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Found 6 results

  1. If you were presented the opportunity to be immortal, would you? You are immune to injury and disease, the only way you can die is if you kill yourself. You are also granted the ability to kill yourself by thought, incase you lack a means to do so. Would you take it? If not, what would you change in order to accept it?
  2. hello people i was just wondering what do u do when er bored cause i just finished reading all my books and need something to do until i get a new one before i go CRAZY and im all out of really sad and joyful music to listen to so what do u do when ur bored
  3. So in class today, our professor was reviewing some key signature recognition skills. He quickly revealed a flashcard to the class with a key signature drawn on it. "Mr. Noah, what is this key?" he asked the boy in the back of the class. The kid focused intently on the question, reviewing possible answers in his head until he finally decided on what he felt like was an appropriate response: "Seven." Seven. The key of seven. The class burst into laughter as my hand slammed into my face in pity for the poor guy. If you ask me, that's the most depressing thing I've heard all day. The person was obviously caught off-gaurd, so even if we were in the advanced class, I think it wouldn't be that much of a mistake. "Noah," the teacher responded after he was through with his own bout of laughter. "Crack kills."
  4. A new song it is mostly piano with some drums in the background of mine i had a lot of fun making this and i hope you all enjoy this P.s Sorry if the picture on video looks all weird but when you play it it looks normal
  5. Hello random person who is reading this im drawing a pony but im trying to draw him from the front view bu am failing miserably i could use some tips or help or something that can help me draw him heres him from the side but i keep trying to draw him from the front and his body looks like crushed water bottle i can really use the help
  6. Okay, so day there was this preacher guy standing outside our main building on campus, and at first it wasn't that big of a deal. It was just an annoying, disrespectful, deceitful, bigot who was screaming at us college kids. Then I got this stupid idea. This idea was partially inspired by these other kids who were standing up by him just trolling him. They were doing stupid harmless things like singing songs about how stupid this guy is, and 'preaching' about the moon Nazis coming back, stupid stuff like that. At first what I did wasn't that harmful, I got up there and for a few minutes started 'preaching' the word of Notch and Minecraftia. It was harmless fun, and nothing happened for a few moments after that. Then I did something stupid. Now, this guy wasn't responding to any of my trolls, or anyone else trolls, he had a thick skin, which I suppose you have to have if you going to be a bigot. So I started waving my hand in front of his face, he did nothing, then I got behind him and made a fake swing with an empty water bottle at the back of his head, luckily for me he didn't take a step back or anything. After the fake swing, I was like "crap that was really stupid, why did I do that, it could have ended badly..." sure enough, I was then pulled to the side by a cop. The cop didn't want to arrest me or anything, he just wanted to inform me that I was walking a very fine line, he was very nice about it and I shook his hand afterwards, but I will not be doing anything like that again any time soon. The thing about my mind is that it is constantly going back to situations like that and thinking "what if" like "What if I had accidentally hit him." I worry about stupid things like that, and now I just want to forget that I even did that. Oh well, I guess no one was hurt, and nothing went wrong... I just kind of needed to get that off of my chest I guess..