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Found 10 results

  1. So the electricity at my apartment is not 100% functional right now because of a storm last night. Thankfully the campus network is still online though, hahaha. Anyway, what does everypony like to do when the power goes out?
  2. Hi everyone! This is one of my first posts, so please correct me if I make some kind of mistake! Anyway, I was filling out a character sheet for Twilight when I came to the characteristic of Failure; I have been thinking about it for a while, and I honestly am unable to think of anything that Twilight has failed to do, or even anything that any of the Mane Six have failed to do. So I was wondering if anyone could let me know of any failures of the Mane Six that I am unaware of, and prove how ignorant I really am to this kind of thing! Thanks!
  3. I have fear of failure. If I don't think I have the correct answer to a question I just don't answer it because I fear that other people will judge me based on my choice. Actually at school I don't answer anymore at all, because of that. That issue has gotten really deep into me. I don't express my opinions anymore or express any emotions. I just do everything like neutral so no one can judge me based on my reactions. I also got that feeling that I have failed if my work or something that I've done goes unnoticed or if I ask something and no one answers. That feeling doesn't go away easily I sometimes fight with those feelings many days and they still bother me. But if someone notices my work I feel that I have succeeded and feel really happy. I think the reason behind this issue is education system. When I was young I was laughed when I answered wrong at school, but I didn't think that was funny. I got really depressed because of that and I think that was 10 years ago and since then the issue has only grown bigger. These forums have helped me alot with this issue and I want to thank you all because of that. I didn't post this in life advice section, because I don't need advice with this. I'm already overcoming this issue. Feel free to post your own experiences or feelings about Fear of failure.
  4. But you know, I realized something as I stopped just to look at the questions, I came to a rather stunning realization that changes everything. But before I get to that, let me tell you what the exam is. The subject in question is "Project & Consultancy". Now let me tell you what my curriculum is; Electrical Engineering. See, in high school, physics and chemistry is where I felt at home and here in college, I've now successfully gotten math on the brain too. Now let me tell you something about physics and math, you learn when and how to apply the fundamental things it teaches you -- just explaining what kinetic energy or what Newton's laws are just isn't going to cut it, you have to know when said laws apply and how to use them to figure out what happens in a given situation. It's about understanding mechanisms and where they matter. That's why you need to sit still at the concepts given to you and and try to understand how they affect things. Getting back to today's exam, aside from having no multiple choice questions, there was this pattern I noticed... and that's when it hit me. Not a single question asked me anything along the lines of "what would happen if..." or "what should you do if...". Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. You know what it all came down to? Vocabulary. In other words... It was all about the jargon! Yeah, that's right. All it asked for were definitions and examples. Nothing to do whatsoever with applied logic like I'm so used to preparing for. Because **** that. Backwards. I know, right? And to think we got a large textbook explaining magnificently how things work while all we needed all along was a ****ing dictionary. Where's Sweetie Belle when you need her? In conclusion, this is what could be said about how I approached this subject to studying:
  5. It sucks that fan project development cycles have gotten this tragic and predictable. The brony fandom may not be the exclusive bearers of this vicious cycle, but we have seen more than our fair share of it. Do you feel this happens way to often? Do you feel like all the good projects crash and burn, or am I just exaggerating, and the state of affairs for fandom projects is just peachy?
  6. I put on a smile to hide my pain I put on this mask and stow away From all the insults and remarks To the mistakes I make When I fail and get shoved down And when I succeed but still pushed down My heart aches when told these things Even though I know I'm to blame The way I dress appears careless Though I try my hardest My smile hides my pain While inside I tear myself apart I've mastered hiding my true feelings And placing fakes upon my features As I hide my pain and my discomfort I try to help the others I see Maybe they can make me feel more secure If I help them feel better I feel this way for reasons unknown And see things deeper than what they mean Maybe I'm just hopeless and lost Or maybe I'm not fit for being here
  7. I failed the 10th grade. The only class I passed was science at 77 percent. Online school is the worst thing to happen to me, and now I'm fucked. Nothing like failing school to make you feel like a loser and an idiot. Somedays, I really hate my life -_-
  8. We have all had to deal with failure at some point in our lives. Whether it's failing a test, not making the team, or just losing a game with your friends failure is a part of life. My question is how do you react and deal with failure. I have major test anxiety and I often find myself coming up short on my tests in school even if I know the material inside and out. Although, I don't handle it the best way sometimes. Sometimes I just mope around all day or remain in a state of hopelessness all day long. I do get over it though, and I feel like that is more important. Now I want to hear from you. How do you deal with failure? Do you have do deal with it often, and do you think you handle it accordingly? As always keep it respectful. Cheers.
  9. Here's the lyrics to an upcoming eurobeat I plan to create The Test Key: F minor/F# minor Time Signature: 8/4 Verse 1 An Empire is in grave danger Who’s gonna stand to stop the one The only Great King Sombra From shrouding the lightness into dark Verse 2 This is her chance, the only one To protect to lowly empire Give it all the joy that it really needs To fend off Great King Sombra Prelude to Chorus One chance, one choice To fight, to win To pass the test before us now! Chorus (modeled off Failure Success Song) How can I pass this test before me? Do I have what it takes to Face my fears, swallow my pride and Defeat the evil one? I must be strong I must be brave I must not let everypony down When I fall I’ll get back up For the word depends on me, Yeah! (Short Synth Solo) Verse 3 The legend says this empire Was full of cheerfulness and joy Until evil sprouted out the hole And covered it in sadness and fear Verse 4 The Crystal heart was what they used To keep the joy alive and clear And if it falls in evil hands The darkness reigns forevermore (Pinkie Pie: Forrreeeveeerrr) Prelude to Chorus One chance, one choice To fight, to win To pass the test before us now! (Twilight: THE WOLD DEPENDS ON IT!) Chorus (modeled off Failure Success Song) How can I pass this test before me? Do I have what it takes to Face my fears, swallow my pride and Defeat the evil one? I must be strong I must be brave I must not let everypony down When I fall I’ll get back up For the word depends on me, Yeah! (Dubstep for 8 bars) (Light repeated cadence) One chance! (echo) One choice! (echo) To fight! (echo) To pass the test before me now! (Hold “now” for four beats, cut on 5) (Twilight Sparkle: FOR EQUESTRIA!) (Key Change to F# minor) Last Chorus I gave it all I had and passed! The great test before me! Victory screams loud and clear! Shining bright and gloriously! The enemy is crushed and down! The Crystal Empire safe and sound My friends believe that I could do The test behind me now! (Hold now for 8 bars. Lower voice should harmonize with the cadence) (Final long synth solo) (Syncopated outro)