves on some of Doom's mechanics quite nicely. Dark Forces 2 is VERY unique. It has a really weird engine with REALLY weird physics. Probably my favorite engine ever. It just feels plain awesome to do anything. Criminally underrated games. If you're a human being, buy them on GOG right now.
  11. You don't really need to read whats in this first post since i think you all know what this is about now... Nice to know that this thread is almost 5 months old now and you guys are still posting on it! If you don't already know black ops 2 is coming out this year 2012 so far there is not much info on the subject but here is what i do know. The reveal of the game is going to be on the first of may during the basketball playoffs on TNT and, the game will probably be released around November. my opinion of what the game could be like is that it could carry on from the first game but at the end it says "mason we have won." that dose not mean it cant carry on as a sequel but i think that it could be set in the far future due to the quadrotor in the picture and the video FPS Russia made on it for the callofduty web site he says that it is a military equipment of the future. that could mean the game is set in the future (and the gun in the picture looks quite modern!) they have made a short video as well saying "the enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone." this probably means they are going to be using the spy perk that allows you to show up as a friend on the enemy's map. another small thing is that there is a picture that says TACITUS that could be one of the groups in the game. website i got info UPDATE! The reason I am not updating the info on this post is because I think there is a nice amount of info givers below that will probably find things out faster than me. So if you need info on the latest updates to the game look at the comments below. (I may update occasionally.) POSTING NEW IMAGES! more info I think the main guy in the pictures is called Harper and the place is set in los angles (found that out ages ago though) because when i saved the picture of him it said Harper just a theory though. UPDATE! Now most people know what the campaign is going to look like i am getting excited about the multiplayer and zombies the might show something a E3 THIS TOPIC IS HOT YEAHHHHHH!!!!
  12. This a re-post of I was wondering if anypony owned Call of Duty: World At War, and still played it. Mostly Custom Zombies, because I can't play Multiplayer Matches without lagging. If you do please comment your Steam so I can add you, or add me, ExtinctSouls. (Also If you play Garry's Mod, I do too.)
  13. I tried looking for a topic like this. I haven't found one so I thought.. this will be the first one??? Anyway. I would love to find some of you guys that play the game: CrossFire. It's a FPS Military Game. I've played since 2010 and I've only met one person on here that also plays off and on, which makes me sad. I want to play with all of you that plays CF. Screenshots:::::::::::::::: ^ OLD IMAGE BEFORE CAPTAIN RANK. IGN: Dr.Murdershy If you play cf, add me ingame! add me on skype also!: jcstormchaser_ name: Little Miss Rarity. ^ name changes every now and then. Note for Jeric, Aquila and whoever mod sees this. I couldn't pick the GAMING Tag for some reason?
  14. Hello everyone. It seems that there is no topic regarding this game since I've looked around the forums for a topic like this, but as said, there is none. So, with that being said; I am asking all those that have steam and have Counter Strike:Go Source. Would you guys recommend the game? Some of you may recognize CrossFire. I used to play the game all the time but it got infested with hackers, and the company who runs it is careless. So, I've been thinking about buying CS:GO on steam so that I have another FPS game to play other than COD BO2. Add my steam: I'm hoping that I can get useful advice about if the game is worth it. Oh and here are my computer specs. My comp is an HP Pavilion G7 Laptop. 17" Screen display. PC Sepcs: CPU: AMD A4-3305M APU. Processor: AMD A4-3305M APU DUAL CORE. 2.0 Ghz. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD G480G RAM: 4 GB Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit (x86) All have met requirements except CPU. I'm not too sure on how to address that issue. I'll probably have to lower graphics which is fine. I could run world of tanks on my computer just fine on the low set graphics.
  15. As part of a game survey, I am setting up a poll based on the multiple versions of the First person shooter genre, from modern military games such as call of duty, battelfield and medal of honour, to the classic style of games like doom, shadow warrior and Quake These votes will be collected and put into a database for Rising Fire Studios (My game development Company, which currently only includes myself) As I want to know what the consumers look for when trying to have a good time in a video game. You are free to talk about your choice bellow and engage in a discussion based on it (its a forum so duh ) Thanks for your time.
  16. I have seen that plenty of newly released games for PS4 and XB1 run at 30FPS. This made me wonder about how console gamers feel about graphics vs framerate. So what do you think? Should 30FPS continue to be an accepted framerate, should developers shift focus to having games run at 60FPS with the possibility of graphics not improving or even getting worse? Or should there be a balance and have games run at 45FPS? What do you think?
  17. As some you knew i make fps games and i want to do something special: im going to use a new engine for this game with way better graphigs guns and ai. Hope you guys will enjoy more of my gameplay videos of my own fps games! Want to play my games or want to play them with me? Add me on skype (My skype is listed on my profile) Cheers!
  18. Planetside 2, for those who don't know is a MMOFPS on a massive scale, developed by Sony Online Entertainment, it is the completely free sequel to Planetside (a game now in its 9th year) and the beta keys are currently being handed out as you read this post. I've already played an hour of it before they restarted the servers, as an original Planetside player i got priority access, second to be allowed to play are people who got codes from PC Gamer magazine, followed by people with normal beta keys. From what i played i can already tell you that this is going to be one hell of a game, it is HUGE, we're talking maps larger than any online map you've ever played. Anyway, just thought i would get the word out, doesn't seem to me like enough people know about this game, check out the website and the trailer for it and tell me what you think. Also, anyone here an original Planetside players?
  19. Hello Everypony, I have a group about gaming and ponies and wanted to invite you guys along to join us. We are wanting to be a group that are active and plays games and have a good time. We started about 6 months so its kinda hanging in there we need new faces atm. We hope to get some people will to help out. We are not posting this to promote away from MLP forums we are simply asking if you want to play games in a group. Name:Shadow Colony What we play: we play Minecraft, TF2, Dota 2, Ghost Recon: Online, League, GMod, Arma 2 (DayZ Only), Arma 3 and Battlefield 4 What jobs we need: artist, musicians, writers, editors, admins, and more. (not paying atm maybe down the road) How to join: you tell us if you want to battle for skill, take a test, or just comment or anything the choice is yours. We would love to see new people join and play with us. There was alot more to cover but i hope i got the basics down. For more Details friend me on either Skype(MrGamer Pony_1) Origin (MrGamerPony) or steam (MrGamerPony) I have more info I would add but i got a warning for this older post saying i was doing stuff wrong so this is a CLAN recruitment forum. We have many more suppires for you. Hurry To cause we have posted this and its updated now so. Recruitment closes December 15th 2013.
  20. One of the original FPS games... is 20 years old! I remember my father playing it when I was a wee lad, and I've been playing to this day! my 20th isn't too far behind either!
  21. Warface is a game, by Crytek, setting a new standard in F2P FPS. Warface is currently in a open Russian beta, though playable by all. (You just won't be able to read it unless you know Russian. Though this isn't a problem, considering I'm playing it) The English version still has TBA, but the ETA is sometime this year. Currently the Russian beta has PvE and PvP game modes, and 6 maps combined total. Below is one of the trailers. Here is where you can go to the English site to reserve your username for when the English version is released. Here is where the Russian beta is, and you can download and play immediately. Now don't forget, this is a English only forum, so despite the game being in Russian, talk English please. Now personally, I love this game. It takes a great amount of team work to complete each mission, and the new features they added are quite phenomenal to be free. So, what do you think of Warface?
  22. First off, I recommend you watch this video to understand the topic Have you watched it? Okay good, so what do you think? Do you agree? Have FPS really become a fancy version of follow the arrows? I personally agree with everything in the video, and I do believe that companies like Infinity Ward and Activision are just milking their IPs for money, adding little to no new content with each new installment. They are devoid of any and all creativity or variety in gameplay.
  23. an idea i've been toying around for a few days now, and now i've got some footage up on Youtube, so why not share it? basically, i'm going to post gameplay videos on here. it can be whatever, but for now it's mostly focused on boss battles, mainly from Mother 3. i'm planning to scour through every boss battle on Hard Mode, and record footage of it when i do. i've got videos of the second and third boss battle up (the first one has audio that's out of sync), and i have a few more videos of it to upload. boss battle 2 boss battle 3 and i have a higher res video of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, too. dunno if i'm gonna continue with that game or not, though: i have more videos up ahead, and i'm gonna post them in here as i get them up. if you're interested, check out this thread every now and then!
  24. I used to play this game non-stop when I was 8 years old, back in 2004. Good times. Gameplay was fantastic, the announcer had a Mortal Kombat-like voice (allowing you to really get into your achievements), awesome sounds, and amazing graphics for its time. Multiplayer was a real hoot, too - the arenas, the music, all made for intense matches. That being said, you would have been blowing the crap out of your friends and each other for a long time. Anyone else a fan?
  25. Hey Hey every pony. Anyone else a fan of old school deathmatch and I'm talking proper old school: DOOM? I think it'd be cool to form a brony group on zdaemon (a program that allows people to deathmatch on the original DOOM games) if your interested you'll need a copy of doom and doom 2. (legit ie bought through steam or just downloaded/torrented the game doesn't matter to me Then you'll need zdaemon which you can get here If you're interested add me to you 'buddy list' on zdaemon and leave a reply with your player name on Zdaemon and I'll add you on my buddy list also. My username is: comiccon Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Check out the below video I explain what zdeamon is and show what the typical game looks like. Hope to be bro-hoofing some of you with a super shotgun sometime soon